Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 621 – The Leader of Demons

Chapter 621 – The Leader of Demons

Chapter 621 – The Leader of Demons

Not long after the group led by Jiang Chen left the previous battlefield, four powerful silhouettes appeared in the sky. Their Qi were as strong as theirs, except the leader’s Qi, which was higher than Guo Xudong. When they saw Guo Xudong and the rest, they were shocked and landed from the sky instantly.

“What happened? Who did this?”

The leader’s face changed when he saw the people lying on the ground. The other three were petrified by the injured people in front of them. Guo Xudong and the rest were one of the top ten geniuses on the Earth Rank. The leader knew how strong these guys were. He had battled with them while competing for the ranking. At that time, some even bled and broke their skulls after the battle. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Guo Xudong was beaten up like this.

It seemed like it wasn’t the demons who beat them up as they were attacked in their face. The demons would eat human flesh, and if it was really demons who attacked them, they wouldn’t have the chance to lie here. They would long since be in the demon's stomach.

“Humph! Yu Wei, you should be happy seeing our current swollen faces right?”

Guo Xudong said coldly. Meanwhile, Zhang Da and the rest had already woken up, climbing up to their feet in pain. When their eyes met Yu Wei’s, a surge of shame rushed through them.

The four who just came where also on the Earth Rank. Yu Wei was the second. Due to their conflicts against each other, Guo Xudong knew that his current situation would be an object of ridicule.

“Of course. if I don’t look carefully, I won’t be able to recognize you. But, I am more interested to know who’s the one that beat you up like this.”

Yu Wei shrugged, the smile on his face annoyed Guo Xudong and the rest. It gave them the urge to instantly have a battle with him. Too bad their conditions were no more than a helpless man. If they still chose to challenge him, they would eventually bring endless insults to themselves.

“No harm telling you. There are two newly-recruited disciples, one is called Jiang Chen, the other one is called Zuo Ling Er. They had beaten up Hu Lai at first, and I came to settle it but a conflict happened…”

Guo Xudong didn’t attempt to hide the truth. He elaborated the shameful event to them. Since all of them were there, he was left with no choice but to tell the truth. He had to spit it all out.



Yu Wei and those who just arrived with him were frightened. No one had expected that the newbies would be so powerful and at the same time arrogant. They actually dared to strike Guo Xudong, especially the twelve-year-old little girl. This was absurd, but they knew that he wasn’t lying because no one would use such a disgraceful incident to lie.

“That Jiang Chen has formed a group of his own, rallying the disciples of the sect to kill the demons in the deeper region of the desert. Yu Wei, do you want to see their prowesses?”

Guo Xudong looked at Yu Wei. He knew that Yu Wei, as the second rank, would be extremely curious about Zuo Ling Er and Jiang Chen’s ability.

“Seeing them is definite. But I won’t be as foolish as you all. My purpose in coming here is to clear off the demons, not bullying people weaker than us. Now, you have felt the consequences of bullying.”

Yu Wei said sarcastically.

“Humph! When senior brother Hu Song arrives tomorrow, I will make sure that he'll die a graveless death.”

Guo Xudong snorted. His revenge had to be executed. Otherwise, their heads weren’t going to be raised up, anyone in the sect would be pointing wildly when they saw them.

“Let’s go there to have a look. They have gone to the central part of the desert, which will attract the true leader of the demons. The elder said that it will probably be at the Devil Emperor realm, which must be handled seriously. We must kill it ourselves. The four of us will jointly fight together using the Four Stars Formation. Killing one leader of Devil Emperor is enough to have a great achievement recorded.”

Yu Wei said, leading the other three to the centre of the desert. With their strengths combined, their power would be unpredictable. Their purpose here was to fight for their prize. When they succeed in killing a leader of the demons, they were a.s.sured to obtain an Emperor pill. At that time, the pill would a.s.sist one of them to push their grade to Combat Emperor. Thus becoming a core disciple, which is very beneficial to either their ident.i.ty or their status in the sect.




In the central region, demons were crawling all over the place. The battle had turned into a large one. A few hundred inner disciples of Nebula Sect were fighting against over tens of thousands of demons. The enemy’s number was overwhelming, covering almost all the land of the region. However, most of the demons weren’t as powerful as them. They were merely at the Combat Soul realm, which was even lower than the Combat King realm. Therefore, the threat was minimal.

However, it was still a big battle. In the night, demons were raring across the land, charging at the disciples. The scale of the battle wasn’t what they had predicted back in the sect. The inner disciples were just planning to apply a guerrilla tactic to deal with the demons, where they would split into small groups to attack the demons. It would take ten days to get rid of them. As for the leader of the demons? They would totally leave it to the geniuses on the Earth Rank.

