Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 593 – Cerulean Dragon Seal

Chapter 593 – Cerulean Dragon Seal

Cerulean Dragon Seal

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The tingling sensation of coldness could still be felt even if the body of the crystal stone was separating the inner part. The coldness could easily penetrate into one’s skin and then went deeper into the bone. That reminded Jiang Chen about Yan Chen Yu’s Profound Nine Shadow Vein, but this droplet of liquid was colder than that, the coldest thing he had ever felt on earth.

“My G.o.d. A drop of liquid is enough to create a frosty atmosphere in the spatial zone? What kind of air is this?”

Tyrant was amazed, the same feeling went to Big Yellow. The three of them were standing in the spatial zone. When they couldn’t stand the cold any longer they casted a golden layer of s.h.i.+eld to retain their body temperature.

“Little Chen, you are more knowledgeable than I do. Do you know what this treasure is?”

Big Yellow looked at Jiang Chen. Although he could sense the location of the treasure, he was unable to see through what the treasure was.

Jiang Chen’s eyes glittered. He focused on the sticky drop of liquid in the crystal stone without blinking. This was a legendary treasure that he, being the Greatest Saint, had never seen before.

“Heavenly Earth Pure Water, this is it!”

Jiang Chen said. These seven words he said exhilarated him. He was well aware than anyone about how precious the treasure is.

“What? Heavenly Earth Pure Water? I have seen the words ‘Pure Water’ in an ancient record left by Ancestor. It is the coldest water in the world. A drop weighs a million pounds, it can crush a big mountain and freeze streams and rivers on it. If a ma.s.s of Heavenly Earth Pure Water is spilled, it will bring catastrophe to the world. Of course, such Pure Water is scarce, it only exists as a legend, but I never imagine that it exists here. If it is really the Heavenly Earth Pure Water, one drop of it is invaluable.”

Tyrant was absolutely astonished by the rare treasure. He had read about the Pure Water in ancient books. This treasure originated from the earth, a very rare kind.

“Tyrant was right, the Heavenly Earth Pure Water was the product created during the formation of Sky and Earth, a genuine treasure. I didn’t expect Asura Palace to hide such great treasure in it, this is a good fortune. Haha…”

Jiang Chen laughed.

“But Jiang Chen, this Heavenly Earth Pure Water is unusually potent. It is impossible to cultivate it. It wasn’t the weight that scares people but the heavenly earth cold aura contained in the liquid, the force was unbearable. Therefore, a direct cultivation of Pure Water is not possible, unless it was cultivated with pills or weapons.”

Tyrant said.

Jiang Chen smiled lightly after he heard Tyrant’s thought, then he spoke. “Other people may not be able to do it, but I can. I have one combat technique named ‘The Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal’, in which to cultivate fully it requires the five elements of heaven and earth. The Heavenly Earth Pure Water is something I have been looking for. If I successfully refine it, the Cerulean Dragon Seal will complete its cultivation and reach its maximum state.”

This was why Jiang Chen was happy about. From the moment he acquired the Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal, he knew surely that cultivating this skill would be an extremely hard process. As five elements were required to complete the cultivation, the difficulty level was too high. He originally possessed True Dragon Fire and Lightning True Fire that were used to cultivate Fire Dragon Seal. The other four elements were needed to cultivate four different seals. Now that he had obtained the Pure Water, it was like a present that fell from the sky.

Besides, the Heavenly Earth Pure Water consisted not just the element of water but also the element of coldness, which was Jiang Chen’s favorite part. He couldn’t wait to begin the cultivation of Cerulean Dragon Seal, its attributes were both the element of water and frost. Once the spell was casted, the power included water elemental and frost elemental attacks, which had a frostbiting effect on the enemy. The double elemental attributes made the enemy vulnerable even in the defense mode.

In addition, the Heavenly Earth Pure Water was too powerful, its power was aggressive and overwhelming. Thus, Jiang Chen only needed half the drop of the liquid to complete the cultivation of Cerulean Dragon Seal, allowing it to undergo a transformation. He would keep the other half of the liquid for a person, who needed it the most.

Jiang Chen couldn’t forget Yan ChenYu, a YiRen who was also the incarnation of Ice G.o.d. Yan Chen Yu’s Profound Nine Shadow Vein was a body of frost attributes which might exist once every ten thousand years. If he could further cultivate using the Heavenly Earth Pure Water, the benefits were unimaginable.

Tyrant and Big Yellow looked at Jiang Chen strangely and said at the same time, “Abnormal being!”

He could undergo a direct cultivation using Heavenly Earth Pure Water and this was very uncommon, totally irregular. These words came directly from Jiang Chen’s mouth, if it was somebody else’s, they wouldn’t believe it. They undoubtedly believed that Jiang Chen could be the only person that could do it, because he had created miracles, too many of them.

“You two will be my custodian for now. I have to cultivate the Pure Water immediately. Once my Cerulean Dragon Seal transformed, I will further advance my grade to Eighth Grade Combat King.”

Jiang Chen said.

