Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 449 – Peerless Monster

Chapter 449 – Peerless Monster

Chapter 449 – Peerless Monster

Everyone raised their heads toward the sky. Jiang Chen and the Imperial Emperor stood opposite of each other, and both were leaking intense killing intent.

“This Jiang Chen is unaware of his own limits. He thinks he can fight the Imperial Emperor just because he has killed all the emperors. He is simply seeking his own death.”

“You’re right. The Imperial Emperor is a real Combat King warrior! Not to mention three strikes, I don’t think that Jiang Chen can defend against one!”

“No one can come to a good end when fighting the Martial Saint Dynasty. However, this Jiang Chen is truly an existence that defies the heavens! He has killed so many emperors and caused an unprecedented loss to the Martial Saint Dynasty. Thus, even if he is killed today, his name will still be known to the world.”


All the Golden Guards and Imperial Soldiers were feeling mixed emotions. In their minds, they had no doubt that Jiang Chen was a peerless devil king. Having such achievements at his young age, even if he was killed by the Imperial Emperor today, his name would still be left behind because of his great strength. Even in a hundred years from now, he would be an existence known by everyone.

Jiang Zhenhai and Yan Zhanyun clenched their fists tightly, and their faces were covered with worry, especially Jiang Zhenhai’s. Jiang Chen was everything to him, and if anything bad happened to Jiang Chen, he would lose all reason to continue living in this world.

“Lord Jiu, do you think brother Jiang Chen can withstand three strikes from the Imperial Emperor?”

Xuan Ye asked in a worried manner.

“Fighting a Combat King with a Mid Combat Soul cultivation is something that has never happened before. According to common sense, it is absolutely impossible for him to do it. However, with my understanding of this little brother, he is a man who will never do anything he isn’t certain about, and he is a man of miracles. Perhaps he’ll create anything miracle this time.”

Wu Jiu said.

He had no idea if there really was someone in this world capable of fighting a Combat King warrior with just a Mid Combat Soul cultivation. However, his knowledge of Jiang Chen was good. Although he was a young man, his mind was deep and thoughtful, and he would never do anything he wasn’t certain about. Not only that, the result of this fight was directly related to the safety of two important men – Jiang Zhenhai and Yan Zhanyun. Hence, Jiang Chen wouldn’t make light of this.

In mid-air, the Imperial Emperor was portraying a manner of greatness. As a Combat King warrior, as well as the Imperial Emperor who sat on the top of this continent, he had always looked at others from the top.

“Jiang Chen, I really admire your courage, as you accepted my challenge.”

The Imperial Emperor said with a grim smile visible on his face.

“Come, attack me.”

Jiang Chen was very straightforward, and he didn’t want to waste any time. With his senses and experience, not only could he tell that the Imperial Emperor had a First Grade Combat King cultivation, he could even tell how much combat strength the Imperial Emperor had. And, with Jiang Chen’s combat strength and 10,000 Dragon Marks, it was more than enough for Jiang Chen to fight, or even defeat a First Grade Combat King.


The Imperial Emperor coldly harrumphed. Without hesitating, he threw out his fist with tremendous force. The punch instantly caused the s.p.a.ce to twist, and cracks to form. Together with Spatial Power, it was descending toward Jiang Chen in a formidable manner.

One punch broke the sky; the attack of a Combat King warrior was indeed incredible. The punch instantly caused the surrounding environment to change. If it was someone other than Jiang Chen, even if they possessed the combat strength that allowed them to fight a Combat King warrior, they wouldn’t know what to do when faced with the unfamiliar Spatial Power.

The biggest difference between a Combat Soul warrior and a Combat King warrior was the Spatial Power. And as a Combat Soul warrior was completely unfamiliar with this power, they would usually have no way to defend against it. They wouldn’t even know where they should be defending.

However, Jiang Chen was different. Although he was still unable to utilize the Spatial Power, his understanding of the Spatial Power couldn’t be matched by anyone in this place. Thus, when faced with the Imperial Emperor’s attack, he didn’t show any signs of panicking.

