Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 887 – Astounding

Chapter 887 – Astounding


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It was only a short period of time before the elder came out of the inner palace. He went to Gu Mu and said, “Gu Mu, go and bring the kid here, the patriarch wants to see him.”

“Alright, I will go now.”

Gu Mu was delighted. He knew that Gu Xuantian would surely meet Jiang Chen, the betrothal gifts that he offered were just to generous after all. No ordinary person would be willing to fork out such gifts. Even if Gu Xuantian refused to betroth Wu Ningzhu to Jiang Chen, he would be pleased to meet such a young genius who had caused a stir across the Pure Land. As a matter of fact, the Gu Family was one of the families who wished to see such a chaotic situation in the Pure Land.

Gu Mu quickly returned to his residence and brought Jiang Chen to the inner palace. On the way, they met Wu Ningzhu who was also heading to Gu Mu’s residence. Her facial expression revealed delightfulness when she saw Jiang Chen.

“I knew that you would eventually come. I knew that you wouldn’t let me marry another man.”

Wu Ningzhu gave a smile. The beauty of her smile could put the entire world in a trance.

“Even if I didn’t come, I’m sure that sister Ning wouldn’t marry another man.”

Jiang Chen shrugged. He knew that Wu Ningzhu’s heart belonged to him. She believed that Jiang Chen was her only knight in s.h.i.+ning armor the moment he unmasked her veil. Besides, in her heart, there was no one that could be more excellent than Jiang Chen.

“Humph! Are you sure about that?”

Wu Ningzhu let out a cold humph.

“When did your husband ever lose his confidence?”

Jiang Chen didn’t care much about what Gu Mu thought. He tugged Wu Ningzhu into his embrace. She laughed with delight as she was embraced by her man. There was nothing to be shy about. This was in fact, a kind of bliss. She was the one who sent Gu Mu to look for Jiang Chen. She knew that he would come after knowing that Gu Xuantian would betroth her to another man three days later.

*cough* *cough*

Gu Mu let out two coughs, this couple just treated him like air.

Jiang Chen and Wu Ningzhu laughed. Then, Jiang Chen released his arms from Wu Ningzhu. They needed to consider this old man’s feelings anyhow.

“Prince, miss Ningzhu, I think we should continue our way to the inner palace now.”

Sighed Gu Mu.

“Little Chen, I have no idea how the patriarch will react to your arrival. He has already promised to marry me to Gu Liufeng and released my mother when this condition is fulfilled. I’m afraid that your emergence will…”

Wu Ningzhu didn’t finished her words but it was enough to express what she wanted to say. She knew Jiang Chen’s capabilities but this was still the Gu Family after all. There are experts here that had a cultivation level that was as high as the clouds. Jiang Chen would not be able to start a commotion here. If it was only for her sake, Jiang Chen could just simply take her away from the Gu Family, but her mother, Gu Lan was still in their custody. Her mother was the main reason why she came to the Divine Continent.

“Don’t worry, I’m here.”

Jiang Chen held Wu Ningzhu’s hands. Her worries were somewhat alleviated when she felt his st.u.r.dy and firm hands.

In a woman’s perspective, regardless of how powerful or independent the woman is, she would need someone to rely on, and that someone would often be a man. Jiang Chen was the man that Wu Ningzhu had relied on. This was a man who would never let anyone harm her.

Inside the inner palace of the Gu Family, seven to eight people were seated. They were all Great Saints of the Gu Family with lofty status and power. The one who sat on the most important seat was a seemingly forty-year-old man with a medium body size. He was wearing a blue robe that projected the feeling of cleanliness. Although he was just sitting there, it gave people the feeling that he was a big mountain. The imposing expression on his face exuded a domineering aura.

This man was the patriarch of the Gu Family, Gu Xuantian. He was the leader of the Gu Family in the Pure Land. While Gu Mu was leading Jiang Chen to them, all of their eyes were fixed on Jiang Chen. They were astounded by his looks, because no one had thought that Jiang Chen would be so young.

“You are Jiang Chen?”

An elder asked.

“That’s right. I’m Jiang Chen. I have come here to propose a marriage to Wu Ningzhu. I suppose patriarch has already known about my marriage with Wu Ningzhu before. If Gu Mu hadn’t went to Dan Yuan City and interrupted our wedding ceremony, we would’ve been a married couple by now. So, it only makes sense that would I come here and propose a marriage.”

Jiang Chen said straightforwardly.

“Jiang Chen, how dare you talk in such a way in the inner palace of my Gu Family? Who do you think you are?”

An elder yelled at Jiang Chen.