Tyrant and Big Yellow looked at each other for a while but didn’t talk. It was so easy for Jiang Chen as if drinking a gla.s.s of herbal tea. It made them envious of him. He was too strong, he could almost cultivate and refine anything, as though his entire body was the confinement of treasure. It would be hard for him not to advance quickly. If a frost attributed body like the incarnation of the Ice G.o.d had cultivated the Heavenly Earth Pure Water and undergo a metamorphosis, the advancement shouldn’t be just one grade.

The pool of power inside Jiang Chen was inestimable. Not only his speed of advancement fast, his ability to overcome the challenges faced during the advancement was beyond anyone’s imagination.

Tyrant and Big Yellow were standing at the two corners of Freezing h.e.l.l Jail, guarding Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen moved two steps forward nearer to the crystal stone. He had the True Dragon Fire and Lightning True Fire plus Dragon Transformation Art that acted as his s.h.i.+eld against the frost and coldness emitted by the Pure Water. He exerted the True Dragon Big Palm to get the crystal stone over. He had to be extra careful as the drop of liquid was very heavy.

“I can’t break the crystal stone, I have to extract the Pure Water directly to begin my cultivation.”

Jiang Chen sat down with both legs crossed. He gave out a holy light which penetrated into the crystal stone, slowly extracting the essence of the Pure Water. The five elements were connected to each other in the aspect of ‘mutual ignition and mutual restraint’. The Heavenly Earth Pure Water and Lightning True Fire were mutually restraining each other, very hard to integrate. If Jiang Chen hadn’t acquired the Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal, he wouldn’t dare make such audacious decision. The skill was a Divine Combat Technique. It was the same as Energy Technique, but able to undergo a complete fusion of the five elements without experiencing any rejections of attributes, this was the scariest part of the Combat Dragon Seal.

Tiny lines of Pure Water turned into gas, entering into Jiang Chen’s body.


At this moment, a thick layer of solid ice formed on the surface of Jiang Chen’s body, turning him into an ice statue. He breathed cold air. As expected, the Heavenly Earth Pure Water was potent. Its coldness and frost could go beyond a person’s ability to withstand the coldness. It could freeze all the internal organs and frostbit them. The frost would lock a person’s Yuan Force and eliminate the chances of survival, which would cause a person to die.

Jiang Chen didn’t want to make a mistake. He focused on revolving the Cerulean Dragon Seal Art, attempting to cultivate the Heavenly Earth Pure Water step by step.

The process of cultivating the Pure Water was the same as the process of cultivating the Cerulean Dragon Seal. It couldn’t be done overnight, a longer time was needed even if Jiang Chen used Dragon Transformation Art, at least two days were needed to complete the cultivation.

Jiang Chen stopped after he had absorbed half of the Pure Water. The amount was sufficient for him and any amount more than that would be deemed as excess and wasted. His body was injured by the potent effect of Pure Water which wasn’t a good news to him.


In these two days, the outer layer of solid ice became thicker, becoming an icy coc.o.o.n. Eventually, Jiang Chen was fully wrapped by it, showing the shape of a small hill. His life and breathing couldn’t be sensed from the outside.

Tyrant and Big Yellow witnessed the entire process. They shuddered even if they weren’t the one who had undergone the cultivation. The aura released by Pure Water was scary. It was not possible for an ordinary man to go through this. This was the reason why Li TianYang dumped the Pure Water here after obtaining it.

They finally understood the purpose of Li TianYang building the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail. It was to hide the Heavenly Earth Pure Water, distracting the outsiders about the Pure Water’s existence.

“This dude surely is divine. His advancement in the future is unimaginable.”

Tyrant couldn’t help but be amazed. When he first met Jiang Chen at Chaotic Ocean, Jiang Chen was only a First Grade Combat King, a grade which he had just upgraded at the time. In a few months of time, he had reached Seventh Grade Combat King. And now, he was going to enhance his grade to the Eighth Grade. His rapid speed of advancement was frightening.

Two days later.

*Ka…Ka… *

Cracking sounds could be heard. Lines after lines of cracks started to appear on the surface of the solid ice, then more and more cracks formed until a strong Qi escaped from it. The emergence of such power had shaken the entire Freezing h.e.l.l Jail.


Suddenly, there was a blasting sound. The icy surface crumbled as soon as the sound was heard, fragments of broken ice flew in all directions. Jiang Chen’s dark hair danced on itself even if there was no wind. There was an active Cerulean Dragon Seal rotating continuously in front of his palm, emitting the sound of a Cerulean Dragon.


Jiang Chen shouted. He activated the Cerulean Dragon Seal. The seal turned into a giant dragon which was a few hundred feet tall, its body shone with blue light, as though water was rippling in the beach. The Cerulean Dragon’s rage caused it to thrust in a direction insanely, smas.h.i.+ng the newly-built Freezing h.e.l.l Jail’s inner and then the outer surface. The spatial zone collapsed in an instant when it lost all its support.



The thundering roar of the Cerulean Dragon shook the entire mountain of Asura Palace. Many buildings collapsed immediately. It was like the end of the world which made the elders and disciples scared to death. They had no idea of what ‘the devil’ had done after he entered the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail. They had already been nervous for two days, and this the-end-of-world situation didn’t give them a chance to relax at all.