Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 678 – The Killing Intent had been Ignited

Chapter 678 – The Killing Intent had been Ignited

The Killing Intent had been Ignited

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In such a moment of life-and-death emergency, what Jiang Chen did was not to show his maximum Qi or any powerful combat techniques. Instead, he brought out a broken pot. Everyone was dumbfounded.

Li Long who was showing his domineering aura was stunned for a while as he also had no clue about what this guy was thinking.

‘Is he thinking of fighting me using this broken pot? Is he insulting me? It had to be it. A tiny Second Grade Combat Emperor, an insect, actually dared to look down on him? This was unacceptable.’

He swore silently that he wouldn’t let Jiang Chen die comfortably, he had to let him know the repercussions of insulting him in public. He would catch him and torture him immensely until he died.

Aside from the surprised people, there was another group of people who had witnessed the terrifying power of the broken pot. They were the people who were trapped by the magma river before this. Some might feel stunned, some might laugh at him thinking that this might be a joke, but for them, it was frightening. They wiped off a trickle of cold sweat for Li Long, no one could tell how powerful the magma was unless they had seen it personally.

Tyrant and Big Yellow’s eyes narrowed into a slit. They were looking forward to the miserable condition that would happen to Li Long.


A sound rumbled. Li Long waved his hand and casted a giant palm seal, shattering the nearby spatial zone and lunged at Jiang Chen, trying to envelop him completely.

*Hong Long*

At this instant, a stronger rumbling sound was heard, it came from the broken pot. The supposedly silent broken pot had turned into a red boiling kettle after Jiang Chen’s continuous instillation of Yuan Force. When Li Long’s giant palm seal reached Jiang Chen, a red magma pillar shot out of the broken pot. It carried howls and roars and turned into a magma dragon.

The emergence of the magma dragon raised the temperature of the sky instantly, even the air was burnt. The wild magma dragon was moving very fast. The giant palm seal of Li Long was destroyed completely by the terrifying attack and the heat of the magma.

The magma dragon didn’t stop moving after getting rid of the giant palm seal, it reached Li Long in a blink of an eye.


Li Long shouted out of surprise. His face was full of fear because he could already feel the intense danger and the Qi of death coming from the magma dragon. This kind of Qi even trembled his soul. He had no doubt that if he received the attack from the magma dragon directly, he would definitely die and there wouldn’t be any miracle or luck that could provide another outcome.

*Hong Long*

Without waiting for Li Long to flee, the magma dragon exploded all of a sudden. The explosive force was so great that it caused Li Long to spurt blood. The magma dragon turned into a sea of magma, totally engulfing Li Long. He was now immersed into the magma sea.


A wail of misery was heard from the sea of magma. That particular spatial zone was burnt into a black hole. Li Long’s shriek raised goose b.u.mps to everyone. After a few breaths, his Qi wasn’t detected anymore.

At this moment, everyone held their breaths. They couldn’t believe what they had just seen. Those disciples of Freedom Palace left their mouths wide-open, with eyes full of fear and fright. Under the eyes of everyone, the magma in the sky dissipated gradually along with Li Long.

Without a doubt, Li Long disappeared. He was attacked by the magma and was turned into tiny bits and completely vanished. The crowd was severely affected by the loss.

A wave of silence rushed through the crowd, a lot of them were still trapped in the image of Li Long’s death. A powerful Eighth Grade Combat Emperor was killed just like that. Not even his remains were left, he vanished thoroughly and completely.

The people’ eyes were now fixed on the broken pot in Jiang Chen’s hands, their mockery and underestimation for this pot faded. What kind of treasure could that broken pot be? How could it be so powerful that it could instantly kill an Eighth Grade Combat Emperor?

They finally understood why Jiang Chen was so confident at the beginning, that he actually ran to Li Ling willingly. It was because he had such a powerful trump card in his hand and that made him unafraid of Li Long.

“This is shocking. Too frightening, that the broken pot is so powerful that it can kill an Eighth Grade Combat Emperor in split seconds. It is overly powerful.”

“I have no idea where Jiang Chen got such a heaven defying treasure. It is too shameful for Li Long to die under Jiang Chen’s hands.”

“The Freedom Palace have suffered another great loss. Li Long was their leader in this expedition to the Death Mountain. Now that their leader is killed, it meant that Freedom Palace has lost its eligibility as one of the five major powers.”

“Watch out, the battle isn’t over yet. Yan Hui is still alive. The Skyhill School and Freedom Palace still have a few Eighth Grade Combat Emperors in place. I have no idea how many times Jiang Chen’s broken pot can work.”


Everyone was in a state of shock. Jiang Chen’s broken pot was so shocking that it caused the skin of their heads to feel numb.

The people who were worried for Jiang Chen such as Nangong Wentian, Zuo Ling Er and some of his friends felt very shocked at the battle. The disciples of Nebula Sect were cheering for Jiang Chen. They initially felt furious seeing how Li Long and Yan Hui bullied Jiang Chen as none of their Eighth Grade Combat Emperors were here. Now that Jiang Chen had shown his great strength and killed Li Long, it had really helped them relieve their suppressed feelings, making them feel so much better.

