Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 734 – Irresistible

Chapter 734 – Irresistible


This is the Eighth.

“Jiang Chen, I have never thought that you will come.”

Lu Shuang said loudly. Although Jiang Chen had brought three people along with him, Tan Zhi Peng didn’t mind. Besides Guo Shao Fei, the other two weren’t a threat to them. Their main goal was to get Jiang Chen to enter the formation. It didn’t matter to them even if their enemy had brought three with him because it wouldn’t make any difference.

“Lu Shuang, Tan Zhi Peng, I have never imagined that you would actually a.s.sociate yourselves with the geniuses of other powers just to oppose us.”

Guo Shao Fei said, a trace of fury can be discerned from his tone. As a genius of Nebula Sect, he was well-informed about the other geniuses.

“Stop this nonsense! Jiang Chen, you dared to come today. Then today will be the day of your death. Guo Shao Fei, you shouldn’t have come today, but since you already have, then you can just die together!”

Tan Zhi Peng’s tone was cold and extremely confident. That was the confidence he had as a master of formations.

“Jiang Chen, you’ve made me lose my face in the Blue Moon Lake. I, Lu w.a.n.g, must tear you into pieces.”

Lu w.a.n.g clamoured. A big blade appeared in his hand. It didn’t seemed heavy and domineering, but it was unusually sharp. The cold light that was illuminated from it could send chills down the people’s spine. In addition, his blade was as fast as lightning. This was also the reason why people named him Blade Master Lu w.a.n.g.

“Cut your c.r.a.p down and attack already!”

Jiang Chen’s arm shook and the Heavenly Saint Sword appeared in his hand. As they were already his enemies, he didn’t need to give any unnecessary words. Plus, his opponents had already set a deadly formation, he would definitely not be lenient to them. This mountainous terrain would be their place of burial today.


Tan Zhi Peng shouted. Instantly, seven colours of light were seen from the surroundings. The formation had been jump-started. A brilliant whirlpool of energy surrounded them, it was everywhere. The moment the formation was activated, Tan Zhi Peng and the other five disappeared in front of their eyes, or it could also be said that the formation had blocked their eyesight.

“This is a delusion formation. We will be deluded by the brilliance of the formation, and thus we won’t be able to locate our enemies, but they can see us clearly. It seems like Tan Zhi Peng had some skills, but it is completely useless under my great soul derivation technique.”

Jiang Chen showed a slight smile on his face, he didn’t put such a formation in his eyes. Big Yellow felt the same, he had mastered the formation in the holy book. His accomplishments in formation was incomparable to Tan Zhi Peng. Big Yellow could simply go in and out of such formation freely. Thus, it was just a piece of cake for him to break the formation.

“You all can block them. Let Master Dog break their formation.”

Big Yellow raised two of his legs and started to shake at the void, casting profound seals one by one. It was not even difficult for him to break this ultimate killing formation.

Being trapped in the formation made Nangong Wentian and Guo Shao Fei feel extremely gloomy. Their faces turned ugly as their eyes were completely deluded by the formation. Their techniques in making formation were nothing like Tan Zhi Peng’s. Now that they could not even see their enemies, how can they fight them?


A cold light suddenly emerged in front of Nangong Wentian’s face. Due to the blurred vision caused by the formation, Nangong Wentian didn’t have a chance to respond to the incoming attack. However, Jiang Chen could see it clearly. That was Lu Shuang’s sword’s attack. It seemed like he was going to eliminate Nangong Wentian and Guo Shao Fei first before killing him.


Lu Shuang speed wasn’t as fast as Jiang Chen. The Heavenly Saint Sword clashed with his sword in a flash, creating a sound of metal collision and fiery spark.

The next moment, Jiang Chen appeared in front of Lu Shuang like a ghostly figure and slashed at him.

“What? You can actually see where I am?”

Lu Shuang was shocked, but he didn’t have much time to think as Jiang Chen’s attack was already an inch away from him. The Qi that was unleashed from the Heavenly Saint Sword was too strong, the pressure of the force made him feel suffocated.

“Come back.”

Tan Zhi Peng shouted. The good thing about him was that he could actually control the overall situation. He immediately pulled Lu Shuang away from there to avoid a disastrous scene.

“Brother Tan, what happened? How can Jiang Chen not be affected by the delusion formation?”

Lu Shuang couldn’t help but feel scared by what just happened. He never knew how powerful Jiang Chen really is. He could already feel the taste of death when Jiang Chen’s slashed his sword to him just now.

“This man is very divine, he actually disregard my delusion formation. But it doesn’t matter because the delusion formation isn’t the most powerful in the ultimate killing formation. We will combine our combat strength now and launch a deadly attack to him. No matter how powerful he is, he wouldn’t stand a chance against our combined attack, not to mention the aid of our formation, we would definitely be able to kill him.”

Tan Zhi Peng said. He was still very confident of his formation.


