Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 586 – The Cruellest Way of Dying

Chapter 586 – The Cruellest Way of Dying

The Cruellest Way of Dying

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“What? You want a Tyc.o.o.n to kneel before a dead man?”

Xiao Nan Feng was furious. It was very insulting to kneel before a corpse whose social cla.s.s was the lowest of the lowest. The social cla.s.s he was at was incomparable. If he was to kneel down in front of all these people, his dignity couldn’t be retained anymore.

It was really hard for him. It was because until now, he still cared for his dignity.

“Humph. It is not up to you whether to kneel on your knees.”

Jiang Chen clamoured. His aura rushed out from him. He struck Xiao Nan Feng with the True Dragon Big Palm Print, which would enclose him.

“Hundreds Heiner Creeks!”

Xiao Nan Feng used his ultimate technique. He had already seen through Jiang Chen’s ability. Jiang Chen would never show mercy to him even if he knelt down before the corpse. Since today’s death was inescapable, the last bet on his life would be worth it.


Unfortunately, the power between the two of them varied too much. The pressure of the True Dragon Big Palm Print rotted away his force, like the rapid decomposition of a corpse. A few small cracks formed visibly on the Spatial s.h.i.+ft. The huge blood red Dragon Claw lunged with a force of a big mountain, enveloping Xiao Nan Feng entirely.


Xiao Nan Feng couldn’t stand the pressure, blood spurted out from his mouth. Both of his legs became soft and weak, it caused him to kneel down automatically after he puffed. He was kneeling in the middle of the sky right before Zhuang Fan.


Xiao Nan Feng cried. There was no way for him to break free from Jiang Chen’s Dragon Claw which was like a prison cell, locking him and restricting all his movements. He was left without the ability to fight back.

“Aah! Xiao Nan Feng got himself into trouble. Now the retribution for his wrongdoings has found him.”

“Exactly. The lord of the Heavenly Hawk Island is the most pitiful, while Xiao Nan Feng is the pious villain. Now the revenge is taken on the lord’s murderer. Kneeling in front of his body will allow the lord to finally rest in peace.”

“If what the lord of the Heavenly Hawk Island had gone through is real, Xiao Nan Feng deserved it. It is a matter that will be treated with disdain in the Combat King realm. I guess Jiang Chen will not permit him to die this easily because can kill him just like what happened to Wan Yi Ming and Qian Wen Yu. I have no idea about what torture he will inflict on Xiao Nan Feng.”


Arguments aroused in many conversations amongst the people watching the battle. Xian Nan Feng was under the complete control of Jiang Chen, the master of his life and death. His situation didn’t win anyone’s pity, but instead, they focused all their attention on the dead body of Zhuang Fan whose eyes had been closed forever. It was indeed pathetic. If Zhuang Fan’s tragedy happened on Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen himself had no idea how far Zhuang Fan would go to avenge him, he might even dig Xiao Nan Feng’s heart out alive.

“Zhuang Fan. Did you see that? Xiao Nan Feng is kneeling in front of you. Now I want him to bow with his face touching the ground for three times for the three members of your family.”

Jiang Chen said. He exerted his palm. Xiao Nan Feng’s forehead puffed after hitting the Spatial s.h.i.+ft. The Spatial s.h.i.+ft was invisible and intangible but the impact of his forehead was like knocking the ground, which was deafening.

*Dong* *Dong* *Dong*

There were three members in the family of Zhuang Fan……three lives. A total of nine knocks, there wasn’t one knock less. It wasn’t his will to do the kneeling and bowing, it had gone beyond his control to direct his body. In other words, his body had fallen into the full custody of Jiang Chen.

After the ninth knock, Xiao Nan Feng’s face had become unrecognizable. Fresh blood covered his forehead to his face. The bridge of his nose was broken and became crooked, blood spurted out from his eyes. It stirred up everyone’s emotions to see a Ninth Grade Combat King injured by just kneeling and bowing.


Xiao Nan Feng spurted out another mouthful of blood, the main cause of this was his overly triggered anger. Although his face had turned into an abnormal shape, his sanity was still preserved. Thinking that he was the First Tyc.o.o.n of the Asura Palace, kneeling down in front of countless people will definitely bring him endless insults.

“Jiang Chen, kill me.”

Xiao Nan Feng begged Jiang Chen. He knew that Jiang Chen wasn’t going to let him live, no matter how he begged him. He had to die anyway, why not fulfil his death wish now? Otherwise, the torturous cruelty would be expecting him since Jiang Chen was the one who scored perfectly in the violence test. He was merciless when it came to killing.

“Rest a.s.sured. Your death today is certain, a very uneasy death. Xiao Nan Feng, do you know what’s the cruellest death in the world? Cramped to death? No. Splitting the limbs by five horses? Crus.h.i.+ng your bones into powder? Not also. You must be curious of what it is but no need to rush. You will find out very soon.”

Jiang Chen’s face was full of smiles, it was a sneering smile. He eyed Xiao Nan Feng pitifully. The expression of his eyes caused Xiao Nan Feng’s very soul to s.h.i.+ver because he hadn’t had any idea of what was going to happen. Far away from them, he saw Big Yellow’s sinister stare.

