Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 916 – The Overbearing Aura

Chapter 916 – The Overbearing Aura

The Overbearing Aura

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“The conversation ends here.” Jiang Chen shook his head.

In that case, he needn’t need to say anymore. He had innumerable number of enemies, so making the Narang Family his enemy wouldn’t change anything anyway. These two elders wanted to kill him which would only brought one outcome upon themselves.

“Why are you still talking so much nonsense with this little beast? I will kill him first.” The Second Grade Great Saint said.

He appeared before Jiang Chen in a blink. A vast Qi was unleashed and enshrouded Jiang Chen.

*Pu Chi*

But then, a horror scene happened. The Second Grade Great Saint only managed to unleash his Qi but before he could attack, his body halted itself suddenly. He looked down at his chest and saw a blood-red dragon claw which went through his body. The elder was terrified. This was a scene that he had never dream of. How could he, a mighty Second Grade Great Saint, be killed by a junior whom he underestimated in a split second?


The elder let out a scream filled with desperation and pain. He was immobilized under Jiang Chen’s control, his life now lay in the hands of his adversary.

“Remember not to be over confident, especially when you don’t know how strong your opponent is.” Jiang Chen’s voice was icy cold.

The powerful force of the claw was shattering the elder’s vital force. Then, he circulated the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. All the energy, essence and his combat soul were sucked dry by the paG.o.da. After absorbing the Second Grade Great Saint, the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da became excitedly stimulated and ten new dragon marks were formed in Jiang Chen’s body.

The energy of the Second Grade Great Saint wasn’t comparable to those Saint corpses that was used to build the sacrificial altar. Although those corpses had acc.u.mulated tremendous amount of energy inside their bodies, they had been dead for too long and much of the energy was lost in the process.

Jiang Chen threw the body of the Second Grade Great Saint on the ground. Presently, the body of the Great Saint was nothing more than an ordinary human corpse. All the essence had been drained by the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. It was Jiang Chen showing mercy by not using the paG.o.da to devour and absorb the body.

“I’m trying to be merciful. You will still have your full corpse,” said Jiang Chen.

Then, he s.h.i.+fted his gaze to the Third Grade Great Saint of Narang Family. “It’s your turn, why aren’t you attacking?”

The Third Grade Great Saint stared at his companion lying on the ground with widened big eyes, and was petrified. At this moment, he thoroughly observed Jiang Chen’s cultivation grade and found out that he had grown to the Ninth Grade Minor Saint, but a Ninth Grade could never kill a Second Grade Great Saint in a split second. Furthermore, he had heard that this little beast could transform, which would make him scarier. Just now, he didn’t perform any transformation but he was still able to instantly kill a Second Grade Great Saint. If he transformed, did that mean he would have no problem killing a Third Grade Great Saint?

How could a person reach such incredible extent? What surprised the elder more was the way his companion died. He had seen it very clearly that his companion’s body had turned into an ordinary body after all the energy and essence were sucked dry. The scene was too gruesome. At the present moment, an inexplicable fear emerged in his heart.

“Heh! Heh! Let me have this old guy.” Big Yellow chuckled.

“Let me do it.”

Jiang Chen came to Big Yellow’s front. He needed a competent adversary very much to test his strength after the recent advancement to Ninth Grade Minor Saint. Besides, he wasn’t at the normal Ninth Grade Minor Saint grade, he had reached the peak of it and was only a bit away to advance into Great Saint realm. As such, killing any ordinary Third Grade Great Saint would be effortless to him.

However, there was gap between the Minor Saint realm and the Great Saint realm that couldn’t be bypa.s.sed. Thus, he would need to turn into a half-dragon in order to kill the Third Grade Great Saint.

With a sway, his appearance changed into a dragon-scaled body. Then, he thrust at the Third Grade Great Saint with his True Dragon Palm.

“I don’t believe that I can’t defeat a Ninth Grade Minor Saint using my power as a Third Grade Great Saint.” The elder was infuriated.

A black blade materialised in his hand. The blade was encompa.s.sed with strong Great Saint Qi, it was no doubt the rarely seen Great Saint weapon.

The big blade was swiped, creating chilling sound of metal. The blade tore the void apart before it landed on Jiang Chen’s True Dragon Palm.

*Chi La*

The two attacks collided and produced a deafening roar. Countless of spatial waves surged and Jiang Chen’s True Dragon Palm was ripped apart. The combat power of combining the strength of a Third Grade Great Saint and a Great Saint weapon was really terrifying.

However, it didn’t concern Jiang Chen at all. He moved his arm and swung the newly-appeared Heavenly Saint Sword at the elder in lightning speed.

His strength was so strong it could move mountains, his entire body was filled with boundless of energy like the vast ocean. The elder’s face changed drastically when he felp the gap between him and Jiang Chen, and immediately, he lifted the large blade in his hand to meet Jiang Chen’s strike.


