Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 637 – White Tiger’s Demon Aura

Chapter 637 – White Tiger’s Demon Aura

White Tiger’s Demon Aura

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“What trade do you want to make?”

Kidd asked. His tone turned polite after knowing Jiang Chen’s true ident.i.ty. The reincarnation of the Greatest Saint was fated to be a heaven defying person. He was well aware of Jiang Chen’s gifted talent, the ability to initiate catastrophe when he’s still in the Combat King realm. Thus, he couldn’t find a reason why he wouldn’t befriend Jiang Chen.

“I have decided to retrieve my Heavenly Saint Sword but not now. When I’ve retrieved all the other fragments of the sword, I’ll come to get the piece that you’re holding. At that time, I’ll help you forge another perfect Nebula Sword that won’t be any weaker than your current sword. I’ll also drive out the demon aura inside your body and also a.s.sist your sect to dominate all the others in Mysterious Domain.”

Jiang Chen said. If these words came out from an ordinary man, Nebula Kidd would treat it as nothing more than a dog fart. A Ninth Grade Combat King that spoke those words was certainly making a fool out of himself. But, if these words were from Jiang Chen, Kidd wouldn’t doubt it even in the slightest.

The reincarnation of the world’s Greatest Saint was omnipotent. There was nothing he couldn’t do. It was a mere domain, how could that concern him? Nebula Kidd wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Jiang Chen could get rid of the demon aura tangled in his body, as the world’s Greatest Saint would naturally be able to do everything that’s impossible to everyone.

Kidd changed his suspicious behavior and rejoiced. He wasn’t a fool. He knew what the benefits were. Jiang Chen offered a lot of things just to exchange for the fragment of the Heavenly Saint Sword. To him, he gained the most, plus the fragment of Heavenly Saint Sword should belong Jiang Chen.

He believed that Jiang Chen could rebuild a new Saint Weapon for him that won’t be any weaker than his current sword. He knew Jiang Chen would be able to do it once he promised. Another important thing was the promise to remove the demon aura from his body, as he had been under inexplicable torture because of it for a long time.

Moreover, building a good relations.h.i.+p with Jiang Chen had no disadvantages but instead a lot of advantages. Although he wasn’t the world’s Greatest Saint now, his supreme talent was an invaluable a.s.set to Nebula Sect.

“Alright. I agree to your terms.”

Nebula Kidd agreed with the trade. In his heart, this wasn’t a trade at all but a choice. He would rather choose to follow or even a.s.sist Jiang Chen. It would be a very honourable thing to be able to a.s.sist the reincarnation of the world’s Greatest Saint in dominating the world.

“I hope that today’s matter will only be between the two of us. No one can know about my secret.”

Jiang Chen said, albeit in a very solemn tone. He understood that Nebula Kidd wasn’t a fool, he knew how to keep a secret.

“You don’t have to worry. Only you and I will know about the matters today. Even if I die, your secret will decay along with me.”

Nebula Kidd said with a rea.s.suring tone. Jiang Chen’s secret as the reincarnation of the world’s Greatest Saint was a heaven-and-earth shaking one. Once it was spread, the news would shake the entire Divine Continent. At that time, Jiang Chen would be put as the top priority on many powerful people’s hunting list. In his past life, Jiang Chen had too many enemies which were incredibly powerful. He wouldn’t get to live once the news was spread to those big families on the Pure land.

“Come, let me help you remove the demon aura first.”

Jiang Chen said. For him, revealing his secret to someone was a very risky decision after a deep contemplation. However, he was accurate at observing people, the impression that Nebula Kidd gave him wasn’t bad. Moreover, he held the biggest bargaining chip against him. He had to use different ways to convince him so that he would forget about the matter of the shattered Brilliant Mirror.

It seemed all good now, Nebula Sect will become his new training ground.


Nebula Kidd was stunned. He never expected that Jiang Chen would immediately act as he promised. The demon aura had been torturing him for some time and he had tried different kinds of ways to get rid of it but to no avail. Initially, he thought that Jiang Chen might need some time to prepare for the removal of the demon aura, as it was a very powerful one. Despite the fact that Jiang Chen was the reincarnation of the world’s Greatest Saint, his grade was far too weak, a mere Ninth Grade Combat King.

“That’s right, I’ll do it now. Let go of all your defences. You don’t have to worry that I will harm you. As a Fourth Grade Minor Saint, I can’t hurt you even without your guard.”

Jiang Chen said.


Nebula Kidd’s expression changed. He didn’t dare to patronize Jiang Chen. He let down all of his defences. He could feel that Jiang Chen didn’t have any bad intentions. If there was anything wrong, Jiang Chen wouldn’t be able to leave Nebula Sect. There wasn’t only one Minor Saint in the sect. Jiang Chen was right about that, his low cultivation level couldn’t allow him to even harm Kidd even by a bit.

Jiang Chen came to Kidd’s back, he used a hand to support his back. He casted the Dragon Transformation Art, a wave of Yuan Force and Divine Sense blended together and drilled into Nebula Kidd’s body.

“Nebula Kidd, use your Yuan Force to push the demon aura towards the direction of my Yuan Force.”

Jiang Chen said.

Nebula Kidd completely believed the techniques of the world’s Greatest Saint. He instantly exerted his Yuan Force, forcing the demon aura out. Under the pressure of his Yuan Force, the demon aura started to move toward Jiang Chen’s Yuan Force. His Yuan Force was immovable and firm like a violent beast.

