Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 93 – The Awakening of the Ancient Devil, Han Yan’s Crisis

Chapter 93 – The Awakening of the Ancient Devil, Han Yan’s Crisis

Chapter 93 – The Awakening of the Ancient Devil, Han Yan’s Crisis

Big Yellow was the biggest winner here. Looking at the situation, if nothing goes wrong, Jiang Chen would certainly be the number one. In the battle between the Little Devil King and Li Wu Shuang, no matter who the winner is, he wouldn’t have sufficient strength to fight Jiang Chen.

Big Yellow was so happy that he was unable to close his mouth. With his head raised up high, he walked around in front of everyone while looking at their bitter faces. His mood was extremely good. This kind of happy feeling which was established on someone else’s pain really thrilled him.

Next, everyone focused their attention on the second fighting stage. The Little Devil King and Li Wu Shuang were staring at each other, trying to brew their own momentum. These two men were considered all time enemies, they had fought each other a few times before, and it had always ended in a draw.

The Little Devil King fighting Li Wu Shuang, this was the fight everyone had been waiting for.

Jiang Chen stood in front of all the disciples from the four big sects while ignoring all the malicious gazes from the Burning Sky Pavilion and Heavenly Sword Sect disciples. All of his attention was focused on the fighting stage, these two men’s future achievements were limitless. Jiang Chen couldn’t really judge which one had more potential before they started fighting.

“Han Yan, we have already fought four times before, and there has never been a clear winner. Let’s take today’s Qi Province compet.i.tion as an opportunity to find out who the real number one is!”

Li Wu Shuang had a tall and muscular body, as well as a loud voice. A domineering aura was leaking out from his entire body, he looked determined to get the rewards for winning this compet.i.tion.

“Too much bulls.h.i.+t! Li Wu Shuang, you’re no match for me, you better just surrender straight away!” Han Yan said.

“Hmph! Han Yan, they all say that you are the heir of the Ancient Devil, and that you have the power of the Ancient Devil sealed within your body. Too bad you can only show small hints of the demonic character because your full power will never awaken! In my opinion, those rumors must be false, because once I kill you today, whether you’re the heir to the Ancient Devil or not won’t be important anymore!”

Li Wu Shuang let out a cold snort as two cold beams shot out from his eyes.

“Ancient Devil? I never expected that this kind of inheritance would still exist in this world… But, I’m not sure if it’s genuine or not.” Jiang Chen mumbled to himself. He had some understanding towards the Ancient Devil. The Ancient Devil was the king amongst all demons in ancient times, and it was a royal rank amongst demons. Its bloodline was very precious, much stronger than ordinary Divine Bodies.

This kind of Ancient Devil Divine Body was extremely rare. Those powerful Divine Bodies from ancient times had all been lost in history. In his past life, Jiang Chen had met an heir of the Ancient Devil, but not a pure one. His abilities and approaches were extremely terrifying, even ordinary Saints were not his match.

“Kill me? Are you really not afraid you’ll twist your tongue?”

Han Yan’s blue clothes were fluttering in the wind. His face had a slight smile and he behaved calmly, it was as if what he was facing now was not a battle of life and death but just some normal fight.

“Enough bulls.h.i.+t, let’s fight!”

Li Wu Shuang moved with tiger like momentum. His huge body was like a huge wave as he leapt at Han Yan. Surrounding Li Wu Shuang was energy whirlpools. When these whirlpools collided with each other, they produced a sound similar to firecrackers.

This was a method involving brute force. The combat skill Li Wu Shuang was cultivating was familiar amongst barbarians. With an extremely strong body, he charged like a bull. The tremendous amount of Yuan energy in his body turned into golden energy waves, which then formed into a golden s.h.i.+eld in front of him. Hovering on the s.h.i.+eld, mysterious symbols could be seen.

Li Wu Shuang looked like he was just rampaging around, it seemed nothing special, but in fact; it was actually a special combat skill. The ma.s.sive amount of power made it hard for anyone to resist it face to face.

On the opposite side, Han Yan’s face turned serious as well. He slowly raised his momentum as energy started flowing out from his body. The energy carried layers of black strip, which was the source of his demonic character.

“Such an intense demonic character! Han Yan is really related to the Ancient Devil! But, the demonic character in his Yuan energy is violently throbbing, it looks very unstable. This is a sign that the Ancient Devil within his body is going to awaken… The awakening of the Ancient Devil, this is not something good if it happens in the middle of the fight, it will cost him his life.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes were glowing, his judgment was near perfect. With just a single look, he had understood Han Yan’s situation. What really made Jiang Chen worry was that Han Yan’s current condition wasn’t good. The Ancient Devil power in his body was soon going to awaken, and if it awakens during the fight… It won’t be something fun.

Pop pop……

On the fighting stage, Han Yan’s Yuan energy and the demonic energy started merging together. It formed into a sharp energy awl which then clashed against Li Wu Shuang’s golden s.h.i.+eld.


The two powerful forces clashed into each other. The waves swept across, and the destructive energies even burnt the surrounding air. Both Li Wu Shuang and Han Yan were forced back three steps, they were neck to neck.

The two of them had fought hard four times before, and it ended in a draw each time. Now that they wanted to truly find out who the strongest is, it wouldn’t be an easy task.

“Han Yan, we know each other very well, at least, it was enough to know that those ordinary attacks are useless. It’s hard to find out who the winner is, so in my opinion, let’s use our strongest skills, and find out who the true winner is! Oh, I forgot to tell you, I’ve cultivated the ‘Tyrannical Script’ to the 3rd tier, and its power is far beyond the 2nd tier! Let’s see how you decide to deal with this!”

