Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 458 – Killing the Crown Prince

Chapter 458 – Killing the Crown Prince

Chapter 458 – Killing the Crown Prince

A dazzling smile emerged onto Wu Ningzhu’s face upon hearing Jiang Chen’s words. Without hesitating, she flew toward the battlefield, placed her hands on her zither, and unleashed a light wave toward the enemy.


Two sad and miserable cries were instantly heard. With just this single attack, two Combat Soul warriors were sliced in half and died miserable. Like a demon who had just descended to the battlefield, Wu Ningzhu plucked the strings on her zither, turning the terrifying soundwaves into countless razor sharp blades that wreaked havoc, causing blood-shrieking screams to continuously sound out from those from the Martial Saint Dynasty.

“What an incredible lady!”

“Who is this lady? Not only is she so strong, she also has such a beautiful face! Judging from her figure alone, she is on par with Yan Chenyu! Jiang Chen is such a lucky guy!”

“Of course, only girls with peerless beauty can be a match for a genius like Jiang Chen! This girl is so formidable, just she alone is enough to cause havoc amongst the enemies! Those others who came to help are extremely strong as well! We finally have an advantageous position!”

“Haha, perfect! Here comes our strong reinforcement! Brothers, let’s kill all we can!”


The arrival of Wu Ningzhu and the Nangong family was a heavy blow to the Martial Saint Dynasty’s army, as they had caused a huge amount of casualties just by joining the battle. Furthermore, their aggressiveness and formidable combat strength would no doubt stimulate the spirit of those on the Black Sect’s side.

Although the Martial Saint Dynasty still had plenty of Late Combat Soul warriors, much more than the Black Sect had, after Wu Ningzhu and the mighty warriors of the Nangong family appeared, their advantages had disappeared.

Originally, the Martial Saint Dynasty’s high-end force was the Third Emperor and the others who were killed by Jiang Chen. These remaining Late Combat Soul warriors were just some mere ordinary Late Combat Soul warriors. Compared to Nangong Yunfan, Nangong Yunzheng, Thousand Hand Butcher Tu Yi, the gap between them became vivid.

With the unstoppable Wu Ningzhu, unless a Combat King warrior could fight her personally, she was like a lioness in the midst of a herd of sheep; no one were capable of stopping her.

In fact, the Southern Continent was not at peace now. The conflict between the Profound River Palace and the Demon King Palace had become heated, and a war had erupted between them. As the Profound River Palace’s Holy Maiden, Wu Ningzhu had travelled so far to the Eastern Continent at this critical moment, and the only reason was because of that guy who had removed her veil.

As for the Nangong family, not long after Jiang Chen left, Nangong Yunzheng had taken the initiative to return to the family, bringing a perfect ending to the internal affairs. And, right at that moment, Nangong Wentian told them that he would be going to the Eastern Continent, because he had already learned about the situation between Jiang Chen and the Martial Saint Dynasty before coming to the Southern Continent. He predicted that after Jiang Chen returned to the Eastern Continent, there would be a lot of trouble for him to deal with. Thus, he decided to go and offer some help. When the upper echelons of the Nangong family heard this, led by Nangong Yunzheng and Tu Yi, these guys made up their mind to go to the Eastern Continent to help.

They owed Jiang Chen a huge debt of grat.i.tude, and Nangong Yunfan was not an ungrateful man. Therefore, this group of Combat Soul warriors started rus.h.i.+ng toward the Eastern Continent, and they finally arrived when the war between Jiang Chen and the Martial Saint Dynasty had begun; a perfect timing. If they had arrived one hour later, perhaps the Black Sect would already have been defeated.

Wonderhand Thousandtune Wu Ningzhu served her reputation well. The terrifying zither tunes resounded throughout the entire battlefield. Wherever she went, a disaster would strike the enemies. Thus, she and the Ice Demon King became the two existences that caused the most harm to the Martial Saint Dynasty.

“Kaka… d.a.m.n eunuch, taste another one of this master dog’s mighty fart!”

Big Yellow let out a sinister laughed. The sudden change in the situation made him really excited, so he just turned around and pointed his b.u.t.t toward the Crown Prince. The terrified Crown Prince panicked, then he unleashed a saber beam toward Big Yellow as he quickly dodged aside.


Big Yellow’s fart could truly startle both heaven and earth. Its powerful force instantly shattered the saber beam unleashed by the Crown Prince, and the green air shot out like a cannonball. At this moment, the entire battlefield was filled with a pungent smell.

“The f.u.c.k?! Big Yellow, stop doing that! It stinks!”

Han Yan couldn’t help but scold Big Yellow. He felt really speechless when it came to this dog. As a Dragon Horse who possessed a n.o.ble and prestigious bloodline, Big Yellow could awaken all kinds of innate abilities, but he instead had an innate ability that farted. Not only that, it was extremely stinky and loud, and no one could resist this attack.

The Crown Prince gritted his teeth tightly. His hated toward Big Yellow made him feel a strong desire to rip his skin off and cook him alive. However, after fighting him for so long, the Crown Prince realized that it would be impossible for him to kill Big Yellow with his current ability. Thus, there was no way he could get revenge for his humiliation.

But soon after, the Crown Prince’s eyes landed on Yan Chenyu who wasn’t far away from him, and an animus look immediately appeared in his eyes. This was the girl who covered his wonderful life with a dark blanket. Whenever he thought of Yan Chenyu, they Crown Prince would be unable to control his emotions.

“b.i.t.c.h! You shall die for me now!”

