Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 942 – How Did You Do That?

Chapter 942 – How Did You Do That?

How Did You Do That?

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“Yes, master.”

The Earth devil beast and the devil wouldn’t dare neglect the order. They wouldn’t have the slightest bit of resistance in fulfilling the duties given by Jiang Chen. Afterwards, the both of them vanished completely and hid in the dark to avoid putting too much pressure on the people of Martial Saint Dynasty. After all, they weren’t Great Saint cultivators, they were the mighty devils. Their emergence would bring a serious impact to them.

Martial Saint Dynasty Jiang Chen’s home, the place where Jiang Chen cared for the most. He didn’t want to see this place being turned into a great force or a major power, nor enter the Divine Continent, or the Pure Land. He just wanted this place to be safe.

“Jiang Chen, now that all of the six major families thought that you were killed in battle, this chapter of chaos is considered to be over. Even the Dark Shadow organization is eliminated, there is almost nothing else that you should worry about. With the protection of the earth devil beast and the devil, Martial Saint Dynasty will be fine as far as their safety is concerned. Thus, you don’t have to worry about it. Will you be heading to the Gu Family now?”

Peac.o.c.k King asked.

“Yeah. I require help from the Gu Family to get me into Saint Origin Palace. We will split up here to avoid attracting the suspicion of outsiders. Peac.o.c.k King, when the two of you return, tell only the reliable higher ups that I’m still alive. Remember to keep this a secret.”

Jiang Chen said solemnly. If his faked death were to be leaked, all of his plans would be ruined.

“Don’t worry, I already know what to do.”

Peac.o.c.k King patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder rea.s.suringly. The Demon Race and Jiang Chen were riding on the same boat now. In other words, they had already placed all of their hopes and future on Jiang Chen.

“You want to use the help of the Gu Family to enter Saint Origin Palace? Then where’s master dog going?”

Big Yellow looked at Jiang Chen.

“Naturally you will also be going to Saint Origin Palace. However, you have to follow Peac.o.c.k King back to the Demon Race first, and then, let them send you and Kong Yang to Saint Origin Palace. Then, we’ll have our good time there. Well, of course, you have to pretend that you don’t know me in Saint Origin Palace.”

Jiang Chen patted Big Yellow’s head and said.

“Jiang Chen’s right. As long as the geniuses of any major family stepped into the Great Saint realm, the geniuses will be immediately be sent to Saint Origin Palace to further their cultivation. Furthermore, Saint Origin Palace will also recruit some selected geniuses with extraordinary talent. The moment you enter Saint Origin Palace, you have already become a member. Some of them weren’t even willing to return and have already established a family there. Due to the effects of the cultivation environment, the babies that were born there were all peerless geniuses. You all have to be careful when you arrive there. After all, Saint Origin Palace is incomparable to Pure Land. Now that Big Yellow and Yang Er had advanced to the Great Saint realm, they are already eligible to enter Saint Origin Palace to cultivate.”

Said Peac.o.c.k King.

“Kaka! Good! I would like to see how it’s like in the legendary Saint Origin Palace.”

Big Yellow was extremely excited, Kong Yang was delighted as well. It was an honourable thing, to be able to cultivate in Saint Origin Palace. It was a place where countless of geniuses yearned to go. Everyone knew that Saint Origin Palace was built by the supreme experts of the eight major families back then. It was said that it was directly connected to the Immortal World, and was able receive certain traces of immortal Qi from above. Across the whole Saint Origin Palace, the Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi there was many times thicker than the outside world. It was absolutely a conducive environment for cultivation.

However, a place like that was packed with great geniuses and experts. Although Jiang Chen and Big Yellow could reign supreme in the Pure land, they would need to stay humble in Saint Origin Palace.

After that, Jiang Chen, Peac.o.c.k King and the rest flew towards two different directions heading back to the Pure Land. In order to prevent suspicions, even Big Yellow had to part from him. In truth, it was best if the both of them weren’t seen together.

From the beginning until now, Big Yellow had become the symbol of Jiang Chen’s existence. If Big Yellow was present somewhere, Jiang Chen would probably be there too. Now that Jiang Chen was thought to be dead, it was vitally important that they separated themselves.

Currently in Pure Land, the news had already been spread thoroughly. Virtually everybody knows about Jiang Chen’s death. Every city, every alley and every street were filled with discussions about Jiang Chen. He was a peerless figure, even if he had already fallen, everybody still admired him and his fame was destined to remain for aeons.

“It is such a pity that the famous Jiang Chen is dead. If he didn’t die, he would certainly become a bright star in the future.”

“Exactly. I heard that he initiated the Dragon Phoenix Major Tribulation and could even concoct the legendary Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill during the major tribulation which was simply heaven defying. Unfortunately, he has offended the six major families and ended up dying tragically for it.”

