Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 859 – Surrendering Wasn’t An Option

Chapter 859 – Surrendering Wasn’t An Option

Surrendering Wasn’t An Option

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Out of the eight families, six had already left. The two remaining ones were the Demon Race and the Gu Family. They wanted to see the final outcome of the battle. The major powers from the Boundless and Black Yellow World who wasn’t involved in the battle had already left as well. Only a few of them stayed to watch the ‘show’. Most of them knew that Jiang Chen was going to be the winner of the battle based on the current development. Void Triangular Domain was completely changed because of today’s battle. It was similar to what Jiang Chen had said, there would be no more major trading event in this virtual domain.

The bloodshed and slaughtering was still ongoing in the Five Elemental Sphere. Jiang Chen was ruthless and moved like a spectre. Every corner he pa.s.sed were left with wails and blood. The experts of the Boundless and Black Yellow World were defending frenziedly or fleeing frantically like mad people. However, none of them had the chance to flee, the Five Elemental Sphere wasn’t a fragile barrier. While they were trying to break through the barrier to escape, Jiang Chen would appear before them and finish them off.

“Jiang Chen, are you going to kill all of us here?”

An expert from the Boundless World shouted.

“Of course, your fates have already been decided once you entered the battlefield. This is your own choice. If I were as weak as three days ago, you all will certainly rip me off to pieces. Since you all have already set your mind on killing me, don’t even think that I will show you an ounce of mercy.”

Jiang Chen said in a cold tone. It made everyone’s heart sink. In the current scenario, they have no other option except for betting their lives on an all-out attack. They also couldn’t use the name of the major powers to intimidate him as he didn’t even fear them, let alone them. They already knew it in their hearts that Jiang Chen was going to kill them all. They wouldn’t have a chance to take their revenge.

“Eternal Immortal Wind!”

Jiang Chen bellowed. There was nothing much that could be said. The resentment between the two parties would only grow deeper as the bloodshed continued. Every expert had run out of options, including the expert of the Dark Generation whose innate ability was significantly suppressed by Jiang Chen. It wouldn’t make any difference even if they had a lot of Ninth Grade Minor Saints. From the beginning until now, the forces of the Dark Generation had already lost at least forty of them. Half of the total number of Ninth Grade Minor Saints had already been killed. All of the Eighth Grade Minor Saints who joined the battle were already dead. Their Combat Weapons and dark spirits had become the loot of Jiang Chen.

Those experts who were still alive had lost their will to fight because even their King was severely injured. They were filled with fright and panic. They could feel their souls s.h.i.+vering just from seeing the current scene. This was the first time that the Dark Generation had suffered such an unprecedented losses. If Jiang Chen continued with these killings, all of them would be eradicated.

However, Jiang Chen didn’t intend to wipe them all out. He would only determine the fate of those experts who entered his Five Elemental Sphere. After the war, he would destroy all the portals to other worlds and leave the Dark Generation here to run its own course.

Jiang Chen was going all-out with his attack. He casted the Eternal Immortal Wind along with the Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal and his Heavenly Saint Sword strike. The experts from the Boundless and Black Yellow World who were in despair were totally defenseless against Jiang Chen’s strike. It only took a minute for all of them to die under Jiang Chen’s hands.

The major powers from the two worlds were sad and angered, but there was nothing that they could do. They were gnas.h.i.+ng their teeth for not having the chance to have their revenge. The only thing that they could do was to pretend that nothing had happened and left silently.

After slaughtering all the experts from the Boundless and Black Yellow World, the condition in the Five Elemental Sphere became quiet. Jiang Chen held the Heavenly Saint Sword as his cold eyes stared at the forces of the Dark Generation. There were only around thirty of them left. They were all Ninth Grade Minor Saints. They had never been pushed to such a tight corner before.

Presently, they were looking at Jiang Chen with mixed feelings – anger, hate, fear and many more. These emotions were exposed in their eyes. The current battlefield was filled with sadness and dreary. There were corpses and blood everywhere. These blood belonged to the Minor Saints. Although the stench of the blood wasn’t as nose-stinging, sorrow could still be felt lingering in the air.

Dark King’s face turned ugly. He had the urge to charge forward and rip Jiang Chen to pieces but he stopped himself from doing that because none of them was Jiang Chen’s opponent now. Everyone would just die if the fight continued.

“Jiang Chen, we surrender.”

