Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 528 – Western Region

Chapter 528 – Western Region

Chapter 528 - Western Region

Wen Hua and the genius from the Peerless Sword Faction were struck with astonishment. They couldn’t believe what they had just witnessed. To their knowledge, the monk was just a Fourth Grade Combat King. No matter how much of a genius he was, it was impossible for him to be a match for three Fifth Grade Combat Kings. However, who could have thought that the monk’s frightening strength would go beyond their imagination? The powerful warrior of the Invincible Sect couldn’t even withstand a single strike from him, and had one of his arms broken by him. Thus, none of them dared hesitate any longer.


Most of the disciples from the Peerless Sword Faction cultivated sword skills. The genius pulled out his precious sword that was strapped behind his back. Then, he and Wen Hua unleashed numerous dazzling sword and saber beams toward Tyrant.

On the other side, the severely injured genius from the Invincible Sect dared not relax. While enduring the severe pain coming from his broken arm, he drew out his weapon as well. Although the three men weren’t from the same sect, their relations.h.i.+p was privately quite good. Thus, they could cooperate pretty well. The three men’s teamwork brought a significant boost to their spirit, and their overall strength improved by a lot as well. The cooperation of three Fifth Grade Combat Kings was not something any ordinary man could deal with.

The s.p.a.ce once again began to tremble as a result of their powerful attacks. Countless cracks appeared in the air, while the Spatial Energy leaking out from the King Weapons here wreaked havoc in the entire place. The place quickly became a chaotic battlefield.

Although he was surrounded by the attacks of these three powerful men, no signs of nervousness could be found on Tyrant’s face. Instead, a smile emerged on his face. With his overall strength, he had no reason to fear these three men. Since the beginning, Tyrant had yet to take out his combat weapon. But now, in order to defeat these three geniuses, he quickly pulled out the golden beads that hung around his neck.

After the Buddhist beads were taken down, they immediately began emanating a dazzling glow. Numerous golden Sanskrit symbols could be seen on the surfaces of these beads. Driven by Tyrant, the beads started expanding at top speed. Each bead looked like a resplendent gigantic disc; extremely majestic.

“Ten Thousand Buddhas!”

Tyrant roared out loudly. His voice was incredibly loud, as he shouted out using the Buddhist technique Vajra Lion’s Roar. Wave after wave of golden ripples surged through the air, spreading across the scene. However, the frightening part about this attack wasn’t this roar, but the chain of beads. Like a mighty barrier, the beads formed a golden field. Following Tyrant’s subsiding voice, numerous dazzling golden beams shot out from the beads. They looked like razor sharp beads capable of destroying anything that got in their way. They were slicing through the s.p.a.ce as if they were cutting through b.u.t.ter.

Clang, clang, clang...

The golden beams that shot out from the beads clashed into the three men’s powerful King Weapons, producing loud clanging sounds and a large amount of sparks. The great impact pushed the three powerful warriors back, making them feel unwell as their blood was violently tumbling about inside their bodies.

“Impossible, how could this monk be so strong?! Even the three of us are no match when teamed up against him!”

Wen Hua was truly astonished. It looked like his eagerness for success had caused him to make a huge mistake. This monk was far tougher to deal with than he had imagined. Judging from his ability, it would take at least a Sixth Grade, or even a Seventh Grade Combat King to capture this monk.


Tyrant once again roared out. In an instant, the golden beams that had shot out from his beads became much denser, and eventually transformed into a golden ocean. Finally, the golden beams weaved together and formed a huge golden Buddhist seal. Like a huge mountain, it forcefully charged into the three men.


It was a powerful attack. The three men instantly lost the grip of their weapons. At the same time, the genius from the Invincible Sect who had previously been wounded let out a miserable shriek, as his twisted arm exploded into a clump mist. It was completely destroyed.

Wen Hua and the other genius from the Peerless Sword Faction were in no better states. They had thrown up a few mouthfuls of blood, staining their chest crimson, and their auras were in messy states. Tyrant’s attack had severely wounded all of them in an instant, making them resemble arrows at the entire of their flights. They had lost all ability to fight against Tyrant.

The three men looked at each other and saw the same shock in each other’s eyes. Almost at the same time, the three men shouted out a single word, “Run!”

Yes, running away if you were no match for the enemy, this was always the case. If they didn’t run away, staying here would be equal to waiting to be slaughtered.

It was extremely easy to escape when a Combat King decided to do so, as they had all mastered Spatial Laws, which allowed them to escape through entering the void. But unfortunately, the three weren’t in any good shape right now. If they chose to run away while they were still in top shape, even Tyrant would be unable to stop them. But now, it was a completely different story.

“Where are you going? Grandpa told you that I wanted to save your souls from purgatory, and I have to do it. Grandpa is a man who keeps his words, and I can’t let you three little punks ruin my flawless reputation.”

Tyrant mentioned his reputation. He suddenly felt as if he was a man who always kept his words. At least, it was like that this time. Since he said he wanted to save their souls from purgatory, he had to do it no matter what. Otherwise, it would be a huge shame to his reputation.

Therefore, right when the three men were about to flee, Tyrant moved. He forcefully threw out the gigantic beads, making them fly with incredible speed, then collide with the head of the Invincible Sect genius.


