Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 447 – Visiting the Martial saint Dynasty Alone

Chapter 447 – Visiting the Martial saint Dynasty Alone

Chapter 447 – Visiting the Martial saint Dynasty Alone

Everyone’s eyes stopped on Jiang Chen. The question thrown out by Han Yan was indeed a critical one. The Martial Saint Dynasty had very deep and powerful resources, and their roots were incredibly deep. No matter which aspect it was considered from; the Martial Saint Dynasty was not an opponent the Black Sect could face.

Or put it this way; the battle with the Martial Saint Dynasty was actually Jiang Chen’s lone battle. It was the battle between Jiang Chen and the Imperial Emperor. They could only survive this hopeless situation if Jiang Chen possessed the ability to defeat the Imperial Emperor.

However, the gap between the Combat Soul realm and the Combat King realm was too huge. The different between the two was gigantic, and it was extremely difficult to compensate for the gap. Let alone the fact that Jiang Chen was only a Mid Combat Soul warrior.

“The Imperial Emperor is only a First Grade Combat King warrior, and my combat strength is more than enough for me to fight a First Grade Combat King warrior. Therefore, I have no fear of the Imperial Emperor. What I’m worried about is the fact that since the Martial Saint Dynasty has ruled the Eastern Continent for so many years, they have a ton of resources. Perhaps there’s more than one Combat King warrior there. There might even be a Second Grade or Third Grade Combat King warrior. If that really is the case, the situation will be difficult for me to handle.”

Jiang Chen said, a frown visible on his face..

“First Grade Combat King?”

Han Yan and the rest were startled for a moment. They were puzzled by what Jiang Chen said.

“It’s normal that you guys don’t know about it, after all, there are too little Combat King warriors in the Eastern Continent. Without reaching the Combat King realm, you’ll never understand how terrifying a Combat King is. Furthermore, after reaching this realm, the cla.s.sifications for each stage will change as well. After a Combat Soul warrior breaks through to the Combat King realm, the gap between each stage will be extremely tremendous. There is a huge gap between an Early Combat King warrior and a Late Combat King warrior. It has something to do with how well a Combat King warrior can control the Spatial Power. In order to shorten the gap between this huge difference, each Combat King stage is further divided into three smaller stages. With this, the Combat King realm is divided from First Grade to Ninth Grade.”

Jiang Chen explained. It was understandable that Han Yan and the others didn’t know about this. After all, they were in the Eastern Continent, and not the Divine Continent. Here, a Combat King was a war king who represented mightiness. In the Eastern Continent, the people only knew of one Combat King warrior; the Imperial Emperor. Therefore, there was no way for them to understand the real cla.s.sifications of the Combat King realm. Only those who reached the Combat King realm could understand the gigantic gap between each stage, and would learn about the actual cla.s.sifications of the Combat King realm.

“First Grade to Third Grade belongs to the early stage, Fourth Grade to Sixth Grade belongs to the middle stage, and Seventh Grade to the Ninth Grade belongs to the late stage. This is the cla.s.sifications of the Combat King realm. The cultivation realm starts from the Qi realm, Qi Sea realm, Mortal Core realm, Heavenly Core realm, and then to the Divine Core realm. These five realms are the five elementary realms. Breaking through to the Combat Soul realm is considered breaking through the elementary realms; forming a Combat Soul. Once a person becomes a Combat King and comprehends the Spatial Laws, his field of vision and comprehension ability will increase. Therefore, the cla.s.sifications of the realm will be different as well.”

Jiang Chen explained in detail to everyone. In his opinion, all the people in front of him had the potential to become Combat King warriors, and they would have to learn this knowledge sooner or later.

After Jiang Chen finished explaining, everyone was so shocked that their mouths were wide open. They really didn’t know anything about what Jiang Chen had just told them.

“Little Chen, how do you know all this?”

Han Yan couldn’t help but ask.

“Because your brother is very handsome; that’s why I know everything.”

