Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 883 – The Climaxing Battle

Chapter 883 – The Climaxing Battle

The Climaxing Battle

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Jiang Chen was stunned as he couldn’t grasp the meaning in Gu Mu’s words. He wondered why would the mighty patriarch of the Gu Family be interested in s.h.i.+ Han’s head.

“Correct. I have killed Gu Xuantian’s youngest son. Because of that, he detests me. If you can bring my head back to the Gu Family, Gu Xuantian will certainly treat you as a distinguished guest. But it looks like you won’t have that chance.”

s.h.i.+ Han shrugged as if it didn’t even concern him in the slightest bit.

“He’s right. But it was a life-and-death battle. Even if s.h.i.+ Han had killed the patriarch’s youngest son at that time, the patriarch couldn’t do anything about it.”

Gu Mu said.

“I understand.”

Jiang Chen flexed his body and turned into a human-dragon. There were somethings that didn’t need to be explained. It was true that s.h.i.+ Han and the patriarch’s son fought in a life-and-death match and Gu Xuantian couldn’t say anything about it, but it was still impossible for him to forget the bereavement of his child. It was imaginable how much hatred he was feeling right now. If Jiang Chen could kill s.h.i.+ Han and bring his head back to the Gu Family, it would be, without a doubt, a great gift to Gu Xuantian, it would also be very advantageous in his trip to the Gu Family.


Gu Mu moved to a far distance without delay when he saw that the two of them were already in combat mode. Given his current cultivation grade, he wouldn’t be able to withstand the combat waves that would leak out of their battle. Currently, Jiang Chen was feeling quite nervous, s.h.i.+ Han wasn’t an ordinary genius after all. Although Jiang Chen was abnormally strong, he was still not certain if he could defeat s.h.i.+ Han.

On the contrary, if Jiang Chen could really kill s.h.i.+ Han, it would instantly gain him the respect of the Gu Family and it would act as a meeting gift to Gu Xuantian. If he could defeat s.h.i.+ Han, it also meant that he could defeat Gu Liufeng.

While observing the transformation of Jiang Chen, s.h.i.+ Han couldn’t help but be alarmed. He could feel that Jiang Chen’s combat strength has drastically increased.

“That is a very powerful transformation technique. It is even more powerful than our race’s Rock Form. Anyhow, the gap in our strength is just too wide. It is a gap that he could never fill for the rest of his life.”

s.h.i.+ Han was as proud as usual. He totally did not put Jiang Chen in his eyes because the difference between their cultivation was no doubt enormous. s.h.i.+ Han was the second genius on the Sky Ranking. He disdained all the young generations below the heaven. He wasn’t scared even if he faced the monstrous genius of the Desolate Family again.

“Come on, let me see how strong you have become after your transformation.”

s.h.i.+ Han fluctuated his Qi, unleas.h.i.+ng the Qi of half-step Great Saint, as if he was surrounded by a tidal wave, creating popping sounds as it hit against the void.

“True Dragon Palm.”

Jiang Chen launched his True Dragon Palm. With his current strength and dragon transformation, it enhanced the power of his True Dragon Palm enormously. The damage of this single attack could cause an apocalypse.

s.h.i.+ Han reacted. He lightly sent out a palm seal. It was a common and insipid palm seal that seemed powerless but the Qi that exploded from it was like a power that could topple mountains and overturn seas. It was a great combat technique but it wasn’t a technique that came from the s.h.i.+ Family, as their combat techniques were usually strong and powerful. It must be a combat technique that he acquired during his experience outside his family.

*Hong Long*

True Dragon Palm collided with s.h.i.+ Han’s huge palm seal, producing a world-shaking rumble. The sky was instantly destroyed causing the turbulent current from the void to flow out. Almost everything around was vibrating with destructive energy.

With such a big commotion, it could not be concealed from other people. It had attracted the attention of many people.

“There are cultivators that are fighting over there. The combat waves are very strong. Let’s go there and have a look.”

“I have no idea who’s fighting over there but it seems ma.s.sive. We’ll go and find out.”


Within moments, people were flying towards the source of the commotion. The Pure Land had never been in peace since the arrival of Jiang Chen. Naturally, people would be interested in today’s unexpected battle.

On the battlefield, s.h.i.+ Han’s large palm seal was pulverized by the True Dragon Palm. He was sent around 40 meters away due to the backlash. His facial expression changed drastically as he stared at Jiang Chen in disbelief. It was truly unimaginable that he lost in their first exchange of attacks.


From a far distance, Gu Mu clapped his hands and said yay excitedly. Jiang Chen’s power amazed him once more. Initially, he was very worried when Jiang Chen decided to fight s.h.i.+ Han, as his opponent was just too powerful this time. However, he wouldn’t have thought that Jiang Chen would gain the upper hand in the first round. However, the fact still remained that it would still be very hard for Jiang Chen to kill or even defeat s.h.i.+ Han because he wasn’t in his Rock Form yet.

“Good, Jiang Chen, you could actually send me away with just your Seventh Grade Minor Saint combat strength. I have to admit that even I am astonished. It seems like it would require me to put some more effort to kill you. Rock Form!”

s.h.i.+ Han bellowed and turned into his Rock Form. The surface of his body produced cracking sounds. Layers of chipseal started to form on the surface of his body. His st.u.r.dy body grew a fold st.u.r.dier. His height was now 9 meters tall. Currently, he is now a stone man. His was like fragments of stones and rocks that were put together.