“I, Jiang Chen never liked to beat around the bush. I have brought sufficient betrothal gifts to show my utmost sincerity. These are 1.5 billion high grade True Meta Stones, three Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pills and ten bottles of Nine Solar Saint Water. So, are you telling me to be soft-spoken when I am the one who proposes the marriage to Wu Ningzhu? If you all think that all of these gifts here are still disrespecting you all, then I, Jiang Chen have nothing to say.”

Jiang Chen waved his hand. A golden spatial ring, three exuberant Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pills and ten bottles of Nine Solar Saint Water emerged and floated in mid-air inside the palace. The strong Qi that was released from the Nine Solar Saint Water rippled the air inside the building. Even the Great Saints couldn’t help but stare at these items, let alone by other people.

The elder who berated Jiang Chen remained silent. Jiang Chen was right. These items absolutely weren’t a sign of disrespect.

1.5 billion high grade True Meta Stones was a fortune that would make people drool. As for the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pills, it was their first time seeing it, this pill only existed in legends. They could feel the exuberant medicinal energy that produced low crackling sounds and the flickering image of a dragon. It was similar to the description in the legends. This pill would also bring tremendous benefits to these Great Saints if they consumed it. About the ten bottles of Nine Solar Saint Water, they were similarly rare. With so many bottles here, they had no idea how many genius disciples they could nurture.

At the same time, they were amazed by Jiang Chen’s demeanour, no young person could remain this calm in the inner palace, a place that was filled with Great Saints. This kind of calmness was absolutely not a pretence, because no one could pretend in front of a Great Saint.

Even if they refused to admit that Jiang Chen was an outstanding genius, it goes without saying that no genius nor geniuses of the Gu Family could be compared to him.

“Jiang Chen, how did you obtain these Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pills?”

A Fourth Grade Great Saint elder asked.

“I concocted them with my own hands. These pills required large amounts of Nine Solar Saint Water and the combination of different herbs. Most importantly, it has to be concocted during the heavenly tribulation. I am an alchemist and have experienced lightning tribulations four times.”

Jiang Chen didn’t try to hide that fact. He wanted the Gu Family to know his true abilities, to raise his own value. He wanted them to know that befriending him wouldn’t be a bad choice.

Wu Ningzhu who was on the side was lost in a trance. Her eyes were glued on Jiang Chen’s attractive face. She wouldn’t have thought that Jiang Chen would give away such valuable items for her sake. This was also a kind of bliss, when a man you love was willing to give out valuable things. This kind of action would give any woman an unstoppable surging sensation, akin to tidal waves.


This time, Gu Xuantian almost exclaimed. He thought that these Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pills were the items that Jiang Chen obtained from some sort of encounter. He couldn’t imagine that they were personally concocted by him. Besides, they could also feel that Jiang Chen was telling the truth.

Those who were present here had already experienced heavenly tribulation. They knew how terrifying a heavenly tribulation was. It happened to them while they were breaking through the Great Saint realm. It nearly took their lives away. Jiang Chen on the other hand, was merely a Seventh Grade Minor Saint, but he had already experienced it for four times. That only showed that he was a heaven defying being. Only those kinds of people could initiate a heavenly tribulation. Until now, no one from the Gu Family was able to initiate a heavenly tribulation before they reached the Great Saint realm.

The ability to concoct pills in a heavenly tribulation was also unbelievable. This point alone suggested Jiang Chen’s exceptional skills in alchemy. It also suggested that he had the ability to instantly kill anyone of the Gu Family. What reasons does the Gu Family have, to not befriend such a rare genius?

“Jiang Chen, you have also said that you killed s.h.i.+ Han?”

Gu Xuantian didn’t keep the betrothal gifts. Although they were very important to the Gu Family, keeping them would mean accepting his marriage proposal, which would destroy Gu Liufeng’s chance. Besides, he had already made the promise that Gu Lan would be released once Wu Ningzhu agrees to marry Gu Liufeng.

“Of course, he wanted to kill me while I was heading here, but he was killed by me instead.”

Gu Xuantian’s facial expression changed when he saw s.h.i.+ Han’s head. He stood up from his seat and glared at the head, along with the stone spear.

“He is merely a Seventh Grade Minor Saint, but he was able to kill the second genius – s.h.i.+ Han. I really can’t believe this.”

“Yeah. This genius is overly heaven defying. No genius like him has ever appeared in the history of Saint Origin World.”

“Furthermore, he is also a powerful alchemist at such a young age. It is hard to imagine what he will become in the future. Today, the Demon Race has already allied themselves with him. It won’t bring us any disadvantages if we allied ourselves to him.”


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