Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 495 – Disposal

Chapter 495 – Disposal

Chapter 495 - Disposal

The situation had suddenly changed. Although the Asura Palace had more men compared to their opponent, all of them were just First Grade Combat Kings. If their opponent was the Heavenhawk Island Master alone, even if he possessed the combat strength of a Second Grade Demon King, these geniuses could still fight him, and perhaps even kill him if they all worked together. However, they now had to face six of the Pirate Lords, and one of them was a Second Grade Combat King.

Furthermore, the pirates of the Chaotic Ocean were well-known for their savage and fierce att.i.tudes. All of them possessed murderous approaches. Now, with the combination of six Pirate Lords, although the Asura Palace outnumbered their opponent, they would most likely fail to even defend themselves.

At the moment, all the disciples of the Asura Palace wore unsightly expressions on their faces. After all, the ferocious reputation of these six Pirate Lords was no joke.

“Young brats of the Asura Palace, I bet none of you ever thought of this! The formation was just a trap! What daddy wanted to do was catch you all in one go! I want to vent my anger on all of you!”

After gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth and speaking, the Island Master burst into laughter. A gruesome hatred leaked out from his eyes. On the other side, Jiang Chen saw the Island Master’s expression. Although he didn’t know how to read other people’s mind, he could easily tell something from the Island Master’s expression. The hatred this Island Master had toward the Asura Palace was very strong.

However, even though the Heavenhawk Island Master wanted to vent his anger on the Asura Palace, why would the other five Pirate Lords get involved? None of them were stupid.

Jiang Chen felt that things were getting more interesting. There must be some resentments between the two parties involved.

“This is unexpected. Six of the seven Pirate Lords have ganged up to fight these geniuses of the Asura Palace. Truly unbelievable.”

“These Pirate Lords have never gotten along with each other, and I never thought they would team up one day. I’m guessing there must be some benefits involved. If not, these guys wouldn’t risk offending the Asura Palace.”

“Looks like something big will happen today. Six Pirate Lords, and there is even a Second Grade Combat King among them. If they really fight these geniuses of the Asura Palace, I’m curious about how many will die.”


Many people were surprised to see how things turned out, as none of them had expected this to happen. However, none of the spectators would complain about such a grand scene appearing. The livelier it was, the happier they were.

“Everyone, let’s wait no more and strike together! Don’t let any of these geniuses escape, I want them all dead today!”

The Heavenhawk Island Master turned to the other Pirate Lords and said.

“No problem. However, don’t forget the conditions you’ve promise us. I suppose you know that killing these geniuses won’t be without consequences.”

The Second Grade Combat King said.

“Don’t worry. As long as you guys help me kill them, I won’t put my hands on anything you find from them. Also, I, Zhan Ying will hand over any treasures I find, and the secret skill you want.”

The Heavenhawk Island Master said.

The crowd now finally understood why these six Pirate Lords had teamed up. The Heavenhawk Island Master had promised them some handsome rewards and conditions.

“You better not involve yourself with this! This is the resentment between us, the Asura Palace and the Heavenhawk Island Master! I suggest you stay out of this, because this will bring you nothing good!”

Realizing that things were moving towards a bad development, Xiu Rui quickly spoke.

"Save your breath! Attack!"

The Heavenhawk Island Master shouted. A sharp saber appeared in his hand, and at the same time, his aura changed tremendously. From the First Grade Demon King realm, it instantly shot up into the Second Grade Demon King realm. After that, with incredible speed, he charged toward one of the disciples of the Asura Palace.


All disciples of the Asura Palace cried out in shock simultaneously. They never expected the Heavenhawk Island Master to hide his real cultivation, and that he was in fact a Second Grade Demon King. It was no wonder he could kill the 13th Tyc.o.o.n. All 13 Tyc.o.o.ns of the Asura Palace were elite geniuses, and they would rarely be defeated by anyone in the same realm as themselves. However, if the Heavenhawk Island Master was a Second Grade Demon King, it all made sense.

“This b.a.s.t.a.r.d actually hid his real cultivation?!”

Li Hao couldn’t help curse. A Second Grade Combat King was really difficult to defeat, and now they had to deal with a Second Grade Demon King as well. No one knew how many geniuses the Asura Palace would lose in this battle.

"Stop him!"

Xiu Rui shouted out. Together with the other two men, he took the initiative to attack, and charged toward the Heavenhawk Island Master. When faced with a formidable Second Grade Demon King, even with the combination of the three of them, there was no way they could have any advantages.


The s.p.a.ce was ripped apart by the devastating attacks. The battle between Combat Kings could easily shake the heavens and earth, sending raging tsunamis rolling across the ocean surface. Without hesitating, all the spectators quickly moved back, not daring to stay too close to the battlefield. Although three geniuses of the Asura Palace had worked together, they still couldn’t withstand the Island Master’s devastating attack. The three were instantly sent flying backwards, their expressions turning extremely unsightly.

Flapping the wings on his back, the Island Master shot toward one of the injured disciples, then slashed the saber in his hand toward him.


The saber was simply too fast, and with the gap between their cultivation, regardless of how quickly that disciple could react, one of his arms was still chopped off by the Island Master, causing his blood to rain down from the sky.

