Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 79 – Don’t think about leaving now that you’re here

Chapter 79 – Don’t think about leaving now that you’re here

Chapter 79 – Don’t think about leaving now that you’re here

Jiang Chen planned to leave for Whirling Sun City immediately. Because of the recent events, there was no way for the group to continue staying in Silver Moon City. In addition, he himself did not want to stay in Silver Moon City for a long period of time. Whirling Sun City was located in the center of the Qi Province, so it would take them quite a while to get there.

“Big Yellow, how long would it take to get from here to Whirling Sun City?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“If we went at same pace as before, it would take us a bit more than ten days. We’ll barely be able to make it in time to the compet.i.tion. If you’re willing to carry us on your back and fly us over there, however, we would be there in no time!”

Big Yellow said with a laugh. He was trying to use Jiang Chen for his own benefits.

“Don’t even think about it! If that Little Devil King can be there before the compet.i.tion begins, we can make it too!”

Jiang Chen sneered. This dog still hadn’t forgotten the fact that he carried Jiang Chen last time, so he was trying to find an opportunity to get back at him. Big Yellow was someone who had a lot of bad thoughts.

“It is your loss by not carrying me. Do you not know how many people are fighting amongst each other hoping to carry a superior being like me?”

Big Yellow was incredibly narcissistic. His current expression only appeared on those thinking about themselves as a superior being.

The trio walked quickly toward the direction leading to Whirling Sun City, but after walking for just a few miles, they suddenly heard some animals crying out behind them.

Jiang Chen turned around and saw three strong aerial demon beasts flying toward them. On top of each demon beast stood three Mortal Core warriors. They were all leaking killing intent out of their bodies, and two of them were even carrying combat weapons.

By just taking a look and sensing the bloodthirsty aura, Jiang Chen knew these men were coming for him.

“Hmph! As expected, this Yin Zhong Cheng doesn’t want to give up. He didn’t even come here himself; he sent someone else. Not only will he not offend the Little Devil King, he will also be able to have his revenge.”

Jiang Chen let out a cold snort. A ruthless smile appeared on his face.

“Stop right there! There’s nowhere you can escape!”

Someone shouted out loud from the back of a demon beast. The next second, the three demon beasts blocked Jiang Chen’s path, and six Mortal Core warriors jumped down from the demon beasts. The leading man was in his forties or fifties, and a murderous expression was visible on his face. He stared at Jiang Chen in anger. This man was a Late Mortal Core warrior, and he was much stronger than Yan Zhan Yun and Lee Shan Yue from Red City.

There were a total of nine men. Out of the other eight men, four of them were at the Late Mortal Core realm and the same level as Yan Zhan Yun, while the other four were at the Mid Mortal Core realm. If this group went to Red City, they would easily be able to destroy any family that got in their way.

“Trying to leave without saying anything after you killed my son?! The mayor is giving face to the Little Devil King, but I, Liu Wei w.a.n.g, have never agreed to that!”

The old man shouted out in anger.

Jiang Chen suddenly realized that this Liu Wei w.a.n.g in front of him was probably the chief of Silver Moon City’s Liu family. He had just killed the Liu family’s young master, so it was only natural for them to seek revenge.

Of course, even if the Liu family was a powerful family, they still couldn’t send out too many high level warriors at the same time. Also, amongst these aerial demon beasts at the Early Mortal Core realm, one of them must have been sent by the Mayor’s mansion.

Jiang Chen’s whereabouts had obviously been paid attention to by the Mayor’s mansion. Once the Little Devil King left, the Mayor’s mansion would use the Liu family to deal with them.

Nine Mortal Core warriors unleashed their powerful energies and cornered Jiang Chen and the group. Their energies encompa.s.sed the surroundings, making sure that there was no way for Jiang Chen to escape.

But, Jiang Chen had never planned on escaping. A group like this was not strong enough to force him to escape.

“I advise you to leave immediately and make way for me. Don’t waste your lives here. It isn’t easy to reach the Mortal Core realm.”

Jiang Chen said. He really advised them for their own good.

“Haha, what a boastful little guy. Since you dared blind our young master, I’ll chop you into meat paste today!”

A Late Mortal Core warrior started laughing out loud. He was sent by the Mayor’s mansion. This group had never taken Jiang Chen seriously. In their minds, with the collaborative might of the nine of them, as long as their opponent would definitely die as long as he wasn’t a Heavenly Core Warrior.

This place was not far away from Silver Moon City. Although it was a plain land, there were still people occasionally pa.s.sing by. Many people could feel the killing intent in the area, so they looked towards the group. Such a large battle was a rare thing to see these days.

“What happened? It looks like they are going to fight!”

“Isn’t that Chief Liu from the Liu family? Also, aren’t those high ranked warriors from the Mayor’s mansion? What has this young man done to offend both the Mayor and the Liu family at the same time?!”

“He is doomed for sure!”

Someone recognized Liu Wei w.a.n.g and the high ranked warriors from the Mayor’s mansion. Although they had no clue how this young man offended both big shots of Silver Moon City, it was obvious that this young man was doomed today.

“Enough nonsense, let’s attack together and kill both this young man and the dog. Don’t kill that girl, she’ll be given to young master Yin Ren!”

Someone shouted out loud. The nine Mortal Core warriors released their energies at the same time, attacking Jiang Chen and his group.


When facing the nine Mortal Core warriors, Big Yellow didn’t show a single sign of being afraid. Instead, he was shouting in excitement. He jumped up and turned into a golden beam. Like an arrow leaving the bow, he leapt forward and pressed a Mid Mortal Core warrior down onto the ground.

“Dead dog, die for me now!”