Jiang Chen could accurately see the moving path of the Spatial Power, and from that, he was able to accurately defend against it.

In fact, on the path of cultivation, there was a saying that when the force was big enough, it was able to break all sorts of techniques. When faced with absolute force; everything would return to nothingness. Jiang Chen had 10,000 Dragon Marks now, and he was thus able to unleash ten million jins of force.

“First Grade Combat King, you’re nothing more than this.”

Jiang Chen let out an explosive roar, then he too threw out a punch containing tremendous force. As he punched out, his arm was immediately covered with blood red dragon scales, and an illusionary dragon emerged as well. The dragon was formed entirely from the concentration of incredible energy, and as it carried the raging True Dragon Flame and Heavenly Thunder Flame along its way, it simply looked so mighty that none could stare directly at it with the naked eye.

An expert never failed to show his ability. Jiang Chen’s attack instantly caused everyone’s expressions to change, including the Imperial Emperor. Not only that, those Golden Guards and Imperial Soldiers who thought the Imperial Emperor could crush Jiang Chen into nothingness with a single strike, their smiles were frozen on their face, because they could clearly feel that the energy in Jiang Chen’s punch was no weaker than the energy in the Imperial Emperor’s punch.

A punch as tough as this could destroy everything. Jiang Chen’s punch was a typical example of ferociousness.


The attacks launched by both parties collided with each other. The Spatial Power and the incredibly powerful punch clashed, instantly causing the s.p.a.ce of that particular area to start twisting. Shockwaves from the collision spread throughout the entire scene, and the sky above the collision nearly had s.h.i.+ft in shape. The heavens were trembling, and black smoke was curling up from the center of the impact.

No one could remain calm, as everyone felt a tremendous pressure from what they saw. The fight between these two men was incredibly violent. Fortunately, they were fighting high up in the sky. If not, just the shockwaves from the collision would be more than enough to wreak havoc to the Martial Saint Dynasty. No one were able to guess how many buildings would be ruined if they fought closer to the ground.

Jiang Chen and the Imperial Emperor’s bodies both shook at the same time. They were actually evenly matched for their first attack. Jiang Chen was cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, so not only was his body incredibly strong, it also allowed him to recover quickly. Within a very short amount of time, he had once again been restored to his peak condition. In this aspect, he had more advantages than the Imperial Emperor.

“How could this be possible?!”

The Imperial Emperor’s expression changed drastically. His mind was completely overturned with extreme shock, and they way he looked at Jiang Chen had completely change. Not once in his wildest dreams had he dreamt that a Combat Soul warrior would one day be able to fight equally with him. Furthermore, that man was just a mere youngster with a Mid Combat Soul cultivation base! This was absolutely absurd!

What was a monster? This was a monster! You could never judge such a person with normal standards, as a person like this was beyond ordinary humans. This type of man was the most frightening existence.


Jiang Zhenhai and Yan Zhanyun couldn’t control their excitement and simply let out joyful cries. Seeing Jiang Chen fighting in such an incredible manner made them very prideful.

“This is fantastic! Brother Jiang Chen has widened my horizons once more! With just a Mid Combat Soul cultivation base, he actually defended himself from a Combat King warrior’s attack, and he isn’t at a disadvantageous position at all! If I hadn’t witnessed this with my own eyes, I never would have been able to believe it! Shocking, this is absolutely shocking!”

Xuan Ye couldn’t be any more astonished. He knew that Jiang Chen’s strength was frightened, but he never knew it could reach such an incredible state. With just a Mid Combat Soul cultivation, he was able to fight equally with a Combat King warrior. This was simply heavenly defying. Judging from this, not only would the Imperial Emperor not be able to kill Jiang Chen with three strikes, it would be extremely difficult for him to defeat Jiang Chen.

“Brother Jiang is indeed the most heavenly-defying existence I have ever met in this world; no one can even come close to him.”

