Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 49 – Human and Dog Fighting

Chapter 49 – Human and Dog Fighting

Chapter 49 – Human and Dog Fighting

Bang! Bang!

Two bangs sounded out, and Jiang Chen and the big yellow dog both hit the cave wall. The huge impact caused the whole cave to start shaking. Dust covered the cave as rocks fell from above.

Jiang Chen and the big yellow dog looked at each other with dumbstruck expressions, especially Jiang Chen. He knew that his punch just now contained at least 50,000 kilograms of force. The dog’s head was really hard, and the impact had made his arm numb.

The big yellow dog also stared at Jiang Chen. It never expected that this young man in front of it had such powerful force. His body was also almost as strong as its own.

“This young fellow emits an aura of someone at the top. He is like a born king, but it really doesn’t match with his age… Besides, this fellow’s combat strength is really powerful, so if I eat him, I will surely get tons of benefits!”

The big yellow dog thought to itself. Although it was shocked by Jiang Chen’s strength, Jiang Chen’s high quant.i.ty of qi and powerful blood had only made it hungrier.

“Young fellow, this place is too small. We can’t fight properly here; let’s fight outside.”

The big yellow dog said.

“Alright, let’s go to outside.”

Jiang Chen nodded his head. He also thought that this was a good idea.

A human and a dog walked out from the cave into the wide open valley.


Two beings with skin as thick as ancient beasts struck out at the same time. They used the most original and brutal ways they could think of to start the fight.

Clang clang clang……

Soon the fight between the human and the dog turned white-hot. One wanted to eat the human while the other wanted to kill and drink blood. Every time their attacks collided, sounds of metal striking would sound out and produce fiery sparks.

“f.u.c.k, is your stupid dog skin made from metal?”

Jiang Chen scolded out loud. His body was incredibly strong and st.u.r.dy, but he felt like this stupid dog had been sent to take away his pride. When he struck his palm onto its body, he could only force it backwards, but he never inflicted upon it even a little bit pain.

“How did a little rascal like you train your body? You must be cultivating with some powerful skill. Tell me which skill it is, and I will let you have a quick death!”

The big yellow dog refused to admit to being inferior, but the more it fought, the more scared it became.

“Stupid dog, I’ll let you have a quick death! Single Solar Finger!”

Jiang Chen shouted out loud and unleashed his Single Solar Finger. The huge golden finger was like a huge metal pole, strong enough to touch the heavens. It then started flying towards the big yellow dog.

“Earth rank combat skill? Young man, you really aren’t an ordinary man.”

The big yellow dog was knowledgeable; it could tell the level of the Single Solar Finger with just a single look. But, it was never scared of the attack. The big yellow dog opened its mouth and spat out a golden beam. The golden beam immediately expanded and became a huge beam almost as big as the Single Solar Finger. It then started flying towards the Single Solar Finger Beam.


The Single Solar Finger and the huge golden beam clashed into each other, golden lights filling the valley. Huge explosions resounded and caused the whole valley to start shaking, even making some of the weak Demon Beasts at the border of the valley run away with terrified expressions.

Bang bang bang……

Followed by the clash, explosions echoed everywhere within the valley. The lights were so bright that even the sky was illuminated, and trenches could be seen everywhere within the valley. This fight between a human and a dog was extremely intense. Jiang Chen had used all of his abilities. He even took out the Black Soul Ripper, but in the end he still couldn’t hurt a single fur on the big yellow dog. Jiang Chen even used the Great Soul Derivation skill and unleashed his soul pressure, but the big yellow dog acted like nothing was going on when he did so.

“This is f.u.c.king insane!”

Jiang Chen scolded out loud. With his strength, he could kill an Early Mortal Core warrior without much effort, but now he couldn’t even kill a dog. This really p.i.s.sed him off.

“f.u.c.k, you crazy maniac!”

The big yellow dog was breathing rapidly. It was also frustrated and furious. It had seen the impossible today, a freaking human at the Mid Qi Hai realm with the combat strength of a Mortal Core warrior along with a freakishly strong soul and super sensitive senses.

“Looks like if I want to kill this dog, I have to use that trick.”

Jiang Chen closed his eyes slightly, an insidious smile emerging on his face. At this moment, only by using the poison in his body could he have a chance at killing this dog.

With a single mental thought, the green whirlpool in his Qi Sea started moving. Green poison gas appeared on his palm.


The big yellow dog growled before it leapt towards Jiang Chen like an arrow leaving the bow.

‘Here’s my chance!’

The insidious smile on Jiang Chen’s face grew. When the big yellow dog came closer to him, he suddenly struck poison gas right into the big yellow dog’s head.

“f.u.c.k, you crazy maniac, what is this?”

The big yellow dog turned its body and stopped at the side. It opened its mouth and started vomiting.

“f.u.c.k, this is bitter, what kind of poison is this?! Too bitter, blergh…… I’m going to die from vomiting.”

The big yellow dog kept vomiting. What was vomited out was all green slime. It still didn’t forget to curse while vomiting, but Jiang Chen who stood opposite of the dog was completely startled.

“d.a.m.n it, this didn’t hurt it either…”

A strong sense of defeat filled Jiang Chen’s mid. This was poison from the Green h.e.l.lish Python and was also referred to as the king of all poisons. This was the first time he attacked with it, but it still couldn’t hurt the dog, it only made it vomit… This felt defeating.

“This is insane, why does this young fellow have so many tricks? He can even attack with deadly poison!”

After the big yellow dog finished vomiting, it felt depressed as well.

“Stupid dog, I don’t believe I can’t kill you!”

