Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 645 – Violent and Domineering

Chapter 645 – Violent and Domineering

Violent and Domineering

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Hu Song was so pitiful to be completely humiliated by a dog. Most of the people had already acknowledged Big Yellow’s ability as they had already seen what he could do.. Previously, when he was at Huang Ling Desert, he could already fight a First Grade Devil Emperor when he was merely a Ninth Grade Demon King. Now that he had advanced to a First Grade Demon Emperor, it would be a simple for him to fight or even defeat Hu Song.

Most of them heaved a sigh, but no one showed sympathy to Hu Song, because they felt that he got himself into trouble deliberately. Jiang Chen had injured the chief steward but he was neither being punished nor taken by someone. It meant that the chief steward was nothing compared to a rare genius like Jiang Chen. Regardless of that, the Hu brothers still tried to enrage Jiang Chen without heeding the warning, wasn’t this equal to seeking death? Jiang Chen’s means of killing was cruel, showing that he wasn’t a being that anyone could afford to offend.

This was all due to the lack of understanding of one’s limit and ability.

After Big Yellow completed the task given by Jiang Chen, he simply went somewhere on the ground and looked up to Jiang Chen and Man Hong, he didn’t even bother to look at the immobile man anymore.

At the moment, Jiang Chen and Man Hong hadn’t started fighting yet. Their eyes were fixed on Big Yellow and Hu Song below them. Jiang Chen smirked after seeing Hu Song’s condition, he was not even concerned about Hu Song’s health. He thought that Hu Song deserved it for interrupting him in the middle of his seclusion, which obstructed the process of his enlightenment. Such a punishment was deemed to be light, given the crime he had committed. If this didn’t happen in the sect, the Hu brothers would be dead by now.

“Jiang Chen, your ways are very cruel to our fellow brothers. Don’t you have any respect for the rules of the sect?”

Man Hong barked at Jiang Chen. He admitted to himself that he was a famous and fierce cultivator in the sect. His techniques were cruel, but it still couldn’t compare to Jiang Chen’s. The young man in front of him got infuriated and violent, and proceeded to cripple the offender just because he kicked the door. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s actions weren’t any different from a murderer. Hu Lai had been entirely crippled due to the serious injury of his Sea of Qi, the pain was even more excruciating than death. The same thing happened to Hu Song. Perhaps, his situation may be a little different as he was already a Combat Emperor, which was a lot better than a crippled man. Though he couldn’t advance his grade further even if he was healed, but at least he had could stay in that level for the rest of his life.

“I’ll accept whatever the sect will do to me, but these are all caused by you guys. There isn’t an exception as to whether you’re a core disciple or not, you’ll still face the same result as them.”

Jiang Chen’s tone was cold. He knew the exact intention of Man Hong’s arrival today. That was to fight him. In that case, he didn’t need to beat around the bush but just to simply start the battle. If Man Hong wasn’t following them here, the two Hu brothers wouldn’t have enough courage to step into Jiang Chen’s compound, it was also due to Man Hong’s arrival that caused Jiang Chen to lose the rare opportunity of enlightenment. It was an enlightenment that could transform his Dragon Transformation Art. After the transformation, he could easily advance his grade to Second Grade Combat Emperor or even to Third Grade Combat Emperor.

Now, all the effort he had put went in vain. He might not be able to encounter an opportunity for such a transformation even if he reached the Second Grade Combat Emperor, in fact, the next time it would appear was unknown or it could never appear again. In other words, Man Hong was the main culprit of all these happenings. Jiang Chen wouldn’t let this opponent comfortably leave after committing such a serious crime, he must definitely pay a great price for it.

“Jiang Chen, your mouth is quite big. A newly advanced First Grade Combat Emperor dares to speak to me like that? The fact that you’re a super genius doesn’t reduce the gap of power between you and me. Today, I’ll take action on behalf of the sect. I’ll let you understand the sect’s rules. You’ve seriously injured our brothers, thus you’ll be punished heavily.”

Man Hong raged. He released the Qi of a Fourth Grade Combat Emperor from his body. His eyes were locked on Jiang Chen. He had never seen such an arrogant young man. There were many geniuses in Nebula Sect, especially the core disciples. There were different kinds of proud disciples that were so full of themselves and he was also one of them, but Jiang Chen’s behaviour was the most presumptuous and violent. Especially his words and actions. Now, there were a lot of disciples standing below them, if he didn’t teach Jiang Chen a lesson today, he wouldn’t have a place to put his face anymore.


Jiang Chen didn’t bother to reply Man Hong’s foolish statement. He casted his True Dragon Palm and a giant blood red dragon claw appeared in the sky, and charged at Man Hong. Forty thousand dragon marks were vibrating in Jiang Chen’s body, continuously providing him unlimited energy. After becoming a Combat Emperor, the speed of conversion of the Dragon Transformation Art’s energy increased drastically, thus enhancing his combat strength to a scary level.

“Heavenly Horse Meteor Punch!”

Man Hong shouted. He waved and made a punch. His punch was very powerful and was as fast as meteor shower, colliding with True Dragon Palm in the blink of an eye.

