Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 902 – An Assault on the Stronghold

Chapter 902 – An Assault on the Stronghold

An a.s.sault on the Stronghold

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*Hong Long*

The second heavenly tribulation struck. Clearly, it was much more powerful than the first, but it didn’t pose any threat to Big Yellow. It would only enhance Big Yellow’s physique. So, after the six heavenly tribulation, Big Yellow was still alive and his Qi was even more powerful than before. It was obvious that these six heavenly tribulations didn’t do any harm to Big Yellow, but brought him great benefits instead.

“Good. It is very shrewd of him to use this way to confront the tribulation. He has measured his own strength, his physique is completely capable of bearing the six heavenly tribulations. Not only did he obtain enormous benefits from the lightning tribulations, he also preserved most of his strength that should be used against the last three truly lethal and destructive lightning tribulations. As such, his success rate will be higher.”

“I can’t disagree with you on this. This is the cleverest way of undergoing the tribulation. One should know that Big Yellow is currently experiencing the Nine Major Tribulations. A slight mistake would jeopardize his life. He had absorbed a lot of lightning in his body. His body should have certain amount of immunity to lightning. So, it will be much easier for him when the last few lightning tribulations arrive.”

Peac.o.c.k King and Lion Yan kept nodding their heads, admiring how Big Yellow confronted the tribulations, but they didn’t know that this was all taught by Jiang Chen. Otherwise, no matter how smart Big Yellow might be, he had no experience in confronting the tribulations, it would be impossible for him to handle it so easily.

*Cracking of thunder*

The seventh lightning was condensed out. Many people changed their expression, even Big Yellow’s narcissistic look was gone. He knew that the real deal starts with this heavenly tribulation. The destructive power of this tribulation increased drastically, it was even more powerful than ever before.


The lightning let out a roar as if an ancient thunder dragon had appeared, dragging its long tail on top of Big Yellow’s head.

“Come on.”

Big Yellow didn’t have the slightest bit of fear. He shouted at the thunder dragon. Even if this was the powerful Nine Major Tribulations, he wanted to successfully get past it.

Just when the lightning struck, a layer of golden light suddenly appeared on the surface of Big Yellow’s body. That was the purest kind of energy. From now on, Big Yellow began to defend against the heavenly tribulation.

*Hong Long*

The sky above the wilderness had become a sea of thunder and lightning intertwined to form an incomparably bright picture that looked extremely beautiful, but under that beauty was the power of endless destruction. Every flash of lightning could wreak havoc on a region of the land.

The whole wilderness was ruined. There were no mountain peaks left in the area. The only dunes left were turned into nothingness by the lightning. Big Yellow’s entire body was submerged in the rolling sea of thunder that no one could see through the real situation inside.

*Hong Long*

The Nine Major Tribulations happened very quickly. Before the seventh lightning tribulation disappeared, the eighth had already been condensed out. This lightning tribulation was twice as strong as the previous. The destruction was imaginable. The area that the sea of lightning covered was more than twofold of its previous size. They had lost the shadow of Big Yellow, but they could still hear his occasional roar which proved that he was still in good shape.

The eight lightning tribulation lasted for three minutes before it vanished. Big Yellow’s figure appeared in the eyes of the people once again. Big Yellow’s Qi began to get a little disordered and looked somewhat discomfited, but he was still strong. He didn’t seem to have suffered any serious injuries, but this was already expected by many people. One should know that Big Yellow was a powerful divine beast with an incredible physique and n.o.ble bloodline. It would be a joke if he couldn’t even get past this lightning tribulation.

If one looked closely, one could see an unnoticeable dragon horn in the middle of Big Yellow’s brows. Light constantly flashed out above it. That was the light of lightning. It showed that Big Yellow had absorbed sufficient amount of lightning. The dragon horn was his most powerful card, his most powerful innate ability, Jiang Chen saw him used it once. Its power was astonis.h.i.+ng. Now, it like seemed the dragon horn had changed again, which would surely improve its power tremendously.

*Hong Long*

Without giving Big Yellow the time to rest, the ninth lightning tribulation began to condense. This was the last round of the tribulation. The density and intensity of its heavenly force was multiplied. Everyone in the Demon Race held their breaths, and looked worried.

“Big Yellow, do your best to deal with it. The power of the last tribulation is the combination of the first eight tribulations.”

Jiang Chen reminded again so that Big Yellow wouldn’t be neglectful.

Soon, the last heavenly tribulation was condensed. That was a living thunder dragon the size of about three hundred meter. The thunder dragon represented the will of the Heaven, anything below it was nothing but ants. Anyone who dared to provoke it would be destroyed.

