Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 364 – Beating the Prince

Chapter 364 – Beating the Prince

Chapter 364 – Beating the Prince

More and more people gathered outside the courtyard and looked at the broken door. When they could finally see who were standing inside, they could recognize Yu Zihan and the other two men, but none of them were familiar with the other people. These newcomers were obviously not from the Martial Palace.

“They aren’t from the Martial Palace, but they just beat someone up in here. Such a daring group of people!”

“Something is going to happen. This daring group of people, Wu Yan is going to put them in order!”

“Just watch, Wu Yan is going to fly off the handle!”


Similar discussions could be heard everywhere. Jiang Chen and the group instantly became the center of attention. The Martial Palace was the most advanced inst.i.tute in the Eastern Continent, the Martial Saint Dynasty’s sacred place. It was normal for disciples here to fight each other, but not once had anyone from the outside come here and beaten up disciples from the Martial Palace. This was simply because no one had the courage to do so.

“You’re not from the Martial Palace?”

Wu Yan’s gaze swept across Jiang Chen and group, then he asked with a cold voice.

“We soon will be.”

Jiang Chen responded with a smile. Then, he casually pulled over a rattan chair and sat down with a look of enjoyment on his face.

Jiang Chen’s behavior only served to make Wu Yan become even angrier. He had no idea where this little shrimp came from, and why he acted so wildly in front of him, without showing any respect. He was a prince, and everyone in the Martial Palace had to behave politely when facing him. This young man in front of him was just courting death.

“Hmph! Bring the men in here!”

Wu Yan coldly harrumphed. After that, the few men who followed him brought Qiu Tianba and the other heavily beaten men in, throwing them onto the ground.

“Yu Zihan, tell me, who did this to them? You b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, how dare you let some outsiders come here and cause trouble? Do you want to get expelled from the Martial Palace?”

Wu Yan said with a loud voice.

“I’m the one who beat them up, and you better not talk to my friend in that kind of tone. Also, get your men and throw these trash out from here, including yourself, before I become angry.”

Jiang Chen remained sitting in the rattan chair, and spoke with a casual voice.


Was he asking Wu Yan to get lost? Was that what he really just said?

Who was this guy? Had his head been hit by a door? Why was he brave enough to talk like that? Wasn’t this no different from courting death?

There must be something wrong with this guy’s brain. He was just an outsider to the Martial Palace, but he still acted so arrogantly. He just had no idea what death truly meant.

Jiang Chen’s words brought the crowd to a turmoil, even Wu Yan was startled for a moment. It seemed like this was the first time someone had talked to him like tis within the Martial Palace.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Who are you, and how dare you talk to our prince like that?! You’re courting death!”

An Early Combat Soul disciple standing next to Wu Yan scolded. He moved his body and appeared in front of Jiang Chen. His palm started glowing brightly, then he stretched his arm forward, attempting to grab Jiang Chen.

“Get lost!”

Jiang Chen simply delivered a powerful kick to the disciple’s stomach, causing him to let out a miserable shriek, and knocking him a few meters away. The disciple laid on the ground like a tortoise.

“Oh Heavens, what a brutal man! He simply kicked him without any warning, so aggressive!”

“Just who is this guy? He looks so young, but he is so powerful! Look at what he did to Qiu Tianba, and now, even an Early Combat Soul warrior was thrown away by his kick!”

“What formidable strength! Perhaps even Wu Yan is no match for him?”


Everyone were shocked because this young man who had appeared out of nowhere was such an aggressive man.

Seeing this, Wu Yan was so angry his face turned red. But of course, he was not an idiot. He could at least tell that this young man in front of him wasn’t scared of him.

“I don’t care who you are, this is the Martial Palace, and you have to pay the price for hurting my men! If you kneel down before me and apologize, I’ll forgive you for what you have done; let bygones be bygones.”

Wu Yan said. This was the biggest concession he could make. If it was just moments ago, he would only ask Jiang Chen to kneel down and apologize.

“Why should I be kneeling down when it was your men who offended me first? Talking about apologizing, you should be the one to do so.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile. There was no need to be polite to someone like Wu Yan, because he would only push further and further. It required a special approach to handle someone like this.

“You’re courting death!”

Wu Yan was completely p.i.s.sed off right now. He drew out a cold longsword, and unleashed the energy of a Peak Early Combat Soul warrior, and swung the sword at Jiang Chen. Since this guy wasn’t taking him seriously, if Wu Yan didn’t teach him a lesson, he would lose his face, and he wouldn’t get along as well in the Martial Palace in the future.

Facing Wu Yan’s attack, Jiang Chen was still sitting in the rattan chair without moving. He stretched his hand forward and unleashed the True Dragon Palm, and in an instant, a gigantic blood red dragon claw appeared and grabbed Wu Yan, then it threw him away.


Wu Yan was forcefully thrown onto the ground, causing pain and dizziness to fill his body.

With this, the crowd instantly boiled up. Everyone’s eyes were wide open as they stared at the young man sitting in the rattan chair. They were greatly shocked, because, although there were many warriors stronger than Wu Yan, very few actually dared hit him.

“You… you just hit me?”