The five of them responded. They pushed all of their combat strength out, boundless seven-colored light weaved together and formed a huge energy web. Combat techniques and combat weapons danced in the air, creating a Qi of destruction above the mountains. Six Ninth Grade Combat Emperors had joined together to launch a strike, this was unprecedentedly powerful.

*Hong Long*

The void was shaken. The spatial zone nearby was broken into pieces, while the night sky was brightly lit. In addition, the atmosphere in the surroundings was filled with cold and chilling Qi. Furthermore, the mountains below them started to collapse, some mountainous terrain was razed to the ground, and some mountains were left with a big pit.


Jiang Chen made a cold humph. Even if it was six versus one, there wasn’t a tiny bit of fear exuded from his face. Talisman symbols were brilliantly rippling on the surface of the Heavenly Saint Sword as if it was coming to life. It was then plated with layers of dragon marks. A terrifying sword Qi erupted from it like a real dragon.


The Heavenly Saint Sword let out a deafening roar and slashed against the huge energy web ahead.

*Hong Long*

Two powerful destructive energy collided. The impact had caused some of the spatial zones to break. The collision was too powerful and the destructive force was unimaginable. Thick smoke billowed and a chilling air rippled in the battlefield. It caused people to s.h.i.+ver under such a condition.

*Deng* *Deng* *Deng*

Jiang Chen staggered three steps back before finally regaining his balance. The joint attack of six Ninth Grade Combat Emperors was no doubt powerful. Even Jiang Chen found it hard to handle such an attack.

Nonetheless, the scene had made Tan Zhi Peng and the others to be dumbstruck. There was no way for them not to be shocked. With six of their strengths combined and with the aid of the formation, they could only knock Jiang Chen a few steps back. Moreover, he wasn’t even injured at all, let alone dead.

“Mother! How can this guy be this powerful?”

The geniuses of the Vertical Domain had the urge to spurt blood. They were the figures from the Hall of Fame in their respective domains. They have never seen such a monstrous being even if they searched their entire domain. A Sixth Grade Combat Emperor could actually reach such a powerful extent. This scene could only be accepted when one witnessed it with his own eyes.

“Don’t care anymore, let’s attack again!”

Tan Zhi Peng shouted once more. Jiang Chen’s power was actually beyond all of their imagination, but they were not in a position to retreat. Since they had initiated a battle with Jiang Chen then it was either him or them who will die. They were left with no other choices. They had to rely on this ultimate killing formation to get rid of Jiang Chen. If this man lived, their future troubles would be endless.

“Big Yellow, what are you waiting for?”

Jiang Chen shouted at Big Yellow.

“It is done. Open for me!”

In front of Big Yellow, a dazzling image of a geomantic compa.s.s was already condensed. Its surface was full of talisman symbols, which made it look very divine. Under Big Yellow’s control, it crashed violently on one part of the formation.

*Hong Long*

A loud echo was heard. The ultimate killing formation was fractured inch by inch and was pulverized eventually. The formation that was created by Tan Zhi Peng with painstaking effort was broken by Big Yellow just like this. It was a terrible blow for him.


Tan Zhi Peng’s Qi was connected to the formation. Thus, the damage on the formation caused him to spurt out a mouthful of blood. His body had absorbed a tremendous amount of vibration. As a result, his face turned very pale. Even the other five people looked drawn when they saw that the ultimate killing formation was suddenly destroyed.

“Not possible. This is not possible! This dog has actually broken my formation?”

Tan Zhi Peng couldn’t believe that this was true. The formation that he was so proud of was destroyed by a dog. He had never dreamt for such an incident to happen. The result had dealt a huge blow to his heart.

“Kaka, you actually thought that this formation can stop Master Dog? Isn’t this getting yourself into trouble?”

Big Yellow laughed wildly. Using a formation in front of him was an extremely funny thing.

“Big Yellow, nice work!”

Nangong Wentian patted Big Yellow’s head with praise.

“Cut your c.r.a.p! Kill them now, don’t let even one escape.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi shook and surged to the sky. Afterwards, he turned into a light ray that rushed forward. In a blink, he reached Lu Shuang.

The Heavenly Saint Sword slashed violently. Lu Shuang was helpless, he raised his long sword to defend the strike. However, he was already terrified of Jiang Chen, and thus, how could he fight Jiang Chen now? The long sword in his hand was struck away from his grip. At the same time, Lu Shuang’s arm was chopped off by the Heavenly Saint Sword, blood was gus.h.i.+ng out of the opening.

Before Lu Shuang could wail, the Heavenly Saint Sword made another swing that slashed off his head. A peerless genius of Freedom Palace was killed.

“Indistinct Sword Art.”

Guo Shao Fei also moved. He struck using the indistinct sword art at the number one genius of Freedom Palace. It was considered a favorable achievement to be able to obtain the Indistinct Sword Art. If he underwent the trial of Nebula Sect now, he would certainly get the first place on the Sky ranking.

Nangong Wentian launched a sudden attack too. The Million Stars Ruler was in his hand. Now that he was at the peak of Eighth Grade Combat Emperor he wanted to use the battle to break through his current grade.

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