Big Yellow closed his eyes and circulated his blood quickly. A flood of power flowed out from his body and turned into a layer of light, wrapping him like a golden coc.o.o.n, preparing for the strike of the last lighting tribulation.

*Hong Long*

Moments later, the thunder dragon poured down unbiasedly and hit Big Yellow’s body. Some people saw numerous cracks on the surface of the golden coc.o.o.n when the lightning hit Big Yellow.

The sea of lightning filled the air, creating seven colourful lights below the dark clouds. The force of destruction was everywhere. The void was damaged. A large bottomless pit appeared on the ground of the wilderness and thick smoke billowed from it.

No one spoke. Everyone stared at the sea of thunder without blinking. This was the last tribulation. As long as Big Yellow could pull through it, the Nine Major Tribulation would be over.

After a while, the dark clouds in the sky began to dissipate. The sea of thunder also started to gradually disappear. Big Yellow’s figure reappeared in front of them. The current Big Yellow looked extremely fazed. There was blood all over his body. His skin and flesh were badly bruised. It gave everyone a sense of deep fright.

However, a mysterious mark was suspended above Big Yellow’s head. That was the totem divine seal. A white ray of light radiated from the totem divine seal and entered Big Yellow’s body. Everyone saw that Big Yellow’s wounds were recovering before their eyes.

“Look, that’s the real totem divine seal. The totem of our race is helping him recover.”

“Big Yellow has gotten the favour of the totem. With the help of the divine seal, his wounds would be able to recover quickly regardless of how serious the injuries were. This is really enviable.”

“What do you envy him about? The totem is the Supreme Being in our hearts. It is the will of the totem that chose Big Yellow. We can only respect its will.”


Seeing this scene, all the bystanders of the Demon Race were relieved. The appearance of the seal made them show their respect to it. In their hearts, the totem was the Supreme Being which was inviolable, even in words.

It took only a dozen minutes for Big Yellow to fully recover. He turned to the sky and roared. He was re energized and was as vigorous as before. His current cultivation was absolutely a First Grade Great Saint. What’s even more surprising was that he had reaped extra benefits from the lightning strikes, pus.h.i.+ng his cultivation to the peak First Grade Great Saint, only a step away from the Second Grade Great Saint. It was still not certain when he would break through into the next grade.


The dog laughed and flaunted himself by flying back and forth over the wilderness. His narcissism has struck again.

“Haha! Big Yellow, congratulations on your advancement to the Great Saint realm.”

“Sure enough, he is the chosen one.”

Lang Xingtian and the Heavenly Leopard King were the first to come forth and congratulated Big Yellow. They then left. They had a n.o.ble and high status and wouldn’t appear in ordinary events. Today they had appeared because of the heavenly tribulation that Big Yellow faced.

Many of the cultivators of the Demon Race came forward to congratulate him. It made Big Yellow really coquettish. His narcissism was satisfied by these people.

“Big Yellow, that’s enough. Peac.o.c.k King and I will go and eliminate the stronghold of the Dark Shadow. Are you coming or not? If you are not, we will go now.”

At that moment, Jiang Chen’s voice was sent into Big Yellow’s ears. When he heard that they were going to take down the Dark Shadow, he stopped his flaunting and came to Jiang Chen in a flash.

“Little Chen, what are you talking about? Eliminating the Dark Shadow?”

Big Yellow’s eyes radiated brightly.

“Yes, we have already agreed on this and we are ready to go now.”

Said Jiang Chen, at the same time, he used his divine sense and told him everything about the Dark Shadow, including the location of their stronghold and their overall strength.

“Motherf*cker, this is awesome! Luckily I have advanced to Great Saint realm, or else, I would certainly miss this earth-shaking event. Master dog is already at the peak of the First Grade Great Saint now. This is surely the right time to test my strength on those guys.”

Big Yellow was so excited. Only a being like him who was worried about the world turning peaceful would adore such a task.

“All right, we have Big Yellow now, which makes us even stronger. Let’s go.”

Peac.o.c.k King said.

In a blink of an eye, the few of them disappeared and came to a mountain above.

“Earth devil beast, where’s the stronghold of the Dark Shadow?”

Jiang Chen asked the edified earth devil beast because he believed that it would never play any tricks before him.

“The stronghold of Dark Shadow is situated in an independent spatial zone. There are nodes that can lead you to the spatial zone in the mountains. Let’s just get in from the node.”

The earth devil beast said. He was one of the top officials in the Dark Shadow, so he was very clear about the location of the stronghold.

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