“Look. That is Jiang Chen. The stone man is s.h.i.+ Han. He announced that he would kill Jiang Chen yesterday. I had never expected that the two of them will really engage in a fight.”

“My G.o.d, they both started an intense battle as soon as Jiang Chen left the Demon Race. Luckily, we managed to come here early, otherwise we will miss this exciting battle. Who do you all think would win in this fight?”

“Isn’t it already obvious? It will be s.h.i.+ Han for sure. He is the second most powerful genius on the Sky Ranking. Not even a First Grade Great Saint could fight him. Although Jiang Chen was able to kill Desolate Liang, his cultivation is just too weak to fight s.h.i.+ Han. He is no match for him.”

“That isn’t certain yet. I could sense that Jiang Chen’s Qi is a lot stronger than the time he killed Desolate Liang. Have you all noticed that even s.h.i.+ Han has to use his Rock Form to fight Jiang Chen?”


A lot of people had arrive on the scene. They had been expecting this battle after s.h.i.+ Han made the declaration to kill Jiang Chen, but they had never imagined that these two compet.i.tors would silently start a fight here. It would be a great loss if they missed such an intense and world-shaking battle.

The rock-formed s.h.i.+ Han’s combat strength had been enhanced enormously. Judging by his Qi, it wasn’t the slightest bit weaker than Jiang Chen’s. This would be one of the most dazzling war among geniuses. If Jiang Chen could really defeat s.h.i.+ Han, the second genius on the Sky Ranking, it would no doubt create a myth. He would also earn an unshakable reputation amongst the geniuses on the Pure Land.

“Jiang Chen, do you dare to compete with me with your physique?”

s.h.i.+ Han challenged Jiang Chen. Physique was the thing that the cultivators of the s.h.i.+ Family was most confident about, especially when they were in their Rock Form. Their skin had reached an indestructible stage.

“No problem.”

Jiang Chen answered spontaneously. He too liked to fight using his physique. Although the physique of the s.h.i.+ Family was strong, his dragon scale physique wouldn’t be weaker either.

“Now, receive my attack.”

s.h.i.+ Han attacked. His attack was swift and violent. He appeared in front of Jiang Chen in just a few blinks. He sent a violent punch, crus.h.i.+ng the void ahead before reaching Jiang Chen.

*He!* (A form of bellow)

Jiang Chen let out a bellow. He clenched his dragon fist tightly, producing dazzling sparks, before it met s.h.i.+ Han’s attack. Both of their fists carried a power that could destroy the heaven and earth. No one knew what kind of shocking impact it would create when both of their fists collide.

*Hong Long*

They both collided. It was the collision of two physiques—the most traditional and barbaric way of fighting. They were rebounded by the impact but they collided again in the next instant. They were both full of pride. They would never give up and surrender in their fights.

*Bang* *Bang* *Bang*

The following scene showed them how a real barbaric fight looked like. Every impact s.h.i.+vered the souls of the bystanders. They wouldn’t have imagined that there were such barbaric people left in the world. They were certain that if they were hit by any of those impacts, their only end would be crushed into powder.

The battle of physique continued for a few minutes but the result was a dead heat.

‘The physique of the s.h.i.+ Family is without a doubt powerful. This genius who was ranked 2th on the Sky Ranking is incomparably stronger to the other geniuses. But this is just what I wanted. Only a battle like this could ignite my potential power.’

Jiang Chen was amazed. He had to admit that s.h.i.+ Han’s strength was beyond his expectation, but it didn’t concern him much because he would have ways, many of them, even if s.h.i.+ Han was unimaginably powerful.

s.h.i.+ Han on the other hand was astonished even more. Before coming out of his seclusion, he didn’t even put Jiang Chen in his eyes because their difference in cultivation was just too wide. It would be a piece of cake for him to kill Jiang Chen. However, the current scenario told him otherwise. His opponent had reached the point where he could match his rocky physique. He didn’t gain the upper hand during their collision just now. Plus, because of the intense impacts, it caused disruption in the flow of his Qi and blood, but Jiang Chen was still as fine as before. There wasn’t a single unstable fluctuation in his Qi.

“Jiang Chen, I will certainly kill you today.”

s.h.i.+ Han was infuriated. Both of his eyes were glittering non-stop. He suddenly bellowed. “Heavenly Tyrant Stone Fist!”

s.h.i.+ Han launched the powerful Heavenly Tyrant Stone Fist. It was the most formidable combat technique of s.h.i.+ Family. It was unimaginably greater when this technique was used by s.h.i.+ Han. He knew that his physique could no longer harm Jiang Chen, it’s now impossible to kill Jiang Chen that way. As such, he must use a stronger technique.

*Hong Long*

s.h.i.+ Han struck out a punch. The wind and clouds in the surrounding changed. The huge fist destroyed the void around it, it was like a mountain crus.h.i.+ng the void in the sky. Fiery sparks were created everywhere. They were created because of the attack’s great power and speed. This punch was going to destroy everything.

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