Wu Jiu said with mixed emotions. Clearly, they had no idea that when Jiang Chen was in the Southern Continent, he had attracted Heavenly Tribulation. A man who was able to attract Heavenly Tribulation when breaking through to the Combat Soul realm, it was impossible for a man like that to not be someone who defies the heavens. A monster like him, no matter what he did; it would be normal.

Underneath the heavens, how many people could attract Heavenly Tribulation when breaking through to the Combat Soul realm? At least, with Jiang Chen’s experience, he had never met or heard of anyone like that before.

“Imperial Emperor, continue attacking; you still have two strikes.”

Jiang Chen’s fighting spirit was soaring. Fighting a Combat King was something really exciting for him, and it made his blood boil.

“Jiang Chen, I have to admit that you are indeed a peerless genius, one who can’t be found even throughout thousands of years. However, if you think you really can fight me with your pitiful Mid Combat Soul cultivation base, you must be kidding! The first strike was merely a casual one, I want to see how you’re going to defend against the next two!”

The Imperial Emperor unleashed his energy as he spoke with an indifferent tone. To be honest, when looking at Jiang Chen who stood opposite of him, the Imperial Emperor was feeling regretful. He should have roped in a genius like this, and not become his enemy.

When they met for the first time at the Martial Saint Palace, if the Imperial Emperor could have been friendlier toward Jiang Chen and given him a good offer, with the relations.h.i.+p between Wu Jiu and Jiang Chen, perhaps Jiang Chen could have made a positive impact on the Martial Saint Dynasty. Or, at least, they wouldn’t have come to this stage today.

However, since everything had happened; there wasn’t much else to say. A genius like this had to be killed as quickly as possible, and it wasn’t too late now. No matter what, the Imperial Emperor would not allow Jiang Chen to grow further. If not, the consequences would be beyond his imagination.

“Show me what you got!”

Jiang Chen had no fear. The Imperial Emperor was just a First Grade Combat King, and it was no longer enough to cause him any harm.

A golden light emerged from the Imperial Emperor’s eyes. He slowly raised his hands, then arranged his fingers to be in the shape of a sword’s tip. Soon, they started flas.h.i.+ng with a bright gleam. The Imperial Emperor then roared out, “Heavenly Imperial Finger!”


An explosive sound immediately echoed out from the sky, and a crack appeared in the s.p.a.ce in front of his finger. He forcefully pointed his finger forward, unleas.h.i.+ng a gigantic golden finger toward Jiang Chen that seemed to carry an unlimited amount of power, which was more than enough to kill everything along its way.

The Heavenly Imperial Finger was a combat skill exclusive to the Martial Saint Dynasty. The Third Emperor had used it against Jiang Chen in the previous battle. However, although it was the same combat skill, there was a huge difference between the one unleashed by the Third Emperor and the Imperial Emperor, they couldn’t be compared.

“I said this before; this finger skill is really lousy. Nine Solar Fingers – Seventh Finger!”

Jiang Chen roared out as well and counterattacked with his own finger skill. He had previously been using the Six Solar Fingers, a branch skill of the Nine Solar Finger. Now, since Jiang Chen had successfully formed 10,000 Dragon Marks, he was able to use the Seventh Finger of the Nine Solar Fingers.


The s.p.a.ce trembling, and the color of the sky had changed. Seven fingers appeared at the same time, and they were all s.h.i.+ning brightly in a golden light. Each of the fingers were covered with golden-colored symbols, giving them all a sense of mysteriousness. Soon after, all seven fingers merged into one, and it immediately charged toward the Imperial Emperor’s Heavenly Imperial Finger.

Everyone standing underneath them were holding their breath. No one had any idea who would be the winner of this exchange. Judging solely from the energies, both of them were evenly matched. This once against caused the expressions of the Golden Guards and Imperial Soldiers to change. They could no longer see any hope; this monster was a heavenly defying existence, and even a Combat King warrior like the Imperial Emperor was unable to defeat him.


The Heavenly Imperial Finger and Seventh Solar Finger violently slammed into each other, and the s.p.a.ce was once again cracked by the collision. However, this time, the force of impact was much greater compared to the previous impact, as that had just been a collision of their fists.