Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 384 – The Imperial Emperor’s Ill Feeling

Chapter 384 – The Imperial Emperor’s Ill Feeling

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Chapter 384 – The Imperial Emperor’s Ill Feeling

The Imperial Emperor’s eyes lit up as he stood underneath the Skymend Formation, looking deep into it with his Divine Sense. However, doing so only made him become even more shocked.

“That young man truly didn’t lie to me, he does have the ability to seal this dimension crack. However, although the formation is truly miraculous, it isn’t strong enough to completely seal the crack. It’s as if there is a special force mixed in with it, and that’s why the formation is so rigid, preventing those Dimensional Creatures from coming out.”

The Imperial Emperor murmured to himself. With his sight, he could easily tell what purpose the Skymend Formation served. This was an amazing formation, but the cultivation of those who constructed it was too weak, so its strength was limited, not enough to completely fix the dimensional crack. However, presented in front of him was the dimensional crack was completely sealed, as if there was a mysterious force hidden within the formation that became its backbone.

And that was the part that baffled the Imperial Emperor.

“Let’s see what trick Jiang Chen used to accomplish this.”

After saying that, the Imperial Emperor stretched his arm to tear the Skymend Formation. In an instant, the formation was ripped apart with a loud tearing sound. However, right as the Skymend Formation was broken, the Great Saint Law disappeared without any notice. Not even the Imperial Emperor noticed.

Actually, with the Great Saint Laws mixed in with this Skymend Formation, it was impossible for even a Combat King warrior to break it so easily. However, when Jiang Chen was constructing the formation, he purposely left behind a loophole. He channeled all the power of the formation into the other side of the crack, preventing the violent energy and Dimension Creatures from escaping. He didn’t put any defense on the outer side, so even an ordinary Combat Soul warrior would be able to break it from the outside with ease. That’s why the Imperial Emperor could rip it apart so easily.

Jiang Chen was an intelligent and wise man, he never left any problems behind. He knew the Imperial Emperor would definitely come and check out this formation, and he would want to know how Jiang Chen did it. Therefore, there was no question that the Imperial Emperor would rip the Skymend Formation apart, that’s why Jiang Chen didn’t construct the formation to its perfect state. If he had done so, if the Imperial Emperor would have to exert much effort in order to break it, his suspiciousness toward Jiang Chen would be even greater.

At the same time, in the Martial Saint Palace, invisible Great Saint Laws shot into Jiang Chen’s body. None of the great warriors on the spot noticed anything happening, even Wu Jiu who stood right next to Jiang Chen wasn’t aware of anything.

A faint smile emerged onto Jiang Chen’s face. Next, the Imperial Emperor would certainly have to fix the dimensional crack himself, and this was the final result that Jiang Chen wanted, because sealing the crack with the Skymend Formation was not a permanent solution, it still required a Combat King warrior to get it fixed once and for all. Since the Imperial Emperor had ripped apart the formation, as the ultimate ruler of the Martial Saint Dynasty, he had the responsibility to permanently fix the dimensional crack.

Mount Origin!


Right after the Skymend Formation was ripped apart, furious roars started sounding out from the other side of the dimensional crack, as well as a powerful suction force. Within a split second, three powerful Combat Soul Dimensional Creatures dashed out from the crack, three Late Combat Soul monsters. There was also a large group of Dimensional Creatures right behind them. There truly was a lot of Dimensional Creatures on the other side of the dimensional crack.


The Imperial Emperor coldly harrumphed. He waved his hand, unleas.h.i.+ng a golden light toward the three Dimensional Creatures. In an instant, all three Dimensional Creatures let out miserable shrieks, then their bodies exploded and turned to ashes. This was how powerful a Combat King warrior was, any existence below this realm was like ants to them; no one could withstand a single strike.

Finally, the Imperial Emperor showed his mightiness. As he killed those Dimensional Creatures rus.h.i.+ng out from the dimensional crack, he was circulating the dimensional force and fixing the crack. In just half an hour, peace had once again returned to Mount Origin, the dimensional crack was completely fixed.

After that, the Imperial Emperor’s body swayed, and he disappeared from the scene. In the next moment, he reappeared in the Martial Saint Palace.

Everyone threw their glances at the Imperial Emperor, especially Wu Jiu. He was Jiang Chen’s protector, and if Jiang Chen really lied to the Imperial Emperor, even he would have no way to save Jiang Chen.

There was only one punishment for lying to the Imperial Emperor; death!

“Jiang Chen, I really want to know, how did you seal the dimensional crack with a formation?”

The Imperial Emperor looked at Jiang Chen and asked, shock still existing within his eyes. He couldn’t find anything weird when he ripped apart the Skymend Formation, but with that formation alone, the dimensional crack had actually been tightly sealed. This was something unbelievable to him.

“What?! He spoke the truth?!”

The Seventh Emperor cried out, his face filled with disbelief. The crowd who were just about to ridicule Jiang Chen became startled. The scornful expressions on their faces was all gone, and now they were only looking at Jiang Chen with shock. The Imperial Emperor’s words proved the authenticity of Jiang Chen’s words, and even the Imperial Emperor himself had no idea how Jiang Chen did it.

“Imperial Emperor, there is a fantastic miraculous beast following me, and he has mastered some ancient formations. The Skymend Formation was actually taught to me by him. As for his miraculous it is, I too have no idea, but I’m sure the Imperial Emperor has ripped apart the formation and fixed the dimensional crack. If even the Imperial Emperor can’t figure out what’s so special about this mystical ancient formation, how could I know?”

