Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 391 – The Helper’s Strength

Chapter 391 – The Helper’s Strength

Chapter 391 – The Helper’s Strength

The three men and the eagle were flying above the clouds extremely quickly. Both Nangong Wentian and Nangong Wenyang wore ghastly expressions on their faces. Their eldest uncle, Nangong Yunzheng was well prepared this time, and was supported by the Profound River Palace. He was determined to seize all of the Nangong family’s resources and the Family Chief position. Nangong Wentian couldn’t let this happen, as he didn’t want to let the hundred year old Nangong family fall into the hands of that guy.

It seemed perfectly normal for them to solve this problem with a duel between both parties. Whoever won two matches out of three would be the final victor. However, Nangong Wentian had no confidence in this duel at all. In the first match where he had to fight Nangong Wenyen, it was a match between a Divine Core warrior and a Combat Soul warrior. Although Nangong Wentian was a talented man, he was only able to fight an ordinary Combat Soul warrior while at the Peak Divine Core realm. However, that was just an ordinary Combat Soul warrior, not a genius like Nangong Wenyen.

Both men were raised in the Nangong family since they were young, and had gotten almost identical amount of resources. Their talent was also pretty much equal. However, there was a big gap between their cultivations, so it would be very difficult for him to win this match.

As for the Family Chief, Nangong Yunfan, his cultivation was similar to Nangong Yunzheng. The result of their match was unpredictable, so therefore, the most vital match was the third match. He knew Nangong Yunzheng must have found a mighty warrior from the Profound River Palace, but for the Nangong family, they just couldn’t find anyone who was strong enough to help them. Even if they found some candidates, who would be willing to offend the Profound River Palace?

It was just like Nangong Wenyang had said, they could only hope to win the first two matches. However, this hope was very faint.

“Little Chen, can you fight the third match for us?”

Nangong Wentian turned to Jiang Chen and asked with a smile on his face.


Before Jiang Chen could answer, Nangong Wenyang instantly cried out in surprise. He threw a look of disbelief at Nangong Wentian, attempting to find out if this guy had consumed some weird medicine. Why did he ask a young man who wasn’t even a Combat Soul warrior to fight the most important match, was there something wrong with his brain?

“Brother Wentian, are you serious? This match could decide the future of the Nangong family!”

Nangong Wenyang had no idea what Nangong Wentian was thinking.

“Can our family find someone who is more suitable?”

Nangong Wentian asked.

Nangong Wenyang was speechless. Indeed, their family were unable to find any suitable candidates to help them, but this young man in front of him didn’t look suitable either.

“Little Chen, don’t forget your purpose for coming here, you’re here to help me, and my mind can only be at ease if you agree to fight this third match. Only with your help can the Nangong family win this battle!”

Nangong Wentian looked at Jiang Chen and expressed his confidence.

“Why do you have so much belief in me?”

Jiang Chen asked with a laugh.

“Of course, you’re a man who can do anything! We still have two weeks, and I believe that’s more than enough for you, right?”

Nangong Wentian responded with a smile. He was sincerely confident in Jiang Chen! This was a young man of miracles, no matter how difficult the situation he faced was, no one would ever be able to find any signs of panic on his faces. Furthermore, Nangong Wentian knew what Jiang Chen was capable of achieving. With just a Late Divine Core cultivation, Jiang Chen was able to kill any Mid Combat Soul warrior, and now, he was only one step away from the Combat Soul realm. As long as he managed to break through to the Combat Soul realm within two weeks, he would be invincible, and even those Combat Soul warriors would be no match for him. With that, Nangong Wentian believed they would be able to win the third match with ease.

In fact, the strongest helper Nangong Yunzheng could find would be a Late Combat Soul warrior, as it was impossible for them to get the help of Combat King warriors, because those were mighty existences with extraordinary status, they wouldn’t easily get themselves involved in this kind of issue.

“Alright, I’ll do it for you.”

Jiang Chen nodded his head. The reason he came to the Southern Continent was to help Nangong Wentian, and since his brother had asked him to help, there was no way Jiang Chen could reject his request. Furthermore, after absorbing the Dimensional Purplesand Crystal, Jiang Chen could clearly feel that two weeks were more than enough for him to break through to the Combat Soul realm.

“f.u.c.k, he just doesn’t know his own status and cultivation, how can he agree to this match?”

Nangong Wenyang was really unhappy with the decision and muttered to himself by the side. Although his voice wasn’t loud, Jiang Chen and Nangong Wentian could still hear him.

“Little Chen, just ignore Wenyang.”

Nangong Wentian said.

Jiang Chen responded with a faint smile. He wasn’t bother by Nangong Wenyang’s criticism, anyone would have the same doubts. Furthermore, judging from Nangong Wentian’s feelings regarding Jiang Chen, it seemed like a childish decision to ask him to fight in the third match, as this match would decide the future of the Nangong family.

While flying past a desolate field where no one was in sight, a killing intent suddenly appeared in front of Jiang Chen and the group. It was so powerful that even the atmosphere around them started producing cracking sounds.

“Looks like someone is trying to stop us from going further.”

Jiang Chen said while a sneer emerged onto his face.

Right after he finished speaking, two men suddenly appeared in front of them. They were two old men were grey clothes, and they were both Early Combat Soul warriors. After these men arrived, they instantly locked down on Nangong Wentian and sealed the surrounding area with their auras, clearly showing their hostility.

