Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 77 – A Fool Searching for Death

Chapter 77 – A Fool Searching for Death

Chapter 77 – A Fool Searching for Death

Fast, this was insanely fast! Many people were sitting close to Jiang Chen’s table, but they never noticed when Jiang Chen attacked. Some of them only saw a slight movement in Jiang Chen’s shoulder before both of the men lost their arms. This was terrifying.


The feeling of losing one arm and two arms was completely different; thus, the pain you felt was different. Even a Mortal Core warrior couldn’t withstand this pain. Both men were staring at their twitching arms not far away from them. Their minds were only filled with fear, nothing else.

Blood was splattered all over the place. Some of the people who ended up having blood splashed in their faces ran to the other side of the restaurant panickedly. The restaurant had instantly become a place of havoc. Many of their faces were filled with fear, especially the waiter who stood closest to them. He looked at Jiang Chen as if he was looking at a ghost.

The only person still remaining calm in this restaurant, aside from everyone on Jiang Chen’s table, was the young man dressed in blue. His eyes glowed brighter than before. He had never expected Jiang Chen to act so fiercely or to make a firm decision so quickly.

Besides, Jiang Chen’s attack was incredibly fast. Others might not have been able to see it clearly, but to him, everything was clear. And because he had seen everything so clearly, he had started to pay attention to Jiang Chen. He already had a feeling that Jiang Chen was not an ordinary man when he came in, and the recent event had just confirmed that he was not an ordinary person.

“He’s finished; how dare he cut away the arms of Yin Ren’s followers! This time he’s doomed!”

“That’s right, Yin Ren is famous as a bully and a wildly arrogant young master! And he has a Heavenly Core dad behind him, that’s why he can run wild in Silver Moon City and make people choke with silent fury! Although this young man looks like someone who isn’t easy to mess with, he has offended Yin Ren! I think it’s going to be hard for him to survive from now on!”

“I don’t think this young man is an ordinary man, I’m guessing something exciting is going to happen today!”

Many people were discussing the events. There were not many people who dared to cause trouble in Silver Moon Restaurant, and even less who dared to hit a man from the Mayor’s mansion while inside the Silver Moon Restaurant. This was the same as committing suicide.

“f.u.c.k, what an awful scream! You’re affecting your father’s dining!”

Big Yellow started scolding loudly. At the same time, he spat out two golden beams. The golden beams went between the men’s eyebrows, and both men immediately stopped screaming. The fell down on the floor with their faces upwards and their eyes open. Even in death, the men still had terrified expressions.

As the followers of the young master and strength at the Mortal Core realm, they were above the law in Silver Moon City. Never in these two men’s wildest dreams did they imagine that they would die here, die in the Silver Moon Restaurant where they always act arrogantly, and die in the hands of a dog.

After the screams from the two men disappeared, the restaurant became deadly silent. At this moment, Yin Ren and young master Liu finally reacted. Both of them stared at their two followers who were not lying in a pool of blood with shocked expressions, their faces filled with disbelief.


‘There is really someone who dared to kill my men in my Silver Moon Restaurant?’

‘Isn’t this the world’s biggest joke?’

This was unbelievable. He himself had been running wild and above the law in Silver Moon City for so many years; no one had ever dared to touch one of his servants, not to mention killing one.

Knowing something big just happened, the manager hurriedly came out of a room and walked in front of Yin Ren.

“You have no business here! How dares he provoke me?! I won’t let him leave the Silver Moon Restaurant today!”

Yin Ren waved his hand, signaling the manager to walk away. His expression was insidious as he walked towards Jiang Chen. The fat on his body was trembling as he walked. Young master Liu, following behind him, had the same expression.

In Silver Moon City, there was no one they couldn’t afford to offend. Even if this young man in front of them had some skill, he would never take that into consideration. This was a serious mental issue for people like him. They were used to being arrogant because they knew that they had someone who could protect them; that was why they would just do whatever they wanted and totally forget that their own abilities were incredibly weak.

They didn’t even know that in this world, there was no one who had ever considered them to be someone good. They had never known what the meaning of running into a road block was. They had never known the fear of death. Today, Jiang Chen would let them know about this.

Everyone around acted like they were going to watch a good show. They were wondering how this young man was going to deal with the young master of the Mayor’s mansion. The young man in blue not far away from here shook his head. He wasn’t worried about Jiang Chen. His eyes were filled with pity, but it was toward Yin Ren and young master Liu.

“Little brat, how dare you kill my men! Do you know who I am? Even if you have ten lives, it won’t be enough to survive this day!”

Yin Ren said in an overbearing manner.

“Get lost!”

Jiang Chen didn’t even look at Yin Ren. He just spat two words out from his mouth, just like he did with the two men earlier.

Yin Ren’s big, fat face clearly froze for a second. In this Silver Moon City, no one had ever dared say the words ‘get lost’ in front of him, but this young man who appeared out from nowhere dared tell him to get lost. This was highly disrespectful.

“Young brat, what did you just say?”

Young master Liu shouted loudly, “Do you know who you are talking to?! This is the young master of the Silver Moon City’s Mayor’s mansion! If you are smart, you hand this girl over to us and apologize. Then, we will spare your life!”

“If you don’t want to get lost, then you can go to h.e.l.l.”

Jiang Chen didn’t even turn his head around, he just extended his hand and slapped young master Liu’s face.

