Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1023: Bing Yuxia

Chapter 1023: Bing Yuxia

Chapter 1123: Space Scripture

Li Qiye and everyone else returned to the Buddhist Funeral Plateau and settled in at the Buddhist City. Li Qiye had accomplished everything he wanted to do during this trip and could leave whenever.

He was staying behind in order to witness the ascension of the Eternal River School’s ancestor and to lend the person a hand if necessary. After all, Mei Suyao was following him, so she wasn’t considered a stranger.

Ever since the inception of the sect, the river school had produced many supreme geniuses. Among them, quite a few had reached the Godking realm.

However, for cultivators, including those at the Godking level, there was something that they could never escape and lacked the power to face — death.

After millions of years, how many people who had lived long lives actually faced death with peace and calm? This was the case for the brilliant ancestors from the Eternal River School as well. They couldn’t openly face their impending demise, so quite a few of them entered Spirit Mountain to become sacred monks in search of everlasting life.

With the grinding of time, their dharma eventually reached a certain level, allowing them to ascend to the Buddhist Kingdom.

According to the beliefs of the Buddhist Funeral Plateau, once the sacred monks’ dharma reached this level, they would ascend and become a true Buddha with eternal life.

The day for ascension drew near, so Li Qiye’s group chose to stay behind. Moreover, the girls had never seen an ascension before, so this would broaden their horizons.

Inside his chamber at the Buddhist City, Li Qiye used the pentagate to seal his room and opened a box.

This ancient box was matchless and had weathered countless years. He carefully looked at this box; it was seamless without any gaps and looked just like a big rock.

The only thing that could give others a clue to its nature was the round dent in the box. It didn’t look like it was engraved but rather formed by nature. The round dent and the box had always been one.

After seeing this round dent, Li Qiye smiled and said: “Man proposes but the heavens disposes. Without planning, how can there ever be success?”

With that, Li Qiye took out a treasure disk. It was the Fragmented Realm Spatial Disk. This was the supreme treasure of the Nantian Clan. He took it from Young King Nantian back then.

This was one of the keys to obtaining the scripture. It required the Myriad Thoughts Pot to move as well as the other three keys itself. This disk was necessary to open the box for the Space Scripture inside.

Later generations believed that the disk was created by Immortal Emperor Fei Yang, but the truth was not so. This disk had been passed down from an archaic age.

In fact, when Immortal Emperor Fei Yang entered the Nihility Temple, he also wanted to confirm the existence of the Space Scripture. Alas, he didn’t have the three keys, so all was in vain. He had to retreat and come up with a second plan, which was to trick a stone Buddha from the temple.

“Clang—” After placing the disk into the round dent, the box gently clicked. The stone box actually broke open with plumes of light shooting out.

Li Qiye was happy to see this familiar light. Only the nine heavenly scriptures would emit such a light. This was, without a doubt, the Space Scripture.

It emerged before Li Qiye with a sacred light. Its glow caused Li Qiye uncontrollable excitement.

He had three of the nine right now: the Space Scripture, the Physique Scripture, and the Death Scripture. In the future, perhaps it wouldn’t be impossible for him to gather all nine.

The grand beginning gave birth to the Nine Words, the Nine Words created the Nine Treasures, and from the Nine Treasures came the Nine Scriptures! This was an irresistible scripture.

Li Qiye opened it and found the writings inside to be profound to an inconceivable level.

He was quickly immersed in an unimaginable world while given the ability to see through its constructs.

He saw straight into the profundities of the grand dao. The most mysterious aspects of the Space Scripture presented themselves, causing him to feel intoxicated.

Other people, including peerless geniuses or even Mei Suyao with her immortal bone, wouldn’t be able to understand the scripture in a short period of time, let alone grasp its fundamentals.

Peerless geniuses would require centuries or even a millennium to understand a scripture on the level of the nine heavenly scriptures. However, it wasn’t too difficult for Li Qiye to do so. He had spent millions of years researching the nine heavenly scriptures and treasures.

He had even obtained a few chapters from the Space Scripture through the long years. Of course, these chapters were incomplete and were far lesser than the real scripture.

Nevertheless, with so much past research, he had quite a deep understanding of the Space Scripture. So today, with the scripture in his hands and actively unraveling its mysteries, he was a fish in water or a tiger with wings. This feeling couldn’t be described with words.

He was thirsty for knowledge, a cotton boll absorbing the misty dew from the Space Scripture. He wished to grasp all of its mysticisms.

In the next several days, he was lost in its wonders and locked himself inside his room.

The girls knew that he was studying the Space Scripture, so they didn’t bother him.

Meanwhile, the Buddhist affinity grew increasingly powerful at Spirit Mountain. Buddhist lights emerged in an uprising manner as well.

Eventually, this light grew to illuminate the entire plateau. Even those who had never seen the world before understood that something big was going on.

“The ascension is about to take place.” Someone knew what was about to happen after seeing the light cover the plateau.

Mei Suyao, in particular, paid great attention to the changes at Spirit Mountain because the person ascending this time was her ancestor. The moment the ancestor ascended, one would be able to see the elucidation culminated from everything the ancestor had learned in their life.

This elucidation had a significant meaning to the Eternal River School, so Mei Suyao must take it. She wouldn’t want other treasures, but the elucidation must be hers for the sake of her school. Her present self didn’t require it, but the other disciples were in dire need of this new source of knowledge.

“I wonder which ancestor from your sect will ascend.” Chen Baojiao was very curious about this ordeal as well. She had heard about it but had never seen it with her own eyes.

“I don’t know the details.” Mei Suyao gently shook her head: “The elders could only guess that one of our ancestors is about to ascend, but not which one in particular. We can only find out on the day itself. I heard the elders said that some of our ancestors at Spirit Mountain have incredible attainments in the dharma.”

The Eternal River School, as a sect with three emperors, had never lacked talents. A conservative estimate listed at least ten big shots from the school entering Spirit Mountain. The weaker ones were of the protector level while the strong ones were Godkings.

“Clang—” While many were still curious about the ascending ancestor, a heavy roar rang out. It was not overly loud, but it seemed that everyone at the plateau could hear it.

“The gate to Nalanda is opening.” Someone shouted, prompting many to immediately look over to Spirit Mountain.

Sure enough, the gate was indeed opening today. It was as deep as an ocean with no end in sight. It seemed that beyond the Buddhist gate was a boundless world capable of accommodating the nine heavens.

“Buzz!” Many people were startled to watch this opening. Shortly afterward, a light suddenly descended from the sky. Another Buddhist portal emerged in the sky above Nalanda.

This portal gave the illusion that by walking through it, one could cross the entire world and time itself.

The torrential Buddhist light cloaked an area with chanting monks.

“Buddhist Kingdom, the legendary Buddhist Kingdom!” Many were astonished to see the kingdom on the other side of the portal. A big shot intensely stared at it, attempting to peep at the mysticisms inside.

The crowd quickly held their breaths. Very few had ever seen the Buddhist Kingdom. For millions of years, no one aside from ascending sacred monks had ever been able to enter this kingdom that granted immortality.

And so, the portal in the sky and the kingdom beyond it was full of temptation for many people. In a flash, several powerful figures shot up. They wanted to soar into the Buddhist Kingdom.