Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 695 – Visualization

Chapter 695 – Visualization


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After a day, cultivators from the first to the eighth floor had left. Most of them had obtained great benefits, especially the intermediary and the minor powers, they had obtained some powerful combat techniques and arts’ parchments. Their foundation would grow stronger after those combat techniques were cultivated.

On the ninth floor of the ancient tower, Jiang Chen and Tyrant were as before. They hadn’t found an opening for the hollow part of the statue. Big Yellow was bored to death. He was lying on the floor, about to fall asleep. Nangong Wentian was studying the Boundless Star Formation technique. As for Guo Shao Fei, he was putting all of his concentration on the Indistinct Sword Art. Both of them didn’t feel that time was slowly pa.s.sing by. On the other hand, Mo Sang felt uninterested in the parchments here. Also, the Sanskrit on the Buddha Statue gave him an uncomfortable feeling.

“Big Yellow, you stay here and guard them, I will make a move first.”

After saying that, Mo Sang had left the tower and headed to the direction of another spatial zone. With Big Yellow around, the four of them could enter the meditative state without worrying that someone would make a surprise attack on them. Two of the Eighth Grade Combat Emperors of the Tan Family had died, it had given them a blow. Why would they still want to seek them for trouble blindly? That would be no different to seeking death.

*Weng Weng*

Jiang Chen’s spiritual force and Tyrant’s Buddha light were intertwined together. They were finding their own solution, attempting to obtain The Edifying Light. To Jiang Chen, ordinary combat techniques and arts would not attract him, but this Light had greatly attracted him. If he had the chance to cultivate it, it would bring huge benefits. At that time, he could use the Light to subdue all the devils, and command them.

It was undoubtedly a very difficult task to obtain The Edifying Light. But Jiang Chen and Tyrant didn’t give up. They were determined to believe that this Buddha Statue wasn’t simply put on the ninth floor for no reason, there had to be a cultivation method here.

As swift as a wink, a day had pa.s.sed. At this moment, the ancient tower was empty. Everyone had already left after seizing all the valuable materials. Nangong Wentian and Guo Shao Fei were totally immersed in the process of cultivating their combat techniques. Big Yellow was senselessly pacing back and forth on the floor and turned to check out on Jiang Chen and Tyrant at random times. He was disappointed every time. These two dudes were sitting here like fossil rocks, not even having a single sign of waking up soon. It seemed that they hadn’t found the cultivation method of The Edifying Light yet.

Jiang Chen’s spiritual force had already condensed into an incorporeal form, scanning the entire body of the Buddha Statue for unlimited times. All of a sudden, his spiritual force trembled strongly. There was a crack on the intact Buddha Statue right at the centre, between its eyes.


A strong buzzing sound was heard. Jiang Chen had no idea whether Tyrant had found the cultivation method, but his spiritual force drilled inside of it like a tidal water.

Inside the Buddha Statue was actually an empty spatial zone. It was like an illusion that didn’t seem to truly exist. Jiang Chen had cultivated the Illusion Heart Sutra. Thus, he could instantly conclude that this spatial zone was just an illusion.

Jiang Chen’s spiritual force and Divine Sense had fully entered the illusory zone.

Inside here was calm, blue skies and white clouds were above, but suddenly, sinister winds howled and a rumbling sound started to ring. A fierce gale started, black fogs were seen and endless black waves had blotted the skies and sun, even the whole zone seemed like a scene from an apocalypse.


The sound of roar, howl and wild laughter filled the atmosphere. In an instant, the entire spatial zone was congested with devils and ghosts with scary faces and bare fangs and claws. Countless of them started to wreak havoc in this piece of land. In a few breaths’ of time, everything here was destroyed completely and the ground was covered with devil aura.

There was an ancient devil roar that was heard from three hundred meters away. It was a giant enchanted by the devil. It was half a dozen meters tall without any clothes, continuing to roar hoa.r.s.ely at the sky.

This was an extremely eerie scene. A normal human’s mind and body would be completely consumed by it. One would die because of extreme fright as the scene was just too real, as if the spatial zone was a reality. Only some people like Jiang Chen who had cultivated the Great Illusion Realm could see through the deceiving images in this illusion. Also, only he, the reincarnation of the Greatest Saint was able to maintain his composure under these circ.u.mstances.

“Na Mo A Li Ye!”

At this time, a sound of an ancient chant was sent from Heavens. Infinite golden Buddha light suddenly appeared above the sky of the spatial zone. Lines of mysterious Sanskrit emerged. Below them were the devils that ruined the land. After being exposed to the golden Buddha Light and hearing the ancient chant, they quickly raised their heads up. Their eyes were filled with fear. They gritted their teeth and grievously howled.

