Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 430 – Mighty Return

Chapter 430 – Mighty Return

Chapter 430 – Mighty Return

Yan Chenyu didn’t know if she would be able to save Jiang Cheng’s life, but she felt like she had to at least show herself. She couldn’t just watch those people close to Jiang Chen die in front of her without doing anything. Even if it was just to make herself feel better, she still had to try her best.

Even if it was just an act of seeking death, so what?

Who could remain completely calm when watching their closest getting killed?

“Yan Chenyu!”

When one of the Golden Guards saw this girl, not only did he not feel afraid, he was actually feeling joyful. It looked like the Seventh Emperor’s method worked like they had expected. This was only the second day, and they had lured Yan Chenyu here.

“Young lady, quickly get away from here!”

Jiang Cheng was yelling with all his strength, but Yan Chenyu didn’t listen to him. With incredible speed, she arrived near them. An ice-cold beam impaled a Golden Guard’s head. However, before Yan Chenyu reached Jiang Cheng, three powerful auras suddenly appeared and approached Yan Chenyu.

“Yan Chenyu, what a surprise! I thought Jiang Chen would be here and not you. Never mind that, the Crown Prince keeps asking us where you are.”

The Seventh Emperor said with a sneer on his face. The other two mighty warriors were the Tenth Emperor and Yuan Long, who had just returned from the Martial Saint Dynasty. All three of them were Late Combat Soul warriors.

Yan Chenyu’s face darkened. The executions were obviously a trap, and with her abilities, there was no way she could save Jiang Cheng now, as she just didn’t have the ability to fight three Late Combat Soul warriors.

“You’re the emperors of the Martial Saint Dynasty, and you actually used such despicable methods and slaughtered ordinary civilians! I really wish to know where you’ve placed all your face! Since I dared show myself here today, I’m not afraid of you!”

Yan Chenyu said with a cold voice.

“Hmph! Since you’re here, don’t even think about leaving! Don’t worry, we won’t kill you. Your life belongs to the Crown Prince!”

The Seventh Emperor coldly harrumphed.

“Let’s make a deal; I’ll stay back, but you have to let Jiang Cheng go.”

Yan Chenyu still spoke with the same indifference.

“Young lady.”

Jiang Cheng immediately burst into tears. He couldn’t his emotions any longer. As a man, he wouldn’t easily shed tears. He didn’t even frown when faced with the razor sharp blade just now. However, Yan Chenyu’s words immediately caused him to cry his lungs out. He was just a mere servant; a slave! His life was worthless, so how could he let his young lady sacrifice herself in order to save his life?

“Young lady, because of your words, I, Jiang Cheng will die smiling! Help me inform young master; Jiang Cheng died without any regrets!”

An aggressive look suddenly flickered in Jiang Cheng’s eyes. He lowered his head and looked at the razor sharp blade placed on his throat by another Golden Guard. Without hesitating, he pushed himself toward it with great speed.


The blade was extremely sharp, and immediately slashed through half of Jiang Cheng’s throat, causing blood to shoot out like a fountain.

The Golden Guard was terrified. He next expected this guy to have such incredible courage; using this kind of method to end his own life.

“Jiang Cheng!”

Yan Chenyu’s trembled and let out a loud cry. Her eyes were instantly glistened with tears. After that, she turned around and started fleeing in a random direction. She would never forget Jiang Cheng’s last expression.

He died with a smile on his face!

He died without any regrets, he just wanted to let Yan Chenyu run away from here as soon as possible.

Yan Chenyu didn’t let Jiang Cheng down. Without hesitating, she immediately turned around and left. She had to make sure Jiang Cheng didn’t die for nothing.

“Where are you going?!”

The Seventh Emperor was the first one to respond. He quickly chase after Yan Chenyu.


A monster made entirely from solid ice suddenly descended from the sky, blocking the Seventh Emperor.


The Seventh Emperor’s palm shone with countless golden beams as he simply struck his palm toward the Ice Demon King.


The Ice Demon King wasn’t afraid of death. It immediately countered the attack with its gigantic fist. Although it was knocked back several dozen meters by the Seventh Emperor, it simply leapt right back toward the Seventh Emperor.

“What a powerful monster!”

The Seventh Emperor was startled for a moment. This monster was at the Late Combat Soul realm, and he had no idea how this monster appeared. The weird thing for him was that he was unable to detect this monster with his cultivation.

“Yuan Long, you stay here and guard this place. Old Tenth, you go and hunt Yan Chenyu down.”

The Seventh Emperor turned his head toward the other two men and said. Yan Chenyu had disappeared from their sights after being held back by the Ice Demon King.


The Tenth Emperor unleashed his energy and chased into the direction where Yan Chenyu had fled.

Seeing this, the Ice Demon King responded in a quick manner. It immediately ditched the Seventh Emperor and began chasing after the Tenth Emperor.

“Hmph! Stay here!”

The Seventh Emperor coldly harrumphed. He took out a razor sharp sword and swung it toward the Ice Demon King. The Ice Demon King didn’t even try to evade it, as it didn’t have any ways to defend itself, and was thus instantly sliced in half by the Seventh Emperor.

“Can’t even withstand a single blow from me.”

The Seventh Emperor said with a sneer on his face. However, before his smile disappeared, his face was completely frozen, because the monster he had just sliced in half had reappeared in front of the Tenth Emperor, preventing him from going further.

“What?! How can this be possible?!”

