Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 87 – Ruled Them All

Chapter 87 – Ruled Them All

Chapter 87 – Ruled Them All

“Kaka, see that? I told you he would be number one!”

Big Yellow had an expression of victory, and those who had gambled with him had black lines on their foreheads. Each of them was grinding their teeth, wis.h.i.+ng they could tear this big yellow dog apart.

“Where did this young freak come from? How could he be so strong?”

“Hmph! He must be cheating! If he wasn’t, then it would be impossible to be so calm and relaxed!”

“Don’t worry, it’s not over yet, the Little Devil King and Li Wu Shuang will catch up soon!”


Those who had bet started about gloomily. Some of them tried comforting themselves by hoping that the breathless, Little Devil King and Li Wu Shuang, could catch up to Jiang Chen, and get rid of him.

When Jiang Chen jumped up to the 80th step, his face was still carrying a warm smile.

On top of the Stairway to Heaven, Nan Bei Chao and the other three’s expressions changed as well. Especially Liang Xiao from the Heavenly Sword Sect, who had been looking at Jiang Chen since the beginning. A shocked expression covered his face.

“Who is this boy? How is he able to reach the 80th step underneath our pressure, surpa.s.sing the Little Devil King and Li Wu Shuang?” Liang Xiao asked with a surprised expression.

“Interesting, look at his Yuan energy waves, he is only at the Early Mortal Core realm. Looks like he has some interesting secrets.”

Bai Hua Die’s gesture was seductive, and gave off a flirtatious feeling from all over her body. Her s.e.xy voice was enough to touch anyone’s heart. Her beautiful eyes stared at Jiang Chen from top to bottom, she expressed an extreme interest in this young man.

“Let’s release our soul pressure together.”

Nan Bei Chao said coldly, while unleas.h.i.+ng a powerful soul pressure. Soul pressure and soul energy were two different things. Soul pressure was something invisible, that came from a warrior’s strength, and used a very special way to express itself. It couldn’t be seen or touched, and only affected one’s soul.

“You’re right, we can’t let him reach the 90th step, and we definitely cannot let him reach the top! If he does, then we’ll lose all our face!”

Liang Xiao said.

The other three agreed with what Liang Xiao said. The four of them were indeed the best representatives of the strongest of the younger generation in the Qi Province. If they combined their strength and still failed to suppress an Early Mortal Core warrior, then they would lose all their face.

This time, Nan Bei Chao and the other three unleashed their soul pressure straight away. A majority of it was focused on Jiang Chen. But despite this, the increase in pressure still rendered Little Devil King and Li Wu Shuang immobile. They were stopped above the 70th step and could not even take a single step forwards. Some of the people even showed signs of stepping back.

Feeling the increased pressure, an upward curve appeared on Jiang Chen’s lips. In his heart he snorted coldly, “Trying to suppress me with cultivation pressure and soul pressure? This is the biggest joke in the world!”

Jiang Chen started circulating the Dragon Transformation skill, causing the pressure surrounding him to immediately disappear. As for the soul pressure, he didn’t even care about that. He had the Great Soul Derivation skill, and his soul had already broken through to the Heavenly Core realm. With the help of the Great Soul Derivation skill, the soul pressure could not affect him.

The most important thing was that Jiang Chen was unconsciously emitting the aura of a Saint, which was an aura that matched with the natural environment. Unless someone directly suppressed him with strength or Yuan energy, the invisible cultivation pressure and auras meant literally nothing to him.

Even though Jiang Chen didn’t have the cultivation base of a Saint, he still wouldn’t be suppressed by a few puny Heavenly Core warriors.

“Since you all want to suppress me, I will let you lose all your face!”

Jiang Chen’s eyes were glowing, this was his temper. According to his original intention, he only wanted to get first place, but he had never intended to reach the top. However, since Nan Bei Chao and the other three directly opposed him, they had completely ignited Jiang Chen’s fighting spirit.

On the path of cultivation, momentum and fighting spirit were incredibly important. The will of a person was important as well. Just like right now, facing the pressure of four great warriors, if Jiang Chen submitted to their power, then this incident would leave a failure mark in his mind, which would then turn into a knot in his head. That knot would then become a great obstacle in his future cultivation.

In order to untie this knot, he had to smooth out his will. Therefore, Jiang Chen had to reach the top and stand side by side with these four great warriors. In Jiang Chen’s mind, in this world, no one could stand above him, he would never allow this to happen.

Jiang Chen would never lookup towards someone, he wouldn’t look at anybody with his head tilted upwards. In the mind of the once greatest Saint in this world, only he could sit up high in the leading position, while looking down on everyone else from the top.

In front of Jiang Chen, even if you were a dragon you would still need to crouch, even if you were a tiger you would still need to lay down. It didn’t matter if you were a child of destiny like Nan Bei Chao, you should never put your ego and pride above Jiang Chen.

This was Jiang Chen. After being reincarnated, he still wanted to walk the path of conquering while sitting up high in a leading position, ruling over everyone else. Only the heavens could be compared with him.

“Look! That young man has reached the 80th step, and has attracted the attention of the four big geniuses! Those geniuses are obviously going to unleash even stronger pressure… I guess he won’t be able to resist, he’s definitely going to retreat under such pressure!”

“Where did this young man come from? He is extraordinarily brave!”

“He isn’t backing down! Looks like he is actually resisting the four big warriors! This is terrifying, isn’t he only a Mortal Core warrior? He dares fight the four big geniuses, isn’t he just looking for trouble?”

n.o.body could remain calm any longer, everyone’s vision was on the young man in white who was standing near the top of the Stairway to Heaven. His black hair was fluttering in the wind, and underneath the pressure of the four big geniuses, he was standing still like a mountain.