The warrior was furious, how could he be pressed down by a dog? He had just lost a huge amount of face. He tried to fight back using all his strength, but to his horror, he found out that he couldn’t even control his own Yuan energy after being pressed down by Big Yellow. It was as if there was a huge mountain lying on top of him. He could barely move.

“d.a.m.n you, there’s no point in fighting back!”

Big Yellow opened his big mouth and bit off the warrior’s head, blood immediately spraying out.

After killing a person in just a single second, Big Yellow leapt up towards another man once again.

“Big Bro Jiang Chen, let me handle that Liu Wei w.a.n.g!”

Yan Chen Yu said as she moved and blocked Liu Wei w.a.n.g.

“Hmph! A fragile little girl is trying to stop me?”

Liu Wei w.a.n.g snorted coldly. He forcefully struck his palm towards Yan Chen Yu. The strength a Late Mortal Core warrior was really amazing.

Facing Liu Wei w.a.n.g’s powerful attack, Yan Chen Yu’s expression never changed. She pushed her palm forward, and her palm emitted a faded white mist. The white mist instantly covered the surroundings with a chilly air.


When Yan Chen Yu and Liu Wei w.a.n.g’s palms collided, Liu Wei w.a.n.g was forced back by the strike despite his momentum. This wasn’t the most frightening part. The real horror was Liu Wei w.a.n.g’s arm being covered in white frost. In the next second, his entire arm was covered in solid ice, and a cold energy then rushed into his body, making him s.h.i.+ver and tremble.


Liu Wei w.a.n.g shouted out in disbelief. He was, after all, a Late Mortal Core warrior. He wouldn’t give up so easily. He hurriedly started vibrating his Yuan energy, shattering the ice covering his arm. Even though the ice was now gone, he had lost all feeling in his arm due to the frost.

Liu Wei w.a.n.g stared at the beautiful girl in front of him with a frightened expression. His mind had been turned upside down by the horror.

“Cold body!”

Liu Wei w.a.n.g’s lips trembled. He could now sense the amazing power of Yan Chen Yu’s body.


Right at this moment, terrifying screams could be heard to his side. The Late Mortal Core warrior from the Mayor’s mansion was screaming out in fear, scratching at his own face. Green mist was pouring out from his body.

The old man’s scream only lasted for three second before he fell onto the ground. His body was all black, and there were countless holes all over his face as a result of being corroded by the deadly poison.

“Poison! This kid can attack with poison!”

Someone shouted; you could hear the fear in his voice.


Another scream was heard. Big Yellow had torn another Mid Mortal Core warrior into pieces. The Mortal Core warrior could barely be recognized.

In a very short amount of time, four out of the nine men had died. Big Yellow had kill three Mid Mortal Core warriors, and Jiang Chen had killed a Late Mortal Core warrior. Even the strongest one, Liu Wei w.a.n.g, was hurt by Yan Chen Yu’s attack.

The rest of the five men were all very frightened. They no longer had a domineering aura surrounding them. Instead, they looked at the two humans and the dog in front of them with horror. Just what was this group? How could they be so strong?

“By the heavens, how could this be happening?!”

“That dog is too cruel; he just killed three men! Those Mid Mortal Core warriors were like nothing in front of him!”

“This is too cruel. That young man can release a deadly poison, and it can even kill a Late Mortal Core warrior! This kind of deadly poison is incredibly rare!”

“That beautiful girl is even more horrifying; even Liu Wei w.a.n.g suffered losses when attacking here! Where did these geniuses come from? How come I have never heard of them? Don’t tell me they are some new and uprising geniuses from the four big sects?”


Many spectators were surprised by the situation. The fight originally had no suspense, but it had turned into something unbelievable. The way they looked at the two humans and the dog had now completely changed.

“You! How dare you kill a man from the Mayor’s mansion?! You’re extremely audacious!”

Liu Wei w.a.n.g shouted something completely useless.

“Chief Liu, the opponents are strong. What should we do?”

An old man whispered and asked with a pale expression.

“Looks like the Mayor himself has to come personally. Let’s go!”

Liu Wei w.a.n.g said coldly. After that he whistled, and the demon beasts, previously flying in circles, immediately came down from the air.

“Trying to leave?”

Jiang Chen never let any enemies who tried to kill him go without any punishment. He pointed his finger out like a sword, and with both hands he sent out three Single Solar Finger beams. The beams struck through the air and hit the bodies of all three demon beasts.


The three demon beasts cried out in horror at the same time. They fell down like kites with their strings cut. Their blood filled the sky, and after they fell onto the ground, they became deadly silent. An Early Mortal Core demon beast couldn’t even withstand a single strike from Jiang Chen’s Six Solar Fingers.


Someone shouted out in disbelief.

“Xiao Yu, attack!”

Jiang Chen shouted out coldly.


Yan Chen Yu replied. Her palms started moving like they were dancing, and several layers of frost mist appeared and started moving towards Liu Wei w.a.n.g.

“I don’t believe that I can’t deal with this cold body with my abilities!”

Liu Wei w.a.n.g strengthen his spirit, a low-ranked combat weapon materializing in his hand. He used the combat weapon to ferociously attack Yan Chen Yu.

If Yan Chen Yu was still the same Early Mortal Core warrior that she was in Red City, she might not have been Liu Wei w.a.n.g’s match. Now, however, Yan Chen Yu had broken through to the Mid Mortal Core realm and had merged the Ten Thousand Year Freezing Crystal into her body. Even the monster in the pond was killed by her. There was no need to even mention this Liu Wei w.a.n.g.


Yan Chen Yu unleashed a powerful frost attack and immediately froze Liu Wei w.a.n.g into an ice statue. The Three Feet Deep Ice Sheet attack did not only limit Liu Wei w.a.n.g’s movement, it also took away his life.