Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 642 – Stepping Into Combat Emperor Realm

Chapter 642 – Stepping Into Combat Emperor Realm

Stepping Into Combat Emperor Realm

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“What did you say? Nan Bei Chao has kept a White Tiger Divine Beast?”

After hearing the four words ‘White Tiger Divine Beast’, Big Yellow exclaimed with shock.

“The White Tiger is one of the five Divine Beast. Its vein is above my grade and is comparable to a True Dragon. It’s rare, the king of millions of demons and a fine race. Say not about the its Third Grade Minor Saint level, a newborn White Tiger will never submit to humans.

Big Yellow was shocked because he knew very well the fine quality of Divine Beasts, they were unparalleled to any ordinary or special demons. They could become friends of humans but they will never be subdued. For instance, the relations.h.i.+p between Big Yellow and Jiang Chen was friends.h.i.+p or brotherhood, it wasn’t a a master and servant relations.h.i.+p.

If Jiang Chen wanted Big Yellow to submit to him at the very beginning, they wouldn’t last until today. This was also the reason of his shock. The vein of a White Tiger was the most precious of all. How could a Third Grade Minor Saint Divine Beast submit itself to a First Grade Combat Emperor? It was just impossible.

“Nan Bei Chao possesses the body of a Celestial Soul, he is the soul’s reincarnation, he can’t be viewed the same with ordinary people. Also, his relations.h.i.+p with the White Tiger may be like ours. At any rate, his appearance in Mysterious Domain won’t bring peace.”

Jiang Chen said. While digging out the background of Nan Bei Chao again, his heart turned sour because Nan Bei Chao wouldn’t exist anymore if not for him. If it wasn’t for him that unsealed the heavens with his sword, the Celestial Soul wouldn’t have descended, and Nan Bei Chao wouldn’t exist.

“I have never thought that the White Tiger existed in the Divine Continent.”

Big Yellow murmured.

“Since the Celestial World’s gate was slashed opened, the Divine Continent now isn’t the same as before. Even a Saint has a chance to become a Celestial Being. Even your kind, the Dragon-Horse, exists. So the existence of the White Tiger doesn’t surprise me.”

Jiang Chen smiled. He could already sense the tremendous changes that would happen in this world overtime. In his previous life, the Divine Continent was merely an isolated small world and the gates to the Celestial World was closed. The resources and knowledge in the era were deficient, the number of geniuses wasn’t many. Jiang Chen, as the Greatest Saint of the era hadn’t even seen a Divine Beast, but he had an abnormal Divine Beast at his side now.


Big Yellow chuckled.

“Since we are the enemy of the White Tiger, I won’t show mercy. At that time we’ll slaughter it, you’ll swallow its blood essence, and vein, then I’ll consume its demon soul. Wakaka…this is really exciting.”

Big Yellow laughed while separating the parts of the White Tiger to the both of them. He knew Jiang Chen had an extraordinary skill, he could absorb supernatural powers of any demons, and the terrifying powers of the White Tiger Divine Beast would be good for him. As for the demon soul of the White Tiger, Big Yellow would consume it to obtain great benefits.


Jiang Chen raised his leg and it landed on Big Yellow’s head, “Please wake up, it is a Third Grade Minor Saint and you’re merely a Ninth Grade Demon King.”

It made Big Yellow speechless. It would only be a dream to consume a Third Grade Minor Saint’s demon soul with a Ninth Grade Demon King power.

“It’s just a matter of time. Dare to look down on master dog. I’ll retire now.”

Big Yellow shook his head, and ran to bed snoring in one of the rooms in the compound. Jiang Chen smirked after seeing what Big Yellow did. It was a good sign that Big Yellow wanted to sleep. Now, Big Yellow felt the pressure from Nan Bei Chao and the White Tiger, and also Jiang Chen’s advancement to Combat Emperor realm after consuming the Emperor Pill. This kind of pressure made him sleepy, and without a doubt, he would turn into a Demon Emperor after he awoke.

This was a strange, and the most abnormal way to advance one’s level, making many people envy.

Now that Big Yellow went to sleep, Jiang Chen didn’t want to waste any more time, and took out the Emperor Pill to refine it.

“With this pill, I can finally push my grade to the Combat Emperor realm. The White Tiger’s demon aura in Nebula Kidd’s body is too great. If it isn’t for its the aid, I won’t be able to step into the Combat Emperor realm even with this pill given my pool of energy. Furthermore, both will enhance my foundation of energy. It is undeniably perfect.”

Jiang Chen revealed a small smile. The matter of the Brilliant Mirror had brought him something unexpectedly good. His pool of energy wouldn’t sustain for long. He wouldn’t attempt to advance further into Combat Emperor realm if he didn’t acquire the White Tiger’s devil arua, even with the aid of the Emperor Pill.

The Emperor Pill was precious, and rare as the production of it was very difficult. It was very generous of Nebula Sect to offer three Emperor Pills as rewards. However, there was a limit for this pill: it was restricted to only Combat Kings, it had no effects on Combat Emperors.

