Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 41 – Killed in an Instant

Chapter 41 – Killed in an Instant

Chapter 41 – Killed in an Instant


Powerful energy could be seen covering Jiang Chen’s fist. His Yuan energy was sharp like a blade, cutting through the air and producing a loud noise. The ferocious force caused a monstrous shock, clas.h.i.+ng directly with Lee Chang Hao’s Heavenly Yellow Finger.

“What? He is only using his fist against the Heavenly Yellow Finger? How could he be so arrogant?”

Yan Yang said with a surprised expression.

“This Jiang Chen is too arrogant! Although he had a slight advantage before this, the Heavenly Yellow Finger is a combat skill, its power is too strong! Now he’s only using his fist to fight it. I’m sure he’s going to suffer!”

“I guess he won’t be able to block the attack. The Lee family’s Heavenly Yellow Finger is a low rank Mortal combat skill, but Lee Chang Hao has practiced it to perfection! Its strength is truly amazing!”

Everyone who was watching were surprised. No one would dare think that Jiang Chen would be able to win this just by using his fist to clash with the Heavenly Yellower Finger.

“Haha, Jiang Chen, you really think highly of yourself! How dare you only use your fist against my Heavenly Yellow Finger. You’re just courting death!”

Standing opposite of Jiang Chen, Lee Chang Hao was laughing loudly, and he had a mocking expression on his face. However, the mocking expression on his face disappeared, and it was replaced by a look of disbelief in the next second. Jiang Chen had shown him an example of what it truly means to tease someone.


The huge clash rang out and was heard by everyone. They all had shocked expressions. Jiang Chen’s fist had clashed with the huge Heavenly Yellow Finger, producing a loud rumbling noise. But unfortunately, the scene that everyone had predicted didn’t happen.

There was nothing Jiang Chen’s fist cannot overcome. It was as if there was nothing it couldn’t destroy. The powerful Heavenly Yellow Finger was shattered into pieces by Jiang Chen’s fist, turning it into yellow fragments before disappearing.

Everyone turned their gazes towards Jiang Chen. He hadn’t moved a single step from where he originally stood, standing there as steady as a mountain. Everyone could feel the force of Jiang Chen’s punch, and there was also a slight feeling that it was someone else that had attacked just now. They had a feeling that within the body of this young man was an old soul.

“Heavens, I wonder how much force was in that punch. How could it crush the Heavenly Yellow Finger?”

“His body is just too strong. Even with the help of his Yuan energy, it is still very frightening to go up against the Heavenly Yellow Finger with his fist alone.”

“A genius emerged from the tiny Fragrant Sky city. I can’t believe it! It looks like Lee Chang Hao simply isn’t his match either.”


Everyone was incredibly shocked, fighting the Heavenly Yellow Finger with just a fist… If they hadn’t witnessed this by themselves, then no one would be able to believe it. Everyone had expected a different ending for this deathmatch, but those expectations were changed with Jiang Chen’s punch. Lee Chang Hao had used his Heavenly Yellow Finger, but Jiang Chen had yet to use any of his combat skills. Just this alone was enough to decide that Lee Chang Hao had lost. If Lee Chang Hao didn’t have some super powerful hidden skill, he was destined to be defeated by Jiang Chen.

No one would ever know that Jiang Chen had formed five Dragon Marks in his body. He could release 50,000 kg of force using his full strength; this was incredibly frightening.

“Heavens, just how is this guy cultivating? His qi and blood are incredibly strong, and his body can match wild beasts!”

Yan Yang couldn’t hold it in anymore. He was also a genius himself, and every genius had their own pride. It was very rare that a genius would respect another genius, but what Jiang Chen had shown him today had truly gained his respect.

“Brother Jiang Chen consumed a Soul Refining Pill and a Pure-Yang fruit. He has broken through to the mid Qi Hai realm, and Lee Chang Hao is truly not his match! We can stop worrying now, haha!”

Yan Zhan Yun placed his arms on his chest and started laughing. His anxiety was gone by now, and he was now acting like he was watching a good performance.

Furthermore, what Jiang Chen had shown had shocked all the top ranked members of the Yan family. He was such a genius that he could even be compared with those geniuses from the big clans in the inner sections of the Qi Province. This had further strengthened their resolve to build a solid relations.h.i.+p with him.

Standing opposite of where the Yan family was standing, Lee Shan Yue’s face had turned into an awful one.

“Chief, this man has G.o.d given talents! He has such great ability while only being so young, and almost no one at the same level as him can defeat him! If we allow him to continue growing, he will become a great threat to us!”

A Mortal Core warrior stood beside Lee Shan Yue and whispered to him. Right now, even an idiot would be able to tell just how great Jiang Chen’s potential was.

“Don’t worry, Hao’er has a special combat weapon. He should be able to kill him.”

Lee Shan Yue said coldly. This 15 year old youngster in front of him had given him a sense of danger, and this made him determine that he needed to get rid of him no matter what.

The man who was the most shocked was Lee Chang Hao. He had been practicing the Heavenly Yellow Finger for so many years, and he had practically reached perfection with it… But, it was destroyed by Jiang Chen with such ease. This really flummoxed him.

“What other tricks do you have? I’ll give you a chance to show them to me.”

Jiang Chen stood with his hands behind his back, looking calm and confident. The pride he projected was rooted deep in his bones. He had never taken Lee Chang Hao seriously.

This was him showing his disdain towards Lee Chang Hao. This disdain deeply wounded Lee Chang Hao’s pride. Both his eyes were now red, and he was enraged.

“Jiang Chen, I must kill you today!”

Lee Chang Hao roared out with rage. His arm moved, and like magic, a silver blade glinted within the light that materialized in his hand.


