Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 579 – I Have My Own Ways

Chapter 579 – I Have My Own Ways

I Have My Own Ways

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“Don’t worry, as long as they agree and keep their promise about the battle after ten days I will let all of them face their death without burial. My only concern is that they don’t have the guts to do so.”

Jiang Chen’s facial expression showed sarcasm, he glanced through the three people he had just challenged.

“What a presumptuous kid! I will let your blood flow all over the land after ten days.”

Qian Wenyu of the School of Invincible could not bear Jiang Chen’s arrogant challenge anymore, he pointed at Jiang Chen and shouted at him offensively. Jiang Chen didn’t care about his ego, he did not even put him in his heart. His only task was to provoke these three men to acquire these ten days of time. He already had a new plan, he will need to take one step at a time to succeed. Today, the first step he would take would be the three of them.

Moreover, battling with the three geniuses of the Liang Province stimulated his will to fight. Not fighting them was totally a waste. Now, Sot Old Man as well as Thunder Core was still around. They were confronting each other aggressively, as the head of the State of Liang, Shadowless Taoist definitely would not want this to happen. Two Sixth Grade Combat Emperors would kill them all in an instant.

Plus Jiang Chen had provoked the three geniuses to their limits. Li Tian Yang had no choice but to promise them, he was concerned that if they refused that promise it would make the three geniuses a laughing stock to everyone because of their timidity. They would lose their face everywhere they go in the Liang Province.

“Well? Do you dare to take the challenge?”

Jiang Chen looked through everyone everyone again for confirmation, his expression at the beginning was indifferent. He was calm as if he had no clue about the dangerous situation he was in right now. His courage and boldness gave people a hard time to believe that he is a young man that hadn’t even reached 20.

“Okay, since you initiated the challenge, then we’ll do it. It is actually a good idea for letting younger generations to have battle, so that the others would not say that we seniors bully the younger ones.”

Shadowless Taoist was the first to promise.

“All right, deal.”

Li Tian Yang had also promised while Invincible Nie had no choice but to agree as well, allowing Jiang Chen to live for ten more days. The current scenario would be unfavourable for any parties if a fight had really started.

Dark Min Zi nodded secretly, he could not help but to give a thumb up to Jiang Chen. This young man’s att.i.tude was to his liking. He came here thinking that he will enjoy the scene but he didn’t expect the friends.h.i.+p built between Jiang Chen and Dark Devil Religion. In other words, he will benefit endlessly if he could build his rapport with Jiang Chen who is the friend of the young master of the Dark Devil Religion.

“No wonder young master looks up to you, this kind of young man certainly has extraordinary boldness.”

Sot Old Man showed his appreciation and praised Jiang Chen. It doesn’t matter whether Jiang Chen can defeat them or not, his boldness had surpa.s.sed countless of young men, making them run away with their tails between their legs.

“Humph, according to the rule, disrespecting me will result in killing you with one slap , but this is the matter of the Liang Province, I will not interfere.”

Thunder Core humph in a cool manner. Jiang Chen’s disrespect was really getting him to burst out. Although he said he would not to interfere with the conflicts of other state, he wanted to slap Jiang Chen to death if Sot Old Man wasn’t here.

“Thunder Core, you are not pleasing to my eyes, let’s find a place to get rid of my unpleasantness.”

Sot Old Man said.

“Let’s fight, I am not afraid of you.”

Thunder Core’s body disappeared. Sot Old Man’s legs trembled, a limitless devil force was released. He was heading towards Thunder Core’s direction where he disappeared. When he pa.s.sed by Jiang Chen, he tossed a crystal ball to him and said,

“Kid, this is from young master.”

The crystal ball was icy cold when Jiang Chen touched it. He knew that this icy crystal ball was used to replicate images. His guess was, inside the crystal ball was the record of images of Han Yan.

Sot Old Man and Thunder Core had disappeared and the scene returned to its original state. A nervous atmosphere manifested itself suddenly. Invincible Nie was staring at Jiang Chen, his eyes showed that he really wanted to kill Jiang Chen because of his deep hatred caused by the loss his Ferghana Stallion.


The moment Invincible Nie pulled out his sword, Dark Min Zi rushed to the front of Jiang Chen, blocking Jiang Chen’s confrontation with the man and said, “Invincible Nie, the promised battle will happen after ten days, if you want to break the promise, I suppose you will have to go through me first.”

Dark MinZi was determined to protect Jiang Chen, he and Heavenly Devil Palace’s future were placed on this young man’s hands. He was well aware that the master of the Dark Devil Religion had adopted a kid, granting him the position of a young master. Jiang Chen was this new master’s friend, they should have known each other long time ago. That was why the young master ordered Sot Old Man to come here on the land of Liang Province to protect Jiang Chen. The special relations.h.i.+p between the two made Dark Min Zi to establish a good rapport with Jiang Chen as that would be equivalent to establis.h.i.+ng good rapport with the young master as well. The formidable relations.h.i.+p between the new young master of the Devil Religion and Jiang Chen was discerned by him well.

