Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 44 – Searching the Entire City for a Dog

Chapter 44 – Searching the Entire City for a Dog

Chapter 44 – Searching the Entire City for a Dog

The Heavenly Falls Tower was the most popular restaurant in the city. It was filled with people every day, and it was hard to ever find an empty table. But today, the whole restaurant was empty. The Heavenly Blade Clan disciples were currently here, so no one dared to dine.

Lee Shan Yue and Yan Zhan Yun entered the Heavenly Falls Tower and met the shopkeeper of the Heavenly Falls Tower.

“You’re here, chiefs.”

The shopkeeper was an old man. His body was a little fat, and by his looks you could tell that the food in the restaurant was pretty good. When he saw Lee Shan Yue and Yan Zhan Yun, the shopkeeper hurried forward and bowed politely towards them. In Red city, there was no one who dared to be impolite in front of these 2 people.

“Where is the men from the Heavenly Blade Clan?”

Lee Shan Yue asked.

“They are in the main hall upstairs. The way they behave shows that they really are from the Heavenly Blade Clan.”

The shopkeeper replied.

“Why do you think so?”

Yan Zhan Yun asked.

“These three individuals look unfamiliar. I have never seen them before, and I’m sure they are not from our city. They are all in their twenties, but they have all reached the Mortal Core realm. They must come from the inner parts of the Qi Province. Also, they are wearing a uniform with a fine blade embossed on the chest. This is the symbol of the Heavenly Blade Clan; that’s why I’m sure that’s where they came from. I just wonder, however, why the Heavenly Blade Clan disciples crossed the ten thousand mile Origin Mountain and came to Red city.”

The shopkeeper had experienced much and met countless people in all his life. He wouldn’t be wrong about anyone.

“Alright, let’s go up and have a look.”

Yan Zhan Yun nodded his head.

“I have explained the current situation in Red city and told them about both families. I won’t be following you upstairs.”

The shopkeeper told them while smiling.

Yan Zhan Yun and Lee Shan Yue went up to the second floor. Connected to the stairs was a huge hall, the decoration were all luxurious and exuded a sense of money and fame. Right now, within the hall, three youngsters were tasting some high quality tea. It looked like they were enjoying it.

As outer circle disciples of the Heavenly Blade Clan, whether its status or their rank, they were superior to any ordinary people. But, the trio would be cultivating within the clan at all times, so they never really had the chance to enjoy life outside of their clan. Besides, the feeling of being respected was really nice. As one of the four big clans in the Qi Province, there were more than ten thousand inner circle disciples. They were just some outer circle disciples.

Seeing someone coming up, the trio’s faces became more serious.

“I’m Lee Shan Yue, greeting to the disciples from Heavenly Blade clan.”

“I’m Yan Zhan Yun, greeting to the disciples from Heavenly Blade clan.”

Lee Shan Yue and Yan Zhan Yun spoke at the same time and held their fists towards the trio respectfully. Actually, with their status and level, there was no need to be so polite towards these young men, but because of the young men’s status, they didn’t dare be impolite.

Both of them looked at the trio’s outfits and their level. They were pretty surprised in their hearts because the trio had reached the Mortal Core realm at such young age. They must truly be from the Heavenly Blade Clan without any doubt.

“Chief of Lee family, Lee Shan Yue. Chief of Yan family, Yan Zhan Yun. Both of you are the strongest men in this city, and you’ve both reached the Late Mortal Core realm, am I correct?”

Chen Shuang looked at the two men, speaking casually. His face was filled with arrogance. For someone who came from one of the big clans in the Qi Province, this little Red city was just some remote village.

“That’s right, how do I address you, young mister?”

Yan Zhan Yun asked.

“My name is Chen Shuang, an outer circle disciple of Heavenly Blade Clan.”

When he mentioned the Heavenly Blade Clan, the arrogance on Chen Shuang’s face got even thicker.

“The Heavenly Blade Clan is a big clan from the Qi Province. May I know the reason why Mister Chen travelled so far and came to Red city?”

Lee Shan Yue asked.

“Of course there’s something we need to do since we came here. I’ll get straight to the point; I want to use the strength of both your families to do one thing for me.”

Chen Shuang stood up from where he sat.

“Please give your order Mister Chen. It would be an honor for the Lee family to be able to do something for the Heavenly Blade Clan.”

Lee Shan Yue said hurriedly.

“En, Chief Lee really knows how to talk.”

Chen Shuang nodded his head.

“Can I know what it is you need us to do?”

Yan Zhan Yun asked.

“Search for a dog.”

Ruan Ling said. When she mentioned the word ‘dog,’ her beautiful face immediately became angry. She even said the word while grinding her teeth. A person having so much hate towards a dog was incredibly weird.


Search for a dog?

Lee Shan Yue and Yan Zhan Yun almost fell onto the ground. They were even wondering if they had heard wrongly. Don’t tell me these three Heavenly Blade Clan disciples came so far just for a dog? What kind of a joke was this?

Besides, the Lee family and the Yan family were the strongest powers in Red city. Asking them to search the whole city for a dag, what the heck! Were you insulting us?

“Don’t be surprised, we really came here because we were pursuing a dog… We lost our way in Origin Mountain and came here. We suspect that the stupid dog is hiding in this city somewhere. That’s why I need the help from both of you to search for this dog. As long as you can find that d.a.m.n dog for me, I won’t treat you too shabbily.”

Chen Shuang said. Anger could be seen in his eyes as well when he mentioned that dog.

Lee Shan Yue and Yan Zhan Yun looked at each other, both of them feeling humiliated. It really looked like this trio came here in pursuit of a dog.