The Crown Prince furiously roared out as he charged toward Yan Chenyu. When the two Late Combat Soul warriors who were fighting with Yan Chenyu saw this, they immediately backed off, as they knew about the resentment between the Crown Prince and Yan Chenyu.

“Hmph! d.a.m.n eunuch!”

Yan Chenyu coldly harrumphed. She waved her hand and unleashed a cloud of sharp ice crystals toward the Crown Prince. Hearing her say ‘d.a.m.n eunuch’, the Crown Prince was instantly enraged. His eyes immediately turned read, and he roared out crazily as he unleashed an attack toward Yan Chenyu.

But too bad, Yan Chenyu was no longer the same as in the past, and the Crown Prince was also not the same Crown Prince. With his current ability, he was at most up to par with Yan Chenyu. Thus, killing her and avenging the Little Crown Prince was just a fat chance.

The fight instantly attracted Wu Ningzhu’s attention. Her beautiful eyes stared at Yan Chenyu, and she couldn’t help but feel amazed.

“What a beautiful young girl! Looks like she is the Yan Chenyu mentioned by Nangong Wentian.”

Wu Ningzhu murmured to herself. She started sizing up Yan Chenyu, then finally nodded her head, “She has a Miraculous Physique, allowing her to fight Late Combat Soul warriors with a Mid Combat Soul cultivation base. Every part of her body is portraying an aura of natural beauty, no wonder that little rascal fell in love with her. Perhaps only a girl like this is a perfect match for that little rascal.”

This was Wu Ningzhu’s first impression of Yan Chenyu. For a girl, especially one who was so prideful, it wasn’t easy to speak so highly of another girl.

“Little sister Yu, let me help you.”

Wu Ningzhu moved and arrived next to Yan Chenyu. She showed Yan Chenyu a dazzling smile and said, “My name is Wu Ningzhu, a friend of Jiang Chen.”

Yan Chenyu looked at Wu Ningzhu, but didn’t say anything. Both girls had a mutual understanding as they launched their attack toward the Crown Prince.


“Fantasy Zither Thousandtunes!”

Yan Chenyu and Wu Ningzhu shouted at the same time as they unleashed their respective attacks. Wu Ningzhu’s attack was faster. The tunes from her zither transformed into multi-colored lights as they flew toward the Crown Prince.

The Crown Prince’s was incredibly enraged. He attacked with his saber, but he just couldn’t withstand Wu Ningzhu’s attack. His saber was knocked out of his hand, and the frightening soundwaves even severely injured his soul.


The attack caused the Crown Prince to throw up a mouthful of blood, and his aura to become wilted. And right at this moment, Yan Chenyu’s attack arrived. The chilling air covered the Crown Prince’s entire body like a huge blanket.

The Crown Prince had lost all ability to defend against Yan Chenyu’s attack, so he was immediately transferred into an ice sculpture; completely frozen.


The two girls shouted out at the same time as they once again attacked together. Wu Ningzhu unleashed a light wave, while Yan Chenyu unleashed an ice sword. Both attacks fell onto the Crown Prince’s body at the same time.

Under the combined attack of these two girls, the poor Crown Prince couldn’t withstand a single strike, and was sliced into three parts. As he was frozen when he was killed, he couldn’t even let out a single sound.

Wu Ningzhu and Yan Chen exchanged a glance and a smile. After that, they just dashed toward different parts of the battlefield. This was the first time they had met, and the first time they worked hand in hand.

“The Crown Prince is dead!”

Someone shouted out, simply bringing an even greater turmoil to the Martial Saint Dynasty’s army, who was already in a disadvantageous side. The Crown Prince was dead; he was their leader, but even he had been killed! Could they still win this war?

The Crown Prince’s death brought a huge blow to the Martial Saint Dynasty. At this moment, the spirit was all on the Black Sect’s side. Although the Black Sect had fewer people, their fighting spirit was still towering. On the other side, the warriors of the Martial Saint Dynasty behaved like some drenched chickens; they had lost all their fighting spirit.

“My son!”

In the sky, when the Imperial Emperor saw that his son had been killed, he furiously roared out and unleashed an energy beam toward Wu Ningzhu. However, it was blocked by Wu Jiu.

“Imperial Emperor, your opponent is me.”

Wu Jiu said with a sneer.

“Wu Jiu, don’t get in my way! I must kill those two s.l.u.ts who killed my son!”

The Imperial Emperor shouted.

“The Crown Prince deserved to die. If not for him, things wouldn’t have reached this stage. Furthermore, he has already been castrated, so did you still want to count on him to become the Martial Saint Dynasty’s next Imperial Emperor?”

Wu Jiu’s words touched the Imperial Emperor’s most sensitive spot, and it enraged him. He began attacking even more aggressively.

On the other side, the fight between Jiang Chen and the Old Emperor had reached its climax. Jiang Chen was attack as if he had gone berserk. Although only a short amount of time had pa.s.sed, another 1,500 Dragon Marks had formed in Jiang Chen’s body. Including the previous 10,000 Dragon Marks, he now had a total of 11,500 Dragon Marks. As long as he reached 15,000 Dragon Marks, Jiang Chen would be able to break through to the Late Combat Soul realm.

Jiang Chen was supressing the newly formed Dragon Marks continuously as he fought. As the Dragon Transformation skill was on the brink of evolving, he wanted to borrow the pressure from the Old Emperor to stimulate his potential to a maximum level. Jiang Chen knew that there was a Second Grade Combat King warrior hidden behind the Martial Saint Dynasty, so he knew he had to grab onto every single opportunity that could make him progress further.