“Jiang Chen. If you are a man, end my life now. I have been defeated by you today and I admit it!"

Xiao Nan Feng said loudly.

“Because I am a man, I can’t fulfil your death wish instantly. Big Yellow, I will hand him to you. What do you think we should do to him? You don’t need me to teach you, right?”

Jiang Chen grabbed his neck and threw him towards Big Yellow like a toy.

“Don’t worry, I will treat him with great care.”

Big Yellow grinned. He spat a layer of Yuan Force, wrapping all over Xiao Nan Feng. Xiao Nan feng looked at Big Yellow with a shocked expression. Big Yellow twisted his body and aimed his b.u.t.tocks at him. Big Yellow’s b.u.t.t was probably only three inches further away from his face.

Three inches. This was going to be one of the greatest tragedy in humanity.


Xiao Nan Feng widened his eyes and gave out a cry of terror. Even though he didn’t witness what happened in the Asura Palace ten days ago, he was fully aware of this dog’s deadly and poisonous fart, it was comparable to human h.e.l.l.

“FOR G.o.d SAKE!”

Countless people exclaimed with shock. Apparently, the latest news had been spread all over the Liang Province making all of them understand its power…….Invincible was no longer the word to describe Big Yellow’s Fart.

All of them understood what Jiang Chen meant the moment they saw Big Yellow aimed his b.u.t.tocks at Xiao Nan Feng.

Xiao Nan Feng struggled intensely even though his body was seriously injured. However, he was under Big Yellow’s full control, he did not even have the slightest strength to resist. The only thing he could do was to stare attentively at the plump b.u.t.t. He never even dreamt that this day would come.


Whatever that was fated will come one day. Big Yellow’s Whirlwind Spirit Fart that had been brewed for quite some time finally erupted again as if the explosion of a bomb in a peaceful day, shaking the earth and sky. A cloud of green air rushed out, bombarding his face directly. Intense thick green gases were released, turning his face into green color. Now his whole body was surrounded by the green air. Then, the air pushed him to fly forty feet in the sky.


Mournful screams could be heard from Xiao Nan Feng. It gave gooseb.u.mps to everyone. The scream was like coming out of his burning lungs, it had turned from pitiful to creepy. It was hard to imagine any human being to create such voices, he must have undergone unbearable suffering.

Xiao Nan Feng was floating in the sky, still with his entire body wrapped around by the green air, it wasn’t leaving his skin no matter how he move. He retched continuously, the hair atop his head was standing vertically and his eye b.a.l.l.s were popping out from his skull.


Big Yellow laughed. His speed was incredibly fast, appearing in front of Xiao Nan Feng in the blink of an eye. This time he simply rode on Xiao Nan Feng’s face.


Another deafening sound…This sound totally buried Xiao Nan Feng’s screams of pain. He turned around and a moan at its highest pitch could be heard.

Argh… Argh… Argh…

*Bang* *Bang* *Bang*

It was an unforgettable scene for the people watching it. Big Yellow rode on Xiao Nan Feng’s head and erupted his Whirlwind Spirit Fart again and again, insanely flooding the air with his green fart. People from far away were starting to smell it’s disgusting smell.

“d.a.m.n! Brutal!”

“This is certainly the cruelest retribution even executed. This superior dog’s b.u.t.tocks can infiltrate into one’s soul and rip it apart.”

“Xiao Nan Feng is finished. He will be the first Ninth Grade Combat King in the world to be smoked to death.”


Everyone's faces turned pale and white. It was unimaginable even if they put themselves into Xiao Nan Feng’s shoes. This scene hardly happened in a thousand years and the likes of Big Yellow barely only appeared in ten thousand years.


It was Big Yellow’s last fart on him, followed by a silent reaction. Big Yellow then removed his legs and left Xiao Nan Feng’s head. Xiao Nan Feng’s face wasn’t his anymore, his mouth was full of white foam. His body fell from the sky, smas.h.i.+ng into the sharp structure of the summit on a mountain. His breath stopped after a few attempts of squirming. At his last breath, his facial expression was full of torture and pain. His way of dying wasn’t peaceful at all.


“He is really dead. My G.o.d. He is the Great Tyc.o.o.n of Asura Palace, the number one genius, a Ninth Grade Combat King, but died under the b.u.t.t of the dog. This is the most tragic way of dying, it is surely pathetic.”

“Pathetic indeed. Sad resemblance and too cruel. What is cramped to death and splitting the limbs by five horses? They aren’t like this. The superior dog’s fart is the world’s cruelest thing.”

This is the dreariest scene ever. Xiao Nan Feng died under the fart of a dog. This would become the topic of conversation for many years in the future.

“Very f***ing brutal!”

The monk was staring at the dog who was moving into his direction while wagging his tail. He couldn’t help but move further away. This dog was too scary, his way of killing was heinous. The consequences of fighting the dog was unthinkable.

Xiao Nan Feng had died. Jiang Chen didn’t pay much attention to it. He faced Zhuang Fan and said, “Zhuang Fan, I have avenged your family from the murderer. I hope that your family will be reunited in the Soul realm. Once the matter in Liang Province is settled, I will go to the Qing City to bury you.”