It was just a dog. What kind of d.a.m.n dog would let the disciples of the Heavenly Blade Clan pursuit it for more than ten thousand miles?

“You guys, don’t look down on that dog. This dog is really despicable. It is cunning, and it is a lunatic. It’s really difficult to catch. If you guys can help us located the dog, then you will have done a great deed for the Heavenly Blade Clan!”

Shao Hua also stood up and spoke.

Listening to Shao Hua described this dog, Yan Zhan Yun and Lee Shan Yue suddenly had a bad feeling about this. A despicable, cunning lunatic dog, what kind of dog was this?

“Can I ask, what does this dog look like?”

Yan Zhan Hun wiped away some sweat silently but still asked.

“It is a dog with yellow fur. There’s no other color on it. It is fat, fierce, and very easy to recognize.”

Chen Shuang said.

“Don’t worry Mister Chen, my Lee family will do our best! As long as that dog is in this city, we will catch it for you!”

Lee Shan Yue promised hurriedly, this was a good opportunity to get close to the Heavenly Blade clan. He couldn’t miss it.

“The Yan family will do our best too.”

Yan Zhan Yun made his promise as well.

“Very good, we’ll be staying in the Heavenly Falls Tower. Once you receive any news about this dog, just send someone to inform us.”

Chen Shuang said while smiling.

“Mister Chen, I have a request.”

An intelligent look could be seen in Lee Shan Yue’s eyes. He opened his mouth and asked.

“Tell me what is it, Chief Lee.”

Chen Shuang sat back on his seat.

I have a son. His name is Lee Chang Ming, and he’s only 23 years old. He just broke through to the Mortal Core realm… I wonder, is there any chance for him to join the Heavenly Blade Clan?”

Lee Shan Yue asked. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Hearing this, Yan Zhan Yun’s expression changed slightly. Lee Chang Ming had broken through to the Mortal Core realm. Within the younger generation of the Yan family, Yan Yang was the one who was closest to breaking through to the Mortal Core realm. However, he was currently still in the Late Qi Hai realm.

“Oh? I never expected that this place would have a talent like that, not bad. A genius Mortal Core warrior can skip all requirements and instantly become outer circle disciples like us when he joins the clan. Since we’re already in this city, we can let your son follow us back to the Heavenly Blade Clan. Of course, in order for him to join the clan, he will need to go through some tests first.”

Chen Shuang said.

Hearing the reply he wanted to hear, Lee Shan Yue felt like he had been struck by happiness. Once Lee Chang Ming joined the Heavenly Blade Clan, the Lee family would become the strongest family in Red city.

“Mister Chen, the opportunity to join the Heavenly Blade Clan, can you give one to the Yan family as well?”

Yan Zhan Yun doesn’t want to be suppressed by the Lee family, and being able to join the Heavenly Blade Clan, no matter if it was the Lee family or the Yan family, was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“Brother Chen, since we’re already here, why don’t we just hold an examination in this city and give those young men the opportunity to join. This is a place away from the inner section of the Qi Province. No clan would ever consider coming here to recruit new disciples. If we have an examination here and bring all the potential talents back, we will at least have done something good.”

Ruan Ling said.

“What Sister Ruan Ling said is right, we can just have an examination here.”

Shao Hua agreed.

“Fine. Chiefs, once you return later on, please send out a notice immediately. Every young man in this city is qualified to join the examination. Tomorrow morning, those who desire to join the examination will enter the outer section of Origin Mountain. They have 4 hours to kill demon beasts, and they will be ranked by the amount of beasts they kill. The three of us will bring a few of them back with us. Of course, we will just recommend them. Whether or not they can join the Heavenly Blade Clan depends on their own abilities.”

Chen Shuang told them.

Hearing this, Lee Shan Yue and Yan Zhan Yun were both very happy. This was a real big opportunity for the city’s young generation. This examination would become the biggest event in this city.

Chen Shuang and the other two were just outer circle disciples. They had no authority in deciding who could join the clan. It was even rude for them to recommend someone. If they could pick out the strongest and help them get to the Heavenly Blade Clan, they would at least have done something good.

In the Heavenly Blade Clan, although an outer circle disciples had some status, that status was worth almost nothing. It was just barely better than that of those unofficial disciples. When the trio came to this city they were met with respect. They felt like they were on the top. Having an examination and acting like the ones who decided who was qualified was a chance to fulfill their desires. Besides, they did have the right to recommend someone.

“Please go back chiefs, and don’t forget to search for the dog for us.”

Chen Shuang said.

“Please don’t worry. Once we’re back, we’ll immediately send out a notice and ask everyone in this city to search for that dog. We won’t let anything slow down the search, not even the examination.”

Lee Shan Yue kept promising them.

Outside of the Heavenly Falls Tower.

“Yan Zhan Yun, it’s certain that my son will join the Heavenly Blade Clan. When that happens, your Yan family will be doomed.”

Lee Shan Yue said with a cold smile.

“Really? The examination hasn’t started yet. How do you know that no one from my Yan family will join the Heavenly Blade Clan?”

Yan Zhan Yun said with an unconvinced look.

“Let’s wait and see.”

Lee Shan Yue waved his sleeves, turned around, and left.

Within the meeting hall of the Yan family.

“What? Search for a dog?”

Yan Hong Tai’s eyes suddenly turned big. After hearing what Yan Zhan Yun told them, everyone had a feeling that the world was so large that anything strange was possible. The Heavenly Blade Clan disciples had traveled for more than ten thousand miles just because of a dog. The more they thought about it, the more speechless they became.