Crack crack crack……

Jiang Chen’s slap made young master Liu’s head spin around like a tornado, and it didn’t stop until after it had spun around a couple of times. The neck kept producing cracking sounds as it spun around. Once the head started spinning, the young master’s body stopped moving. When the head stopped spinning, his face was looking in the wrong direction. He died a horrible death.


Everyone in the restaurant immediately began making different noises and expressions. The way they looked at Jiang Chen was filled with fear. This was too cruel. When this innocent young man attacked, he became a cruel being.

This was the young master of the Liu family, and he was now dead because of a slap. What a cruel death, this was incredibly frightening to think about.

“Where did this young man actually come from? He is too relentless!”

“Yin Ren said his name, but this young man still attacked without showing any mercy… Just who is this man?”

“It seems like this day won’t end well…”

Many people silently sighed. Now, even an idiot could tell that the arrogant Yin Ren had finally hit a roadblock; he had met a tough nut. This young man would kill without even thinking about it. This was scary for these people to think about.

Jiang Chen killed young master Liu with just a single slap, and this actually made Yin Ren feel afraid. Sweat started to pour out from the fat guy’s forehead. His body started to tremble, but he still wasn’t backing off. In his mind, he was still thinking about himself as the strong young master who no one dared to offend.

‘My dad is the Mayor! In this Silver Moon Restaurant, no one dares to touch me! Only I can touch anyone I want! If I, Yin Ren, want a girl, I will definitely get her!’

Yin Ren encouraged himself mentally. His eyes kept gazing at Yan Chen Yu, and suddenly, he became excited.

Looking at this scene, the young man in blue not far away couldn’t help but laugh. He then mumbled to himself, “Idiot…”

This young master Yin Ren really was an idiot. He couldn’t tell that Jiang Chen wasn’t afraid of him, and if he was even slightly smart, he would leave this place now to recruit more men to help him.

Unfortunately, this young master was used to being arrogant. His mind was completely occupied with the thought: ‘In Silver Moon City, I’m the king!’ But, he had totally forgotten that this status was given to him by himself.

“Young brat, how dare you offend me?! I won’t let you walk out from the Silver Moon Restaurant today!”

The fat on Yin Ren’s face was trembling as he threatened Jiang Chen. His l.u.s.tful eyes didn’t forget to occasionally gaze at Yan Chen Yu’s body, making Yan Chen Yu furrow her brows.

“Fatty, move your eyes away. If not, you will suffer horrible consequences.”

Big Yellow who was still eating and drinking reminded him. A cruel and b.l.o.o.d.y scene like this didn’t affect Big Yellow’s appet.i.te.

“Where did this d.a.m.n dog come from?! How dare you talk to me like that?!”

Yin Ren raised his spirits back up again and turned his vision back onto Yan Chen Yu.


Jiang Chen sighed. He knew he couldn’t be merciful with someone like this. Once you offend a person like this, he would become like a plaster that you wouldn’t be able to get rid of no matter how hard you tried. This kind of man, he won’t let go until he achieved his goal. Therefore, Jiang Chen didn’t even think before he attacked.

Jiang Chen’s fingers moved and grabbed two chopsticks from the table before he stabbed them towards Yin Ren’s eyes.



Two soft impaling sounds was heard. Jiang Chen’s chopsticks had penetrated deep into Yin Ren’s eyes, the sound of the eyeb.a.l.l.s popping could be heard as well. Half the chopsticks had gone into Yin Ren’s head, and blood kept pouring out from the wound made by the chopsticks. This was an incredibly frightening scene.


The fat Yin Ren started screaming out in tearing pain, creeping out everyone who was watching. As the young master of the Mayor’s mansion, he had lived a luxurious life, and he had never suffered any wounds like this. The pain from having his eyes penetrated by two chopsticks was not something that was easy to withstand.

“Ahhh!!! Kill me!”

As Yin Ren was rolling around on the floor in pain, he grabbed a golden colored talisman from his pocket and destroyed it. Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows when he saw this. He knew that this was a Divine Sense talisman. Any Heavenly Core warrior could easily make this. Inside the talisman was a Heavenly Core warrior’s Divine Sense, and this was obviously given by the Mayor to his son. Once the talisman was broken, the Mayor would be able to immediately sense it.

“Big Yellow, stop eating. Let’s go.”

Jiang Chen said as he stood up from his seat. At this moment, the manager brought a group of men from the back of the restaurant and blocked Jiang Chen’s way. Yin Ren had suffered a serious wound. If they allowed the culprit to escape while the Mayor was in the city, they would all be killed.

“They’re finished, now the matter has become really serious! This young man shows no hesitation when attacking; he is a merciless man! Now that he has blinded Yin Ren, the Mayor won’t let go of this matter easily!”

“That’s right, the Mayor is a Heavenly Core warrior! I wonder how he will settle this…”

“Still need to guess? I’m sure the Mayor is going to take revenge for Yin Ren himself! Where did this young man come from? He is merciless and frightening!”


Everyone was secretly gossiping. The infamous young master Yin Ren was blinded by someone in the Silver Moon Restaurant. This was huge news for the Silver Moon City, and it would definitely cause a storm. Everyone was now looking at Jiang Chen with fear in their eyes. This young man was a cruel, merciless, and frightening being.

“Get lost, I’ll kill anyone who gets in my way!”

Jiang Chen gazed at the manager and his group of men with a cold stare. All of them immediately felt a chill down their spines. Although they were all Mortal Core warriors, they couldn’t withstand Jiang Chen’s gaze. Just a single look from Jiang Chen made their souls tremble; it was as if it was going to be torn to pieces.