Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 627 – Hu Song's Trump Card

Chapter 627 – Hu Song's Trump Card

Hu Song's Trump Card

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The power of Hu Song’s physique failed to defeat Jiang Chen. In turn, it irritated him and had dealt a terrible blow to his mentality. It was unbearable to him. But his Incredible Solid Physique hadn’t been fully unleashed. Jiang Chen would be defeated once Hu Song fully activated his art.

Everyone was terrified while looking at Hu Song’s body that had begun to transform. On his skin, layers of hard rock emerged in golden color with lines of talisman symbols. His body grew larger until he was roughly three meters tall, eventually becoming a golden giant.

At this moment, Hu Song had become a golden rocky giant. There was a golden armor that covered his entire body. It’s the Incredible Solid Physique. He had successfully cultivated the art to a point where he could transform. His physical endurance increased further after the transformation.

“Haha…do you see it? My big brother has transformed. This is the true body of the Incredible Solid Physique, unbreakable and can even destroy a big mountain.”

Hu Lai laughed with satisfaction. Now that his big brother had transformed himself into another giant with solid physique a simple attack was enough to end Jiang Chen’s life.

“He now have a very powerful physique after the transformation. Both his muscle strength and endurance increased tremendously. If brother Jiang continues to use his physique to fight with him, I’m sure that he’ll lose.”

“Yes, Hu Song is indeed powerful. There is none under the Earth ranking to equal him.”’

“Look, brother Jiang doesn’t look afraid at all. He doesn’t even have the slightest concern Hu Song’s transformation and enhancement. I think he has something even more powerful than his opponent.”


Hu Song’s transformation drove many people in terror once more. They could feel the destructive aura coming from his insane physique, they started to feel worried for Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen. My Incredible Solid Physique is indestructible. Do you still want to fight me directly?”

Hu Song’s voice rumbled like thunder while clamoring at Jiang Chen.

“Why don’t I?”

Jiang Chen said with a carefree tone.

“Haha, Jiang Chen. I have to say. Your physique is also an extraordinary one but too bad, you aren’t comparable to mine. You want to die clas.h.i.+ng directly at me?”

Hu Song laughed with mockery. His face looked like the one who had just won a battle. His transformation had given him a lot of confidence and room to be proud of.

“You can transform? Did you think that I can’t?”

Jiang Chen smiled and shouted, “ Firethorn Combat Armor!”


After the sound was heard, a golden armor appeared on Jiang Chen’s skin. The armor was sharp on its edges and it s.h.i.+ned with a brilliant light. Slowly, the unusually sharp spikes could be seen emerging from it.


Hu Song exclaimed in terror after seeing what was going on in front of him. He could feel the formidable aura that was released from the armor. And those metal spikes, it gave him a chill down his spine. The armor had the perfect combination of attack and defense.

“Look, brother Jiang has also transformed. His Qi is on par with Hu Song now, this is hard to imagine. His techniques are countless and absolutely endless.”

“I never thought brother Jiang has also cultivated a technique for enhancing his physique. His armor looked even scarier than Hu Song. Do you all see its sharp metal thorns? It will definitely be lethal if it is a head on clash.”

“Truly scary. This time Hu Song can’t be proud anymore. His opponent is totally capable to fight him... his pride must be badly hurt.”


Another wave of fright was sent down to the people’s spine. The feeling was more intense than when Hu Song transformed because everyone had already known about his physique but not Jiang Chen’s. It was true that they had seen how Jiang Chen killed during the ma.s.sacre of devils and they thought that it was his limit. However, his sudden cast of physique transformation stunned them, as if his techniques was renewable.

The supposedly happy Hu Lai was stunned as well. He found it very worrisome when he sensed the formidable Qi of Jiang Chen’s armor.

Again, the two of them matched each other’s power. Everybody was looking forward to their next round of battle that was about to begin.

“Bring it on!”

Jiang Chen shouted. With his Firethron Combat Armor, he lunged forward to Hu Song at an incredible speed. Like a ray of light, he reached his enemy in a blink of an eye.


Hu Song humphed coldly. Jiang Chen chose the old fas.h.i.+on way and attacked directly, which was what he expected. His Incredible Solid Physique had been fully activated, he didn’t believe that Jiang Chen’s armor could be stronger than his.

*Hong… Long…*

Both men collided with their bodies. The sound that was created was literally equal to the sound of the collision between two big mountains. The tremor was greater than the quaking of the earth. A visible cavity formed in the spatial zone which released a cold-engulfing force that chilled everyone.


