Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 680 – Joint Killing

Chapter 680 – Joint Killing

Joint Killing

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“Not good!”

That person shouted in his heart. There was a big formation hidden in the spatial zone which forced him out of it, thus he reappeared in the battlefield. He turned and saw Nangong Wentian holding his big azure blue ruler and was charging at him like a peerless mad man.

*Pu Chi*

However, the thing that took his life wasn’t Nangong Wentian, it was a long sword. He could feel the vibration in his body and was compelled to lower his head to look at it. He saw a long sword that was stained with his fresh blood that pierced through his body. He was terrified, he could feel his vital force disappearing gradually. It was an unprecedented terror that he had yet to experience, it was the feeling of someone nearing his death.

Anyhow, he was an Eighth Grade Combat Emperor but he didn’t even notice someone behind him until the last moment of his death. He didn’t even clearly see who was the killer that made a sneak attack on his back.

The Heavenly Saint Sword trembled, bursting all the internal organs inside his body. Blood and pieces of organs splashed in all directions, the disciple died instantly. The man behind him was Jiang Chen. He and Big Yellow controlled the entire formation and could emerge anywhere at anytime. Those who chose to escape, chose to die as well.

Nangong Wentian was so angry he felt his nose was turning crooked after seeing his target killed by Jiang Chen.

“Little Chen, that man was mine! If you hadn’t attacked, I would have slapped him to death!”

Nangong Wentian felt a little depressed and cursed Jiang Chen for robbing his prey.

“I truly believe that you could slap this man to death, but isn’t it true that I’ve also helped you save your energy?”

Jiang Chen chuckled at Nangong Wentian.

Another Eighth Grade Combat Emperor was dead, he was killed by Jiang Chen’s sword. There was only one left, except for Yan Hui, on the battlefield and he had suffered serious injuries because of Han Yan’s wild and explosive attacks. Seeing his two comrades die, he was dispirited and didn’t dare to stay any longer, he did the same thing as one of his comrades did; he flee.



There wasn’t anything different that happened on this man’s fate. His entire body drilled into the spatial zone and was forced out by the big formation. Before he could react, he felt a heavy thing crash into his back, so hard that it felt like a mountain was crus.h.i.+ng him. He was caught off guard and his heart was instantly crushed.


He spurted blood. Before he had the chance to see who was behind him, his body was thrown away back into the battlefield. He had totally lost his ability to fight, marking his end. He saw a big ruler in front of him, it slapped his head to the ground and he lost consciousness.

Nangong Wentian managed to kill one, improving his mood. The one who attacked that man from behind was a st.u.r.dy big yellow dog that was baring its teeth. That attack was undoubtedly from his head, invincibly hard.

“His mother! This is quite thrilling!”

Nangong Wentian was very excited. He had never fought alongside his brothers for a very long time. Now, they were reunited and had fought in battle, their tacit cooperation was still as sharp.

As the saying goes, ‘Brothers of one mind could easily break through gold.’ They could overrun the place when they were in the Eastern Continent. Now they could do the same here in the Divine Continent.

The sudden death of the three Eighth Grade Combat Emperors stirred up the crowd’s emotions. The battle was too intense. The faces of those disciples from the Freedom Palace were gloomy, worrying that Jiang Chen would turn and get rid of them.

The Freedom Palace had suffered great losses today, they had lost three Eighth Grade Combat Emperors. Moreover, one of them was their leader for this expedition, Li Long. They were afraid that most of the Eighth Grade Combat Emperor core disciples who entered the Death Mountain had died, even if there were some left, they would only be the elders.

“Ruthless… Those three men were dreary. Those dignified Eighth Grade Combat Emperors didn’t even have the chance to escape.”

“Have you all realized? Jiang Chen and them were a good team back then, their strategies to defeat their opponents were perfect. Jiang Chen and that dog are well-versed in formations and have set up a big formation, sealing the entire spatial zone which prevented their opponents from escaping. Eventually, ending their opponents’ lives one by one.”

“This is a fearsome team. They are all the cream of the crop. I believe that it won’t take long for them to conquer a part of the Mysterious Domain.”


Everyone’s shocked feeling was stirred up. From today onwards, many of them had to remember this team. This was a crazy and ruthless team, the Mysterious Domain wouldn’t be peaceful with their presence.

On the other side, Mo Sang and Yan Hui were still battling. When Yan Hui noticed the situation on the other side, his facial expression changed. The dramatic change had obviously affected Yan Hui that it caused him to confusedly deflect Mo Sang’s attack.

“Let’s go together and get rid of him.”

Jiang Chen pointed at Yan Hui and said coldly.

As soon as his voice faded, Han Yan and Nangong Wentian rushed into the battlefield. They joined Mo Sang and surrounded Yan Hui. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow stood on two sides of the battlefield. The battlefield was completely locked down by them, not even giving Yan Hui a chance to escape.

“Million Stars Ruler!”

“Blood Devil Blade!”