Jiang Chen said with a big smile on his face.

Hearing his words, the group of people immediately replied by raising their middle fingers! However, all them quickly accepted the fact that there were some weirdoes in this world who couldn’t be judged with common sense, and Jiang Chen was the biggest weirdo they knew. Although he was so young, it seemed like he knew everything, as if there really was nothing he didn’t know about in this world.

“After listening to brother Jiang’s explanation, my horizons have broadened. Looks like one can only stop into the true world of cultivation after reaching the Combat King realm. I just wonder if I will have the chance to become a Combat King existence in this life.”

Yu Zihan sighed.

“I’m sure you can do it.”

Jiang Chen patted Yu Zihan on his shoulder.

“Senior brother Jiang, you don’t have to comfort me. I am only a Late Divine Core warrior at the moment, not even close to the Combat Soul realm, let alone the much further away Combat King realm.”

Yu Zihan replied with a laugh. He knew his own strength and weaknesses very well.

Jiang Chen didn’t say anything and only kept smiling. Yu Zihan did in fact have high hopes of becoming a Combat King. After he absorbed the source essence of the energy vein, causing his const.i.tution to improve; he had experienced a great improvement to his cultivation, and it was with incredible speed. It had only taken him half a year to go from the Early Heavenly Core realm to the Late Divine Core realm.

An improvement like this; no matter where he went, he would be considered a genius. Yu Zihan didn’t need to feel disheartened, the only reason he felt that way was solely because he was comparing himself to Jiang Chen and Han Yan, who were extraordinary existences.

“The Imperial Emperor is just a First Grade Combat King, I can handle him with ease. However, if we declare total war on the Martial Saint Dynasty, the Black Sect won’t have any chance of winning the war. I’ll pay a visit to the Martial Saint Dynasty tomorrow and try to save my dad and the others. As for you all, try your best to disperse the Black Sect’s disciples. Anyone below the Divine Core realm will have to temporarily leave here. If not, once the war commences, they will only serve as cannon fodder.”

Jiang Chen continued, “The war with the Martial Saint Dynasty is unavoidable. As for the plan regarding this war, we’ll discuss that tomorrow after I meet with the Imperial Emperor.”

“I’m afraid the Imperial Emperor won’t give us any more chances.”

Han Yan said.

“No worries, I’ll have a way of dealing with it.”

Jiang Chen spoke with glowing eyes. No matter what kind of situation he was facing, he always looked confident.

“Little Chen, you better be extra careful when visiting the Martial Saint Dynasty!”

Han Yan reminded.

“Don’t worry; it’s just a mere Martial Saint Dynasty. If I want to leave; none can stop me.”

A confident smile emerged on Jiang Chen’s face.

The next day!

Jiang Chen started his journey to the Martial Saint Dynasty at midnight, and he arrived right at dawn.

Jiang Chen flew at full speed along his way. When he arrived at the Martial Saint Dynasty, he was still flying at the same speed as when he left, and he was immediately greeted by a couple of Golden Guards.

“Stop right there, who are you?”

The leading Golden Guard snapped. The few of them lined up and blocked Jiang Chen’s path. Although none of them recognized Jiang Chen, they sure recognized the person who stood next to Jiang Chen.

“Crown Prince!”

The few of them cried out in shock at the same time, and their expressions changed dramatically. Not only was the Crown Prince their highness; the Martial Saint Dynasty’s next Imperial Emperor, he was also the leader of all the Golden Guards; their leader.

“I am Jiang Chen. Inform the Imperial Emperor that I am here to give him a gift. Take a look at this.”

While saying that, Jiang Chen waved his hand and threw out a bunch of human heads; six emperors, Prince Wu Cong, and Yuan Long, the deputy commander of the Golden Guards. All skulls were floating in the sky in a grim manner, sending forth a cold sensation that horrified all those who saw it.


“Those are the heads of the emperors!”

“Oh heavens, something big is happening!”