However, Jiang Chen’s appearance had changed all of their plans. This was the first time Huang Ling Desert held such a large scale battle. No one expected this. Every disciple of the sect was in a frenzy while killing the demons. They were afraid that such a battle would only happen once in their lifetime. Jiang Chen, Zuo Ling Er, and Big Yellow were very strong. They had increased the fighting spirit of everyone, making them think that fighting with Jiang Chen’s group was a truly intoxicating thing.

All the demons died pitifully. Jiang Chen and his friends’ every attack could get rid of more than a few of them. Their actions were so inspiring that the disciples had forgotten about the danger of the demons and desired to kill more.

The battle had really boosted their morale. At this moment, all of the disciples, including the new ones, were convinced to serve Jiang Chen. He had been recognized by the disciples even before entering Nebula Sect. This was the first time it happened in the sect.

“Kill! Finish them all and the demon souls are ours.”

Someone roared with fiery eyes.

*Boom* *Boom*

Suddenly, an intense vibration could be felt on the ground. A domineering devil aura was drilling out of it, then formed a powerful sand storm. Jiang Chen’s eyes were fixed on it while smirking.

“The leader of the demons, a Devil Emperor!”

Someone exclaimed. The elated expression on the disciples’ faces became serious. Their focus were s.h.i.+fted not on the sand storm, where the big demon would climb out, but to Jiang Chen and Zuo Ling Er. They had no idea whether the two could defeat the leader. If they couldn’t, all of them would be finished.


An evil roar rumbled from below, and a dark cloud of smoke drifted out. A black shadow came out of the hole, flying into the sky.


A disciple who was too near to the big demon felt its frightening Qi before wailing in pain and fear. His arm and a leg were damaged. Luckily, Jiang Chen pulled him back before his life was threatened.

“Thank…thank you brother Jiang.”

That disciple endured the pain and expressed his grat.i.tude to Jiang Chen. He knew that if it wasn’t for Jiang Chen’s help, he would have died.


A cold and malicious laugh could be heard within the black smoke. The smoke rolled and moved, turning into a black-robed guy. He seemed to be only thirty years old, he looked st.u.r.dy with black colored lips and a mark of talisman on his forehead. Obviously, this was a human, not a beast. It was just that he was contaminated by evil, the soul inside him had been turned into a devil. Therefore, he was no more than a demon.

Jiang Chen’s eyes were now fixed at the leader of the demons’ who had just appeared. This was a Devil Emperor demon. It seemed that it has reached the Emperor realm a long time ago. Nevertheless, Jiang Chen wasn’t concerned about it, he already had the power to kill a First Grade Combat Emperor. Moreover, the Dragon Transformation Art was extremely disadvantageous for the demons.

“Seems like this isn’t the only leader of demons here.”

Jiang Chen smiled. He could sense that there was more than one leader of the demons. He would kill as many as the desert had. The strongest grade would only be at the Devil Emperor, it was not some demon that couldn’t be defeated. This was because the Nebula Sect wouldn’t let their disciples walk into a death trap.

“A First Grade Devil Emperor, it’s very scary.”

The disciples’ faces turned sour.

“Everyone, calm down. I will confront it.”

Jiang Chen’s voice was clear and loud. His face was full of confidence, making the rest of them believe him.


At this time, another roar came not far away from the other side. It was also a First Grade Devil Emperor. A male that had two pairs of sharp wings on its back. It was a bat and looked very frightening.

“Another Devil Emperor? How do we deal with them?’

The disciples of Nebula Sect were now scared to death. Some had already regretted for being reckless and following Jiang Chen into this dangerous region.

At this very moment, Yu Wei and his group were flying to the scene from afar. They felt the Qi of a Devil Emperor and became excited.

“The leader has showed up, prepare to fight!”

The four of them were fast, they turned into rays of light and raced to the battlefield, besieging the bat leader. The Four Star Formation was ready. Their combat strength surged, giving them enough strength to battle with a First Grade Devil Emperor.

“Quickly, look. It is Yu Wei and his group. They have come to take care of the leader of demons. Haha…this is great.”

Someone exclaimed in delight as if seeing hope.

“Keke, four weaklings wants to fight me? How naïve.”

The bat leader laughed evilly. His wings spread wide open, and all of a sudden, countless scary black bats rushed forward, trying to attack the four of them.


Yu Wei shouted. As the second on the Earth Rank, he had prepared for this battle. He wasn’t nervous or afraid. They drew out their combat weapons and struck the black bat.

On the other side, the demonified human made an attack on Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen extended his hands, dragon scales covering his arms, and summoning a blazing fire. It was the Fire Dragon Seal, and that was enough to deal with a First Grade Devil Emperor.