Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1178: Negotiation

Chapter 1178: Negotiation

Chapter 1278: No Mercy

The Trident was an eternal legend. Sea gods relied on this weapon to contend against Immortal Emperors. It was the reason why the two entities were considered even.

The Trident was something unique to the sea demons. Its power even exceeded that of Immortal Emperor True Treasures.

Even though the one ahead was only an imitation, the force exuding from it still deterred the sovereign’s very soul. It was something that belonged only to the real Trident.

This imitation was no match for the real thing, but it still emitted a force capable of causing any sea demon to tremble.

“This can’t be real…” The pale sovereign couldn’t believe his own eyes. Why did a human succeed in creating a copy of the Trident even though so many sea demons had failed? This was completely inconceivable to him.

He quickly gathered his wits and shifted his body in order to cross through the void to escape. He had no desire to fight against this trident.

“Buzz!” The great formation under the lake lit up. An infinite amount of power burst out like a volcanic eruption. In a short period of time, it pushed the trident flying as if a gigantic hand had just thrown it.

“Boom!” The void collapsed and a black hole emerged. Even though the sovereign had fled quite far, the Trident caught up to him in an instant.

“Activate!” The sovereign was frightened by this pursuit, but he had no way out. He shouted and summoned his most powerful weapon while channeling his strongest defensive technique in order to stop the trident.

“Bang!” The Trident penetrated his weapon and barrier then continued to fly towards him with an unstoppable momentum.

“No!” His mournful cry echoed across the ocean. Drops of blood fell into the sea and dyed it red.

The sovereign was crucified to death just like that. His eyes were still wide open in disbelief. This was not the result he envisioned at all, thus he died with many regrets.

The entire world turned gloomy. All the sea demons who saw this were aghast as a cold tingle went down their spines.

The older sea demons questioned in a daze: “How can this be?”

The Trident had ended the sovereign’s future once by abandoning him, and ultimately, an imitation ended his life. It seemed that this was all part of karma. The sovereign couldn’t escape his connection to the weapon. He owed it both glory and death. It was as if the heavens was playing a cruel joke on him.

“That’s the hidden power of Dongting Lake.” The lake was now viewed as an object of fear. Everyone understood that the lake had an imitation trident on top of the spectral army.

A charming spirit ancestor solemnly spoke: “So many years have passed, but the lake is still like before with its invincible power.”

After seeing its power today, who would dare to have any ideas about it in the future?

Even the disciples from the lake were slack-jawed. They had never imagined that things would play out this way. Hong Tianzhu, the other elders and the protectors were astonished as well. They never knew that the invincible ancestors had always been protecting them.

Just recalling how they had abandoned everything from their ancestors for their own benefits left them ashamed. How could they stand and face their ancestors later on?

For many, many years, the lake had never worshiped the ancestors with ceremonies. They had all but forgotten about the traditions, yet the ancestors still continued to protect their unfilial children and the lake. Their hearts were full of shame and regret.

Meanwhile, the crowd was still deterred while watching the four cavalries in the sky. This spectral army could truly sweep through all enemies.

Li Qiye’s cold voice resounded: “Don’t think about leaving when you’re already here.” It was chilling to the bones.

Feiyan woke up from her stupor and sorrow. She wanted to escape as fast as possible. In her mind, as long as the verdant hills remained, there would be no fear of running out of firewood.

However, she didn’t get far before Li Qiye blocked her path. Her pretty face became twisted after seeing him. Moreover, it was blanched from both fear and fury with a touch of despair.

This was the enemy who had killed both her father and little brother. She wanted nothing more than to tear him to pieces. However, reason told her that as long as she stayed alive, everything would be possible in the future, including killing this enemy to avenge her family.

She didn’t want to die, for everything would turn to ashes afterward. Her sect was the Roaring Conch. As long as she could go back, she would have the opportunity for vengeance.

These were the thoughts that occupied her mind. She stood there and didn’t dare to act rashly.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye fixated his gaze on her. All the spectators watched with bated breaths.

Prior to this, many people were bullish about Feiyan because she had a strong backing. However, in the blink of an eye, the situation had reversed completely. Feiyan, who should have won for sure, became a dog with a dead owner.

Li Qiye flatly asked while looking at her: “Don’t you want to kill me?”

While locking their eyes, Feiyan gritted her teeth, her smoldering fury evident in her gaze. She cried out his name: “Li Qiye!”

He leisurely replied: “I understand your hatred.”

“I want to peel your skin, drink your blood, and taste your flesh!” She shouted: “I swear to never live under the same sky with my father’s murderer!”

“So what?” Li Qiye nonchalantly responded: “I am a ruthless person, not to mention that I have given you ample warnings, yet you still dared to oppose me. Therefore, you must experience the massacre.”

She was livid. Her sworn enemy was standing in front of her, but there was nothing she could do.

He continued on: “I’ll borrow your words. Kneel and accept death, or do I have to kill you myself?”

She understood that there was no chance for survival, so she cried out: “Li, either you or I have to die. I would rather die if you exist in this world!”

He insipidly replied: “Very well, at least you have some courage. Still better than your little brother, not begging before death.”

“Li! Do you dare to fight me? If I lose, I will have no complaints. Otherwise, I will haunt you as a scornful ghost!” She made a clear decision since she knew there was no escaping. What she was worried about was the spectral army and the Trident from the lake.

Li Qiye laughed in response: “I’m not even afraid of gods, let alone mere ghosts.”

She restrained her anger and continued with her plan of fighting him one on one. Even if she had to pay with her life to kill him, she would consider avenging her dead family a good end.

“However, since you are so eager for revenge, I’ll satisfy your wish.” He smiled: “You think you actually have an opportunity, so I shall grant it to you. I like shattering someone’s self-esteem and confidence so that they can have a taste of despair.”

She found a glimmer of hope in this desperate strait and immediately shouted: “Good, Li, this is your choice. We will fight one on one, a gentleman’s words cannot be taken back!”

Li Qiye was amused and answered her coldly: “Don’t gauge a gentleman’s heart by using one’s own wretched scale. Don’t worry, I, Li Qiye, will always keep my word. Killing you won’t require any external help.”

“Very well, we’ll fight to the death!” Feiyan felt jubilated after gaining a chance for revenge.

Li Qiye looked at her with one eye and said: “Go, die in despair, a fate reserved for my enemies.”

At this moment, everyone held their breaths while watching this scene. Even though sea demons felt sympathy for Feiyan and wanted to help, none of them dared to try and rescue her.