The Seventh and Tenth Emperor both cried out in shock at the same time. They were looking at the Ice Demon King as if they were looking at a ghost. A monster had resurrected itself immediately after being killed! This didn’t make any sense, even with these two emperor’s rich experience, this was the first time they had encountered such a weird situation.

The Tenth Emperor was struck with great shock, and the Ice Demon King wasn’t planning on slowing down because of that. It was not afraid of death, as death was simpler than eating to it. Without hesitating, it threw its gigantic fist toward the Tenth Emperor.

When the Ice Demon King launched its attack toward the Tenth Emperor, the Seventh Emperor immediately chased into the direction where Yan Chenyu had disappeared into. However, the Ice Demon King quickly responded. It immediately gave up on the Tenth Emperor and caught up with the Seventh Emperor. Like this, the Ice Demon King held back both emperors, while getting killed several dozen times doing so. After it was killed for the last time, it simply never appeared again.

The emperors grouped together and chased after Yan Chenyu, but even after flying several thousand kilometers, they were simply unable to find any traces of her.

“d.a.m.n it, what kind of insane existence is that monster?! Why wouldn’t it just die?!”

The Seventh Emperor couldn’t help but curse out loudly.

“Although that monster is at the Late Combat Soul realm, it only knows how to attack with raw strength. It’s unable to cultivate Yuan energy or use any combat skills, so it’s unable to withstand even a single blow from us. However, its ability to resurrect is truly a headache, as it gave Yan Chenyu the time to escape.”

The Tenth Emperor’s face darkened as well. They had finally lured Yan Chenyu out, but in the end, they had still let her slip away. This was something really shameful for both of them.

“Hmph! Let’s kill three men tomorrow! I’ll pick three important people from the Yan family when we return. I don’t believe that Yan Chenyu will still be able to hide herself then. We’ll have the snare well prepared, and with all three of us, I don’t want that Yan Chenyu to be able to escape even if she was given wings!”

The Seventh Emperor said with a sinister expression. As neither of them had found any traces of Yan Chenyu, they had no choice but to return from where they came.

Within a quiet valley, Yan Chenyu stood quietly while facing a lake. With a piercing gaze and an expressionless face, she murmured, “Jiang Cheng, rest in peace. Chen Gege will definitely avenge you.”

In the end, Jiang Cheng was unable to escape from death. Although Yan Chenyu showed up and tried saving his life, she had failed to do so. Still, her appearance was very important, she had at least seen Jiang Cheng’s final moment, allowing him to die without any regrets. Furthermore, Jiang Cheng wasn’t killed by their enemy, he had actually committed suicide. The last smile he had on his face was a calm and peaceful smile.

And this was the value of Yan Chenyu’s appearance today.

“Chen Gege, when are you coming back? Little Yu can’t hold on much longer.”

Yan Chenyu squatted down and folded her arms around her shoulders. Though she had grown a lot since she first met Jiang Chen, she was still just a little girl.

Early morning the next day, Yan Chenyu had calmed herself down. She was once again on her way to the Fragrant Sky City. When she secretly arrived outside of the city, she immediately saw two wooden pillars placed above the city walls. On top of these two pillars were two human heads. One belonged to an alchemist from the Jiang family, and the other Jiang Cheng.

“Who will die next? What can I do to stop this?”

Yan Chenyu felt really gloomy. Although she possessed the Nine Yin Meridians, something only existed in the Nine Yin Body, a Divine Body; her cultivation was too weak, and her enemies were too strong. If she didn’t have the Ice Demon King to help her, she wouldn’t be able to do anything at all.

An hour later, a few dozen Golden Guards flew out from the Fragrant Sky City. They brought three men with them, and when Yan Chenyu saw who these three people were, her expression immediately changed.

Yan Hongtai, Yan Meng, Yan Xing. All three of them were important people of the Yan family. For Yan Chenyu, these were her seniors. Ever since she had been young, these people were the ones who had been showing care and concern for her.


Yan Chenyu cried out in her mind. They had killed one person yesterday, and they were going to kill three today, and all of them were from the Yan family. This was obviously brought by her appearance yesterday. Today’s scene was purposely prepared for her.

Yan Meng and the other two wore resolute expressions on their faces, just like Jiang Cheng the day before. They showed no signs of fear, as if death was something perfectly normal.

Soon, noon arrived. The sun shone brightly above their heads, giving the trio a scorching sensation as three razor sharp blades were placed on the necks of the trio.

When the hidden Yan Chenyu saw this, her gaze became determined. Regardless of whether or not she would be able to save their lives; she couldn’t just sit back and watch as her own family members got killed.


Yan Chenyu shouted out. Like a fairy descending from the sky, she once again arrived in the city. Right when Yan Chenyu showed herself, three extremely powerful energies suddenly erupted forth from three different locations, trapping her tightly. The Seventh Emperor, Tenth Emperor, and Yuan Long appeared at the same time.

They had prepared well for this moment. As long as Yan Chenyu showed up, the three would strike at the same time and trap her in the middle. Therefore, even if that monster appeared again, there was no way she would be able to run away from them.

“Little Yu, run for your life!”

When Yan Hongtai saw Yan Chenyu, he immediately yelled out like a crazy person.

“Haha, Yan Chenyu, it looks like you’re a girl who cares very much about family and friends. However, there is no way you can escape from us today!”

The Seventh Emperor burst into laughter. However, right after he finished speaking, something unexpected suddenly occurred. Two imposing auras appeared in the distance, and at the same time, a thunderous voice violently rocked through the sky.

“If you dare touch her, I will make sure you regret ever being born!”

The voice echoed across the sky, showing how mighty the man who was about to show himself was.