Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 703 – A Monk who could Stop Ten Thousand Army

Chapter 703 – A Monk who could Stop Ten Thousand Army

A Monk who could Stop Ten Thousand Army

*Hong Long*

The trembling of the spatial zone was getting stronger and stronger. The rumbling sound was thunderous, it seemed as if it was coming from h.e.l.l. It made everyone feel that they were approaching their death. Their faces turned unpleasant as they still had no idea what was happening, but after listening to Mo Sang and Guo Shao Fei’s words, they weren’t fools to not understand that the current situation was caused by the strong Qi earlier.

“Who was that? Who wants to ruthlessly eliminate all of us? Does that man want to go against the entire Mysterious Domain?”

“Who was that Ninth Grade Combat Emperor guy? And how did he come in? Mother! The Qi released by a Ninth Grade has caused a terrible quake here. It is already the last day, meaning that the exit is going to be opened soon…but this suddenly happened.”

“We’re finished. Someone wants to kill us all. Now that the Death Mountain is quaking violently, I have no idea what is going to happen. I can even feel my soul s.h.i.+vering. This is the threat of death, am I going to die here? d.a.m.n! It is truly d.a.m.ned!”

“Why is this happening? I don’t want to die yet. Who actually wants to kill us?”


The scene instantly became chaotic. By this time, no one was able to keep their calm. The legends of the Death Mountain were too scary, or else this mountain wouldn’t be named as ‘Death Mountain.’ It only opens once every thirty years, and that was the safest period. Today, a big and unprecedented commotion happened in the Death Mountain, and no one had any idea of who caused it, but the catastrophic scene in front of them could already make them feel the threat of death. This was the Death Mountain, whatever accident happened here would be related to death.

*Howl* *Howl*

All of a sudden, sinister winds blew heavily throughout the place―producing an ear-piercing howl through the cracks of the spatial zone. A howl was followed by another, every howl s.h.i.+vered people’s soul, as if it was the sound of the dead.

All of their faces changed immediately. Being cultivators who had lingered around beneath the mountain for almost a month, this sound was very familiar to them.

“Not good, dark souls. My G.o.d! A lot of them.”

“The Death Mountain had become unstable and countless dark souls emerged.”

Some of them exclaimed. These were the sounds of dark souls, a ma.s.sive number of them everywhere. The sound could be heard from all directions. The slits of the spatial zone were becoming bigger and more powerful dark souls became visible in their line of sight. Very soon, the dark souls from unknown places were rus.h.i.+ng out from the cracks one after another. There were countless of them, all were skeletons of human and beast.

*Howl* *Howl*

The howls were incessant. Inside the Death Mountain, dark souls represented destruction. A lot of them were emerging from the slits of the spatial zone. Each of these dark souls had the strength of a Combat Emperor. Their numbers were overwhelming. In just a few breaths’ time, thousands of them had entered the spatial zone. They looked like a thickly dotted army in a round formation from afar. All the human cultivators were surrounded by it, trapped at the center.

“Why are there so many dark souls? Could it be that everyone from the Colossus Sect had turned into dark souls? It’s not possible, even if it is a very big sect, they wouldn’t have thousands of Combat Emperors.”

Mo Sang’s facial expression turned extremely unpleasant.

“There was a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor who unleashed his Qi and that has shaken the Death Mountain. These dark souls might not be from the Death Mountain but from a certain place that held these dark souls. Their numbers are still increasing, it is very disastrous for us.”

Tyrant stressed his tone. An army of dark Souls was too scary, and these dark souls had an advantage while they are still in the mountain, making everyone vulnerable and defenceless.

“What do we do now?”

Zuo Ling Er’s little face turned slightly pale. When had she ever encountered such a situation? Even if she was strong, she was still immaturely weak at heart.



Along with the wail, a cultivator was eviscerated by a powerful dark Soul and died on the spot. That dark soul struck like an incorporeal spectre, untraceable. And when one noticed its movement, it was already too late.

*Argh* *Argh*

As the wail faded, another was heard. The army of dark souls started to launch fatal attacks on the human cultivators. Their movements were sharp and fast, making it impossible for the humans to guard against it. In a short period of time, the size of the army had increased by a fold.

“Hurry up, these dark souls are very scary! We have to fight them together!”

“Let’s join hands, quick! Form a formation to defend against these powerful dark souls.”

Someone clamoured. A disaster had befallen them. Thus, this was the moment that they had to be united. This was a life-and-death situation, any grudges among them would be pointless now. After all, their lives were the most important of all. The army of dark souls was too brutal and terrifying, thus it was impossible to fight them alone. They had to collectively deal with these dark Souls, and only through it could they reduce their casualties to the lowest level.

“Get lost, this is the territory of our Skyhill School, you lowly odd cultivators want to seek protection from us?”

An Eighth Grade Combat Emperor from the Skyhill School threw a kick to those approaching odd cultivators, sending them flying away. The disciples of the Skyhill School had combined and formed a big formation to engage the dark souls in a battle.


