Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 885 – A Visit to Propose Marriage

Chapter 885 – A Visit to Propose Marriage

A Visit to Propose Marriage

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*Hong Long*

Rumbling sounds resounded throughout the world of spears. Countless of sharp stone spears bombarded Jiang Chen crazily, but Jiang Chen was undaunted by. A swing of his Heavenly Saint Sword destroyed a large number of stone spears. The light of the sword that moved around him blocked any attack from getting near him.

Despite Jiang Chen’s powerful performance, Gu Mu was still worried for him. One should know that destroying these several portions of stone spears wasn’t a big deal, as they were unlimited. It would be impossible to eliminate all of the stone spears unless the original spear was found.

While Jiang Chen was destroying the stone spears, he was also circulating his Great Soul Derivation Technique to the maximum. A shapeless soul energy permeated every corner and place of the world of spears. He found out that there was a stone spear that circulated quicker than the other stone spears. It had a random movement unlike the other spears, which followed a fixed pattern of directions. It appeared at different places randomly, leaving no traces for the target to find out its real location.

“Found it.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled. Without any consideration, he concluded that this was the original combat weapon of s.h.i.+ Han.


Jiang Chen was moving at maximum speed, like a haunting specter. He appeared in front of the stone spear in a few blinks. The divine-like Heavenly Saint Sword slashed at the stone spear abruptly.


The force of the strike was already too powerful, adding the incredible sharpness of the Heavenly Saint Sword to it, the stone spear was not able to withstand it. However, the body of the stone spear was st.u.r.dy enough that it was not broken by the slash, but plaintive howls were heard.

“Not good.”

s.h.i.+ Han said. His face was filled with astonishment. He wouldn’t have thought that Jiang Chen could locate his original stone spear so quickly. This was truly unbelievable, the biggest advantage of this technique was that the combat weapon could move in random locations, making it extremely difficult for the opponent to lock on its position. As long as the opponent was trapped by thousands of spears, even if the opponent was a very powerful expert, the opponent would still end up dead because of fatigue, but this no longer worked on Jiang Chen.


The Heavenly Saint Sword slashed once more on the stone spear. This time, all the condensed stone spears around were pulverized, ending the world of stone spears.

Blood gushed out of s.h.i.+ Han’s mouth. The backlash he absorbed this time was greater and more severe than before, the stone spear was his natal weapon. The destruction of the illusory world had greatly impacted him. It caused his combat strength drop by a grade.

“Return to me.”

s.h.i.+ Han ordered the Stone Spear back to him. It was clear to him that Jiang Chen’s power was beyond his. It would be impossible to kill Jiang Chen today, but he couldn’t afford to lose the stone spear.

“Trying to recall your natal weapon? Unfortunately, you won’t have that chance anymore.”

How could Jiang Chen possibly give s.h.i.+ Han the chance? Currently, s.h.i.+ Han was no longer his opponent. He struck out his True Dragon Palm and grabbed the stone spear.

*Weng* *Weng*

The stone spear began to shudder and produced a buzzing sound as it fell into Jiang Chen’s grip. It was trying to escape from Jiang Chen’s grip but his grip was as firm as an iron clamp. No matter how hard the stone spear shook, it couldn’t escape from his grip.


Jiang Chen immediately casted a few sealing stamps on it before keeping it into his Qi Sea.

s.h.i.+ Han facial expression changed dramatically, he couldn’t feel his stone spear the moment it vanished, their connection was lost. This was an incident that had never happened before. It indicated that the spear was already sealed by Jiang Chen. His natal weapon was seized by Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen, return my stone spear.”

s.h.i.+ Han’s eyes turned red. He absolutely couldn’t lose this stone spear because he couldn’t afford to.

“Humph! s.h.i.+ Han, you don’t have a chance. Nine Phantom Wolves.”

Jiang Chen made a cold humph. His murderous aura surged before he casted the Nine Phantom Wolves. At this moment, nine figures that looked exactly like Jiang Chen emerged in the void. Every one of them was in dragon-form, Jiang Chen held the sparkling Heavenly Saint Sword. Nine of them besieged s.h.i.+ Han.


s.h.i.+ Han exclaimed. His mind was already messed up greatly. He was unable to determine the true Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen wouldn’t give him the time to a.n.a.lyze the shadows thoroughly. The Heavenly Saint Swords stabbed forth like a cobra

*Pu Chi*

The real Heavenly Saint Sword violent pierced through s.h.i.+ Han’s body. Blood gushed out of the wound like a fountain. The chip seal on the surface of his body started to fall off. His body shrunk and returned to his human form, he no longer had the strength to sustain the rock form.

Currently, s.h.i.+ Han looked completely fazed. Blood was gus.h.i.+ng out of his mouth like pipe water. The vigorous expression in his eyes started to fade. He felt hopeless when he sensed that his vital force was leaking out of his body continuously.

He was the number one genius of the s.h.i.+ Family and the 2th genius on the Sky Ranking. He was at the pinnacle, he was the one who usually decides the fates of his opponents. He had never thought that he would be killed. He had never thought that death would find him so quickly.