“Jiejie, young master Wentian, we’ve been waiting for you here!”

One of the old men let out a vicious laugh as he threw his glance onto Nangong Wentian, as if he had finally found the prey he had been waiting for.

“It’s you guys!”

A cold expression emerged onto Nangong Wentian’s face. He and Nangong Wenyang knew these two guys, they the guest elders working for Nangong Yunzheng; Zhang Feng and Li Gai.

“What are you two trying to do here?”

Nangong Wenyang shouted.

“What are we trying to do? Little man, do you think we came here to talk? We are here to kill!”

Zhang Feng responded with a sinister laugh. When facing these three Divine Core junior, he felt he could kill them easily like pinching some ants with his finger.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, we’ve agreed to battle in two weeks, why are you guys still here trying to kill brother Wentian? Don’t you guys feel any shame?!”

Nangong Wenyang gnashed his teeth in anger.

“Shame? Who will know about this if you’re all dead? Furthermore, after Nangong Wentian dies, the Nangong family will need a new young master, and at that point of time, young master Wenyen will be the Nangong family’s new young master. According to ancestor’s rule, we won’t even need to fight it out in two weeks.”

Zhang Feng replied with a laugh.

What he said caused a ghastly expression to emerge onto Nangong Wenyang’s face. This was the Nangong family’s rule, if young master Nangong Wentian died, they would have to appoint a new young master, and Nangong Wenyen would be the best candidate. At that point of time, the three matches would be unnecessary, as Nangong Yunzheng could just seize the Family Chief position.

“I didn’t expect Nangong Yunzheng to be this shameless!”

Nangong Wenyang’s body was trembling with extreme anger. No one could have expected Nangong Yunzheng to come up with such a despicable tactic, even the current Family Chief, Nangong Yunfan hadn’t though this a possibility, that’s why he only send Nangong Wenyang here to fetch Nangong Wentian. If not, he would have sent some strong warriors here to protect Nangong Wentian.

But who could have predicted this? Who could have known Nangong Yunzheng would deploy such dirty tricks, even after the three matches were guaranteed to happen.

Compared to the nervous and furious Nangong Wenyang, Nangong Wentian was much calmer, because when judging from the current situation, these two old men weren’t here to kill, but to die.

It was out of Nangong Wentian’s expectations that his eldest uncle would actually send some mighty warriors to kill him. However, his opponents didn’t know that he was followed by a true malefic, a brutal devil king whose name was capable of sending s.h.i.+vers down the spines of those in the Eastern Continent.

“You two shameless old dogs, do you really think you can kill me today? Haha, I’ll give you two a chance, kneel down right now and kowtow before me until I feel satisfied. Then, I might consider leaving your dead bodies intact.”

Nangong Wentian suddenly became extremely aggressive. His baseless arrogant att.i.tude instantly startled these two old men, even Nangong Wenyang was shocked by him. He had no idea what had happened to his cousin, there was no way they could run away from this dangerous situation, so why did he let out such a boastful speech? Was he not scared of death?


Zhang Feng and Li Gai suddenly burst into loud laughter, as if they had just heard the funniest joke under the Heavens. It was to the point where tears almost burst out from their eyes.

“Young master Wentian, I didn’t expect you to became a master of bluffing after have been gone from the Nangong family for so long!”

Li Gai couldn’t help but laugh.

“That’s enough, cut the bulls.h.i.+t! Li Gai, kill them all, leave no survivors!”

Zhang Feng’s expression turned cold in an instant, then he gave out his order. With that, Li Gai immediately walked toward Nangong Wentian with an extremely powerful killing intent. As for the young man in white beside his target, he didn’t even take a look at him. A weak warrior like that wasn’t worth his time.

“Little Chen, did you hear what that old dog just said?”

Nangong Wentian turned to Jiang Chen and asked with a big smile on his face.

“He said leave no survivors.”

Jiang Chen responded with a vicious smile. Then, he took a step forward, arriving in front of Li Gai.


Li Gai was startled for a moment. Then, he unleashed a slap toward Jiang Chen and said, “What a moron. Go to h.e.l.l!”


A dull ‘bam’ sound was heard from between Jiang Chen and Li Gai, and within a split second later, Li Gai’s body was sent flying back with a miserable shriek. While uncontrollably flying back, blood kept pouring out from his mouth.


The next moment, Jiang Chen disappeared from where he stood, and with incredible speed, he caught up to Li Gai and delivered a powerful kick to the top of his head.


The powerful kick instantly caused Li Gai’s head to explode and turn into a blood mist. After that, his dead bod simply fell down from the sky.


Zhang Feng and Nangong Wenyang cried out in disbelief at the same time. The sudden change had struck both men, they were shocked by the brutal approach of this young man with unknown origins.

Jiang Chen was really fast, he was so fast that before they could react, Li Gai was already dead. Li Gai was absolutely no match for him, he didn’t even have the ability to fight back.

“This, how can this be possible?”

Nangong Wenyang’s mouth was wide open in shock. He just couldn’t believe what he just saw. However, he finally realized how strong this young man Nangong Wentian brought back with him was. No wonder his cousin requested this young man to help in the third fight. When he recalled how he had ridiculed Jiang Chen, Nangong Wenyang couldn’t help but feel embarra.s.sed.