Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 582 – The Seventh Grade Combat King

Chapter 582 – The Seventh Grade Combat King

The Seventh Grade Combat King

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The moment Jiang Chen saw the bone, it seemed to be able to sense Jiang Chen’s existence too. It vibrated and moved towards Jiang Chen automatically without him calling it. That feeling was the same as the event that happened to the Heavenly Saint Sword, but this feeling was stronger than it. Heavenly Saint Sword was just a weapon after all. Any Combat Weapon could never match with his own body parts.

That’s right, this bone was Jiang Chen’s bone. It was part of the body he left in his past life.

Jiang Chen was observing the vibrating bone in front of him, his eyes were starting to become watery. He never even imagined this scene would happen. His own bone, which was hidden a hundred years ago, had the chance to meet with him again after a century. This was a miracle.

This was also rather logical. Jiang Chen had reached the level of the Greatest Saint. His mighty power allowed his flesh to obtain the highest energy absorption. Even if his body was destroyed during his battle with the immortals, there was still this piece of bone that was preserved.

“d.a.m.n! It surprises me that this is a Holy bone. With the body crushed entirely, only the bones lasted forever. In the whole State of Saint, only the Greatest Saint can do this. This is no doubt the bone of the Greatest Saint. It had been preserved for more than a hundred years. This is not an ordinary treasure. You have luck, don’t ya? If you can merge it with your finger, its power is infinite.”

Big Yellow was full of joy and excitement. He knew how valuable the bones of a Saint. Everyone knew this. Moreover, the bone came from no ordinary Saint but from the Greatest Saint. He was able to slash off the gate of immortals, his ability was way beyond anything in terms of energy and strength anyone could imagine or ever had. If the flesh of the body wasn’t strong enough to withstand the resistance, fusing it with the body would be deadly.

Big Yellow could discern this bone’s history. He could guess that this bone belonged to the Greatest Saint himself, but didn’t expect the relations.h.i.+p of this bone with Jiang Chen.

Anyone knew that the death of the Greatest Saint was a fact and had become the history for the Divine Continent for a hundred years. Who would know that the Greatest Saint was related to a teenager who was not even twenty years old?

“That’s right, my trip did not go in vain. If I can fuse the bone with my body, not only I can obtain the power of a Saint, I am also able to improve my level. Time is of the essence, Big Yellow, protect me while I refine the bone here.”

Jiang Chen’s pupils dilated, bearing the excitement within his body. He would not get so excited by just getting a piece of bone of a Saint, but this wasn’t just an ordinary Saint’s bone. This was his own Saint bone, it had a relations.h.i.+p with his veins and blood and was part of him even though it had been a hundred years. It was only logical for him to be this excited.

“Little Chen, refining this saint bone won’t be easy. The bone of the Greatest Saint consists his will. Even though the Greatest Saint was destroyed completely by the immortals without allowing it to leave anything behind, your body still cannot merge with it within in this short period of time even without the will of the Greatest Saint in the bone. There will also be rejections since you are only a Fifth Grade Combat King which is too far behind the level of the Greatest Saint. Completely refining it within ten days is not going to be possible.”

Big Yellow said worriedly. It was supposed to be a good news for Jiang Chen to find an extremely rare treasure, but the time left was too little. There was only nine days left. If the days used for returning to Liang Province is cut away, only eight days would be left in total. Eight days of time to finish the refinery of the Greatest Saint’s bone? It’s not going to happen.

“Don’t worry, my methods of training and refining is special, it is an inherited method of training, it has abnormally fast and quick results. I am confident that I can refine this Saint’s bone in a short time.”

Jiang Chen smiled at Big Yellow. This could only be explained by Jiang Chen’s extraordinary method of training. Big Yellow had witnessed Jiang Chen’s capability. He was no ordinary being. Any cultivator who tried to refine this bone would get rejected most of the time and that would slow down the process a lot. Jiang Chen’s refinery of the Saint’s bone was entirely different. Not only there would be no rejections, the bone was going to fuse with the blood and flesh in his body completely.

“I really have no idea what method of training you are using. If it is so great, you better start working now, I will go in search of other possible leftover treasure.”


Big Yellow vanished in front of Jiang Chen after making his statement.

Jiang Chen laughed, getting a bone of a Saint was one of the luckiest thing. There had been so many people in the major powers who came over this s.h.i.+eld in search of anything they thought valuable. This bone was hidden secretly that even himself couldn’t sense it without the help of Big Yellow’s special ability.

Jiang Chen sat down, crossing his legs, he lowered his head to take a closer look at the Saint’s bone. His palm was holding it tight. It was like this was the most precious thing in the whole world, it was really out of the ordinary. Even if he was asked to trade this with one of a kind Holy weapon, he would refuse it without hesitation.

