Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 619 – Take the Beating on the Face

Chapter 619 – Take the Beating on the Face

Chapter 619 – Take the Beating on the Face

Everybody breathed in cold air. All of their preconceptions changed seeing what Zuo Ling Er just did, it was too shocking. The little girl was so strong and her attacks were extremely violent. Zhou Hong was one of the geniuses on the Earth Rank. He was the number nine. It was a respectable position in the sect as there were only ten of them listed on Earth ranking.

Zhou Hong, the number nine genius, was beaten by a little girl before he could even make his attack. He was in a condition where his mother couldn’t even recognize him. It was absurd. How strong was this little girl? Was she a reincarnation of a heaven defying genius?

Dang! She is merely twelve years old. Twelve years old!!!

The number nine genius was just defeated like that. After this incident, it seemed that Zhou Hong wouldn’t be able to raise his head for a period of time.

“Why is she that powerful?”

Hu Lai was stunned. Now, he wasn’t as confident as before. Although he had seen how she killed the demons, he thought that at least her power could match up to the number ten genius. The thought that Zhou Hong, the number nine genius, was defeated by her punches never crossed his mind.

“The two of you. Come and fight me together!”

Zuo Ling Er provoked them. She had learnt how Jiang Chen spoke given the situation. Her finger was pointing at Guo Xudong and Zhang Da, making them almost cough out blood. This girl was seriously out of her mind to be this arrogant. She wasn’t putting them in her eyes at all. But, they couldn’t back off. They also couldn’t jointly fight her because that would crumble their reputation as one of the top ten on the Earth Rank.

“I will handle her.”

Guo Xudong stood out.

“Allow me to.”

Zhang Da moved quicker. He pa.s.sed Zhou Hong, who was temporarily unconscious, and Hu Lai, then rushed to the front of Guo Xudong. Although she defeated Zhou Hong, he wasn’t afraid of her. He hypothesized that Zhou Hong failed because he underestimated her, he was defeated even before he could use his ultimate skill. Zhang Da didn’t try to act recklessly seeing what had just happened. Regardless of everything, he was the number five genius and was more powerful than Zhou Hong. This gave him a certain level of confidence to fight her. He didn’t believe she could be so powerful that he couldn’t defeat her.

“Be careful. Don’t become a disgrace.”

Guo Xudong reminded him. If Zhang Da’s face was also beaten up like a pig, everyone on the Earth ranking would lose their fame.

“Don’t worry.”

Zhang Da said, his head illuminated a golden ray of light as straight as a pillar, s.h.i.+ning in the dark sky.

“Pillar of Light!”

Zhang Da shouted, casting his ultimate skill. The golden pillar of light turned into a lotus, radiating endless brilliance and releasing a thick combat aura. It then rushed at Zuo Ling Er.

“Senior sister Zuo be careful! This is the ultimate technique of Zhang Da and it’s not easy to deal with.”

Lan Yi quickly gave a reminder. But her eyes widened after she spoke, realizing that her reminder was useless.

Zuo Ling Er moved forward, meeting the attack with her usual punch. It looked like there was nothing special. But this time, there were plain marks of talisman on her fist, they were ancient marks. Marks that were so divine that no one could understand what they were.


Her fist met the golden lotus. The golden lotus was strong enough that it could crumble big mountains. But, it was vulnerable and ineffective under Zou Ling Er’s fist and was broken into pieces, then disappeared into the air.


The lotus was destroyed instantly. Zhang Da spurted out a mouthful of blood, his body was trembling and his face was pale. Obviously, the lotus was connected to him and the impact had also caused a backlash.


Zuo Ling Er’s Qi bursted out. She flew to the front of Zhang Da like a b.u.t.terfly and punched his face.

“Barbarous Eighteen Punches!”

Once more, sounds of punches and wails of pain blended together. His face met the same result as Zhou Hong. He was also beaten up like h.e.l.l and fainted on the spot. He fainted not only because of pain but also because of the resentment he felt against the little arrogant girl. He was put in an extremely shameful situation: a genius on the Earth Rank that was punched by a little girl until he fainted.

“My G.o.d! This girl is extremely talented. This is so shocking. Even the geniuses on the Earth Rank are no match for her.”

“Very appalling, senior sister Zuo was excellent, her attacks are violent. Her adorable characteristics didn’t match her at all. Argh! If I hadn't witnessed today's event, I wouldn't have believed it even at the cost of my life. The geniuses on the Earth Rank have lost their fame. Now Guo Xudong is the only one left. Does he have the guts to fight senior sister Zuo?”

“He won’t retreat. He won’t be able to raise up his head anymore if he retreated. He is the number three on the Earth ranking and is more powerful than Zhang Da and Zhou Hong. Perhaps, he is fit to fight her, but it seems that his wish to reclaim Hu Lai’s pride is not possible anymore.”


n.o.body was calm, Their emotions were unsteady. Most of them started calling Zuo Ling Er as senior sister. Such a talented figure wouldn’t be someone they could compare with in the future, either in the state or in the sect.

“So, Xudong, it’s your turn. It seems you are also going to take the beatings on your face. If you are smart enough, just stand there and wait for my punches.”

Zuo Ling Er was all-over herself, totally forgetting about her father’s advice to be low-profile and not to be reckless. She had probably forgotten all of them ever since she left her palace.

“Brother Guo, what do we do now? This little girl isn’t an easy opponent. Why don't we retreat first until my brother arrives? We’ll then find them again.”

Hu Lai said with fear.

Guo Xudong gave an unsatisfied glance to Hu Lai. This guy’s bulls.h.i.+tting, shrinking back against a little girl. An utter disgrace.


Guo Xudong’s arm motioned, drawing out a sword as thin as Cicada’s wings. It created a pleasing whizz sound while carrying a cold-blooded and murderous aura. Guo Xudong was completely focused on his enemy. He did not attempt to underestimate her in the slightest. It seemed that he wanted to finish the battle fast by taking his weapon out even before fighting.

“So this is the number three genius. Drawing out his weapon at the beginning of the battle. A truly shameless act.”

Big Yellow sounded odd.

“Ling Er, use this to fight him.”

Jiang Chen threw a weapon at her, it was the Fiery Sharp Spear. Guo Xudong might be a strong genius after all and he was holding a weapon in his hand. Although Jiang Chen was highly confident in Zuo Ling Er’s ability, he didn’t know Guo Xudong well enough, and he didn’t want Ling Er to get hurt.

Zuo Ling Er held the spear in her hand. Her face was full of delight. It seemed that she had been expecting the weapon to come in her hands.