The few Golden Guards were immediately throw into confusion. The shocked expressions on their faces had reached a stage that couldn’t be surpa.s.sed. The leading Golden Guard immediately sounded an alarm which echoed throughout the entire Martial Saint Dynasty.

Jiang Chen just remained standing where he was, a faint smile visible on his face. He wasn’t showing any signs of trying to stop these few Golden Guards from sounding the alarm. He simply stood there; waiting for the Imperial Emperor to arrive.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…

Countless people shot up into the sky, and in the blink of an eye, a few hundred strong figures appeared in the sky above the Martial Saint Dynasty, surrounding Jiang Chen and the Crown Prince in a tight circle. Some of these men were Golden Guards with prestigious statuses in the Martial Saint Dynasty, and some of them were of the mighty Imperial Army. Every single one of them was among the greatest of warriors in their respective fields.

Right at this moment, the eyes of all these men had stopped on the floating heads in front of them, causing their expressions to change

Something big had happened! This was something that had never occurred in the Martial Saint Dynasty’s history! So many emperors had been killed, and their heads had even been brought to the Martial Saint Dynasty by someone to show off! A provocation like this was the biggest insult to the Martial Saint Dynasty!

And because of these heads, as well as the fact that the Crown Prince had been taken hostage by Jiang Chen, all of these men looked at Jiang Chen with frightened looks. All of them knew about Jiang Chen. The Imperial Decree to have all his friends and family killed had been pa.s.sed down by the Imperial Emperor because of this young genius. However, no one could have thought that this young man would suddenly become so frightening. So many great warriors had combined forces to kill him, but not only had they failed, they were even killed by Jiang Chen. For the Martial Saint Dynasty, this was an incalculable loss.

“Imperial Emperor, why haven’t you come out to welcome your family?”

Jiang Chen ignored the men surrounding him as he simply shouted toward the inner area of the Martial Saint Dynasty. His voice was like a thunderclap, continuously echoing throughout the sky above the Martial Saint Dynasty.


A energy wave shot up toward the sky from the center of the Martial Saint Dynasty, representing extreme fury as it turned into a golden pillar that shot into the skies.

In the follow moment, a man br.i.m.m.i.n.g with power wearing a dragon robe flew out. He was incredibly furious. No one had seen him move, and he had already appeared outside the Martial Saint Dynasty.

It was the mightiness of a Combat King warrior! Just casually leaking out his fury was more than enough to startle one’s heart and make it shudder with terror. When those Golden Guards and those of the Imperial Army saw the Imperial Emperor, they immediately bowed, then loosened the circle.

The Imperial Emperor’s eyes stopped at the heads of the Third Emperor and the few others. The anger brewing between his brows had reached a maximum level. As the imperial prerogative, he would never allow a provocation like this. The Martial Saint Dynasty was at the height of power and splendor; it ruled the entire Eastern Continent, and none had ever dared reject its rule. However, someone had now killed all the emperors, and even taken the Crown Prince hostage. This was not just a simply slap to the Imperial Emperor’s face, it was in fact a slap to the left side of his face, followed by the right side of his face!

“Jiang Chen, it looks like I have underestimated you.”

The Imperial Emperor’s voice was so cold that it could even freeze a barbarian beast to death. However, he was still acting in a calm manner. All the emperors soul jade slips had broken yesterday, the person who was in charge of guarding the Soul Jade Slip room knew something big had happened, so he dared not hesitate to inform the Imperial Emperor of the incident.

But what the Imperial Emperor didn’t expect was that Jiang Chen actually had such nerve! Before he could do anything, Jiang Chen had already come to the Martial Saint Dynasty all alone, and he had even brought the heads of all the emperors as a gift, causing them to float outside the Martial Saint Dynasty’s main gate. He was simply crazy!

“Of course you’ve underestimated me. When you do something wrong, you naturally have to pay the price for it.”

Jiang Chen said in an indifferent tone.