Li Wu Shuang was a domineering man, and that was because he was cultivating the ‘Tyrannical Script’. The ‘Tyrannical Script’ is a High Rank Earth combat skill. This skill was obtained by Li Wu Shuang from a Combat Soul warrior’s historical remains, and all of his achievements so far were because of this ‘Tyrannical Script’. A High Rank Earth combat skill, even in the entire Qi Province, it was something incredibly rare. He was only able to obtain this through pure luck.

There’s a total of nine tiers in the ‘Tyrannical Script’. Li Wu Shuang was only at the peak of the Mortal Core realm, and he was able to cultivate it to the 3rd tier, which isn’t bad.


Han Yan’s messed up black hair was fluttering in the wind, and there was no fear on his handsome face. When Li Wu Shuang adjusted his momentum, the energy surrounding Han Yan’s body started getting stronger.

“They’re going all out from the beginning? Their momentum is incredibly strong, they’re really not someone whom ordinary people can compare with!”

“Can you guys guess who will win?”

“It’s hard to tell. Both of them has their own unique strengths, but I have a feeling that Li Wu Shuang has a slight advantage. He is after all someone who has inherited a Combat Soul warrior’s possessions, and he is equipped with powerful tricks. I’m afraid Han Yan isn’t his match.”

Everyone focused on the all-time enemies on the fighting stage. The final fight between them was about to commence. The reason why they chose to go all out from the beginning is because they understood that a normal fight is nothing but a waste of time, it was very difficult for them to find out who the winner was.

Li Wu Shuang’s momentum had reached its peak, his domineering aura covered his entire body, like an overlord who had just come to this world.

“Azure Fist!”

Li Wu Shuang suddenly shouted out, then he punched with the third skill of the ‘Tyrannical Script’. With this punch, an ear-splitting loud bang was produced. Even those who were tens of miles away could hear this. Everyone could feel the terrifying power behind this punch.

The ‘Tyrannical Script’ was just too powerful. Li Wu Shuang punched out a golden fist which locked down the entire fighting stage.

On the opposite side, Han Yan showed a rare and tense expression on his face. He pushed both his palms upwards, then two bright lights carrying demonic characteristics shot out from the middle of his palms. In just a short amount of time, a huge energy ball was formed. On the surface of the energy ball, there were some mysterious patterns blinking. Han Yan pushed it out with all his might, sending it flying towards’ Li Wu Shuang’s golden fist.


This time, the ma.s.sive energy waves covered the whole fighting stage. Those who were standing outside couldn’t figure out what was happening inside, all they could see was terrifying and colorful energies.

Some of the people who were too close to the fighting stage lost their hearing after the intense collision, and some of the weaker ones even fainted.

Tap tap tap!

On the fighting stage, Han Yan was forced to take three steps back, ending with him stepping back to the corner of the fighting stage. His foot was already halfway outside the stage, and he could barely stand still. With a pale face, blood was bleeding out from his mouth. It was pretty obvious that he was seriously wounded from the clash just now.

“Haha, Han Yan, you’re finally defeated by me! I’ve told you, the third tier of the ‘Tyrannical Script’ is not something you can deal with! I, Li Wu Shuang, am the real number one!”

On the opposite side, Li Wu Shuang was laughing out loud, portraying an extremely arrogant att.i.tude. Defeating Han Yan was his biggest dream, and he had finally done it today. There was no need to mention how happy he was right now.

“Good! Senior disciple Li’s ‘Tyrannical Script’ is really powerful! I told you Han Yan wasn’t his match!”

“Of course, senior disciple Li has obtained the inheritance of a Combat Soul warrior, he isn’t someone the little Han Yan can deal with! After killing Han Yan, senior disciple Li will kill that Jiang Chen!”

“Han Yan is done, he’s wounded now. If he still doesn’t choose to surrender, then he will only be killed by senior disciple Li!”

The disciples from the Heavenly Sword Sect were all excited, some of them were even jumping up and down. Looking at the way they were expressing their feeling, it was almost as if they were the ones who defeated Han Yan.

Jiang Chen who stood in the front furrowed his brows. He stared at Han Yan without taking his eyes off him for a single second. In the clash just now, he had seen everything clearly. Han Yan didn’t attack with all his strength. Or it could be put this way, with his current condition, it had rendered him unable to attack with all his strength.

Just when everyone were surprised by the fact that Han Yan was going to be defeated, there was suddenly a big change on the stage.

Han Yan who was currently in low spirits suddenly raised his head up and roared out loudly. The roar gave of an ancient, hoa.r.s.e, evil, brutal… all kinds of emotions were mixed in it.

Many people were starting to see that from Han Yan’s body, layers of black mist started emerging.

“What’s happening? Is Han Yan going crazy?”

“Such powerful a demonic characteristic! I can feel that he is about to explode with a very powerful evil strength!”

“This is the energy of the Ancient Devil! Han Yan really is the heir of the Ancient Devil! The power sealed within his body is going to awaken!”

Many people cried out in alert. Who could have known that this kind of change would happen?

Jiang Chen’s vision actually stopped at the center of Han Yan’s eyebrows. In the center of his brows, a black symbol kept blinking. Jiang Chen’s expression changed dramatically when he saw this symbol.

“That’s the Devil Seal! A seal exclusive to the Ancient Devil! Han Yan is the complete inheritor of the Ancient Devil, he is the real heir of the Ancient Devil! His cultivation realm has reached the peak of the Mortal Core realm, and the power of the Ancient Devil is going to awaken soon! It was stimulated by Li Wu Shuang just now. This idiot, with his Mortal Core cultivation realm, there’s no way he can control the source power of the Ancient Devil! Even if he can kill Li Wu Shuang, he himself if going to suffer from the counter attack of the Ancient Devil and die together with Li Wu Shuang… I have to stop him!”

Jiang Chen’s expression changed dramatically.