“This piece of finger bone was left without damage. When I died last time, it's not only a finger bone of mine that was left undisturbed here. My body had pa.s.sed through the Nine Yang Xuan Gong’s training, every part of my body was like treasure at that time. If there were any remains, I am afraid that most of them had been taken away by the major powers in this Pure Land. Humph! If this is the case, I will claim back all the things I have lost, sooner or later, I will take them back one by one.”

Jiang Chen’s looked very surprised. He thought that he was supposed to retrieve the treasure he left many years ago, but he didn’t expect to find a single Saint bone. He believed that his remaining Saint bones weren’t gonna be only this piece of a finger bone. If there are any other left, they had already been grabbed away by the major powers of this Pure Land.

Those things belonged to him. He swore to take them back. He didn’t care about the power of the major powers in this Pure Land. When he was reigning his territory on the Pure Land, the ancestors of the Big Eight Major Families had to pay homage to him.

What he achieved in his previous life was something he wanted to achieve in this life as well.

Jiang Chen focused back on his current task, he began his refinery of the finger bone. Beams of golden radiances shot out of his left hand, it had engulfed the finger bone entirely, making the bone vibrate stronger. There was a positive feeling in him at this time. The finger bone moved towards Jiang Chen’s left hand’s index finger arranging itself to fit with Jiang Chen’s bone exactly by itself. Finally, it turned into a light that entered into Jiang Chen’s index finger, instantaneously, his finger swelled more than an inch.


A pure but also a tyrannical energy rushed out of the Saint’s bone into Jiang Chen’s body immediately, he couldn’t stand to make a voice. After that, the surfaces of his body were engulfed in a golden light, dragon shadows were flas.h.i.+ng from it. It was very G.o.dly.

*Ka* *Ka*

Sounds of dislocating bones were produced. To be specific, the golden light released by his left index finger had covered his left palm completely like a big coc.o.o.n.

The process of fusing a Saint’s bone completely with one’s body was very torturing and unbearable, but Jiang Chen could not feel any signs of pain. This was like an enjoyment to him. The fusion would be followed by a transformation.

The Saint bone contained some energy originally. These energy wasn’t as powerful as the others, but for a Combat King, this energy was well beyond powerful. Jiang Chen was able to absorb this energy without any rejections because the energy in the Saint bone belonged to him originally, so he could absorb it directly.

In the meantime of fusing the finger bone, all the Dragon Marks in his DanTian, which was the area under his chest, was condensing one by one, the speed of condensation was getting faster. His body already had more than twenty nine thousands of Dragon Marks even at his Fifth Grade Combat King. After the fusion with this Saint’s bone, his grade would rise unprecedentedly to next level or levels.

Although the Saint’s bone would not have any rejections with Jiang Chen’s body, the complete fusion would still need days to finish. But, according to Jiang Chen’s estimation, eight days of time would be sufficient enough.

After one day, Big Yellow searched everywhere outside of the s.h.i.+eld in detail. He was muttering while he returned to their original place. After one day, nothing was found, not even a hair. Only then he truly understood that finding the Saint’s finger bone was an unexpected luck.

“How can you refine it with such a fast pace? Your Qi is skyrocketing to a higher level. It seems you don’t need eight days to refine it completely. It was wonderful! It seems your methods of fusion are not really ordinary.”

Big Yellow was amazed by Jiang Chen’s changes of power every day, he could sense ma.s.sive energy spilling out of his body. He had no choice but to admire Jiang Chen’s methods of training, this had went well beyond his understanding.

For the following seven days, Big Yellow had become Jiang Chen’s protector. Jiang Chen’s Qi was stronger than the previous day, and in day seven, a surge of power blasted out from Jiang Chen’s body.


A refres.h.i.+ng sound came from Jiang Chen’s body, that wasn’t the sound of the bone, it was the sound of leveling up. Large amounts of Tian Yuan pills were consumed. His grade had reached the Sixth Grade Combat King within seconds. That surge of power didn’t stop moving forward. It was irresistible. It continued to push his power up to the Seventh Grade Combat King in three minutes time, then it stopped after that.

“d.a.m.n! Seventh Grade Combat King. You have really completed the fusion with the Saint’s bone without any rejections, that will make people speechless.”

Big Yellow jumped up and down because Jiang Chen had surprised him. Even though he had been amazed many times and got accustomed to it. But this time was different, that Saint bone was refined and fused just like that, pus.h.i.+ng his level to Seventh Grade Combat King. Leveling two levels up in a short time wasn’t something ordinary. He was well aware that Jiang Chen’s combat power in Seventh Grade Combat King could eliminate Xiao Nan Feng and the other two effortlessly.