Nangong Wentian and Han Yan attacked at the same time since dealing with Yan Hui wasn’t the same as it was with the others, they had to give all of their strengths and focus on it. The powerful Mo Sang summoned a sharp combat spear in his hand, its surface was lingering with a thick devil aura.

Three combat weapons were coming from three different directions, intending to shred Yan Hui into pieces.


Yan Hui wailed. He now regretted his intention to kill Jiang Chen. Back when Li Long was killed, he didn’t take the chance to leave until Mo Sang appeared, which signified his death.

It was truly beyond his expectation that Han Yan and Nangong Wentian were so powerful, especially Han Yan. Three Eighth Grade Combat Emperors died under their hands. Han Yan was at the peak of the Seventh Grade Combat Emperor, adding his Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline, his combat strength was strong enough to suppress Yan Hui. Today’s incident had totally confused Yan Hui’s thoughts. Adding to the fact that his opponents suddenly increased to three, how would he be able to defend himself?

However, he still had to defend it regardless of any situation. The long sword rippled as it was summoned in his hand, the entire battlefield was filled with the aura of a sharp sword.

*Hong Long*

All the attacks collided together. They had to admit that Yan Hui was very strong, but his opponents were stronger and the impact exploded in the battlefield, destroying a lot of spatial zones. Yan Hui was. .h.i.t, spurting blood. His Qi was in a mess.

“Kill him!”

Jiang Chen shouted ruthlessly. His vital spirit made him look like an undefeatable general. He could control the entire situation even if he didn’t partic.i.p.ate in the battle.

Han Yan and his other two friends launched another joint attack. The cold light was dazzling. The attacks were all highly destructive, it was even enough to destroy a part of the place. The terrifying destructive attack drowned Yan Hui. Mo Sang found it intoxicating to kill a Skyhill School genius, and a figure on the Sky Ranking at that.

When the wave of attacks ended, Yan Hui had become a b.l.o.o.d.y man. Although he could still stand there, he had completely lost his combat strength. His long sword was already dropped, even his body was shaking. At this moment, he was incapable of escaping even if the spatial zone wasn’t sealed by the big formation.

“Finish, Yan Hui is finished. This group of people are too brutal.”

“Ruthless! This Jiang Chen has offended the Freedom Palace and the Skyhill School, but because he still has the support of the Nebula Sect and the Dark Devil Religion, he don’t need to worry about it.”

“It’s too bad that Yan Hui, one of the great geniuses, died in the Death Mountain. However, he can’t blame anyone for this because he was the one who initiated the fight.”


Many were muttering about the incident. There were many disciples of the Skyhill School that were present. Their faces were full of fiery anger when they saw that Yan Hui was going to be killed. However, their anger couldn’t do much to help. None of them dared to stand out because they knew very clearly that it wouldn’t make any difference even if they stood out. How could they fight Jiang Chen’s group if even Yan Hui was defeated?

Until now, many people started to understand the fact, and they had to constantly remind themselves about this: this Jiang Chen was a being which they couldn’t afford to offend. Whoever offended him wouldn’t have a pleasant ending. Although he was only a Second Grade Combat Emperor, he was constantly creating miracles. Even an Eighth Grade Combat Emperor was killed by him.

Yan Hui was dying, Jiang Chen walked slowly to him and said emotionlessly. “Yan Hui, I haven’t had any conflicts with the Skyhill School and have saved some of your disciples. I really don’t know why you choose to oppose me along with Li Long, but since you have made your decision, you have to pay for your actions.”

“Jiang Chen you will die unpleasantly. The Skyhill School and Freedom Palace won’t forgive you.”

Yan Hui knew that he would die and didn’t try to beg for his life, and did the opposite: threatening Jiang Chen. However, his heart felt some regrets despite saying those threats, it was the same as what Jiang Chen had said. He wasn’t in any conflict with him. If he didn’t pair up with Li Long, the result wouldn’t be like this. Even if he couldn’t befriend Jiang Chen, he didn’t have to be his enemy.

However, it was too late. Sometimes when one chooses to do something, one has to bear the consequences created from that action even if the gravity of the situation was beyond his expectations.

“You think that this kind of threat will work against me? I dared to offend Freedom Palace, did that imply that I will be afraid of you? Die now and be a sensible man in your next life.”

Jiang Chen waved his arm and the Heavenly Saint Sword slashed off Yan Hui’s head. He didn’t like being kind to his enemies and definitely didn’t want to leave any chances of survival for them.

The battlefield was in ruins. The initially holy spatial zone was filled with the stench of blood. The Freedom Palace and Skyhill School had suffered great losses, even the leaders of the two major powers were dead. For the following days in the expedition, the disciples of the Freedom Palace and Skyhill School had to be very cautious with their actions if they see Jiang Chen around. Should they offend this cold-blooded tyrant, Jiang Chen would simply draw his sword and slash them and that would be a death in vain. Even if they wanted to seek revenge on him, they had to wait until they were out of the Death Mountain.