The swords clashed. The big blade was bounced away from the elder’s grip under the frenzied attack of the Heavenly Saint Sword, but Jiang Chen’s sword didn’t slow down which had completely caught the elder off guard. An arm of his was cut down by the slash.


The elder uttered a miserable cry, and was then killed by a wild bombardment coming from Jiang Chen. The residual energy in his body and the Great Saint Weapon were absorbed by the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. Jiang Chen could clearly feel that the materialized first floor in the paG.o.da became a little bigger and a dozen new dragon marks were formed in his body.

However, while the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da was still rotating, Jiang Chen’s Qi was becoming more brutal. Both of his eyes started to turn red. The brutal Qi rushed out of his body. Clearly, the newly-formed dragon marks were more aggressive than the previous dragon marks.

“Little Chen, what’s wrong with you?”

Big Yellow’s facial expression turned ugly when he saw the drastic change in Jiang Chen. He had never seen Jiang Chen like this. Currently, Jiang Chen’s eyes were red, and he looked like a wild beast that had lost its senses, a killing machine.


Jiang Chen let out a deep growl. The way he looked at Big Yellow scared him off.

“Motherf*cker, so this is it.”

Jiang Chen felt that he was losing his senses. Then, he quickly sat on the ground cross-legged and recited the Lotus Sutra given by Great Master Ran Feng. It could purify one’s soul and heart. He continued the recitation for half an hour before he recovered his senses.

“What was going on just now, Little Chen? It was so frightening.”

Big Yellow was a little traumatized.

“It was because the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da absorbed the essence of humans. Although I cultivate dragon transformation art, I can’t deny the fact that I am still a human. It is true that human beings can kill each other but consuming the bodies of humans was a violation of the natural law. It makes me no different than a bloodthirsty maniac. It would be fine if I leave their corpses there, but I sucked their essence and their combat souls dry. This method of killing was undeniably merciless. It was akin to destroying my own conscience. As my blood was connected to the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, after absorbing the essence of humans, a certain amount of brutal Qi started to acc.u.mulate in my body. This kind of violent Qi directly affected my mind, turning me into a beast that only know how to kill. It was utterly terrifying.”

Jiang Chen too was in terror. It if wasn’t for the Lotus Sutra, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to control his emotions and it was likely that he would attack Big Yellow. For those Great Saint corpses the paG.o.da absorbed earlier, they were bodies that had been dead for a very long time. In addition, there were some bodies of demons and devils among those corpses, so the side effect wasn’t very significant. On the other hand, the two elders of Narang Family were both living humans. After killing them, their essence were sucked dry and one of their bodies were even consumed by the paG.o.da. This was equivalent to inhumane practice. As such, the dragon marks that were condensed would be violent as well, which would severely affect the mind.

“I see. You will have to be careful about this next time.”

Big Yellow hastily warned Jiang Chen. The sudden change just now had given him a bad and strange feeling.

“Exactly. It appears that I can’t absorb human essence anymore. After all, my origin is human. If I refine and absorb any beings other than my category such as demons, devils and monsters, I will be fine,” said Jiang Chen.

Now, he finally understood the true purpose of Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. Although it was a supreme treasure of true dragon, it was in Jiang Chen’s possession now. When his blood connected with the treasure, the treasure must accept that his origin was a human.

“Are you able to suppress the brutal Qi inside your body now?” Big Yellow asked.

He was still feeling worried. In fact, there was no way he wouldn’t be concerned about this. Jian Chen’s appearance just now was way too scary. If that brutal Qi was still lingering in his body, no one could tell when he would turn into a killing maniac again.

“Only a tiny amount of brutal Qi is left. This is my first time anyway. I have already used Lotus Sutra and the edifying light to get rid of most of it. So, it won’t be affecting me again,” said Jiang Chen.

Given his ability, it was easy for him to eliminate the brutal Qi from his body. However, that gust of brutal Qi was really frightening. If it was any other person who experienced this terrible situation, the person would probably be controlled by it. After all, Jiang Chen was the Greatest Saint and he cultivated Great Soul Derivation Technique. The firmness of his heart was incomparable to anyone.

“It’s good to hear that, you f*cking scared me to death just now.”

Big Yellow was slightly angered because he thought that this guy would really finish him off.

“Hey, come on. Let me rub your dog head gently to help you with the shock.”

Jiang Chen chuckled. He held Big Yellow’s head without warning and rubbed his head crazily.

“Jiang Chen, d.a.m.n you! You dare to rub Master Dog’s head! Ouch…”

Big Yellow was struggled to break free. Then, he opened his mouth and bit on Jiang Chen’s b.u.t.tock.


Jiang Chen laughed delightfully, and very quickly, disappeared in the spatial zone. Big Yellow hastily chased after him.

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