Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1205: Mysterious Statue

Chapter 1205: Mysterious Statue

Chapter 1305: A Single Stomp

Bao Yujiang gathered his wits and quickly turned over to look at Zhuo Jianshi and Liu Ruyan with cupped fists: “Schoolmaster Zhuo, Schoolmaster Liu, is this lady a disciple from your school?”

Ruyan had a smile that wasn’t a smile while Jianshi only elegantly chuckled and stared at Li Qiye. [1. An idiom — like a smirk that doesn’t show teeth. Just a slight perching from the corner of the lips or cheeks.]

Yujiang swiftly offered a proposal: “How about this? This miss can come to the Dream Empyrean as a guest. She can observe our sect and have the chance to see our sincerity for this alliance…”

Mu Shaolong became anxious as well and added his own suggestion: “Schoolmasters, the doors of the Celestial Pavilion will always be open for the Void Imperfection Schools—”

“Alright, stop acting so shamelessly before me. Return from whence you came.” Li Qiye took the initiative to respond before the two girls had the chance.

This abrupt interruption wasn’t well-received by the two boys. They were too fascinated by Fairy at this moment.

“Li Qiye, I’m not bothering you, so you should do the same.” Yujiang’s stance was quite tough as he coldly uttered: “This is business between the Dream Empyrean and the Void Imperfection Schools…”

“I’m in charge here.” Li Qiye interrupted him once more: “If you choose to conduct yourself in such a shameful manner, then you might as well scram.”

“You!” Yujiang was furious as he glared at Li Qiye with fiery eyes. Rarely did he ever get accused and scolded like this. Moreover, who would dare to do so now that his grandmaster had come into being?!

Even though Shaolong was not as enraged as Yujiang, he also coldly stated: “Li Qiye, even if you are in charge here, you can’t act this imperiously. We are talking to the Void Imperfection Schools, you are not part of it…”

Yujiang sneered: “That’s right. Li, though you are used to being tyrannical everywhere else, it is best that you open your eyes. It is no longer the same, even supreme geniuses must tuck their tails between their legs for it is my grandmaster’s era now—”

“Bang!” Li Qiye’s response was straightforward. Before Yujiang could finish, he simply stomped the youth down into the ground, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood!

Yujiang shouted while being trampled upon: “Li, you, if you dare to hurt me, my grandmaster will not let you go…”

“Crack!” Li Qiye exerted more force to break the boy’s bones, causing more blood to gush out from his mouth. He could no longer speak as his face reddened.

“Li Qiye, you are acting out of line!” Shaolong angrily shouted and tried to save Yujiang.

However, the gap between the two parties was too great. He couldn’t do anything before being gripped by the neck and suspended in the air.

Li Qiye coldly stared at him and said: “It is good to make friends with outsiders, but open your dog eyes wide and understand who you can and can’t afford to provoke! Don’t throw away your clan’s reputation! The Mu has been wise for many generations, don’t let them down through your own foolishness!”

Shaolong was not convinced and cried: “What, what does it have to do with you! My Mu Clan has nothing to do with you, I’ll do what I want!”

“Slap!” Li Qiye mercilessly slapped him, but Mu Shaolong still didn’t give up, so he added ten more. The boy’s face was completely swollen like a pig’s head.

“Mouth off against me and I’ll break your legs then beat you until even your parents won’t be able to recognize you.” Li Qiye maintained his glare.

When his gaze became this chilling, Shaolong finally felt fear since he understood that Li Qiye was a man of his word.

After being slapped beyond recognition, Shaolong kept his mouth closed and didn’t dare to talk back.

“Pop!” Li Qiye threw him on the deck and stated: “Scram back to the Celestial Pavilion. If you keep prancing around in front of me, I’ll personally kill you sooner or later!”

Shaolong could only scowl. Despite his unwillingness, he didn’t have the courage to retort. He felt indignant and shamed after being scared by Li Qiye. In the end, he couldn’t help but murmur: “I’m, I’m not afraid of you!”