“That’s for sure. The major six family have decided to kill him. I also heard that all the patriarchs of those families have personally gone to deal with him. Although it was a little shameless, it showed how powerful Jiang Chen was. He made even the major six fear him. It’s conceivable that if this monstrous genius was allowed to grow, he would surely be the greatest problem for the major six, bringing inestimable losses to them.”

“No doubt that it’s a pity to see such a talent dead, but his existence is going to leave a deep mark in the history of Pure Land. Both the second, s.h.i.+ Han and the first genius of Sky Ranking, Desolate Yuan died in his hands. I also heard about the world-shaking event that he had killed half of the experts of the major six during his tribulation. Thus, even if he died, it was worth it. Given the serious casualties the major six have suffered, I’m afraid that they will take some time to restore their forces.”


Everyone was in the midst of discussion and arguments about Jiang Chen. Although they all thought that Jiang Chen’s death was inevitable due to the overpowering experts that he had offended, they still couldn’t help admiring him and lamen his death. No matter what generation it was, the fall of a peerless genius would no doubt become a glorious history.

Gu Family.

“No, little Chen won’t die! I won’t believe it!”

In Lan Ning World, Wu Ningzhu was overwhelmed by her emotions when she heard of Jiang Chen’s death. All along, she was portraying a character of coldness and toughness. During that time in Southern Continent, she was known as a tough holy lady. For so many years, she had never let her emotions run wild like today.

Jiang Chen was an indelible part of her heart. All this time, he had been an omnipotent existence. From Eastern Continent to Southern Continent, she knew how many strong enemies he had killed, but those were just the stepping stones to pave his path of life. He had long been a miracle creator and an undying legend.

But then, now, the news that came to her ears was of Jiang Chen’s death. He died in the battle, simultaneously killed by six Sixth Grade Great Saints. How could Wu Ningzhu possible accept this exceedingly heavy news?

“Ning Er.”

Gu Lan’s felt the heartache. Thinking about Jiang Chen – that handsome young man dressed in snowy white robe – gave her pain, like a knife slicing her heart. She knew that it was all because of Jiang Chen that Wu Ningzhu could find her, allowing their family to reunite again.

It was hard to imagine her daughter’s mood right now, when her fiancé made the ultimate sacrifice in the battle.

“Ai! That time, Prince Jiang has helped us defended Wuyang City, saved plenty of us. Now he has also given our family the chance to reunite again. I, Wu Tianyang will never be able fully repay such kindnesses in my lifetime. When I came to Pure Land, I never thought that Prince Jiang would……”

Wu Tianyang was a resolute man, but he too was overshadowed with grief. Jiang Chen’s kindness to them were just too much, many folds heavier than even a mountain.

“Ning Er, you have to accept the inevitable truth. Uncle has tried his best.”

Gu Xuantian heaved a sigh. He had antic.i.p.ated that Wu Ningzhu would experience agony sooner or later, so he decided to tell her the truth directly.

“No! Little Chen will never die.”

Wu Ningzhu shook her head wildly, unable to accept Jiang Chen’s death.

Gu Lan embraced Wu Ningzhu in her arms despite feeling pained. She understood that despite her absence in the ancient battlefield, a junior like Jiang Chen who had just advanced to Great Saint realm would never survive the joint strike of six Sixth Grade Great Saints.

He was totally besieged by the six powerful Great Saints. Even if Gu Xuantian and Lang Xingtian were stronger, they simply couldn’t protect Jiang Chen. After all, that was a siege attack of six might Great Saints.

“Sister Ning, I feel relieved, seeing you crying so much for me.”

At this moment, a sound came from the void all of a sudden. That familiar voice froze Wu Ningzhu. Then, everyone looked over at the source of the voice. They saw a ripple of a wave, before a young man in white walked out like a ghost, with a brilliant smile, staring at Wu Ningzhu, seemingly interested.

“Little Chen.”

“Jiang Chen.”

“Patriarch, father-in-law, mother-in-law. Your expressions make me feel uncomfortable. Congratulations to you that your family has finally reunited.”

Jiang Chen strode towards four of them and cupped his fists at Wu Tianyang.

Wu Ningzhu raced into Jiang Chen’s embrace, her sad face melted into a smile. “I knew that you wouldn’t die so easily.”

“Jiang Chen, what is this all about?”

Gu Xuantian couldn’t resist the urge to know the reason behind all these. At that time, he saw clearly how powerful the joint strike of the six great experts was. It was absolutely not a strike that a heaven defying First Grade Great Saint could dodge, but Jiang Chen was now looking far from dead. In other words, Jiang Chen had escaped, unharmed. Gu Xuantian wanted very badly to know how Jiang Chen did so.

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