*Dong* *Dong* *Dong*

Countless eyes were watching the live battle. Both men collided with one another violently and continuously. Every collision shook the heaven and earth, the sound created was as loud as thunder, that s.h.i.+vered people’s soul. It was hard to imagine that these two insane individuals were just using their bodies to bang against each other.

The beginning of the battle was already so intense. After the non-stop collision of the two bodies, a weakness was seen on Hu Song body. His indestructible Incredible Solid Physique was full of holes on the surface. They were all created from the collision of the sharp spikes from his enemy’s armor. It looked like he was going to fall, his transformation appeared to be weaker than he had expected, he’s losing strength. Jiang Chen, on the other hand, became more violent in his attacks, ramming at Hu Song without a pause.

There was no doubt that Hu Song’s Incredible Solid Physique had reached the transformation stage, but he had just reached the stage of Mahayana. Therefore, weak spots still existed somewhere on his body. Jiang Chen’s armor was different. His Firethorn Combat Armor was the manifestation of the supernatural powers of the Firethorn Combat Beast, which he absorbed using his Dragon Transformation Art. Thus, he possessed a power that could summon a powerful and perfect form every time. Adding the fact that Jiang Chen’s energy was limitless, Hu Song was fated to be defeated.

“Gosh. Hu Song is finished. His Incredible Solid Physique is going to be destroyed. Brother Jiang is invulnerable and unmatched.”

“I thought Jiang Chen will win the battle using other ways beside physical attacks. I had never thought that he would use his body to fight against Hu Song’s. The conclusion is far scarier than what I had expected.”

“It is too early to decide who will win. Hu Song had declared to exterminate the devil leader before this, so he must have some ultimate technique that still hasn’t shown.”


The battle shook their souls, especially Jiang Chen’s Firethorn Combat Armor. If this continued, Hu Song’s Incredible Solid Physique would perish.

“d.a.m.n it, why did it become like this?”

Hu Song suppressed his extremely frustrated feeling. He wanted to blame someone. Jiang Chen’s ability had gone beyond his comprehension. He couldn’t understand why an Eighth Grade Combat King could be so powerful.

“This freak is too strong. Not even my Incredible Solid Physique can withstand his attack. If I lose to a newbie that haven’t even entered Nebula Sect today, where will I put my face next time? I will become the laughing stock of everyone. Not just that, even if I become a core disciple, I will be laughed at every time. Seems like it’s time to use my trump card. I won’t lose the battle no matter what.”

Hu Song gritted his teeth, a cold brilliant light sparkled from his eyes. All of a sudden, he shouted aggressively, crumbling all the rocks on his body, and returning to his original form. Hu Song currently looked drawn and pale, his Qi became unstable which was a huge difference compared to his Qi at the beginning of the battle. Judging from their fight just now, He clearly failed, completely defeated.

After seeing this, Jiang Chen followed suit, he kept his Firethorn Combat Armor. His face showed a half-suppressed smile.

“Jiang Chen, you have infuriated me.”

Hu Song snarled, his eyes were full of fiery anger.

“What tricks do you still have?”

Jiang Chen was not worried about his enemy’s threatening tone. He didn’t care what means of killing Hu Song had since he had to establish an exceptional status before entering Nebula Sect. He knew very well his purpose of coming here. Thus, he couldn’t be low-key. In a large sect like this, only the truly exceptional genius would get the attention of the high ranks. When he had gotten their attention, he would have the chance to get near to the Master of the sect which would give him the chance to get closer to the fragment of the Heavenly Saint Sword.

Hu Song was very determined that he was the number one genius. which would be the cause of his defeat.

“Humph! Of course I have.”

Hu Song humphed coldly. He quickly took out a blood-red pill and swallowed it. At this instant, his Qi became incredibly vigorous. In just a few breaths, his Qi skyrocketed, pus.h.i.+ng him to the Second Grade Combat Emperor. The Yuan Force inside him was overflowing, no fatigue could be seen from him. A blood-red air that carried a vigorous Qi surrounded his body.

“What? Second Grade Combat Emperor. So this is Hu Song’s trump card. I have no idea where he got the Taboo Pill that can temporarily boost his grade by one.”

“This type of forbidden Pill is very precious, where did he get it? But, the drawback of this pill is that it can damage the body. After the effect of the pill s over, he will return to the First Grade. He will suffer from the engulfing force, emptying his Qi. He will need at least three months to recover. This guy has really given all of his effort to fight Jiang Chen.”

“Very terrifying, Hu Song has really prepared well for his expedition in Huang Ling Desert. He is already at the Second Grade Combat Emperor. Unfortunately, brother Jiang is no match for him now”