“Master of Invincible sect, let him live for ten more days and I will make him regret for what he said.”

Qian Wen Yu said it without caring for Jiang Chen’s feelings. He swore that he must have this battle with Jiang Chen. This was not about revenge but about his pride.

“Okay, you will have ten more days to live, I would like to see how you are going to fight with the three of them after ten days.”

Invincible Nie said it in a cold way and disappeared immediately.

He was followed by Li Tian Yang, Shadowless Taoist and Great Elder. The only left were Xiao Nan Feng and three others because this was a matter of the younger generation, but in truth, Jiang Chen was way younger than all of them.

“Jiang Chen, you insulted me repeatedly, it was too disrespectful! Ten days later, I must show you my means of killing.”

Xiao Nan Feng said it in a cool way.

Jiang Chen simply glanced at him and turned his head away as if nothing happened. This act made Xiao Nan Feng bit his teeth in unexplained anger as he knew that Jiang Chen had deliberately avoided the conversation from him as Jiang Chen thought every words spoken by Xiao Nan Feng would bring humiliation to himself.

This was complete disdain, this feeling was worse than hitting his face with a pan.

“Ten…Days…Later…! I WILL NOT LET YOU LIVE!”

Xiao Nan Feng left his last words then soared into the sky and left the place.

A genius of the Peerless Sword Faction was dressed in a white robe, a golden ribbon was hanging in his waist, projecting a suave and romantic feeling. His name was Wan Yi Ming, he was equally famous as Xiao Nan Feng.

“I have no idea where you get your courage from? A Fifth Grade Combat King? A promise of ten days? What a joke! What can you do in ten days?”

Wan Yi Ming treated him like an object of ridicule.

“It will be enough to kill you all.”

Jiang Chen replied without taking time to consider his words.

“I am curious to know, an evil-doer who can cause disaster, what will you do in these ten days time. Even if you successfully get to the Sixth Grade of Combat King, you know that you’re still not eligible to fight me, right?”

Wan Yi Ming said that in a sceptical way. He was suspicious of where he got his boldness.

“My eligibility? You will know soon.”

Jiang Chen said that with a smile.


Wan Yi Ming made a cool humph and disappeared together with Qian Wen Yu.

“Thank you for your help, master of the palace.”

After all of them had left, Jiang Chen thanked Dark Min Zi with his fists, “You had helped me pull through the predicament, even though you just wanted to establish your sect in the Dark Devil Religion.”

“Brother Jiang, you are out of topic, you are the friend of the young master, but the promised battle in ten days with the three geniuses will be like a child’s play for them.”

Dark Min ZI frowned while he was saying that sentence.

“For you, this isn’t a child’s play, but a real battle. Their strength isn’t something that you can imagine, they are no ordinary Ninth Grade Combat Kings. And, you are merely a Fifth Grade Combat King, it may be possible for you to advance to the next level of Combat King, but any advancement after that would be almost impossible within ten days, and a Sixth Grade Combat King will never be enough to be called their opponent.”

The genius of Heavenly Devil palace said. He just came back from the Gorge Mountains (Luo Xia Mountains) and had fought with them before. He knew the horrifying power of those three young men. He said that Jiang Chen’s decision was not just as easy as a child’s play.

“Anyhow, I have my own ways.”

Jiang Chen would never make any uncertain decisions.

“Since the promise of battle had been fixed, any deviation from it would not be possible anymore. Brother Jiang, you can come over to my Palace to stay overnight. I will provide you with the best training environment.”

Dark Min Zi said.

“I thank you for your kindness. I must go to an important place to prepare for the battle.”

Jiang Chen greeted Dark Min Zi with both fists. In his hands, he had a lot of devil souls. He originally wanted to use these souls to make a deal with Heavenly Devil Palace. Now that he already had the whereabouts of Han Yan, he instantly gave up this idea as he knew the souls would be best use in the hands of Han Yan, his friend. He would give it to him as presents when they meet.

“Alright, then we will leave now, if you want my help brother Jiang, feel free to go to the Heavenly Devil Palace, the door of the Palace will be always open to you.”

Dark Min Zi greeted with his both fists. The three of them turned away and left.

Everyone had left, the onlookers were leaving one by one, but this place would become crowded again after ten days. The news that Jiang Chen challenged the three geniuses would spread throughout the Liang Province.

“I don’t know what Jiang Chen was thinking, he wanted to challenge the three geniuses, wasn’t it the same as seeking death himself?”

“That’s right, and there is only ten days’ time, what can he do in ten days? Getting into Sixth Grade Combat King will be lucky for him, but luck won’t help him to defeat Xiao Nan Feng and the other two geniuses.”

“We’ll see. I don’t think Jiang Chen is a reckless person, maybe he has a way to defeat them, which will only be known after ten days.”


The gossips were far away to be heard, Jiang Chen was now alone in the entire mountain. His lips turned to a smile, he didn’t expect the ending of today’s situation.

“You can come out now.”

Jiang Chen shouted at the spatial s.h.i.+ft and a ray of light flashed out, the thing that came to his side was Big Yellow Dog.