Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 809 – Immune to Poison

Chapter 809 – Immune to Poison

Immune to Poison

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They had reached a quiet and peaceful garden. Due to the absence of the sun and moon, the survival of plants were very minimal. There were only some exotic flowers and rare herbs. Jiang Chen nodded because these were all very precious plants that could grow independently in strange environments.

At the centre of the garden, there was a square table made entirely from a type of special rock that seemed transparent. The fluctuation of pure energy could be sensed from within even at a distance. It gave them a refres.h.i.+ng feeling.

“The rock element is a valuable treasure.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled.

Dan King beside him widened his eyes. “This is the True Meta Stone, a high quality True Meta Stone. This dude used such a valuable stone to create a table. By the looks of it, this table is made out of nearly a thousand high quality True Meta Stones. The fact is that one True Meta Stone is equivalent to one Saint Rank Restoration pill.”

Dan King told them via divine sense. Jiang Chen and Tyrant almost spurted out blood. This was the exact example of a spoiled brat who had wasted a thousand Saint Rank Restoration pills just to make a table.

Anyway, Jiang Chen felt even more excited because of this. Despite the small size of this city, the amount of True Meta Stone was inestimable; the people of Dark Generation had used these ores to craft exterior decorations and furnitures. It would be a huge fortune if he could acquire all the True Meta Stone that existed in Dark Mulberry City.

“My honoured guests must have travelled a long distance just to come in my domain. It’s my fault for not welcoming you personally, allowing a misunderstanding to happen between you and my guards. My father always welcomed alchemists. When you arrive in my city, it is my responsibility to provide the best hospitality to you. This way, please.”

Dark Liuyun made a polite gesture.

“We appreciate your hospitality, Prince Liuyun.”

Jiang Chen held his fists and smiled. He sat down on one of the seats followed by Dan King and the others.

“Please come out here.”

Dark Liuyun ordered in low tone. Two very young girls in revealing clothes walked out from the garden. They seemed to be only twelve or thirteen years old. They hadn’t even reached p.u.b.erty yet but had already become the female servants of Dark Liuyun.


The girls bowed and greeted Dark Liuyun respectfully. Fear was evident in their eyes.

“My honoured guests have come to visit my prefecture, bring the best Sequoia Dragon tea here.”

Dark Liuyun said.

“Yes, Prince.”

The girls responded. They came back in the quickest speed with two trays. A teapot and a few cups that were exquisitely made of True Meta Stone was sitting on top of the trays. The tea cups were placed in front of them before the tea was poured into their cups.

The tea wasn’t warm or hot, it’s like a dragon’s blood rolling in the cup and gradually exuded a fragrance that freshened one’s mind.

“This is a good tea.”

Dan King couldn’t help but praise.

“Cheers, everyone.”

Dark Liuyun led everyone to drink. He raised his tea cup and gulped down his tea and let out a comfortable sound of relief.

Jiang Chen’s eyes stared at the tea and gave a smirk before gulping the whole cup of tea down his throat.

“Good tea.”

Jiang Chen praised.

Dark Liuyun sneered deep in his eyes when he saw that Jiang Chen finished his cup of tea. Then, he waved to Dan King and the others and said, “This is no ordinary tea. Get a few more cups if you don’t mind.”

Dan King saw Jiang Chen had emptied his cup as well, but as they were about to taste the tea with their tongue, Jiang Chen voice simultaneously echoed in their minds. “There is poison in the tea.”

The three of them were stunned for a while. Tyrant and Yan Chenyu didn’t doubt Jiang Chen’s warning. Since Jiang Chen had determined that the tea was poisoned, the tea certainly has poison in it. The only thing that baffled them was why did Jiang Chen drank it.

Dan King on the other hand was dubious of Jiang Chen’s warning and actions. He was an experienced and renowned alchemist. It wouldn’t be easy for anyone to poison him. With his eyesight and knowledge, he could confirm that this was a genuine Sequoia Dragon tea, not a poisoned one.

Despite that, he still chose to heed Jiang Chen’s warning. The three of them were smart enough not to release their temper, they didn’t have any evidence aside from Jiang Chen’s warning.

The three of them imitated Jiang Chen’s action and gulped their cup of tea.

Dark Liuyun became excited, especially when he saw Yan Chenyu drinking her cup of tea. He could already imagine the moment when Yan Chenyu had fallen under his grasp.

“Senior Dan King, my father would surely be delighted when he sees an alchemist visiting our prefecture, but he is not at home today. He would mostly be back tomorrow. If you don’t mind, you can stay overnight in my place so that my father could meet you as soon as he returns.”

Dark Liuyun said.

“We are honored to. Thank you, Prince.”

Jiang Chen smiled.

