Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 493 – The Surging Undercurrent

Chapter 493 – The Surging Undercurrent

Chapter 493 - The Surging Undercurrent

As the disciples of the Asura Palace arrived, the once muddled Chaotic Ocean became even messier. The atmosphere filling this Chaotic Ocean region was completely tensed up.

“Brother Tan, how many Combat Kings are fighting to become the 13th Tyc.o.o.n?”

Jiang Chen asked. As one of the major powers in the Liang Province, the Asura Palace must possess a force that no ordinary powers could compare with. Aside from their Thirteen Tyc.o.o.ns, they must still have many other great warriors.

“We currently have about a dozen Combat Kings amongst the core disciples, all First Grade Combat Kings. In the Asura Palace, one a disciples break through to the Second Grade Combat King realm, he will be given an even higher status. Even if he can’t become a Tyc.o.o.n, he can also become a man working for one of the tyc.o.o.ns. For this compet.i.tion, there are four men who are truly capable of fighting for the position. Li Hao is one of them, and the others have yet to arrive.”

Tan Lang said.

“It’s just a mere t.i.tle, how come you’re all fighting so intensely for it? You guys are really boring.”

Big Yellow said in an indifferent manner.

His words caused Tan Lang and the trio to roll their eyes. In the Asura Palace, the Thirteen Tyc.o.o.ns held a most supreme status amongst the disciples. However, when it came out of Big Yellow’s mouth, it was suddenly just a mere position. Throughout the entire Liang Province, perhaps only Big Yellow could say something like this.

Right at this moment, within the group’s line of sight, they saw a huge wave erupt from the ocean and stand dozens of meters tall. On top of this enormous wave, a young man unleashed a huge, illusionary looking hand and grabbed tightly onto the head of an ocean demon. The ocean demon was struggling restlessly while letting out furious roars, but all its struggles came to a fail. No matter how hard it tried, it just couldn’t escape from that young man’s grasp.

“Hmph! You’re just a tiny ocean demon, how dare you get in my, Ye Hui’s way?! You’re simply seeking death!”

The young man roared out. After that, a sharp force burst out from the illusionary palm and crushed the ocean demon’s head, causing it to explode into a blood mist. With that, the ocean demon’s gigantic body fell down from the sky. It died in a miserable manner, and its blood only served to stain the water. The young man stretched his arm forward and caught the demon soul that jumped out from its head, then he casually stored it away.

Jiang Chen and the group happened to pa.s.s by at the same moment. The young man turned around and saw Tan Lang. With a smile on his face, he said, “Oh, Tan Lang of the Asura Palace. With your strength. I’m afraid it’ll be difficult for you to kill the Heavenhawk Island Master and fight to become the 13th Tyc.o.o.n.”

After saying that, the young man turned around and flew away. He had just killed an ocean demon who got in his way as if it was an ant. In the Chaotic Ocean, battles like this could be seen everywhere, and all kinds of conflicts would erupt all over the Chaotic Ocean. This was a place with no rules, and whoever had the bigger fist would do the talking.

“Who was that kid? He has a face that deserves a good spanking.”

Big Yellow said.

“He is Ye Hui from the Invincible Sect, a Combat King genius of the younger generation. I’ve seen quite a few men from the Invincible Sect, as well as some from the Peerless Sword Faction and Heavenly Devil Palace. All four major powers of the Liang Province have sent many of their men here to enjoy the upcoming scenes.”

Tan Lang said.

“What is the relations.h.i.+p between the four major powers like?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“As the saying goes, a mountain can never fit two tigers; let alone four. The relations.h.i.+p between the four major powers is naturally not harmonious, and conflicts emerging between them is normal. The Asura Palace, Invincible Sect and Peerless Sword Faction are still able to communicate with each other, as they are all powers who follows an honest and upright path. However, the Heavenly Devil Palace is a power established by those who cultivate the path of devils. Thus, their relations.h.i.+p with the other three is the most hostile.”

Tan Lang continued explaining, as the 13th Tyc.o.o.n of the Asura Palace was killed this time, the other major powers were naturally happy to hear about this. Now, with all the geniuses of the Asura Palace coming to the Chaotic Ocean to seek an opportunity to kill that pirate, it is perfectly normal for them to come here to watch the show.”

“Interesting. The situation has become much livelier.”

Jiang Chen chuckled. He was really happy about this situation, as he was able to b.u.mp into such a grand event right after arriving at the Divine Continent. Being able to take a glimpse at the geniuses of the Liang Province was something Jiang Chen really hoped to do. Meanwhile, Big Yellow was extremely excited. Unlike Jiang Chen, this was his first time in the Divine Continent, thus he was curious about everything in this land. Back in the Eastern and Southern Continents, he had only met a few Combat Kings, and all of those were old farts. However, at this place, he could easily b.u.mp into Combat Kings everywhere, and all of them were young men. He really enjoyed this situation.

Heavenhawk Island was located at the center of the Chaotic Ocean. It was an island with beautiful scenery. Green hills and clear waters, magnificent waterfalls and flowing rivers could be seen everywhere. All of this made it a perfect place to make one’s mind free and happy.

When Jiang Chen and Tan Lang finally arrived at Heavenhawk Island, a large crowd of people had gathered outside. There were at least a few hundred people hovering in the sky; the good and the bad mixed together, many of which were Combat Kings. The people in the crowd were all geniuses from the other three major powers, and they were here as indifferent spectators.

It was no secret that the geniuses of the Asura Palace were coming to the Heavenhawk Island today, seeking an opportunity to kill the Heavenhawk Island Master. Many people were here to watch the show. At this moment, Li Hao and the other three men formed a group with three other men, causing their group to now have a total of seven core disciples from the Asura Palace. They were now hovering outside the Heavenhawk Island.

