Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 832 – Resolving the Crisis

Chapter 832 – Resolving the Crisis

Resolving the Crisis

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Jiang Chen laughed after hearing the Great Elder’s comment. After interacting with humans for so many years, his knowledge and experience regarding pills and Combat Weapons weren’t similar to ordinary Dark Generations. Besides knowing what he wanted, he also knew the demands of human.

Of course, Jiang Chen didn’t expect to get through this by offering two weapons. However, he realized the distinct change in the manners of the Great Elder when he took out the weapons. He was trying to get more of these weapons from Jiang Chen. As for Jiang Chen, he had no intention of showing the available Combat Weapons because he was a decisive person.

“Great Elder, I think that I have to inform you about this. It’s better for you to not underestimate this dog. I suppose that you have heard about the Demon Race of Saint Origin World before. This dog is a high ranking member of the race. His status is even greater than the princes of your Dark Generation. You should all think it over before touching him, as you know the way Demon Race conduct things. It will certainly cause a major chaos in this domain. At that time, the auction event won’t be able to proceed smoothly. The major trading event in King City will also receive a great impact. I heard that the dragonman has already caused a huge mess in your generation a few days ago. If you were to add the mess that was created by the experts of the Demon Race, I’m afraid that your Dark Generation won’t be able to swallow it this time. I don’t know if Great Elder could shoulder this responsibility.”

Jiang Chen said casually. At this point, it was necessary to reveal Big Yellow’s ident.i.ty. The Great Elder might not care about the other major powers but they knew the Demon Race very well after many years of businesses. The people of the Demon Race were always forthright. They wouldn’t hesitate to fight anyone who offended them and the truth would be useless at that time.

It was true that Big Yellow had a status similar to or higher than the princes of Dark Generation in the Demon Race. This could be seen clearly when the Peac.o.c.k King personally went to Western Domain to fetch him. Furthermore, it was only several days ago that Big Yellow joined the race, but he was already brought along to Void Triangular Domain. It was likely that such treatment was one of a kind. Besides that, Big Yellow was a very powerful divine beast that has the complete bloodline of a divine beast. Naturally, the Demon Race would treat and nurture him like a precious talent. If these group of people dared to touch Big Yellow’s fur, given the character of the Demon Race, he was sure that they would not let this matter go.

The Great Elder and the others’ facial expression changed. In the beginning, they thought that Big Yellow was some sort of cowardly dog that came from nowhere. None of them thought that this dog had such a high and prestigious status in the Demon Race, a very powerful major power which was well-known for their impulsive behavior.

They could already recall that there was once a member of the Demon Race that clashed with a major power of the Black Yellow World in the middle of a major trading event. Seconds later, the Demon Race started a fight, nearly causing the complete destruction to the auction platform. They would truly not hesitate when they had decided to attack.

Furthermore, the special ability of Demon Race was undeniably powerful. Their physiques were as strong as the people of the Dark Generation. These two factors made it very hard to go against them and had become an unsettling problem for the Dark Generation. They could choose to ignore the humans but not these demons.

“Great Elder, I have told you whatever I think is necessary. If you are fine with it, I will use these two Combat Weapons to compensate the price of the demon soul. If you are not, I will keep them and I will no longer interfere in this matter. You are free to do whatever you want with the dog.”

Jiang Chen said.

The Great Elder frowned deeply while being caught in the dilemma. The reputation of the prefecture had been affected negatively when the demon soul was stolen, but it seemed like punis.h.i.+ng this dog wouldn’t bring them any benefits either.

“Great Elder, what this kid said makes sense. If this dog is really a member of the Demon Race with a high status, we can’t afford to offend him, knowing how barbaric that group is.”

“That’s right Great Elder. In my opinion, we should just accept these two Minor Saint weapons. I believe that it is worth a high price. Anyway, it’s still better than not receiving anything. If we touch this dog, the people of the Demon Race would certainly cause us tremendous troubles. At that time, not only can we not proceed with our auction event, but also affect the major trading event in King City. If Dark King finds out that it is us who caused trouble, we would all be doomed.”

Two people were murmuring beside the Great Elder. It seemed like they understood the scenario quite well.

“Fine. Jiang Chen, I will humor you by taking these two Combat Weapons. I hope that this matter will never happen again, or else, I would guarantee his punishment, even if he is the prince of Demon Race.”

The Great Elder darted a cold glance to Big Yellow while keeping the two Minor Saint Weapons.

“Great Elder is a wise man. Tomorrow, I will head to the prefecture and watch the incredible auction event held by your race.”

Jiang Chen held his fist at the Great Elder, knowing that the matter had been resolved.

The Great Elder didn’t speak anymore and left with his people. He had lost more reputation than what he had expected today, so he didn’t want to stay there any longer.

“Little Chen, what you did was awesome! By borrowing the power of the Demon Race, you were able to keep the Great Elder’s silence.”

Tyrant showed his thumbs to Jiang Chen.

“Chen Er, it’s best to resolve the matter without a fight.”

Dan King looked over at Jiang Chen in admiration. He was actually very nervous when he saw the power of their opponents.

His impression of Jiang Chen had been raised a notch higher in Dan King’s heart. One needed both bravery and intelligence to achieve success. Jiang Chen was not only powerful but also wise when it came to solving some situations where force wasn’t the solution. It was rare to meet such a talented young man.

After this series of events, they had lost the mood to continue strolling on the streets. They quickly found an inn to rest until the next day.

There was an exquisitely built courtyard outside the inn, where they all gathered. Jiang Chen still felt happy to be able to meet Big Yellow in Void Triangular Domain despite the mess that he had created. As a matter of fact, this dog wouldn’t be Big Yellow if he didn’t create a mess.

At any rate, Big Yellow had already come, which would be of great help to Jiang Chen. In his plan, Big Yellow was indispensable because only Big Yellow could help Jiang Chen find those secretly hidden ore mines.

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