Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 361 – Qiu Tianba

Chapter 361 – Qiu Tianba

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Chapter 361 – Qiu Tianba

“Young master? Looks like brother Jiu really is the Martial Palace’s Palace Chief.”

Han Yan said with mixed emotions. Although they had guessed this to be true, it was completely different when actually confirming their belief. For Jiang Chen and his friends, the more prestigious Wu Jiu’s status was, the better it was for them. Therefore, the status of Ninth Emperor and Palace Chief was more than enough for them.

“I’m Jiang Chen, Wu Lang’s friend.”

Jiang Chen said with a faint smile.

“Jiang Chen?”

The leader furrowed his brows, as if he had heard this name somewhere before, and it was really familiar to him. But, for some reason, he just couldn’t recall where he had heard it. At the same time, the other three guards wore the same blurred expressions on their faces.

But, their blurry expressions only existed for a short moment, then all of them opened their eyes widely.

“Jiang Chen! You’re that Jiang Chen?!”

The leader instantly exclaimed, “The Jiang Chen who killed those geniuses from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect on the Island of Ice, and defeated Wu Cong?”

“That’s me.”

Jiang Chen responded with a smile. Since he was now at the Martial Palace, there was no need for him to hide his ident.i.ty any longer.

“Chief, he is right, look at that dog! It’s rare to see such a majestic looking dog, he is definitely Jiang Chen!”

“We can’t afford to offend him!”

“Young master has already given his order, if Jiang Chen comes here, we are to let him come in.”

The guards were whispering at each other. Now, there were no one who didn’t know about Jiang Chen’s ferocious reputation. What happened on the Island of Ice had spread throughout the entire Eastern Continent, including the Martial Palace.

“So, it is young master Jiang Chen, please pardon our ignorance. Young palace chief has previously ordered us, if young master Jiang Chen comes here, we are to let you pa.s.s. Please come this way, young master Jiang Chen.”

The guard leader made a welcoming gesture at Jiang Chen. He dared not be as arrogant as before any longer. Of course, he was facing a ferocious man, a man who would even kill the father of the Heavens if pushed too hard. He just didn’t have the guts to offend him.

Not only that, Jiang Chen was the friend of their young palace chief, and the young palace chief had told them that if Jiang Chen came here, no one was allowed to block him.

Jiang Chen replied with a smile, then he continued walking toward the inner area of the Martial Palace. But, after just two steps, he turned around and looked at the leader, then asked, “What’s your name?”

Hearing this question, the leader started trembling out of fear. He thought Jiang Chen was offended because of his earlier actions, and was asking his name to complain to the young palace chief. If the young palace chief really wanted to punish him, he would be deader than dead meat even if he had eight heads.

The man felt really regretful right now, but he still replied honestly, “Young master Jiang Chen, my name is Niu Er.”


The group was startled.

“What an amazing name, Niu Er! I need your help right now, bring me to where Yu Zihan and Guan Yiyun are staying, this Earth Restoration Pill is your reward.”

Jiang Chen casually tossed an Earth Restoration Pill into Niu Er’s palm, causing Niu Er’s eyes to instantly widen. He felt as if money had just fallen down from the sky, instantly causing his mind to blur.

Niu Er was only a Mid Divine Core warrior, and that could only give him a guard position in the Martial Palace, and there was no way he could be compare to all those genius disciples. Indeed, the Martial Palace was rich in cultivation resources, but the best resources were all prepared for those who came from powerful backgrounds, and they weren’t related to Niu Er. To a Divine Core warrior like him, an Earth Restoration Pill wasn’t something that precious, but no matter what, it was equal to ten thousand Mortal Restoration Pills. Furthermore, what Jiang Chen asked him to do was an easy task, he would do it even without any rewards.

Even more relieving for Niu Er was the fact that Jiang Chen hadn’t asked his name in order to complain to the young palace chief.

“As the Martial Palace’s guard, I know exactly where all those genius disciples stay. Yu Zihan, Guan Yiyun, and Tian Yishan came here three months ago, and I know where they’re staying.”

Niu Er patted his chest as he spoke. After that, he led Jiang Chen further into the Martial Palace region.

The other three golden warriors all wore envious expressions. They had never gotten such an easy job with such a good reward.

From the outer region of Mount Wufu to the inner region of the Martial Palace, there was a bridge that stretched across the sky. When standing on top of it, one could glance at the entire landscape surrounding Mount Wufu. Right now, Jiang Chen and group were walking on top of it, and underneath them was an empty stretch filled with white fog. When they threw their glances into the horizon, they could see clear waters and green hills, waterfalls and green pine trees all over the place. Numerous palaces stood tall within the inner region, and finely built courtyards were scattered all over the place.

“This place is so beautiful!”

Yan Chenyu’s beautiful eyes were looking around everywhere. Compared to this beautiful scene that resembled a place straight out of the Immortal Realm, she felt that Red City was a truly small place. The outside world was filled with marvelous sceneries, and if she wasn’t following Jiang Chen, she might not ever be able to witness such magnificent sceneries.

“This is the area where the living quarters are located, Yu Zihan and the others are living there.”

Niu Er pointed at the living quarters.

Within the Martial Palace, aside from the patrolling guards, it was rare to b.u.mp into any genius disciples. Because the compet.i.tion here was too intense, if someone didn’t put in enough effort, others would catch up in no time, so all the geniuses were restlessly cultivation, utilizing every single second they had. It was late in the afternoon when Jiang Chen arrived, and there weren’t many people walking in the public area. They occasionally b.u.mped into some people, and they would receive some curious gazes.