The genius from the Invincible Sect couldn’t even put up his defense. His head instantly exploded when the beads. .h.i.t it, and died on the spot. Meanwhile, the beads didn’t slow down at all, and continued its course toward the genius from the Peerless Sword Faction.

The genius unleashed a layer of Yuan energy to try and defend himself from the beads. But unfortunately, he was too weak right now, so there was no way he could defend himself. These beads had been personally crafted by Tyrant’s master, and he had carried them with him since he was young. Once it was used to attack an enemy, the mighty power would be beyond imagination.

In the end, the genius from the Peerless Sword Faction was unable to escape from his ill fate. The beads. .h.i.t his waist, causing him to break into two. He died miserably on the spot.

Seeing this, the Sixth Tyc.o.o.n Wen Hua was filled with great fear. He dared not hesitate any longer, he immediately ripped a crack in the s.p.a.ce and stepped into the void.

“Kaka, don’t run away from your grandpa!”

Tyrant had been prepared for this, and he wouldn’t give Wen Hua any change to run away. He had no good opinion of the people from the Asura Palace because of Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s pitiful conditions; that were caused by the Asura Palace. He called back the beads and held them in his hand, then made half of them penetrate into the void and hook onto Wen Hua’s neck. Then, he forcefully pulled the beads, dragon Wen Hua out from the void.

Wen Hua’s face turned green as he was trapped by the beads. He was trembling violently. No one wanted to die, especially those who were standing face to face with death. As one of the Asura Palace’s 13 Tyc.o.o.ns, he held great power and status, and he had a good life, and an even better future. So, he naturally didn’t want to die.

"No… please, don't kill me."

Wen Hua was very scared. He had witnessed Tyrant’s strength, and he knew that the monk could kill him as easily as flipping his palm.

"Give me a reason why I shouldn't kill you."

The monk asked in a serious manner.

Wen Hua was startled. Yes, he couldn’t think of even a single reason why the monk shouldn’t kill him. With their hostile relations.h.i.+p, they were supposed to kill each other. If their positions were reversed; if the monk was in his hands, he would never spare this monk. And, not only would he not spare this monk, he would make the monk regret staying alive.

“Can’t think of any? Actually, this monk is a merciful man. If it was Jiang Chen, he would definitely not let you go. However, I’ll be merciful, and save your soul from purgatory.”

After saying that, the monk pulled the beads and forcefully broke Wen Hua’s neck, causing his head to fly high into the sky.


Tyrant placed the beads back on his neck. Then, he clasped both palms together in front of his chest and said in an utmost serious manner, “Brother Jiang, I have redeemed some interest for you. Now, I’ll bring you to the Western Region. Once you’ve fully recovered, I believe you’ll come back here for revenge.”

After that, without spending another second in this place, Tyrant ripped a crack in s.p.a.ce and stepped into it, then disappeared without a trace.

The Sixth Tyc.o.o.n had died a tragic death. He thought that with the help of the other two powerful warriors, he would be able to seize the reward. However, he never expected the monk to be so strong. Even though the monk was only a peak Fourth Grade Combat King, he was capable of instantly killing a Fifth Grade Combat King.

Tyrant came from the remote Western Region. There were a total of eight major regions in the Divine Continent. The Xuan Region was located in the east, while the Western Region was located opposite of the Xuan Region, in the west. The Liang Province was also located at the eastmost side of the Xuan Region. So, in order to travel from the Liang Province to the Western Region, even with Tyrant’s speed, it would not be a matter of one or two days.

The Divine Continent was an extremely vast land, as it was the heart of the Saint Origin realm, making it a place the Southern Continent and Eastern Continent couldn’t compare with. As a matter of fact, the Southern and Eastern Continent combined were actually smaller than the Xuan Region. Fortunately, the monk was a Combat King who had mastered the Spatial Laws, so he was able to enter the void and jump through s.p.a.ce. If it was an ordinary cultivator who traveled by flight, the journey from the Xuan Region to the Western Region would at least take a few months.

The journey from the Xuan Region to the Western Region wasn’t as simple as one would imagine. This was because some major powers didn’t allow people to enter them freely, and some major powers of those regions would even construct Spatial Gates, just like the Teleport Formation found in the Island of Ice, and use it as a means of making income. So, for those cultivators who wished to travel to other major regions, they would have to pay with either Earth Restoration Pills or Heavenly Restoration Pills to use those Spatial Gates to travel between the major regions. With that, not only would it save them time, it would also save them a lot of trouble.

Because the journey from the Xuan Region to the Western Region was long, there was a possibility for him to b.u.mp into all sorts of trouble along the way. The Xuan Region was just an ordinary region when compared to the other eight major regions. Some relatively powerful regions would have some extremely powerful powers residing within, and it would be a headache if any conflicts arose with them.

Furthermore, Tyrant wanted to rush back and save Jiang Chen, so he couldn’t afford wasting any time. He had brought some fortune with him, so he had no issues paying for the Spatial Gate.

Seven days later, after travelling through a few major regions, Tyrant finally arrived in the Western Region. It was a paradise that belonged to the Buddhists. It was the smallest region in the entire Divine Continent; a half enclosed region. However, no one dared to underestimate the Western Region. Even though they had become weaker over time, their foundation was still very powerful.