Dark King said with a simple tone. The remaining experts looked petrified. Some of the Dark Generation in King City turned angry when they heard the Dark King saying this. Some even cried. The Dark Generation was the ruler of Void Triangular Domain ever since. They were the dictator of this place, but today, everything changed. The dignified Dark King had to speak the word ‘surrender’. This would be an object of ridicule because they weren’t surrendering to a race or a major power, they were surrendering to a man.

“Surrender? I won’t accept it.”

Jiang Chen replied coldly.

“Jiang Chen, do you really want to exterminate all of our people?”

Dark King’s eyes turned red. How pathetic was it when the ruler of the domain wasn’t allowed to surrender?

“Your race shouldn’t have existed in this world from the very beginning. The same goes to Void Triangular Domain as it is a crippled world.”

Jiang Chen said emotionlessly.

As the word was heard, the Dark King, the Ninth Grade Minor Saint experts and the people below gasped in a cold breath of air. They couldn’t believe that this man was so ruthless that he wanted all of their generation to be wiped out.

“Kill him! Even it means making the ultimate sacrifice.”

“Dark King, kill him now! We are going to die anyway.”

The experts raged. They had given the ultimate offer – surrender, what else could they do besides that?

“Shut up.”

Jiang Chen yelled. “What rights do you have to yell in front of me? You will die immediately if I want you to. The outcome will be the same whether you attack or not. I am the master of your lives now. All of your lives are in my hands now.”

Jiang Chen’s body was filled with a domineering aura that shuddered all of them. At this moment, they felt that Jiang Chen was like a ruler that dominated the entire world. That was the aura of supremacy. His dragon transformation art was convulsing under his domineering aura.

Dragon transformation art was a skill that could dominate the world under the heavens. It was a supremely divine skill that could only be controlled by cultivators with overbearing abilities. Presently, Jiang Chen and the dragon transformation art had already reached a very high degree of correspondence. An indistinct sign of metamorphosis could be seen from it.

The convulsion of the dragon transformation art indicated that the next metamorphosis wasn’t far away. Every time the art underwent a metamorphosis or advancement, it would bring Jiang Chen a tremendous amount of benefits.

The Dark Generation were in total despair. They regretted it very much, like the people of the three worlds, for what they had decided, for not killing this man three days ago. They regretted ignoring the possibility that their enemy would bring a disaster to the Dark Generation three days later.

“But I can give you all a chance, a chance to live, a chance for Dark Generation to continue its cycle of living. Dark King, I only need your dark spirit and the dark spirits of all Ninth Grade Minor Saints. Then, I will release all of you. And I guarantee that after that, I will never seek trouble on your generation again.”

Jiang Chen said. In his point of view, this was the lightest sentence to the experts of Dark Generation.

“What? Our dark spirits? We are disabled when we give out our dark spirits.”

“Taking our dark spirits? What’s the difference between this and taking our lives?”

The emotions of the people were stirred.

“You can retrain your cultivation after losing the dark spirit. Besides, do you guys think that you still have the right to talk with me about terms? It doesn’t matter if you all disagree to hand over your dark spirit. I can obtain them as well after killing you all. After that, I will start a ma.s.sacre and raze all of the cities of the Dark Generation into the ground. Don’t even think that I am joking around with you guys. I only will joke around with my friends.”

Jiang Chen said coldly.


Dark King sighed. Helplessness was exposed on everyone’s faces. They had no choice but to follow what Jiang Chen said. They definitely believed that Jiang Chen would be able to do it, eradicate the entire Void Triangular Domain.

The fact remained that Jiang Chen would be able to obtain their dark spirits even if they refused to hand it to him willingly. At that time, it would surely bring a real disaster that would make their entire generation extinct. It was definitely a worse outcome.

“Fine, we will hand over our dark spirits willingly. I hope you will keep your promise.”

Dark King said. The others didn’t dare to rebut. They weren’t fools. Even if they reb.u.t.ted, it wouldn’t change the fact. After today’s incident, the entire Dark Generation would enter recuperation period.

*Peng* *Peng* *Peng*

Low-spirited sounds were heard when the dark spirits were forced out of their bodies, led by the Dark King. Those dark spirits then flew to Jiang Chen’s side. They had to pay a high price in order to stay alive in this piece of land.

Those experts who lost the dark spirits were akin to beast who lost their demon souls. They were forcefully controlling their bodies to prevent themselves from falling down from the sky.

*Hua La*

Jiang Chen kept his Five Elemental Sphere. Then, Dark King and the others were free to go. Jiang Chen had obtained an inestimable amount of benefits in today’s battle. He had over a hundred Ninth Grade Minor Saints dark spirits and some dark spirits of Eighth Grade Minor Saints. These were very precious things to him as he could use them for advancement.

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