Wu Yan climbed up from the ground. His two eyes had already become extremely red. In his eyes, what just happened was ridiculous! How dare this guy hit him, how could he do that to a prince?

Those disciples who were following Wu Yan were ready to attack, but when they saw Wu Yan hurt by the opponent, the immediately backed off. If this guy was daring enough to beat Wu Yan, if they truly attacked him, they would end up in much more miserable states.

“Quickly, beat it! From now onwards, don’t ever step into this courtyard again!”

Jiang Chen impatiently waved his hand. He was really worried he would kill this prince if they kept bothering him.

“Good, very good! Brat, you’re a daring b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Let me tell you this, you are the first person who has dared hit me in the Martial Palace, and you’re going to pay a serious price for doing so! Yu Zihan and the other two men aren’t going to stay here any longer!”

While gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth in anger, Wu Yan made a threatening speech.

“f.u.c.k you!”

Jiang Chen couldn’t restrain his temper any longer. He moved forward and arrived next to Wu Yan, then without any hesitation, he slapped his face.


The slap caused Wu Yan’s face to violently kiss the hard ground. After that, Jiang Chen simply grabbed his back and threw him out from the courtyard.

“Ah! Prince!”

The ones following Wu Yan were pale with fright. They quickly rushed out of the courtyard and carried Wu Yan up. Right now, half of Wu Yan’s face had swelled up, and his mouth was wry. It wasn’t difficult to tell how powerful Jiang Chen’s slap was.

Jiang Chen’s bravery was incredible, enough to cause many people to start breathing heavily. They really wished to know who this young man was, and why he didn’t take the prince seriously, even going as far as giving him a serious beating.

“You, tell me your name if you dare!”

Wu Yan threatened with an unclear voice.

“Jiang Chen.”

Jiang Chen told Wu Yan his name in an indifferent tone.


Hearing this name, everyone felt as if something had just exploded within their ears. It was like a clap of thunder had hit their ears.

“Jiang Chen! Oh Heavens, he is the man who killed countless geniuses from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect, and even defeated Prince Wu Cong!”

“Of course he is, no wonder his strength and courage is so formidable! This man is a maniac, he is daring enough to beat up prince Wu Cong, let alone this Wu Yan. Wu Yan has finally slammed into a hard wall!”

“Amazing, I finally get the chance to see him! But, why has he come to the Martial Palace? Is he going to become a disciple here? Impossible! Currently, the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect are both looking for him everywhere, and Wu Cong also hates him to the core, there is no way the Martial Palace is going to take him, because it would be a huge problem!”


While shocked from finding out who this young man was, the crowd finally realized that it could only be him, because no ordinary men would have the guts to beat up a prince. But, if it was Jiang Chen, the questions wouldn’t be whether or not he would dare to, because it seemed like underneath the Heavens, there were none that Jiang Chen dared not offend.

“You… you’re Jiang Chen?!”

Wu Yan struggled hard to open up his eyes. After finally opening them, he threw an angry glance at Qiu Tianba who was still whining on the ground. Right at this moment, his biggest wish was to rip Qiu Tianba apart, because this piece of dog s.h.i.+t hadn’t informed him about the opponent’s ident.i.ty. This was ridiculous! If Wu Yan had known that it was Jiang Chen who had beaten Qiu Tianba, he would definitely not have come here at all.

He knew who Jiang Chen was, as this was a man who had even beaten his cousin, Wu Cong, let alone Wu Yan himself. And, he knew from rumors that if Jiang Chen was pushed too hard, he would really kill Wu Yan.

Why did Wu Yan come here looking for trouble? Why did he offend this malefic?

“Jiang Chen, you just wait, this isn’t done yet!”

Wu Yan made another threatening speech, then he hastily left. He was really worried that if he continued staying here, he would be beaten to the same state as Qiu Tianba. As for Qiu Tianba, he wouldn’t forgive him even if he kneeled down.

If Wu Yan had known it was Jiang Chen who beat up Qiu Tianba, he would definitely not have come here. But, since he had offended Jiang Chen, there was no way he could suffer this beating for no reason. He was try his best to make Jiang Chen pay for what he had done. Or else, he wouldn’t be able to get along as well in the Martial in the future.

Jiang Chen shook his head. He couldn’t find peace no matter where he went. He had just arrived at the Martial Palace, but before he could warm his seat, he had fought with a prince. It looked like it wouldn’t take long before the whole world knew he was here.

There were times when he wanted no trouble, but trouble still came to his face, constantly surrounding him. Therefore, all Jiang Chen could do was smash all the troubles with his own fist.

“Throw the trash outta here.”

Jiang Chen looked at Qiu Tianba and the others who were brought into the courtyard with disgust. With a dazzling smile, Yu Zihan picked them all up and threw them out.

“Nothing to see here, get a move on.”

Yu Zihan said toward all the disciples outside his courtyard, instantly dispersing the crowd.

The malefic had arrived at the Martial Palace, and soon, news about this would spread throughout the entire Martial Palace. Of course, it was explosive news, as both superpowers of the Jian Province had just given out orders to kill. But, not only was Jiang Chen not hiding somewhere n.o.body would be able to find him, he had actually come to the Martial Palace.