Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 633 – The Scary Brilliant Mirror

Chapter 633 – The Scary Brilliant Mirror

The Scary Brilliant Mirror

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All the great elders were stunned. Their eyes locked on Zuo Ling Er while thinking how bold this little girl was. This little girl wanted them to have a battle among each other.

“Fine. The little girl suits my style. Seven brothers of Feng Yun, let’s have a fight. I’ll see who dares to s.n.a.t.c.h my apprentice away.”

Huo Gu Yi rolled up her sleeves and was ready to fight.

“Hua Gu Yi, you are a female. Can you not be so barbarous? You always use violence to settle matters. This will greatly depreciate your n.o.bility. Don’t forget your own ident.i.ty and there are so many disciples looking at us.”

Feng Yun San said. Jiang Chen had seen through their expressions. Hua Gu Yi was a strong opponent, and a tyrannical one at that. Even if she was on the same level with the other seven great elders, her aggressiveness were dreadful to them. They had already shown some kind of fear even before the battle began.

“It isn’t my style to be soft to you guys. Do you fight or not? If not, I will bring this girl with me.”

Hua Gu Yi was very overbearing. This shocked most of the disciples. They had heard before that Elder Hua Gu Yi was an extremist. Some called her a female robber, and very autocratic. Many elders were afraid of her and walked farther away when they saw her.

It was better to know the person personally than knowing them through gossips. Her appearance today explained everything. She was more unreasonable than they had heard. Apparently, the other elders had undoubtedly been given a lot of headaches by her petty annoyance.

“Great elders. My honourable Great Elders!”

Cong Zhong Sheng reacted immediately when he saw the eight great elders were going to start a big battle.

“What are you doing? You dare to stop me from accepting my apprentice? Do you believe I won’t slap you until half of your body is paralyzed?”

Hua Gu Yi eyes glared at him. Cong Zhong Sheng’s body exuded cold sweat. He couldn’t take her words as a joke. She wasn’t kidding. If he had really offended this lady, he was afraid her slap wouldn’t only cause him to paralyze that simply.

“My apologies. But my great elders, the checking haven’t even started yet. Shouldn’t we wait for the checking to end before the disciples.h.i.+p starts? Since they haven’t pa.s.sed through the Brilliant Mirror, they aren’t considered as official disciples yet.”

Cong Zhong Sheng said with caution. He was afraid that a little increase of tone would spite any of the great elders, the repercussion of that would bring unimaginable dreadful damages to him.

“Ah, the checking hasn’t started yet. But I believe this little girl won’t have any problem with that. Of course, the rules of Nebula Sect have to be obeyed. Every new disciple has to pa.s.s that Brilliant Mirror. It was all your fault, Feng Yun brothers! I almost broke the law of Nebula Sect.”

Hua Gu Yi locked her eyes with theirs.

“Hua Gu Yi, you are unreasonably accusing us.”

The seven brothers of Feng Yun were infuriated until they felt their noses were about to be crooked. It was all started by her, but now she accused them of her own fault, putting all the blame of almost breaking the rules on them. Why would such people exist in the world?

“What’s the matter…You’re not convinced? Then we’ll fight.”

Hua Gu Yi’s one hand was at her waist.

“The seven of you come with me. Let them begin the checking, we’ll go somewhere to find out who will take her as their disciple.”

Hua Gu Yi and the seven Feng Yun brothers rose up to the sky while arguing as they didn’t want to delay the checking. They were just arguing endlessly and haven’t started a battle yet.

Cong Zhong Sheng finally could heave a sigh of relief and got back up to the battle platform. If the eight great elders continued to argue, he was afraid that the checking would be postponed to the next day. At this time, the elders of the inner sect had changed their impression of Jiang Chen and Zuo Ling Er. The great elders almost had a fight because of the two of them. If there wasn’t any accident, the two of them would become personal disciples of the great elders. The status of the personal disciples was a notch higher than the core disciples, it wasn’t comparable at all.

Even Cong Zhong Sheng changed his thoughts. Initially he wanted to avenge Hu Song on Jiang Chen, but he was afraid the situation wouldn’t allow him to do that anymore. If Jiang Chen really became a personal disciple of the great elders, the only thing he could do was to wors.h.i.+p him.

“Alright, the checking of the mirror will begin. We’ll start from Zuo Ling Er.”

Cong Zhong Sheng looked at Zuo Ling Er and smiled. This girl was someone not to be trifled with. If today’s event continued with its pace, this girl would be a personal disciple of Hua Gu Yi. Whoever offended her would only get one thing, exiled.

Zuo Ling Er smiled at Jiang Chen.

“Big brother, I will go first.”

“Good luck Ling Er!”

Jiang Chen tried to give her a little encouragement.

She bounced to the front of the mirror. According to the rule, every individual must stay under the mirror for a minute. Zuo Ling Er was standing below the Brilliant Mirror calmly. The mirror was illuminating dazzling light, basking Zuo Ling Er’s body in its radiance, and turning her into a very cute little devil. Of course, those who had witnessed her barbarous techniques wouldn’t fall for such adorable features.