Soon, under Niu Er’s lead, the group reached the living quarters. Compared to the living quarters back in the Black Sect, the conditions here were much more luxurious, all the living quarters were finely built courtyards, and the environment was superb.

“Young master Jiang Chen, the third courtyard from the left is where Yu Zihan and the others are staying. I won’t follow you in there.”

Niu Er told Jiang Chen. A guard was an underdog in the Martial Palace, and no one took them seriously. Therefore, if nothing special was going on, the guards wouldn’t enter the disciples’ living quarters area.

“Alright, thank you for helping.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile on his face.

“Don’t mention it, young master Jiang Chen. Although your actions back on the Island of Ice offended many powers and people, I really admire that! If one day I could be as mighty as you, have my name heard by many, it would be worth it even if I died the next second!”

An expression of admiration filled Niu Er’s face. All men had their own dreams, and Jiang Chen’s image of a chaotic devil caused him to become an idol of many. Some were even dreaming of becoming as mighty as Jiang Chen, and have their name heard by the world, even if it would cost them their lives. At least, a death like that wouldn’t be in vain.

“Let’s continue, check out how Yu Zihan and the others are doing.”

Jiang Chen smile, then he led the group toward the living quarter area. They faced no obstacles along their way, and they were heading straight for the third courtyard pointed out by Niu Er.

The courtyard’s gate was open, and even from far away, Jiang Chen could still hear the sound of someone quarrelling inside.

“You three are really daring! You’ve just been here for three months, and you’ve already become so arrogant? Who gave you the audacity to beat my servants? Do you know who I am? I’m Qiu Tianba! You guys are simply courting death!”

An incredibly domineering voice could be heard from the courtyard. Right now, a couple of men were standing within the courtyard’s tight s.p.a.ce, and the three men who stood at the front all wore gloomy expression, and unbearable fury filled their hearts. These three men were Yu Zihan, Guan Yiyun, and Tian Yishan.

At the same time, there were five men standing opposite of them. The leading man was a tall guy, and he looked strong as a bear in the hips, and his back seemed supple as a tiger’s. He had a tall and muscular body, and was at least three time biggest than Nangong Wentian. He was unleas.h.i.+ng a domineering aura from all over his body, and his cultivation was quite good, at the Early Combat Soul realm. The four men behind him were all Late Divine Core warriors, but three of them had faces covered in bruises. They had clearly been beaten before this.

The last man was a Peak Divine Core warrior, just one step away from the Combat Soul realm. He wore clothes similar to those that Yu Zihan and the others were wearing, and he should be a disciple of the Martial Palace as well. However, he was standing behind this Qui Tianba, as he was just a follower.

“Qiu Tianba, you better not go too far with bullying others! Although we are no match for you with our cultivations, we are still disciples of the Martial Palace, and this courtyard is where we live! However, your servants actually came in here and tried chasing us out! They’re lucky we just beat them, they have no idea how insignificant their status’ are!”

Yu Zihan responded with a loud voice. He was furiously gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth. Although they had been here for three months, their cultivations had experienced a great growth, especially Yu Zihan, who had broken through to the Late Divine Core realm from the early stage, causing his cultivation to be equal to Guan Yiyun and Tian Yishan’s.

Ever since they arrived at the Martial Palace, they had been staying low profile, and had never actively involved themselves in any trouble. But still, when trouble came to them, they could just avoid it. Today, three guys came to their courtyard and asked them to move somewhere else, because they wanted this courtyard.

What made them even angrier was that these three guys weren’t any geniuses from the Martial Palace, they were just servants of Qiu Tianba. There were many disciples with powerful backgrounds in the Martial Palace, and when they came here, they also brought their own servants, and lived the life of a master when they weren’t cultivating.

Qiu Tianba’s servants were too arrogant, and they were relying on their master’s status and cultivation level. They care for no one, and didn’t even take newcomers seriously. With Yu Zihan and the other two’s hot temper, they simply couldn’t stand the att.i.tudes of these servants, and there was no way they would give up their courtyard. Therefore, the trio gave those servants a seriously beating, and finally, their master Qiu Tianba had come to them, and it didn’t look like he was going to let this matter off easily.

“Daddy’s status is much better than yours! Let me tell you this, I’m not going to settle this matter easily, I want you to kneel down before me and kowtow, beg for my forgiveness! After that, you need to compensate me with some pills. Of course, you also have to move out from here.”

The servant looked like he was in his forties, and he was behaving even more arrogantly than Qiu Tianba. He pointed his finger at Yu Zihan’s nose and shouted with a loud voice, but because three of his teeth had been broken by Guan Yiyun, his voice sounded somewhat funny.

“f.u.c.k you!”

Yu Zihan couldn’t take it any longer. He was about to deliver a powerful kick to that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, but Guan Yiyun and Tian Yishan immediately restrained him. It wasn’t wise to fight them right now, because Qiu Tianba was a Combat Soul warrior, and the gap between them was simply too huge. There was no way they could be his match.

“Hmph! I think you’re Yu Zihan, right? What a hot tempered man! However, no one has ever dared beat my servants, and since you guys have done so, you need to pay the price. Just like my servant said, you three kneel down and kowtow, compensate my servants with pills, and after that, move out from here and let my servants move in.”

Qiu Tianba coldly harrumphed.