*Hong Long*

Two terrifying attacks collided together, crumbling the spatial zone instantly. A cold and chilly wind leaked out of the cracks of the spatial zone, making the onlookers feel extraordinarily chilled.

*Deng* *Deng*

Under the great force, Man Hong was forced to make two steps backwards to find his balance. On the contrary, Jiang Chen didn’t move, he just stood there unaffected.


The scene made Man Hong exclaim in shock, he couldn’t believe his eyes. Jiang Chen was just a newly advanced First Grade Combat Emperor, but his combat strength was terrifying. One attack from Jiang Chen could make him unstable and push him back.

“Scary. In only three days, brother Jiang has become so powerful that he can push Man Hong,a Fourth Grade Combat Emperor, back.”

“I think that this is normal. Everyone knows how ferocious and extraordinary brother Jiang is. He is able to defeat the chief steward who is a Third Grade Combat Emperor when he was merely a Ninth Grade Combat King. Now that he has stepped into the Combat Emperor realm, defeating a Fourth Grade Combat Emperor isn’t impossible for him. Brother Jiang is not only a being that can initiate disaster, but he is also a truly monstrous talent, he is incomparable to Man Hong.”

“Let’s see, Man Hong isn’t an easy opponent either. He is a core disciple after all. Even if brother Jiang can defeat him, crippling him won’t be as easy as he said.”


People on the scene were shocked once more. Jiang Chen was too powerful. His speed of growth was too fast. When Lan Yi first saw him in Huang Ling Desert, he was a mere Eight Grade Combat King. Within a few days, he had surpa.s.sed the Ninth Grade and ultimately reached First Grade Combat Emperor. This power was enough for Jiang Chen to fight against a Fourth Grade Combat Emperor. A monstrous genius like him couldn’t be described by the word ‘scary’ as it would probably shock everyone in the world.


Jiang Chen made a cold humph. He was at his maximum combat capacity, and his fury had reached the sky. His left hand had condensed the Fire Dragon Seal, the scorching heat of the flame had heated up the nearby spatial one. A living and active Fire Dragon was circling in the air. In his right hand, it was the Water Dragon, which was bone-stingingly cold. These skills were of different properties but they appeared at the same time in both of his hands.


Jiang Chen shouted along the two dragons rumbling roar. Two true dragons as long as a hundred meters lunged at Man Hong from different directions. One was a Fire Dragon and the other was a Water Dragon, both of these extreme temperatures collided and created an explosion in the spatial zone.

Man Hong’s face changed as he could already feel the scary Qi coming out from the two dragons’ bodies. He finally understood that he had underestimated Jiang Chen. He was a monstrous genius who couldn’t be judged by logical means. Now, Jiang Chen launched these two attacks which were totally of opposite properties, it terrified him completely. Not only had he never seen such a heaven defying attack, he had also never heard about it before.

However, it didn’t matter if he knew about it or not. Jiang Chen’s attacks had already reached him. The Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal was scary. The combined attack of both completely cultivated Fire and Water Dragons made anyone feel defenceless.

Man Hong didn’t attempt to delay his response. He waved his arm, and a very sharp Combat Axe appeared in his hand. He raised the Combat Axe and cleaved at the Dragons. He knew very clearly that only his axe could handle Jiang Chen’s attack, none of his other techniques could match with his.

The giant axe gave off an extremely brilliant light, covered with lines of talisman marks that were full of combat aura.


The combined attack of the two dragons were dreadful to the enemy. After the collision, it exploded instantly, releasing a destructive energy of light. It exploded as a result of the great impact between the two opposite attributes’ attack, the explosion was powerful enough to crumble a big mountain.


Under such an impact and explosion, Man Hong was sent flying with his hand still holding his axe, he found his balance after he flew three hundred meters away. His fierce leopard eyes had changed, and were filled with terror.

Jiang Chen’s combat strength was mighty and merciless. At the moment Man Hong was flying away, Jiang Chen turned into a stream of light as he lunged towards Man Hong’s direction. An azure spot was forming under his feet as he activated the skill Azure Dragon’s Five Steps. With his current fearsome combat strength, he could easily handle a Fourth Grade Combat Emperor. If he chose to use his Saint Bone, he could confront an ordinary Fifth Grade Combat Emperor. In other words, Jiang Chen had reached another level after his advancement to the Combat Emperor realm.

The Dragon Transformation Art became scarier as his grade advanced further. Jiang Chen could finally realise this. His recent advancement made him strong enough to face even a Fifth Grade Combat Emperor.

Man Hong was terrified. Before he could even react, Jiang Chen had already lunged in front of him with the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps. Sadly for him, Jiang Chen had already made the fifth step at the time he caught up with Man Hong, the scariest step of all of was the fifth step. Considering Man Hong’s current condition, he wouldn’t be able to defend himself against the fifth step.


Man Hong snarled, the only thing he could do now was to helplessly raise his Combat Axe to defend against the attack. He finally experienced Jiang Chen’s true might. Man Hong was a person who was well known for his violence in Nebula Sect. Today, he had met someone who was even more violent than him. Now, he started to curse Hu Song and the chief steward for getting him into this.


The fifth step was made on the Combat Axe with the force of a big mountain, straight away stamping Man Hong from the sky after he made an anguished cry.