Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 482 – Ice Sculpture of the Fairy Maiden

Chapter 482 – Ice Sculpture of the Fairy Maiden

Chapter 482 - Ice Sculpture of the Fairy Maiden

Jiang Chen and Yan Chenyu left the Black Sect together with Big Yellow. Han Yan and Nangong Wentian were still cultivating, and so was Wu Ningzhu. They all wanted to increase their strength before going to the Divine Continent. They all knew what kind of place the Divine Continent was, and the Eastern and Southern Continents could not compare with it. Though they were geniuses, mighty warriors here, at that place, it wouldn’t be the same.

Above the mountain range outside of the Black Sect, two humans and a dog were seen hovering in the sky.

“I’ll use the bronze plate to locate the Island of Ice’s current position.”

Jiang Chen said. The bronze plate was a truly precious treasure for Jiang Chen, and he would have to use it to reach the Divine Continent later on. The distance between the Eastern Continent and Divine Continent was too great, the distance between the Southern and Eastern Continents paled in comparison. Even if a Combat King was to repeatedly used Spatial Jump, it would take at least one month to arrive. As Jiang Chen couldn’t yet use Spatial Force, it would take him at least three months to travel to the Divine Continent.

Jiang Chen was able to kill Combat Kings with his frightening strength. However, if it came to a long distance pursuit, even if he combined the Nine Phantom Wolves and the Spatial s.h.i.+ft skill, he still couldn’t compare with the speed of a Combat King could use Spatial Jump.

However, since there was an ancient Teleportation Formation on the Island of Ice, he could just use that to travel to the Divine Continent.

"Chen Gege, we don't need that."

Yan Chenyu showed Jiang Chen a mischievous smile.

After that, under the surprised eyes of Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, Yan Chenyu’s finger suddenly started s.h.i.+ning. Then, a transparent talisman that resembled a crystal appeared.

Yan Chenyu casually tossed it forwards, then it transformed into a doorway.

“The Black Ice Talisman can lead us straight to the Island of Ice, regardless of the distance.”

Yan Chenyu said.

Staring blankly at the doorway in front of them, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow couldn’t help but feel mixed emotions. Especially Jiang Chen. He lowered his head and looked at the bronze plate. He had a feeling that compared to the Black Ice Talisman, the level between these two items was really huge.

"This thing is much more amazing than your broken bronze plate!"

Big Yellow joyfully said.

"Indeed, it is amazing."

Jiang Chen nodded his head in agreement. The bronze plate could only let him vaguely sense the location of the Island of Ice, and he needed to travel to it before he could open up the entrance to the Island of Ice. Yan Chenyu’s Black Ice Talisman was more powerful. No matter where they were, it could instantly bring them to the island.

"I only learned of this function recently. Let's go."

After saying that, Yan Chenyu entered the illusionary doorway. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow followed after, then, the trio disappeared into the doorway, and it instantly vanished. The Black Ice Talisman turned into a light beam and returned to Yan Chenyu’s body.


With a few flickers of light and dark, the scene in front of them changed. The trio appeared in a boundless world of glaciers. As Yan Chenyu possessed the Nine Yin Meridians, which meant she had a Nine Yin Body, the colder the place, the better it was for her cultivation. Meanwhile, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow immediately felt a s.h.i.+ver striking their bodies upon entering the world of glaciers.

However, these two fellows were both powerful, their blood and qi even more so, and their bodies were filled with pure Yang energy. Thus, they had no fear of the ice-cold weather in here. With a slight shook, they quickly adapted to the extreme temperature.

"Where is this place? Why are there so many glaciers?"

Big Yellow ran his eyes around the place and was shocked by what he saw. He never came to this place when he previously was at the Island of Ice.

“This is the place where I found the Black Ice Talisman and subdued the Ice Demon King.”

Jiang Chen explained to Big Yellow. Back then, it was the call of the Heavenly Saint Sword that brought him here. Not only had he found a broken piece of the Heavenly Saint Sword, he had also obtained the Black Ice Talisman and subdued the Ice Demon King. He never thought he’d visit this place again. The bronze plate brought him straight to the ancient black altar, and Yan Chenyu’s Black Ice Talisman brought them straight to this glacier world.

"This place is so beautiful!"

Yan Chenyu’s eyes lit up, as if she had just seen the most beautiful place underneath the heavens. She threw her glance over to the boundless world of glaciers and stared at the tall ice mountain, her mind filled with joy and relaxation.


Suddenly, deep roars echoed throughout the world of glaciers. After that, more and more roars could be heard, and powerful Ice Demons started appearing from all directions, approaching them. These Ice Demons had found intruders, so they immediately rushed over to them.

"d.a.m.n it, how come there are so many Ice Demons here?"

Big Yellow couldn’t help but roll his eyes. All Ice Demons had ugly faces, and their appearance looked exactly the same as the Ice Demon King, so Big Yellow could instantly recognize them.

“All these Ice Demons are immortal. Little Yu, let the Ice Demon King out.”

Jiang Chen told Yan Chenyu.