A buzzing sound was heard when the blade appeared. It had a black body, and it was as thin as the wing of an insect. The blade was five feet long and two fingers wide. The blade’s aura could make anyone who saw it have difficulty breathing.

“Low rank combat weapon.”

Jiang Chen gazed at the blade. With his experience, he could easily tell the level of this blade.

“What? A combat weapon?”

Yan Yang shouted out in surprised.

“f.u.c.k, how could I forget about this? Lee Shan Yue has been preparing for this, so he must have given a low rank combat weapon to Lee Chang Hao beforehand.”

Yan Zhan Yun felt worried upon seeing the blade in Lee Chang Hao’s hand. No one could be calm upon seeing this blade.

A combat weapon was not an ordinary weapon. Any weapon that could be called a combat weapon was a great weapon. The difference between a combat weapon and a normal weapon was that a combat weapon could absorb Yuan energy and multiply the user's force by at least two. It was similar to a combat skill, but it was much rarer.

Every single combat weapon was incredibly precious, even if it was just a low rank combat weapon. It was especially rare in Red city, which was just a remote area in the Qi Province. A combat weapon was very difficult to find. Even a normal Mortal Core warrior would have a hard time finding one.

The Misty Rain Tower’s auction house was the biggest auction house in Red city. Numerous amounts of rare items and rare natural resources had been sold there before, but there had never been a single combat weapon. The Yan family didn’t own more than three low rank combat weapons.

It was similar for the Lee family. They also had no more than 3 combat weapons. This was why when they saw Lee Chang Hao take out a low rank combat weapon they knew that the Lee family had used it as a hidden tactic in dealing with Jiang Chen.

“It really is a low rank combat weapon! This is the first time I’ve seen a combat weapon, and it really is a great weapon! No ordinary weapons can compare to it!”

“With the low rank combat weapon in his hands, Lee Chang Hao’s combat strength has increased by at least two-fold. I wonder how Jiang Chen is going to handle this!”

“That combat weapon can slice through iron like it was clay. It’s really frightening!”


Everyone was discussing this as they stared at the blade in Lee Chang Hao’s hand. All of them had envious looks on their faces.

“Jiang Chen, the name of this blade is Black Soul Ripper! I bet you’ve never seen what a combat weapon looks like before. You will be killed by Black Soul Ripper today, and I’m sure you will feel proud!”

Lee Chang Hao unleashed his Yuan energy, and the Black Soul Ripper immediately produced a terrifying sound. The cold blade aura sent a s.h.i.+ver down everyone’s spines.

Jiang Chen laughed with a disgusted expression on his face when he saw how confident Lee Chang Hao was. This man was just too proud of what he had. It was nothing more than a low rank combat weapon, yet he was so proud of it… Sigh… Jiang Chen was speechless.

In his previous life, it was not worth mentioning a low rank combat weapon because even an ultimate combat weapon was nothing more than rubbish in his eyes. He would never take a look at them.

That was right. The Black Soul Ripper could double Lee Chang Hao’s combat strength, but even if he was able to multiply his combat strength by five times, what awaited him would only be death when Jiang Chen wanted to kill him.

“Hao’er, don’t talk so much. Kill him quickly!”

Lee Shan Yue reminded Lee Chang Hao.

“Got it dad, I will give him a horrible death. I won’t allow him to die so easily. I want to let him know, those who offend the Lee family will not have a good ending!”

Lee Chang Hao said with a cold smile.

Lee Chang Hao unleashed his powerful Yuan energy and sent it all into the Black Soul Ripper like a waterfall. Cold beams were immediately unleashed from the blade, forming a giant net composed of the beams.

“Jiang Chen, face your death. I’ll slice you into pieces with my blade!”

Lee Chang Hao’s spirit was high as he dashed forward like a fierce tiger. He raised the blade in his hand high into the air. The blade net expanded, and those cold beams from the blade looked like beasts ravenous for blood. They took away the breath of anyone who watched.

“Be careful Brother Jiang Chen, the power of a combat weapon is incredible! It can slice through any metal like clay. You will either be extremely wounded or die if it hits you!”

Yan Zhan Yun reminded Jiang Chen with a worried expression.


The Black Soul Ripper was trembling, and the net of blades had already covered Jiang Chen completely. Lee Chang Hao looked joyful. The Black Soul Ripper was like the tongue of a poison snake; it will cut Jiang Chen into half as witnessed by everyone present.


Lee Chang Hao started laughing out loud, but the next second he immediately discovered that something was not right. The smile on his face then froze. The Black Soul Ripper had cut through Jiang Chen, but he didn’t experience the feeling of cutting through a human’s body. The tip of the blade had left a deep trench on the hard ground.

“A shadow?!”

Lee Chang Hao shouted in disbelief. What he had cut through was just Jiang Chen’s shadow? How was this possible? How did he avoid his attack?

Lee Chang Hao raised his head and discovered that many people had their mouths wide open, shocked and frightened expressions on their faces. That fright and shock were definitely not because of his attack as everyone were staring at his back.

“Be careful Hao’er!”

Lee Shan Yue immediately reminded. But unfortunately, Lee Chang Hao could already feel the danger originating from behind him.

Behind Lee Chang Hao, Jiang Chen dashed like a tiger hunting its prey. In his hand was a 3 meter long golden finger shaped beam that resembled a bright, sharp blade. It was immediately swung towards Lee Chang Hao. This was a beam formed by the Single Solar Finger, and it could easily defeat a low rank combat weapon.

Jiang Chen’s movement was lightning fast. From avoiding Lee Chang Hao’s Black Soul Ripper attack and until he himself struck, it all happened in a few seconds.