Seeing this, Xiu Rui was struck with great fright. All the Asura Palace disciples hastily rushed over to the disciple to help. They were facing a formidable Second Grade Demon King, so no one dared show any neglect to this situation. The only thing currently certain was that their only advantage laid in their numbers. If this number was reduced, they would quickly be greeted by death.

Furthermore, the six Pirate Lords had prepared well. This could easily be told from the positions they were standing in. They would never let these disciples escape.

“Jiejie… boys, come and face your death! Your grandpa really enjoys killing geniuses!”

Another pirate evilly laughed out as he attacked the disciples. The entire scene had instantly become chaotic. It was an extremely intense battle, and some of the disciples had already been injured right when the battle commenced. The Island Master was too fierce and aggressive, as if there was a terrible hatred between him and the Asura Palace, so he would never show any mercy when attacking. Although there were many geniuses who tried to stop him, he still kill the genius who lost his arm with a brutal method.

“It’s over. It looks like the Asura Palace is going to suffer huge losses today. The approach of these six Pirate Lords are far more vicious than most others. Since they’re able to dominate the Chaotic Ocean, it simply means that they are all elites amongst those of the same level. Although these disciples of the Asura Palace are all geniuses, there is no way for them to fight these pirates equally, let alone the fact that there are two Second Grade Combat/Demon Kings among their enemy.”

“Hehe, perhaps the Asura Palace is going to cry over this.”


All the spectators were watching with mixed feelings. As for the geniuses from the other three major powers of the Liang Province, they were happy to see this, as their relations.h.i.+p with the Asura Palace wasn’t harmonious. So, faced with this situation, it could already be considered kind of them to not drop a stone down on the man who fall into a well. They would never provide them any help.


Another miserable and painful cry was heard from one of the disciples. It was the last cry of another genius. The group once containing 14 geniuses now only had 12 men.

"Brother Jiang, please help us!"

While Tan Lang was fighting a First Grade Combat King pirate, he turned his head and hastily told Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen didn’t say anything. His eyes had locked down on one of the pirates. He had thoroughly examined his enemies just now. Among all these pirates, aside from the Island Master, two more pirates were demons. Two First Grade Demon Kings. They were Jiang Chen’s target. After killing them, he would have two First Grade Demon King demon souls, which was enough for him to break through to the First Grade Combat King realm.

Due to the Heavenhawk Island Master and the other Second Grade Combat King attacking so aggressively, they had attracted most of the Asura Palace’s disciples. Thus leaving a few Pirate Lords hovering on the spot without anything to do.

When Jiang Chen looked at one of the Demon Kings, that Demon King also turned his gaze toward Jiang Chen.

“This kid’s Yang energy is extremely strong! If I can eat him, it will definitely bring me tremendous benefits!”

The Demon King smiled wickedly as he shot himself toward Jiang Chen.

At the same time, another First Grade Combat King targeted Big Yellow.

“d.a.m.n, this dog is big! Looks like we’ll be able to have a big feast tonight!”

The First Grade Combat King struck at the same time as that Demon King and charged toward Big Yellow.

Seeing this, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow looked at each other, and both revealed joyful smiles.

Right when both pirates arrived in front of Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, both of them moved. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were incredibly fast, so fast that their opponents couldn’t even react.


Big Yellow laughed out. After that, the powerful aura of a Demon King was unleashed from his body. Suppressed by this aura, the pirate’s expression changed dramatically. However, before he could respond, Big Yellow’s big head had already slammed into his body.


The pirate felt as if a gigantic mountain had just slammed into his body. His Yuan energy was instantly shattered by this enormous force, and he was sent flying hundreds of meters away, coughing up three mouthfuls of blood along his way.

Yet, before this pirate could express his shock, Big Yellow had once again arrived in front of him. With his big mouth wide open, Big Yellow forcefully bit down on the pirate’s head, killing him on the spot.


At the same time, a miserable cry was heard from another corner of the battlefield. Jiang Chen unleashed a dragon claw and poked through the pirate’s abdomen. Although the Demon King was still alive, Jiang Chen had gained total control of his Qi Sea.

Jiang Chen did this solely for treasure. All these guys were pirates, overlords of this Chaotic Ocean, so they must possess a lot of treasures.

When a cultivator breaks through to the Combat King realm, his body will undergo some changes. As a Combat King can utilize the Spatial Laws, they would open up a s.p.a.ce within their own Qi Sea. At that point, no cultivator would store their items in a storage ring, because they could just place them all straight into the s.p.a.ce within their Qi Sea.

Because of this, robbing a Combat King became extremely difficult. When a Combat King was killed, his Qi Sea would instantly be destroyed, and all the items stored within would vanish at the same time.

If all his belongings vanished upon death, it would truly be a huge loss. Since Jiang Chen was cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, he needed a huge amount of resources to support him, so he naturally wouldn’t let go of the chance to rob his opponent.

Few could actually rob a Combat King before killing him. Perhaps only someone like Jiang Chen possessed such means. At the last moment of a Combat King’s life, he could always destroy his Qi Sea before anything, not allowing his enemy to take away his belongings.