Yan Chenyu nodded her head. She waved her harm, causing the Ice Demon King to appear following a flash of bright light. When it realized it had returned to its home, it joyfully roared out.


With the roar of the Ice Demon King, all the Ice Demons became excited. Their kind had just returned, causing them to roar even louder.

“Ice Demon, dismiss all these Ice Demons, and don’t make any more noise. You can’t afford to disturb the cultivation of the Ice G.o.d’s inheritor.”

Jiang Chen said to the Ice Demon King in a cold manner.

Jiang Chen’s words caused the Ice Demon King to tremble. Without hesitating further, it once again let out a loud roar. When the Ice Demons received its command, the immediately began retreating, and soon disappeared without a trace.

“Little Yu, try and use the Black Ice Talisman, see if you can sense anything here.”

Jiang Chen reminded Yan Chenyu.


Yan Chenyu nodded her head, then gently closed her eyes. Aside from sensing the Black Ice Talisman’s becoming even more restless, she could clearly feel a guiding force coming from the talisman, causing her to turn her glance toward a different direction.

Wearing a pure white dress that fluttered in the wind, Yan Chenyu gracefully began flying toward the depths of the glacier world like an fairy. Jiang Chen, Big Yellow and the Ice Demon King followed behind closely, not making a single noise, scared that it would distract Yan Chenyu.

Soon, Yan Chenyu came to a freezing pond. It was the same pond where Jiang Chen had found the Black Ice Talisman, but it was different from previously. The pond was now completely frozen; a huge chunk of ice.

“It was previously a pond completely filled with freezing water, but since I took away the Black Ice Talisman, it is now completely frozen.”

Jiang Chen explained. Obviously, it was because Jiang Chen had taken away the Black Ice Talisman that the pond had become completely frozen. Aside from that, there was no other reason for why it would become like this.

Yan Chenyu didn’t say anything. She took a step forward and simply started hovering above the frozen pond in a sitting position. The talisman emerged from her body and hovered above her head.


After that, the Black Ice Talisman began shooting out cold beams. The scene resembled a heavy downpour, and it fully covered Yan Chenyu.

It was an extremely magnificent scene. An fairy showering in the heavy downpour, sitting with legs folded and eyes closed; her flawless appearance made her look extremely beautiful, enough to suffocate one just by looking at her.

Yan Chenyu possessed a unique type of beauty; a king that sent forth an undefinable attraction.

"What is Little Yu doing now?"

Big Yellow whispered.

“I have no idea. The Black Ice Talisman is a mystical object, and I have no understanding about it at all. Also, I learned about her Nine Yin Meridians from an ancient book, and if this Black Ice Talisman really has something to do with the Ice G.o.d, then I think Little Yu is most likely the true inheritor of the Ice G.o.d mentioned by the Ice Demon King.”

Jiang Chen said.

“I think Little Yu will obtain a lot of benefits here.”

Big Yellow guessed.

“That’s for sure. Let’s just wait and see, if she needs any help, we’ll be able to move at once.”

Jiang Chen kept his eyes on Yan Chenyu. Whether or not Yan Chenyu could obtain any benefits, he would have to guarantee her safety.

During the next three days, Yan Chenyu just kept sitting quietly on the frozen more. More and more ice-cold rain emerged around her body, and on the fourth days, some changes finally occurred above the frozen pond.


Ice-cold beams started emerging from the pond. They first entered the Black Ice Talisman, and through it, they soared into the sky above. However, they didn’t disappear after that, but instead began merging together.

When more and more ice-cold beams gathered together, they slowly took the shape of some glaciers.

Three days later, the countless ice-cold beams had actually formed into an illusionary statue. It was a statue made completely from ice, and it was at least 300 meters tall. It resembled a tall mountain.

Buzzing sounds lingered in their ears as more and more ice-cold beams appeared and covered Yan Chenyu. She was now no longer in sight. However, the statue’s appearance was getting more clear now, and it resembled Yan Chenyu’s exact look!

“It looks like Little Yu! Little Yu has turned into an ice statue!”

Big Yellow said in shock.


The Ice Demon King instantly kneeled down and started making some sounds. Although Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had no idea what it was trying to say, they could clearly feel the excitement contained within its voice. The 30 meter tall Ice Demon King was trembling violently as it repeatedly kowtowed toward the ice statue.

Another two days later, the ice statue had taken its final shape. It was a fairy maiden sitting with her legs folded and eyes tightly shut. A near 300 meter tall ice statues that looked incredibly majestic!

The ice statue had completely covered the entire frozen pond. The Black Ice Talisman and Yan Chenyu had disappeared from their sights, as if they had completely merged with the ice statue. Thus situation caused Jiang Chen to worry. Though he was once the greatest Saint underneath the heavens, he had never encountered anything like this before.

"What is going on?"

Big Yellow was puzzled by the situation, while the Ice Demon King was still kneeling in front of the ice statue, kowtowing.

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows, completely clueless regarding this situation.


Right at this moment, a bright beam suddenly emerged from the ice statue. It was a dazzling light, and it soon turned into Yan Chenyu. Although she looked the same as previously, Jiang Chen sensed there was something different about her.