A supreme Buddha appeared in the sky, his body was covered with a golden light from head to toe. He was wearing a Sanskrit robe, but his face was blurry.

That was the Buddha, the Supreme Being in Buddha Sect. After he appeared, he waved and produced an infinite G.o.dly light. These lights separated into many others that landed on the devils like a spotlight. At this instant, all of the devil aura was suppressed, as if the world had been reverted back to its original condition. Those devils whined bitterly and painfully as though they had encountered an unbeatable rival and the fear in their eyes never disappeared.

Jiang Chen’s Divine Sense and spiritual force turned into an illusion and drifted to a corner of the spatial zone silently. His eyes didn’t blink while staring at the Buddha. Until now, he had already wisely understood that the cultivation method of The Edifying Light required one to visualize. He wanted to record every move of the Buddha in his mind, to recall it in his visualization after that.

The Buddha moved, his mouth was chanting without pause, “Nan Mo he Luo Da Na. Duo Luo Ye Ye.”

The Buddha had spat out the profound Sanskrit. Jiang Chen saw it very clearly. A brilliant light as bright as lightning shot out from the fingertip of the Buddha, gliding like a serpent. This ray of light was like the representation of the Supreme Being of the Heaven. It represented light and holiness, totally inhibiting all the blasphemy one might have.

“The Edifying Light.”

Jiang Chen exclaimed. He knew that this supreme light was The Edifying Light. His gaze wasn’t distracted by anything at all, it was fully condensed by his spiritual force and Divine Sense, focusing on the light.

The blurry face of the Buddha turned and looked at Jiang Chen after casting The Edifying Light. Then, the Buddha waved his big hand, a ray of the edifying light flew out, its width gradually became larger like a brilliant sharp sword. It moved at an extreme speed, piercing countless of devils’ bodies in the blink of an eye.

After a few breaths, The Edifying Light disappeared. All the devils didn’t dare to act brutally anymore, they had turned docile. Large groups of devils started to kneel down, continuingly wors.h.i.+pping the Buddha. Eventually, even the giant devil who was far away knelt down. Their faces were filled with pure sincerity and their eyes were filled with repentance.

This scene shocked Jiang Chen. He was deeply startled by the power of The Edifying Light. These devils were all edified by The Edifying Light of the Buddha. After they were edified, they started to realize their wrongdoings in the past, all the wrong deeds that were evil, sinful and unforgivable. It was the Buddha who had saved them. From now on, they would become the volunteered followers of the Buddha, entirely listening to his instructions.

This was way too amazing. If Jiang Chen could possess this Edifying Light, he could use it to edify even a very powerful devil, totally subduing it. It would then be completely loyal to him. Thinking about that divine thought was intoxicating and adrenaline-rus.h.i.+ng.

All the devils knelt before the Supreme Buddha. He was the Buddha that had saved the world. He was the legendary Gautama Buddha, the savior of the world. He had recovered the world’s peace and nature from the nearly destroyed world.

Jiang Chen was wholly immersed in that Edifying Light. Before he could really respond, the Buddha and all the devils disappeared with a ‘Hua La’, as if nothing had happened in this place. The entire place had returned to its normal environment. Even those ruined areas were as perfect as before.

His illusion condensed by spiritual force and Divine Sense didn’t leave the spatial zone, he sat cross-legged, combining with the Buddha Statue and started to digest the past Edifying Light.

Each and every one of the Buddha’s movement was replaying in his mind.

Big Yellow saw Jiang Chen’s movement and his eyes sparkled. “Seems like this dude has found the cultivation method. The light in Tyrant’s body also turned brighter, I think he too has found it. This two abnormal beings…”

Big Yellow could detect the changes of Jiang Chen and Tyrant. This was the first change that he had seen these past two days. Big Yellow had reason to believe that they had already acquired the cultivation method of The Edifying Light. This was indeed a thrilling matter mainly because after they had succeeded, he wouldn’t have to stay here and guard them anymore.

Nonetheless, the truth wasn’t as simple as what Big Yellow thought. They might have found the cultivation method, but they would not awaken in a short period of time. Both of them were as still as fossils and in a flash of an eye, a day has pa.s.sed.

It had been three days since they started digesting The Edifying Light and finally Jiang Chen’s finger started to have unusual motions. A large amount of Buddha light appeared on his body, seemingly as pure as Tyrant. Rays of brilliant light began to condense on his fingertip, gradually becoming denser.