Jiang Chen was now a peak Ninth Grade Combat King, allowing him maximize the effects of the pill. With the effect of the pill, he could easily condense one thousand dragon marks without a problem.

Without hesitation, Jiang Chen directly swallowed the Emperor Pill, and started casting the Dragon Transformation Art to refine it.

He didn’t rush the process of his advancement. Anyway, he had a suitable place for refining, and no one would dare to come over and disturb him after the incident at the Martial Art Arena.

The Emperor Pill was strengthening his pool of energy. Stepping into the Combat Emperor realm would also allow him to have the same amount of pool of energy of Combat Emperors.

Two days had already pa.s.sed, Jiang Chen was still refining in seclusion, while Big Yellow was still in the bed. In the inner sect, the disciples had been conversing about Jiang Chen beating up the chief steward amongst themselves. This was also happening in the other departments of the sect, making the entire sect informed about the major incident. Most of the core disciples were told that Jiang Chen had a monstrous talent, they wanted to see his prowess in person. Some even declared to have a battle with Jiang Chen, to teach him a lesson. It was the core sect after all, there were numerous geniuses in it, and you can’t find one who wasn’t proud and arrogant about themselves.

In the outer and inner sect, Jiang Chen had become most of the disciples’ idol. They wors.h.i.+pped him, and hoped that one day they would also become as tyrannical as him. If not, their lives would be a waste, since they were men, and men needed a domineering aura.

There was someone who felt miserable about his life, and was very unhappy. The chief steward just stayed in his compound in these two days, not making even a step out of his room, and had ignored all the matters of inner sect within this period time.

It was shameful, he truly didn’t have the courage to see anyone, and he had no idea where he should put his disgraceful face. His injuries had fully recovered. Since he was a Third Grade Combat Emperor, his recovery speed was faster, but the injury in his heart wasn’t recovering as fast.

He was infuriated and had broken all the decorations in his room. When he thought of the name ‘Jiang Chen,’ he couldn’t help gritting his teeth. Nonetheless, he knew very well that he wouldn’t have the chance to take revenge on Jiang Chen anymore. Jiang Chen had obtained the Emperor Pill, and would advance to the Combat Emperor realm in no time. Then, he would become a core disciple which made his wish of vengeance impossible. If his stifled feeling was not released, it would cause him internal injuries.

When he was about to explode again, a person came in, he wasn’t anyone but Hu Song. Besides his lost arm, all other injuries had already recovered.

“Chief Steward, you seem very angry.”

Hu Song saw the condition of the room and spoke.

“What did you came here for? I though you have gone to the core sect to register to become a core disciple? It was because of you that I have lost my face and don’t even have the courage to walk out of this door.”

Cong Zhong Sheng said harshly when he thought about how he was beaten up by Jiang Chen like a dog, and felt an urge to spurt blood. This was all because of Hu Song. If it wasn’t for him, he wouldn’t offend Jiang Chen.

This chief steward had become very timid after the fight. He didn’t dare to speak, and complain to the upper ranks when he was beaten up by a new disciple, since that would bring endless shame to himself. As a dignified chief steward but was beaten up like that, how could he find the courage to complain to the upper ranks? Wouldn’t he need to find to a hole to put his head in like an ostrich while walking out of the room?

“Chief Steward, can you swallow your dissatisfaction?”

Hu Song said it coldly.

“I can’t, but so what? My face has been put to shame profusely. That man is a freak of nature. A genius like him will certainly be nurtured greatly by the sect. I advise you not to offend him in the future.”

Cong Zhong Sheng waved his hand in disapproval. Although Jiang Chen had just recently arrived in Nebula Sect, his power was too great and too hard to go against.

“If our anguish can’t be released, we won’t be able to raise up our head for our entire life. If someone like Jiang Chen has grown to a certain extent, do you think we’ll have a status in the sect?”

Hu Song said coldly.

“What are you going to do?”

Cong Zhong Sheng asked. He wanted to take his revenge more badly than Hu Song but he knew he couldn’t afford to do that.

“It doesn’t require us to do it. You should know of Man Hong of the core disciples right?”

Hu Song smiled a little.

“You mean that mad man, Man Hong? That man is already a Fourth Grade Combat Emperor, and has scary combat strength. People who fight him will be crippled, becauseis technique is very cruel.”

Cong Zhong Sheng was the chief steward after all, that’s why he knew some powerful figures.

“That’s right, my connection with brother Man Hong is good. You and I will offer him some benefits, and let him avenge us. If Jiang Chen offends him, we can already imagine what will happen next.”

Hu Song revealed an evil smile.

“Will this work?”

Cong Zhong Sheng frowned.

“If it is others, it won’t work, but it is Man Hong. He is the most arrogant man. After knowing about Jiang Chen, he has declared that he will wait for Jiang Chen to become a core disciple, and make him walk in the sect with his knees, which is favourable for us. Jiang Chen is powerful, but he is no match for Man Hong for sure.”

Hu Song smiled with confidence.

“ALRIGHT! d.a.m.n Jiang Chen! I want to let him know that even if he is a genius, he won’t be able to continue his arrogance in Nebula Sect.”

Cong Zhong Sheng said while gritting his teeth.