Li Hao and his group furrowed their brows. They didn’t attack the Heavenhawk Island straightaway because everyone could see a layer of a crystal-like s.h.i.+eld covering the island. It was complete formation, and it fully covered the entire Heavenhawk Island.

“f.u.c.k, looks like the Heavenhawk Island Master has prepared himself. He actually found himself an Island Protection Formation.”

Chang Qing couldn’t help but curse.

“This formation is utilizing the Chaotic Ocean’s power. Although it’s only using a tiny portion of it, it still can’t be underestimated. No First Grade Combat King can break it unless many of them join together and launch a combined attack.”

Big Yellow said, his eyes s.h.i.+ning brightly. He had mastered the Heavenly Book of Source Formations, so no formations were able to escape from his judgment.

“Does that Heavenhawk Island Master think he can be spared with this formation?”

Tan Lang started laughing.

Jiang Chen rested his eyes upon the island in front of him. He was able to instantly feel a different aura coming from it. This made him feel that the Heavenhawk Island definitely had more to it than this simple defensive formation. As a man who cultivated the Great Soul Derivation skill, his senses were incredible when compared to others.

“Hmph! Let me see how powerful this defensive formation is!”

Li Dong coldly harrumphed. He took a step forward and forcefully punched out, unleas.h.i.+ng an extremely bright beam from his fist. This bright beam looked like an indestructible weapon, and it carried an enormous force as it crashed into the crystal-like s.h.i.+eld.


A loud explosive sound echoed throughout the scene, and the s.p.a.ce was ripped apart by this frightening strike. However, the s.h.i.+eld only swayed slightly before returning to its perfect form. After withstanding the powerful strike of a Combat King, it received no damage.


Li Dong’s eyes went wide in an instant.

“Haha, a genius of the Asura Palace is nothing more than this. If you want to kill me, prove yourself by breaking this formation first!”

A voice rang out from the Heavenhawk Island, pa.s.sing through the formation and entering the ears of the crowd. It was an extremely arrogant voice.

“It’s the Heavenhawk Island Master’s voice.”

A gloomy expression appeared on Tan Lang’s face.

“Let’s attack together! I refuse to believe we can’t break this d.a.m.n formation!”

Li Hao shouted. After that, he took the lead and unleashed an attack. At the same time, Li Dong and the other two Combat Kings unleashed their attacks as well. Four First Grade Combat Kings worked together, throwing extremely powerful attacks at the formation. However, they still failed to destroy it. The formation was still standing strong, as if there was no way for any of them to cause it any damage. Although the combined attack of the four had caused the formation to violently sway, it still showed no signs of breaking.

“Haha, it’s useless. It doesn’t seem that this formation will be easy to break. In my opinion, you should wait for the other warriors of the Asura Palace to arrive, and attack it all together! Only then will you have the chance to break it! Of course, you can also invite us to help you out!”

Ye Hui who was watching the show joyfully laughed out.

“This is the Asura Palace’s matter, we don’t need your help.”

Li Hao coldly harrumphed.

“Elder brother, what should we do now? The Heavenhawk Island Master is hiding on the island and doesn’t want to show himself, and we can’t break this formation.”

Li Dong asked.

“Li Hao, although Ye Hui’s words are unpleasant to the ear, I think the only way to break it is to wait for all the mighty warriors of the Asura Palace to arrive. Then, we’ll combine our strength and break the formation.”

A man from the trio who had joined up with Li Hao’s group spoke. He was a young man who looked to be in his late twenties. Although he looked a little skinny, his body was still well-balanced. His name was Xiu Rui, and he was one of the most powerful compet.i.tors for the 13th Tyc.o.o.n position, one of those mentioned by Tan Lang earlier.

“Xiu Rui, when everyone is here and we’ve killed the Heavenhawk Island Master, who will take credit?”

Li Hao asked.

“We’ll play by our own strength. Whoever kills the Heavenhawk Island Master is the one who takes the credit.”

Xiu Rui responded with a smile.

“Alright, I’ll wait for the rest of the guys to come here, then we’ll combine our strength and break this formation. After that, let’s see who is capable of killing the Heavenhawk Island Master.”

Li Hao agreed with the proposal.

No matter who it was, Li Hao or Xiu Rui, both of them had simply excluded Tan Lang when discussing possible solutions. Apparently, they didn’t take Tan Lang seriously. Perhaps they were thinking that Tan Lang was not qualified to be their compet.i.tor. After all, although Tan Lang had extraordinary talent, he had only recently broken through to the Combat King realm, so it was normal for these guys to look down on him.

Jiang Chen naturally caught all of this with his eyes, bringing a faint smile to his face. This was a common occurrence amongst disciples of a powerful sect, where they would constantly be fighting amongst each other. Situations like this one would appear no matter where one went. This was a common occurrence in the world of cultivation.

After that, Jiang Chen rested his eyes upon the crystal-like s.h.i.+eld once more. He circulated his Great Soul Derivation skill and thoroughly examined the formation. His expression suddenly changed slightly, “This formation wasn’t created by just one person. I can feel a few auras coming from it. Looks like there’s something fishy going on in this Heavenhawk Island. There is more than one Combat King in there, and there’s even a Second Grade Combat King.”

Jiang Chen thought to himself. This discovery brought him a lot of shock. At the same time, he felt curious, “If there are more mighty warriors hiding within the island, they wouldn’t have to fear these geniuses of the Asura Palace, so why did they set up this formation? And the way they set it up wasn’t done perfectly either, as if they purposely left a weakness on it. With about ten Combat Kings attacking it, it would break in an instant. So, why did the Heavenhawk Island Master want to put up this seemingly useless formation?”

Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes he had a feeling that today’s battle at the Heavenhawk Island wouldn’t be as simply as these people imagined.