Jiang Chen cupped his fist as he spoke. His words left no room for response, so even the Imperial Emperor couldn’t say anything. He actually placed the Imperial Emperor at a new height; how was Jiang Chen supposed to know something that even the Imperial Emperor didn’t? If the Imperial Emperor kept asking for the answer, that would prove he was pretty stupid.

As the Imperial Emperor who ruled everything, how could he admit he was stupid?

“En, all ancient formations has their own miraculous effects. Jiang Chen, you have done a good this time. Although you didn’t quite fix the dimensional crack, but I’ll still consider it a successful mission.”

The Imperial Emperor nodded his head and said.

“Haha, do you guys hear this? This is a genuine genius! You guys couldn’t do it, so don’t question others for having the ability to do so! You’re just a group of frogs in a small well!”

Wu Jiu burst into laughter. He could finally exhale upon hearing those words.

“Imperial Emperor, even if Jiang Chen really did accomplish the mission, he has killed so many men from the Shangguan Clan, how can we just let this matter go so easily?!”

Shangguan Sheng asked while gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth in anger. Tiangang Yi who stood next to him had the same opinion. They both though Jiang Chen was going to end up dead, they never expected him to actually complete the mission.

“Shangguan Sheng, didn’t you hear what the Imperial Emperor said just now? The Imperial Emperor confirmed that Jiang Chen had completed the mission, and that all the resentment between you will be written off once and for all!”

Wu Jiu loudly said.

“Written off once and for all? It’s a blood debt filled with the blood of so many men, how can we write if off just like this?”

Tiangang Yi was really angry.

“Imperial Emperor, one of our Elders, Shangguan Ying suddenly died a few days ago, and I suspect his death is related to Jiang Chen.”

Shangguan Sheng said.

“Shangguan Clan Chief, you really know how to tell a funny joke! Shangguan Ying is a Late Combat Soul warrior. Even if I wanted to kill him, do you really think I have the strength to do so?”

Jiang Chen sneered and continued, “Furthermore, I was busy with the mission in Mount Origin, so there’s no possible way I could have met your Sect Elder… Well, unless your Shangguan Clan purposely sent someone there to kill me?”

Jiang Chen’s words nearly caused Shangguan Sheng to choke. The mission was given to him by the Imperial Emperor, and he wanted Jiang Chen to complete the mission alone, without the help or interference from anyone on the spot. Even Wu Jiu was forbidden to help Jiang Chen. If the Shangguan Clan sent someone to kill Jiang Chen, it would be a violation of the Imperial Emperor’s rule, and if Shangguan Sheng insisted that the death of Shangguan Ying was related to Jiang Chen, it would prove that they had broken his rule.

Also, even Shangguan Sheng himself didn’t quite believe that Shangguan Ying was killed by Jiang Chen, as he was a Late Combat Soul warrior, while Jiang Chen was only a Late Divine Core warrior. The gap between them was entire real, three stages! This was a gap that nothing could compensate for!

“That’s enough.”

The Imperial Emperor waved his hand and said, “This is the end, I hereby announce that all resentment between Jiang Chen, the Shangguan Clan, and the Myriad Sword Sect are written off once and for all. Jiang Chen is now the official disciple of the Martial Palace.”

The Imperial Emperor finally made his authoritative decision. Regardless of whether or not this decision was sincere, he had to do it, because this concerned the dignity of an emperor, and as an emperor himself, he had to honor his promise.

“Imperial Emperor!”

Although Shangguan Sheng and Tiangang Yi weren’t satisfied with the decision, they dared not say anything else. All they could do now was silently gnash their teeth.


Wu Jiu burst into laughter. Among all the people in the Martial Saint Palace, he was the happiest person right now. He felt as if he had just won a tough battle.

“Wise judgment, Imperial Emperor.”

Jiang Chen cupped his fist toward the Imperial Emperor and spoke with a loud voice.

“Jiang Chen, I’ve heard you found a broken piece of an Emperor Weapon on the Island of Ice, could you show it to me?”

The Imperial Emperor suddenly changed the topic to the Emperor Weapon piece. Although he was a Combat King warrior, the gap between the Combat King and Combat Emperor realm was huge. He had never seen a legendary Emperor Weapon, so he was greatly interested in seeing one.


Jiang Chen furrowed his brows, he didn’t expect the Imperial Emperor to bring up this topic; this caused him to feel somewhat bad. Last time, when Jiang Chen had refused to kneel down before the Imperial Emperor, that had already put an ill feeling in the Imperial Emperor’s heart, and if he didn’t take out the Emperor Weapon now, it would be equal to not giving the Imperial Emperor face once again. However, Jiang Chen really couldn’t take it out. Others might think it was just a broken Emperor Weapon piece, but Jiang Chen knew it was actually a broken piece of the Heavenly Saint Sword, and he had now already used that to make a brand new Heavenly Saint Sword. He just didn’t have this ‘Emperor Weapon’ piece any longer.

Furthermore, although the Imperial Emperor said he wanted to look at it, he did in fact want Jiang Chen to give the broken piece of the Emperor Weapon to him.

“Jiang Chen, with your cultivation, the Emperor Weapon piece is useless, you should just give that precious treasure to the Imperial Emperor.”

The Seventh Emperor said.

“I apologize, but it isn’t an Emperor Weapon, it’s just a broken piece of a King Weapon, and I have already smelted it into my Natal Weapon.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Bulls.h.i.+t, many people saw it, it is definitely an Emperor Weapon! Jiang Chen, you’re just making this up! Even if it was a King Weapon, how could you fuse it with your Natal Weapon with your cultivation?!”

The Tenth Emperor shouted.