“This is my responsibility as a Prince, Brother Jiang. Everyone, I have already arranged your accommodations.”

As soon as Dark Liuyun finished his sentence, the two young girls appeared again. Then, they brought the four of them to their accommodation. Not long after they left, a dark silhouette emerged. This was an old man with a thin body. His cultivation was terrifyingly high—peak Sixth Grade Minor Saint— only a step away from Seventh Grade Minor Saint.

“Congratulations Prince for succeeding in your plan.”

The old man let out a sinister smile.

“Humph! That d.a.m.n Jiang Chen! He dares to be rude in front of me and killed my people. His actions are unforgivable. Now that all of them have been poisoned, I could simply decide their fates.”

Dark Liuyun made a cold humph.

“Why did Prince didn’t finish them straightaway? There is no one that Prince couldn’t handle in Dark Mulberry City. As for the alchemist, I can kill him for you.”

The voice of the old man was gruesome, it sounded very unpleasant.

“There is no need for you to get into a fight. They have already consumed the poison of the Sequoia Dragon and Dark Orchid. It would start to affect them six hours later. After that, they would temporarily lose their combat powers. At that time, they would be as fragile as an ant. The one that I hated the most among them is that Jiang Chen. He disrespected me and killed my men. Most importantly, he has an astonis.h.i.+ng beauty with him. What right does he have to possess such a woman? That woman should be mine. I want to let him know the consequences of offending me. He is merely a lowly human that is more worthless than a servant. I would naturally kill him but before he dies, I would let him suffer so much that he would rather die.”

A vicious smile was plastered on Dark Liuyun’s face, a total opposite to his previous demeanour.

“Hehe, prince always collects the ‘goods’ every time the domain is opened. Judging by the day, six hours later will be midnight, which is also their time of death.”

The old man chuckled coldly. Apparently, he had already collaborated with Dark Liuyun a number of times before.

Jiang Chen and the other three walked into a courtyard. Their accommodation was luxurious. There were exactly four rooms. The environment was definitely a deluxe package. If one judged Dark Liuyun based on this arrangement, one couldn’t deny his fine hospitality.

“Honoured guests, please.”

The girls showed an inviting gesture.

“En. Thank Prince Liuyun on my behalf. You two can go now. You are not allowed to come closer to this place without my order.”

Jiang Chen said to the two girls.


The girls responded and left. Jiang Chen could see the pitying eyes from the two girls before they left.

*Pu* *Pu* *Pu*

After they left, except Jiang Chen, the three of them spurted out a mouthful of water, it was the Sequoia Dragon tea that they drank earlier. As for Yan Chenyu, the mouthful of water that she spurted out became ice cubes.

“Chen Er, the Sequoia Dragon tea is made using the powder of sequoia dragon tree with some other herbs. It is absolutely free from any poisons. It is beneficial to our health. Why did you say that the tea is poisoned?”

Dan King asked impatiently. This thing had been bugging him until now. Given his experienced eyesight, he would certainly be able to detect it if the tea was poisoned.

“Father, the tea itself has no problem, but have you noticed a few Dark Orchids hidden in the deeper part of the garden? The pollen of the Dark Orchids were drifting in the air. It was colourless and odourless, even a powerful expert could not easily notice it. When the Sequoia Dragon tea is mixed with the pollen of the Dark Orchids, it would become an inconspicuous poison. Any cultivator who absorb it won’t feel anything in a short period of time. The poison would only take effect after six hours. After that, your combat power would be temporarily gone and would only start to recover after three days. To us, three days’ time is already enough for us to die ten thousand times.”

Jiang Chen explained. In this cultivation world that was full of deceit, once you lose your combat power, anyone could finish you effortlessly.


Dan King exclaimed. Jiang Chen was right, he really didn’t notice the Dark Orchids in the garden. If it wasn’t for Jiang Chen’s sharp observation, the consequences would be unimaginable.

“This garbage p.r.i.c.k is more cunning than me. We almost fell into his trap. Luckily, we have you Little Chen.”

Tyrant didn’t know much about medicine or herbs, but following Jiang Chen allowed him to ease his worries. If there were people who wanted to plot against Jiang Chen, they would only face one conclusion, they would fall into Jiang Chen’s plot instead.

“This Dark Liuyun sure is sinister. I have no idea how many times he used this method to deal with the other cultivators. It just made me detest him even more. But Chen Er, I saw that you have drunk the entire cup of tea. Why is that so?”

Dan King expressed his grudge against Dark Liuyun. Suddenly, he recalled that Jiang Chen drank a cup of tea down to his stomach. This didn’t seem like a wise action.

“I am immune to any poison.”

Jiang Chen shrugged.

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