“What is Big Bro Jiang Chen doing? He is in the first place now, why does he still want to climb up?”

Yan Chen Yu asked with a puzzled expression.

“You know nothing, this kid possesses the aura of someone who stands above all else, he would never allow anyone to stand above him. If he did, then it would only form a mental knot in his mind. Jiang Chen definitely wants to climb to the top and stand side by side with the four geniuses. With this, maybe he will end up blowing their faces up and offending those four geniuses, but at least he will be able to allow his thoughts to run smoothly, allowing his future cultivation to be easier. The path of cultivation is a miraculous thing, and every miraculous thought is a great opportunity. It is a learning process, and by utilizing this thought, perhaps Jiang Chen will be able to break through to the Mid Mortal Core realm.”

Big Yellow’s eyes were glowing, he now thought even more highly of Jiang Chen. Along their journey, Jiang Chen had proved himself a provident person who is both wise and intelligent. There was more to him than what meets the eye. Although he was young, Big Yellow treated him like a cunning old fox.


On top of the Stairway to Heaven, the combined pressure from the four big geniuses had formed a typhoon, causing strong winds to appear. Jiang Chen raised his head and looked at the four people on top of the stairway, an upward curve appeared on his lips. He was expressing his pride. In Jiang Chen’s eyes, this pressure was nothing but a warm spring breeze.

Behind him, the Little Devil King and Li Wu Shuang looked up at Jiang Chen who was standing in the middle of the pressured typhoon. Storms were raging in their minds.

At this moment, it didn’t matter if it was those on the Stairway to Heaven, or the crowds in the Whirling Sun Square, all of them held their breath and stopped making any noise. Every single one of them wished to know, this dark horse who suddenly appeared, how exactly was he going to provoke the dignity of those four geniuses?

Under the gazes of over three hundred thousand people, Jiang Chen finally moved. He leapt forwards and jumped up into the air, immediately crossing ten stone steps. He was now on the 90th step.


Everyone shouted out in shock. They all looked at Jiang Chen as if they were looking at a ghost, could this man still be considered a human? That was the combined pressure of the four big geniuses, and under such intense pressure, he could still cross ten steps with a single step. That was just insane!

“d.a.m.n, we’ve been had by that big yellow dog, this boy actually has such freakish abilities!”

“Big yellow dog, you’re such an evil-minded dog! Return our Mortal Restoration Pills fast!”

Those who had placed their bets were grinding their teeth, focused on Big Yellow.

Facing the glares that looked like they were about to kill a man, Big Yellow didn’t care at all. He raised his head high and said, “Look at your pathetic faces, isn’t it just one or two hundred Mortal Restoration Pills? Can’t you all be a bit more honorable? Did I, your father, force you to place those bets? Who was the one who screamed that he wanted to bet all his money earlier? Who was the idiot that said he would beat me, his father, if I wouldn’t let him bet? Where are those idiots? Come on, present yourselves to your father right now!”

Big Yellow raised his paw and scolded. The group couldn’t come up with any words to refute him, so they shut their mouths.

d.a.m.n, this was infuriating, they had been fooled by a dog! This was so ridiculously senseless. But then again, who was there to blame other than themselves?

On top of the Stairway to Heaven, Nan Bei Chao, Guan Yi Yun and the other two’s expressions changed yet again. Now, they could clearly sense Jiang Chen’s Yuan energy. He was really only at the Early Mortal Core realm. At such a close distance, a young Mortal Core warrior was actually able to resist the combined soul pressure of these four geniuses, this was really unbelievable.

And this, this was far from the end.

Jiang Chen moved again. He raised one leg up and crossed another five steps again. He was now at the 95th step.

“Merge our soul pressure, I don’t believe he can resist that for long!”

Liang Xiao said with a cold tone.

The four geniuses increased the pressure once again, hoping to send Jiang Chen back down. Looking at Jiang Chen’s progress, he was definitely going to reach the top of the Stairway to Heaven. Forget reaching the top, just by being able to reach the 95th step, it was already degrading to them. This was something that had been impossible in the past years.

Jiang Chen never bothered caring about the four geniuses’ dark faces. His mind was now filled with pleasure, the circulation of the Dragon Transformation skill was getting faster and faster. Once his goal was accomplished, his cultivation realm would reach a new tier.


Jiang Chen took another step forwards and went over to the 96th step, after that, the 97th, then the 98th, before finally stopping on the 99th step. With just one more step he would be able to stand side by side with the four big geniuses.

“Heavens, he really reached the 99th step, is he still human?!”

“What is he going to do? Don’t tell me he really wants to step on top of the Stairway to Heaven? His current position has already caused the four geniuses to lose face, does he really wish to die today?”

“This is exciting, really exciting! What happened today really made my trip worth it! I thought the fight for first place would be among the Little Devil King and Li Wu Shuang, but I never expected that I would be able to witness such a powerful dark horse!”

Many people were starting to express their surprise. Jiang Chen’s performance was really startling. The Qi Province compet.i.tion had been held for so many years, but no one had ever dared to stand on the top of the Stairway to Heaven. Could this dark horse break the record and create a miracle today?

The Little Devil King shook his head and smiled. He thought to himself that he had misjudged Jiang Chen. When he was at the Silver Moon Restaurant, although he sensed that Jiang Chen was extraordinary, he had never expected Jiang Chen to be this amazing.

The red-haired Nan Bei Chao stared at Jiang Chen with a razor sharp glare. He spoke in an extremely cold tone, “Back down!”