A minute pa.s.sed by quickly. There wasn’t any change on the Brilliant Mirror. Zuo Ling Er walked past the mirror happily. She had walked past it without any trouble. She’s now an official disciple of Nebula Sect.

The moment Zuo Ling Er pa.s.sed the checking of the mirror, layers of golden s.h.i.+elds were formed, covering the eight great elders. No one knew what happened to the great elders, but Jiang Chen could see it clearly. When he saw their actions, he almost gave out a laugh.

The great elders were playing the ‘rock, paper, and scissors’ game! The respected Ninth Grade Combat Emperors played such a childish game to get Zuo Ling Er as their apprentice. Fortunately, they used the golden s.h.i.+eld to cover up what they were doing, or else it would be d.a.m.n shameless.

When Cong Zhong Sheng was about to call the second disciple to walk to the Brilliant Mirror, all the great elders landed on the arena. These elders really spared no effort in getting a personal disciple. Hua Gu Yi laughed and came beside Zuo Ling Er.

“Little girl, from now on, you are my disciple. Quickly, acknowledge me as your master.”

Hua Gu Yi was full of delight and was really pleased with herself.

“Don’t play that game with me next time or you will just lose completely.”

Zuo Ling Er didn’t hesitate and pay her homage to Hua Gu Yi in a polite manner, and said loudly. “Master!”

“Very obedient! Let’s go, master will bring you to Summit Gu Yi. From now onwards, I…will be your master. If anyone dares to bully you, I’ll shred the person apart without mercy.”

Hua Gu Yi sounded really tyrannical in her statement. Everyone turned their gaze at Zuo Ling Er, admiring her. This girl would have no problems developing her talents being an apprentice of Hua Gu Yi. No one would dare to touch her.

“Master, big brother hasn’t pa.s.sed the checking. I want to wait for him to finish before we leave.”

Zuo Ling Er said.

“Okay, we’ll do that.”

Hua Gu Yi pulled Zuo Ling Er to she side and she deliberately stood beside the seven Feng Yun brothers. Seeing their annoyed red faces made her pleased.

“Hua Gu Yi, let me be clear on this. You have already kept the little girl. You can’t s.n.a.t.c.h Jiang Chen away from me this time.”

Feng Yun Er said with anger. In the ‘rock, paper, scissors’ game, he had been defeated at the very first round, it was very shameful.

“Have I ever broken my promises before?”

Hua Gu Yi showed a reasonable face.

“Next one, Liang Bo.”

Cong Zhong Sheng called from the jade plates he randomly picked.

A young man seemed to be only twenty years old walked out. He took a deep breath and walked to the Brilliant Mirror and pa.s.sed it without any incident. It was a success. Following that, Cong Zhong Sheng called out seven to eight disciples and all of them also pa.s.sed the Brilliant Mirror successfully. The main element the mirror wanted to find out was the degree of loyalty a person had, and to check whether the person had any ulterior motives. This was because the five major powers weren’t good friends of each other, the sect was afraid that there would be spy from the other sect.

“Xu Mao.”

Cong Zhong Sheng called out another person’s name. That person was dressed in black. He gave people a gloomy feeling. When he approached the mirror, his expression became uneasy. Jiang Chen was paying attention to him. Through his senses, he could feel that this guy wasn’t as calm as the others. It seemed he was also like himself, entering the sect with ulterior motives.

Two beams of light was released from the black-clothed guy. He strode to the mirror and stood under it. He kept all his Qi and closed his eyes, trying to get himself calm. Unfortunately, the Brilliant Mirror was too powerful. The moment he came under the mirror, it trembled intensely. A line of golden light was shot out from the mirror like a sharp sword, a ‘Pu Chi’ sound was heard and then the light pierced through the man’s body.


The black-clothed man shouted in pain. His body exploded and turn into a fog of blood. He died instantly.


The rest of the disciples made a ‘Wah’ sound simultaneously. Each one of them looked terrified. The mirror was too scary. It was only a tool of projection but it could be so powerful and deadly. A Ninth Grade Combat King didn’t even have the chance to defend himself. He was instantly killed by it. It was certain that the mirror would kill anyone who came in the sect with an evil intention, the intention to hurt Nebula Sect.

“Humph! I’ve reminded you all. If you don’t have a righteous intention, it is impossible to walk past it and this will be the conclusion.”

Cong Zhong Sheng made a cold humph, his gaze was like a sharp blade as he scanned the remaining crowd.

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes, his face turned slightly ugly. The Brilliant Mirror was a specially designed Saint Weapon, it’s very deadly. His heart started to pound, wondering if his Illusion Heart Sutra was enough to disrupt the mirror. If he couldn’t, the conclusion would be lethal. Even if he survived the attack from the mirror, he wouldn’t be able to get away from the sect.

“Cong Zhong Sheng, please cut the queue, let Jiang Chen go through the checking first. I don’t have a whole day to spend here.”

One of the Feng Yun brothers said.

“Yes, Great Elder.”

Cong Zhong Sheng didn’t delay his response. He quickly took out Jiang Chen’s jade plate and said.

“Jiang Cheng, the next is you, come forward. The great elders are waiting for you.”

Jiang Chen seemed calm on the surface while making every step towards the Brilliant Mirror.