Someone swore. They felt very infuriated by the action of the Skyhill School’s disciple.



At this time, a resounding dragon roar was heard. A big st.u.r.dy yellow dog flew up to the sky. It straightaway crushed a dozen dark souls and came before the Skyhill School’s group and bellowed, “Our enemy is ahead of us, everyone has to unite. If your Skyhill School wants to be excluded, Master Dog will be the first to eliminate you all.”

Big Yellow’s Qi was domineering. He had to stand out this time. There were also odd cultivators and cultivators of intermediate and minor powers which weren’t powerless. Big Yellow had to gather as many hearts as possible for Jiang Chen in this situation. Its purpose was for the preparation of Jiang Chen’s path in the future.

His friends had to admit that although Big Yellow was usually careless, he was sharp at times. He was a brainy dude. His prompt action had instantly created a sense of grat.i.tude from the odd cultivators.

“Mother! He can still be thoughtful at a times like this. The Skyhill School―one of the major powers―is too selfish just like a pig.”

“Yeah, Big Yellow is right. We should unite, or else we won’t be able to live before we leave this place.”

“That is Jiang Chen’s dog. Although Jiang Chen is a cruel man, he had achieved great great things.”


The disciples of the Skyhill School had suddenly become the target of scorn by everyone. Big Yellow’s sudden action had improved their impression of Jiang Chen by a few times.

The faces of the Skyhill School’s disciples turned ugly, especially the Eighth Grade Combat Emperor who sent the kick just now. He gritted his teeth and looked at Big Yellow but didn’t dare to say anything. This dog was very scary. He wasn’t his opponent at all. Furthermore, this dog was backed by Jiang Chen. Also, those odd cultivators’ scornful att.i.tude had made him realise his mistakes. If they chose to offend the public, it would do them no good.

*Hong Long*

The initially calm spatial zone had exploded and became a regional battlefield. This was something none of them had expected. The amount of dark souls were increasing even more. Many more powerful dark souls had emerged. Some of the dark souls were powerful enough to kill an Eighth Grade Combat Emperor by relying on the environment, thus the cultivators predicament was truly terrifying.

*Argh* *Argh* *Argh*

Wails began to fill the atmosphere. The human cultivators were falling one after another. Mult.i.tude of disciples had already died not long after the battle started. Their united strength was useless to such an overwhelming army of dark souls. Most of their hearts were in despair. They had already lost the will to fight for their survival.

It was a warning that no cultivator higher than the Eighth Grade Combat Emperor were allowed to enter the Death Mountain, if they did enter, a calamity would occur. It was a disaster for everyone in the entire Mysterious Domain.

On the other side, Tyrant and his team were killing the dark souls wantonly, but since the dark souls outnumbered them, they started to feel as if their hands were bound. Tyrant was the most outstanding among them in handling these dark souls as he used The Edifying Light’s power to deal with them. He had edified more than a dozen of them and commanded them to fight the other dark souls. Once the edified dark soul died, he would edify a new one. However, there was something lacking. He was merely a Fourth Grade Combat Emperor, so his Edifying Light couldn’t be performed effectively.

“Tyrant, The Edifying Light is truly awesome! And your Buddha Sect’s skills are truly effective on these dark souls!”

Nangong Wentian praised Tyrant.

“If this continues, the number of dark souls will only increase. Everyone of us here will be dead sooner or later.”

Tyrant had already antic.i.p.ated the development and outcome of their current situation. This time, he had to do something or else today would really be a disaster.

“Tyrant, what do you have in mind?”

Big Yellow asked.

“All of you, come near me.”

Tyrant yelled. Big Yellow and the rest didn’t dare to delay. They trusted Tyrant very much. He was the disciple of Buddha Sect who could cast The Edifying Light―the bane of all these dark souls.

“Help me kill those dark souls that are rus.h.i.+ng forward.”

Tyrant ordered them. Later, he waved his big hand, then a brilliant blood-red light rose to the sky. Instantly, the blood-red light turned into a golden one. That was a pure Buddha Light. Everyone saw a giant monument appearing in the sky.


Tyrant shouted. He shot his Edifying Light at the monument. Next, he took down his robe and Buddha beads, and hung it on the monument. All of a sudden―at the centre of the monument―golden lights shot out in all directions. These lights turned into a huge golden s.h.i.+eld that blocked all the dark souls from coming forward.

“Listen! Everyone must enter the light s.h.i.+eld now!”

Tyrant’s voice was sent out clearly. Everyone’s eyes had turned over to Tyrant’s place. Who would dare to stay in their positions any longer? They flew towards the light s.h.i.+eld hastily. The dark souls here were too scary and outnumbered them greatly, there was no way they could handle them.

Tyrant’s light s.h.i.+eld had a radius of three hundred meters―enough to fit everyone in. Tyrant used the monument to reflect the light in order to form an enormous light s.h.i.+eld, stopping the continuous attacks of the dark souls.