Jiang Chen gritted his teeth and leapt forward to attack yet again… The intense fight between a human and a dog continued……

Ten minutes later, the human and the dog were staring at each other. Jiang Chen was breathing rapidly, whereas the big yellow dog had its tongue stuck out with saliva flying everywhere due to its exhaustion.

“f.u.c.k, you crazy maniac, I don’t want to fight anymore. I’m tired!”

After saying that, the big yellow dog laid down on the floor.

“I don’t want to fight anymore either…”

Jiang Chen also sat down on the floor. The fight with this big yellow dog had made him extremely tired.

“Young fellow, although I didn’t manage to eat you today, I did manage to have a good fight.”

The big yellow dog said.

“Yeah me too.”

Jiang Chen didn’t deny that feeling. Ever since he was reborn, he had gone through many fights, but he had yet to experience a good fight like today. The fight with this big yellow dog gave him a very pleasant experience.

“Young fellow, it looks like you are a talented man. Therefore, I have decided to have you as my disciple… What do you think? Hurry up, shouldn’t you kowtow to your master?”

The big yellow dog said.

“Please you idiot, go take a p.i.s.s and look at yourself.”

Jiang Chen immediately turned down the offer. This dog was really despicable. Just moments ago they were trying to kill each other, but now it wanted to have him as its disciple? How did it have the guts to say this? Besides, if he really had a dog as his master, how could he face people in the future?

“What the heck, what’s wrong with my appearance? I’m a mighty being with a muscular body. I have a stylish personality… You don’t know how many young demon girls have come crying to have to have s.e.x with me. You don’t know how to appreciate my offer, and how dare you look down on me?”

The big yellow dog immediately felt angry.

Jiang Chen immediately laughed. Not only was this dog despicable, it was also a narcissist.

“Of course, you can also choose to become my human pet! If anyone dares bully you, I’ll bite them to death.”

The big yellow dog said with its ultimate narcissistic personality.

“Get lost.”

Some black lines appeared on Jiang Chen’s forehead.

“Hey, stupid dog, I think we got off on a bad start, but I want to borrow something from you.”

Jiang Chen said with a huge smile on his face.

“Looking at the way you’re smiling, it must be something bad. No way!”

The big yellow dog rejected Jiang Chen straight away.

Jiang Chen was stunned. He could barely stop himself from starting another fight. Of course, he knew that even if they fought for another three days, the end results would still be the same.

“What do you want to borrow?”

The big yellow dog asked curiously.

“Your blood, I don’t need too much, just give me… a full bowl.”

Jiang Chen replied with an innocent laugh.

“f.u.c.k you, I can give you a bowl full of p.i.s.s for free!”

The big yellow dog said as it raised its legs up into the air. A mighty object was wiggling in the air.

The black lines on Jiang Chen’s forehead became thicker. He now knew that it was impossible to get something from this stupid dog.

It was going to be a story without an end if Jiang Chen continued arguing with this dog. He stood up and swiped some dust away from his back. He estimated the time spent in the mountain and found out he had spent nearly two hours. It was time for him to go back.

Lee Chang Ming’s target was Jiang Chen. If he couldn’t find Jiang Chen, he would certainly pour his anger out on the men from the Yan family. Besides, because of the relations.h.i.+p between the two families, once they meet, a fight with life and death as the stakes would be unavoidable. Jiang Chen didn’t want to see all the men from the Yan family die here.

“Kid, where are you going?”

Seeing that Jiang Chen wanted to leave, the big yellow dog immediately asked.

“Going back.”

Jiang Chen stretched his body and started walking away. The big yellow dog jumped up from the floor and started following behind him.

“Stupid dog, why are you following me? You want another fight?”

Jiang Chen asked with a frown on his face.

“I can go wherever I want. It’s none of your business.”

The big yellow dog scoffed at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen shook his head and stopped paying any attention to the dog. He walked towards the valley exit, and the big yellow dog followed behind closely. After fighting with the dog for so long, it still decided to follow him. But, Jiang Chen didn’t reject this idea. This fellow was a Dragon Horse. It was a good thing for it to follow him, and Jiang Chen would have plenty of opportunities to take its blood. When thinking about this, Jiang Chen couldn’t stop himself from suddenly laughing out.

“Kid, what are you laughing at? You must be thinking about taking something from me! Let me tell you something, don’t ever think about that! I’m following you because you have some potential, and you might one day decide to have me as your master!”

The big yellow dog said.

“Then you’ll just have wait for that.”

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulder. A human and a dog walked out from the valley, travelling towards the area where the men from the Yan family were located.

“Stupid dog, why is your skin so thick?”

“Kid, I’m warning you, stop calling me stupid dog! I have a name, my name is Big Yellow!”

“Ha~ it’s a name fitting for a dog!”

“Kid, feeling itchy on your b.u.t.t again?”

“Alright alright, Big Yellow, Big Yellow, still a dog.”

“Get lost!”


On the other side, within the thick woods, an intense fight was going on.

Three men from the Yan family were standing side by side. Their faces were pale and they were wounded all over their bodies, bleeding non-stop. Five men were standing opposite of them. These were the men from the Lee family. They all carried a bright long sword, and they had tyrannical smiles on their faces.

“This is an a.s.sessment, and instead of killing Demon Beasts, you guys came here to try and kill you! You are not obeying the rules!

One of the men from Yan family said with a furious expression.

“Haha, rules? I don’t mind telling you that Brother Ming has given us an order. Today we will kill all the men from the Yan family. None of you are going to escape!”

The young man who led the small group laughed out loud as he spoke. In his eyes, the three men in front of him were all doomed.