The person who felt the most shock was Yan Hui. He was the closest to the center of the battle and was the one who saw the whole battle clearly. He also felt the terrifying Qi that exploded from the magma, it was a dangerous Qi: a Qi of death.

Li Long’s death brought Yan Hui’s enthusiasm and confidence to rock bottom. He was looking frighteningly at Jiang Chen’s broken pot. If the broken pot was aimed at him, the consequences were unimaginable. He was afraid that he would suffer the same fate as Li Long.

“Unaware of one’s own limitations.”

Jiang Chen said in a plain tone and kept the broken pot instantly. In truth, that powerful attack was beyond his expectation. He expected it to defeat Li Long in one attack but he didn’t expect it to incinerate his entire body until nothing was left. It seemed that no one below the Minor Saint could withstand this attack. Jiang Chen guessed that even a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor would face the same result.

This was also the reason why Jiang Chen chose to keep the broken pot and not use it to deal with Yan Hui. It could only be used three times. Since it was used once already, it means that it could only be used two more times. Jiang Chen valued this very much and he would only use it during critical times. Li Long had already been eliminated. There was only Yan Hui, thus he wouldn't the broken pot anymore except if the other Eight Grade cultivators joined the fight.

“Do you still want to get rid of me?”

Jiang Chen turned and looked at Yan Hui.

“Humph! Jiang Chen, I’m sure your treasure over there can only be used once, right? You have killed Li Long with it and how are you supposed to fight me?”

Yan Hui revealed a cold smile. He was certain that Jiang Chen’s broken pot could only be used one time, otherwise, Jiang Chen would have aimed the broken pot at him given his character of not leaving any troubles behind. Him keeping the broken pot was out of his expectation.

“Then you should try to do it.”

Jiang Chen said plainly. He was now thinking about the Heavenly Earth Pure Soil under the herb garden, he wasn’t that eager to battle with Yan Hui. It would be better if Yan Hui feared his broken pot and backed away.

It wasn’t because Jiang Chen didn’t want to kill Yan Hui. As one of Jiang Chen’s enemies, he would not get any mercy from him. Nonetheless, Yan Hui had a very strong combat strength and he still had three Eighth Grade Combat Emperors with him, so there were four Eighth Grade cultivators in total. Their combined strength was formidable. Without the help of his broken pot, with only Han Yan and Nangong Wentian’s power, they would be no match for them. At that time, Yan Hui wouldn’t be killed. In that case, he might as well use another way to avoid the battle and talk through it later after getting the Heavenly Earth Pure Soil.

Of course, if Yan Hui was very determined to fight a battle, it would be another case.

“Brother Yan, this guy is only bl.u.s.tering. Like you said, that treasure can only be used once. Therefore, killing him now is more than easy.”

An Eighth Grade Combat Emperor of the Skyhill School said.

“We can combine our strengths and avenge brother Li.”

The other two Eighth Grade Combat Emperors were disciples of Freedom Palace, they gritted their teeth and said. Jiang Chen’s performance was too frightening. Even Li Long was killed by him. If this guy wasn’t gotten rid of, it would become an uncontrollable malady in the future.

Yan Hui’s eyes were glaring like a torch. After making judgments about his opponents in his heart, a murderous aura started to spill out of his body. He wanted to kill Jiang Chen. It wasn’t because they had become enemies or Jiang Chen was growing too fast. It was mostly because they couldn’t miss Nangong Wentian, a great medicinal treasure body.

“Jiang Chen, today is the day of your death. You and these people will have to die, none of you will be allowed to live.”

Yan Hui’s murderous aura became visible. He was sure that Jiang Chen didn’t have any more backups. Thus, he had to take this opportunity to kill him. Furthermore, if he backed away without a proper reason, it would be shameful.

The other three Eighth Grade Combat Emperors were also bursting with murderous aura, locking onto Jiang Chen’s Qi. It seemed that Jiang Chen could not escape this time.

Jiang Chen shook his head after seeing this. Since these people wanted to die so badly, he didn’t need to show them any mercy.

At the moment Jiang Chen was readying to take out his broken pot, a silhouette suddenly shot out from far away. That person was covered with a dense devil aura and had a very strong Qi. He was the genius of the Dark Devil Religion, Mo Sang.

His arrival immediately stopped Jiang Chen from using the broken pot, and instead, it made him feel the need to kill Yan Hui personally.

Jiang Chen quickly conversed with Han Yan with Divine Sense. “Ah Yan, let this man block Yan Hui and we will then combine our strength to fight them all. We’ll not allow even one to leave.”

Jiang Chen’s killing intent was ignited. Since Yan Hui didn’t know how to treasure a good chance, they shouldn’t leave now, but instead stay here forever. Whoever opposed Jiang Chen wouldn’t have a favourable ending.