Li Qiye cruelly threatened: “You don’t need to be afraid of me. Just run back to the Mu Clan and start acting sensibly, or else I’ll rip your skin off.”

“If you, you think you’re so capable, then come to my Celestial Pavilion, we aren’t afraid of you!” Shaolong finally talked back.

Li Qiye burst out in laughter after hearing this.

“Pa! Pa!” Li Qiye slapped him twice more.

Li Qiye was truly ruthless this time; two teeth came out of Shaolong’s mouth.

“Fool!” The smile disappeared on Li Qiye’s face, leaving only a cold visage behind: “Only an idiot like you would use your sect as a threat! You think I’m afraid of the pavilion? If I go there and give you a beating, your ancestors would have to obediently watch on the sidelines!”

“Stop, stop your ludicrous ravings!” Shaolong was still stubborn: “My pavilion isn’t afraid of you! I dare you to go act arrogantly there, you won’t be able to come out! My matriarch can crush you with one hand!”

“You mean the Lunargrasp Fairy?” Li Qiye looked at him with disdain.

“That’s right! Hmph, even if you are stronger than me, many others are stronger than you. You are nothing compared to our matriarch!” Shaolong became tenacious at this moment.

Li Qiye revealed a cold smile and said: “Very well, go back and tell the Lunargrasp Fairy that Li Qiye from Mount Qilian wants to see her.”

“Why, why should she grant you an audience?!” Shaolong grew a bit uncertain, but he remained steady.

Li Qiye demanded: “You don’t have the guts to see your own ancestors? Go back and tell them.”

With that, he kicked Shaolong flying into the ocean, issuing a loud splash.

At this time, he turned his focus towards Bao Yujiang beneath his foot and indifferently spoke: “One does not kill the messenger even in times of war. You are lucky that I won’t kill you. Scram. Show your face again and you will meet your maker.”

He kicked Yujiang away as well. Yujiang’s body turned into a shooting star and disappeared into the horizon.

Shaolong eventually got out of the sea and hovered in the sky while shouting: “Fine, Li Qiye! You, you win this time! Remember what you have done, I, I will tell them your message!”

In fact, he was completely scared at this moment, but his mouth kept on running.

Li Qiye sat down and chuckled, ignoring the boy.

Shaolong couldn’t do anything else, so he ran away. He didn’t want to be slapped again.

“Young Noble, you have too much patience for the Mu Clan.” Ruyan charmingly smiled after Shaolong’s departure.

From Li Qiye’s actions, anyone with a pair of eyes would find it as clear as day. Li Qiye didn’t bother looking at Bao Yujiang from the Dream Empyrean; it was as if he was only an ant. However, it was completely different for Mu Shaolong.

Though he didn’t show any mercy in his beating, it carried good intentions.

Li Qiye looked at Ruyan and chuckled: “The Celestial Pavilion does indeed have some ties with me.”

With that, he didn’t say anything else.

“Do you want to oppose the Lunargrasp Fairy?” Jianshi asked with concern: “Even though the world believes that Meng Zhentian will become the next emperor, I heard my ancestors say that if the fairy comes out and wants the throne, even Zhentian will have to stand to the side.”

Ruyan added: “The lifelong rival of Empress Hong Tian, as beautiful as a fairy. I would like to see her...”

There were too many legends about her in Heaven Spirit. She had lived for such a long time that the moment she came out, her prestige would overwhelm even Meng Zhentian.

Li Qiye remained quiet with his eyes closed, refusing to respond to the two.

After a while, the confused Fairy asked: “Where are we going?” She seemed to be lost in thought all the time; no one knew what was on her mind.

“The Bonesea.” Li Qiye looked at her and answered: “That place will help you remember. Maybe you will even get something good.”

“The Bonesea.” Fairy tilted her head as if she was trying to remember something, but it was only an ephemeral flash that she couldn’t grasp.

“Let’s go, you’ll find that this is a place worth visiting.” Li Qiye gently stroked her hair.

She nodded while contemplating his words.