Jiang Chen drew out the sword from his body and cut off s.h.i.+ Han’s head. Initially, he wasn’t interested in s.h.i.+ Han’s head, but after knowing the conflicts between s.h.i.+ Han and Gu Xuantian, he thought that he could use it as a present for Gu Xuantian. He was sure that Gu Xuantian would be pleased to accept this gift.

The death of s.h.i.+ Han had turned the entire atmosphere silent. Everyone was dumbfounded by the incident. No one would have thought that s.h.i.+ Han would be killed at the end of the battle. Even if Jiang Chen had suppressed s.h.i.+ Han in their battle, none of them thought that he would die, even if s.h.i.+ Han couldn’t win, he could always flee. The second genius of the Sky Ranking died in Jiang Chen’s hands just like that.

Jiang Chen was holding s.h.i.+ Han’s head while approaching the stunned Gu Mu. Clearly, he hasn’t regained his senses from the shock yet.

“Good, very good prince. We will proceed to the Gu Family now.”

Gu Mu was very excited. There was no way that he wouldn’t be excited. Before this, there was a higher chance that Jiang Chen would be rejected by the members of the Gu Family. Now, with the head of s.h.i.+ Han, Gu Xuantian wouldn’t decline Jiang Chen’s visit because in Gu Xiantian point of view, he had helped resolve the grudge in his heart.

“Let’s go.”

Jiang Chen nodded. The two of them vanished in the bystanders’ line of sight very quickly and headed to the direction of the Gu Family. Despite that, the atmosphere still boiled even more.

“This is a big incident, this is going to be a big incident! Jiang Chen has killed s.h.i.+ Han. If this news is spread, I have no idea how much it will shake the others.”

“The second genius of the Sky Ranking is dead. Across the Pure Land, I’m afraid only that monstrous freak of the Desolate Family can deal with Jiang Chen now. Jiang Chen was able to kill s.h.i.+ Han, it only showed that he is qualified enough to be the second genius of the Sky Ranking. He may even have the power to fight the number genius of the Sky Ranking.”

“Nothing this big has ever happened in the Pure Land for a long time. s.h.i.+ Han’s death would certainly cause chaos across the Pure Land. I’m afraid that the Pure Land won’t have its peace anymore.”


Everyone was no doubt amazed. Many sigh could be heard everywhere. It was imaginable that it wouldn’t take long for the news of s.h.i.+ Han’s death to be spread across the entire Pure Land. At that time, the higher ups of the eight families wouldn’t be able to sit still. Many people a.s.sumed that the monstrous genius of the Desolate Family would take his action soon.

Besides the monstrous freak of the Desolate Family, no one else could be Jiang Chen’s opponent. Jiang Chen had declared to fight all the young generations of the Pure Land, but now, it seemed like only one person could accept Jiang Chen’s challenge.

Jiang Chen on the other hand wasn’t concerned about all of these. He had already placed all of his concerns on the Gu Family. In this trip, he would certainly fulfill the promise that he made to Wu Ningzhu and established a good rapport with the Gu Family.

Gu Family was one of the eight families which made them one of the large-scale sects. They had settled in a large stretch of mountains. Judging by its scale, it wasn’t smaller or weaker than the Spiritual s.p.a.ce Mountain. The vigorous Yuan Force in this place made it one of the most exuberant place for cultivation. Every s.p.a.ce and corner was suitable for cultivation. It was a scared land for cultivators.

All the while, countless of people were trying their best to join the Gu Family. They had very strict rules in recruitment. So, it was impossible for any ordinary people to join, unless they had a great luck or they were one of those gifted geniuses.

Jiang Chen and Gu Mu arrived at the boundary of mountains. Looking from atop the mountains, the suns.h.i.+ne hovered and seven-colored sunglow drifted in the sky above the Gu Family. There were plenty of palaces and buildings. Some of them were floating in the air, above the summit. The overall view of this scenery made it look like a world of Immortals. This was the atmosphere in a large family. This kind of n.o.ble aura made people want to wors.h.i.+p them.

“Prince, this is our Gu Family.”

Gu Mu looked over at Jiang Chen. He noticed that there were no changes on Jiang Chen’s facial expression. Despite the imposing atmosphere of the Gu Family, there was not a single reaction coming from Jiang Chen. His composure was really so extraordinary. One should know that any normal cultivator who came here for the first time would gape at the scene and would exclaim every time he or she saw a building or a place.

Of course, Gu Mu didn’t know that Jiang Chen had dominated the world in his past life and has already gone to every family’s territory. Back then, even the old ancestor of the Gu Family had to show full respect to him.

“Gu Mu, when you return, inform the higher ups that I am here today to propose a marriage.”

Jiang Chen added. “1.5 billion high grade True Meta Stones, three Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pills, ten bottles of Nine Solar Saint Water, s.h.i.+ Han’s head and his natal weapon are my betrothal presents.”

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