The moment the demon aura hit Jiang Chen’s Yuan Force, it instantly became a ferocious beast, opening its mouth and sucking the demon aura into it. The demon aura struggled intensely. However, the Dragon Transformation Art was very powerful, its immense force pulled the demon aura out from Nebula Kidd’s body into Jiang Chen’s. The demon that could injure Nebula Kidd had to be at least a Fourth Grade Minor Saint or above, which made the demon aura harmful to him. But to Jiang Chen, it had unlimited benefits.


As the demon aura left his body, he spurted a mouthful of blood. It was caused by the internal injury. Now that the demon aura was removed, he felt truly relieved. The other mild physical injuries would recover at most in two days’ time.

Nebula Kidd quickly turned to Jiang Chen. His eyes were currently closed and he was sitting on the ground with his legs crossed. A layer of divine golden light was covering him.

“He really deserves to be called the reincarnation of the world’s Greatest Saint, he undoubtedly has an effective technique that can remove the demon aura from my physique with ease. The demon aura has entered into his body, but it won’t do any harm to his body…. I suppose. It won’t because he is the world’s Greatest Saint. There’s nothing that can restrain him.”

Nebula Kidd muttered to himself, while looking at Jiang Chen with grat.i.tude. The removal of the demon aura had eliminated the latent danger in his body. He was now indebted to Jiang Chen.

Now, Jiang Chen felt madly delighted, he felt like bouncing up and down because he found out that the demon aura wasn’t from an ordinary beast. It was from a Divine Beast! He had refined Big Yellow’s Dragon-Horse blood essence before, he knew how scary a Divine Beast could be. Moreover, this demon aura was the same as the Dragon-Horse, from a rare Divine Beast.

It was the aura of the White Tiger, one of the five legendary Divine Beast. The aura wasn’t really a big deal but it could stay in Nebula Kidd’s body for so long and couldn’t be gotten rid of, indicating that it wasn’t ordinary. There had to be a trace of the White Tiger’s essence in it. It was an invaluable item to Jiang Chen as it was something left by a Fourth Grade Minor Saint Divine Beast.

“Never thought to have such a surprising gain. After I refine this demon aura, at least three thousand dragon marks will be formed. The benefits won’t be only that. My advancement to Ninth Grade Combat King before caused some injuries to my pool of energy but this demon aura can heal up the injury, strengthening my pool of energy again. This is intoxicating.”

Jiang Chen felt really delighted. He ignored Nebula Kidd and started casting his Dragon Transformation Art to refine the demon aura. Even though the demon aura was a bit stubborn, the Dragon Transformation Art was still able to handle it, as there wasn’t anything it couldn’t refine. It only took a few minutes to completely refine the demon aura using the Dragon Transformation Art.

Three thousand of dragon marks were condensed and formed but he hadn’t hit the Combat Emperor realm yet. His dragon marks just increased from thirty six thousand to thirty nine thousand. Advancing from the Ninth Grade Combat King to the First Grade Combat Emperor was two times harder. It required forty thousand dragon marks to undergo the advancement.

In other words, he needed a thousand more dragon marks to step into the Combat Emperor realm.

Although he hadn’t reached the Combat Emperor realm, his pool of energy was healed and became stronger. The thirty nine thousands dragon marks pushed him to the peak of the Ninth Grade Combat King, strengthening his combat strength by a few times. He could now kill a Second Grade Combat Emperor easily, and he would not even fear fighting a Third Grade Combat Emperor.

*Weng* *Weng*

Suddenly, Jiang Chen’s Golden Dragon Seal activated automatically in his body. He gained control of the spell and an image of a Golden Dragon Seal appeared in his palm. Of course, it was only an image. It wasn’t comparable to a complete Fire Dragon Seal and Water Dragon Seal.

However, this stunned Jiang Chen for a while before he understood why it happened. “The White Tiger was among the five Divine Beasts, it represents gold. I cultivate the Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal that thirsted for the five elements in the world. If I can get my hands on the White Tiger Divine Beast, my cultivation of the Golden Dragon Seal will be complete. Also, my Dragon Transformation Art will allow me to acquire the supernatural powers of the White Tiger.”

This was a very fruitful result, to learn about the existence of the White Tiger that had wounded Nebula Kidd, which made Jiang Chen extremely interested.

Jiang Chen opened his eyes and stood up.

“How does it feel?”

Nebula Kidd asked. He could clearly feel that the Jiang Chen was now a lot stronger than before. He was only a step away from the Combat Emperor realm. There was no way that he wouldn’t be impressed by this Greatest Saint’s technique. Jiang Chen’s way of cultivation was scary, not comparable to ordinary men at all.

“Unprecedentedly good. Sect Master, I heard you talk about a mysterious youth when you were injured by the White Tiger. Can you tell me more about him?”

Jiang Chen said.

“I don’t know. That White Tiger was extraordinarily powerful. If I’m not guessing it wrongly, it should be the legendary White Tiger Divine Beast. It is merely a Third Grade Minor Saint but it was enough to wound me, truly scary. The White Tiger listens to the mysterious youth. I can still recall his face. He was wearing a golden robe, his golden hair was dazzling. His entire body was filled with the superior Qi of a Monarch, very similar to a true Human-Dragon.”

Nebula Kidd recalled.

“Nan Bei Chao.”

Jiang Chen’s facial expression turned ugly and a name slipped his mouth.