Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 36 – Mid Stage Qi Hai Realm

Chapter 36 – Mid Stage Qi Hai Realm

Chapter 36–Mid Stage Qi Hai Realm

Everyone was staring at the dancing flames on top of Jiang Chen’s palm, stupefied by it and the soul power that was encompa.s.sing his body.There was no need to say anything else.

“Alchemist!Brother Jiang Chen is also an alchemist!”

“He is able to control a beast’s fire at such young age.This is horrifying!”

Everyone present was shocked.Their doubts were gone by now.A 15 year old youngster was at the early Qi Hai realm and could kill a warrior at the late stage Qi Hai realm easily.Not only that, he could also instantly recognize the Nine Yin Meridians, and he was also an alchemist who could control a rare flame.He was a genius that could not be found anywhere, establis.h.i.+ng a relations.h.i.+p between the Misty Rain Tower and Jiang Chen was only the right thing to do.

In addition, from what Jiang Chen had said, they knew that he was able to concoct Cleansing Pills with 100%effectiveness, shocking them even more.After everything that had just happened, they understood that this young man was not someone who would lie.


Jiang Chen retracted his tsunami-like soul power back into his body, the flames following as well.His face was pale, with his current condition it wasn’t really suitable for him to use soul power anymore.

“As you could all see, my soul is wounded, and I can hardly use my soul power.Once I use the Soul Refining Pill and restore my soul, I’ll start the healing process for young lady Yan immediately.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Thank you brother Jiang Chen.”

Yan Zhan Yun visibly expressed his grat.i.tude and joy.He turned and spoke to Yan Meng, “Yan Meng, prepare a comfortable guest room for Brother Jiang Chen, and do not let anyone disturb him.If anyone gets within 100 footsteps of the room, have both his legs be broken.”

“Yes sir!”

Yan Meng answered hurriedly.He was currently extremely happy.He had become the number one hero for the Yan family.Jiang Chen really was his lucky star.

Led by Yan Meng, Jiang Chen left the meeting hall.Staring at Jiang Chen’s back, Yan Chen Yu’s eyes had a special warmth in them.

“Yan Meng told me he was from Fragrant Sky city and had joined their caravan in the Mercenary Square in Crowded Sky city.”

Yan Hong Tai said.

“Fragrant Sky city is such a small city…How did it manage to produce such a special young man?Send someone to check on his background immediately, a genius like him must be very famous there.”

Yan Zhan Yun said with a smile.

“This young man is really special.He is just 15-16 years old, and any normal young man at his age would be scared and polite in front of us.He, however, looked relaxed and at ease.Just this alone points out how much different he is from the others.He also made me feel that he was incomprehensible.”

Yan Tai Hong said.

“If he really manages to save Yu’er, then he will be the Yan family’s hero!”

Yan Zhan Yun looked at Yan Chen Yu who was standing aside.She was the most important person in his life.He had put Yan Chen Yu at the same place in his heart as Jiang Zhen Hai had placed Jiang Chen in his;these two were the people they could not afford to lose.

The room that Yan Meng had prepared for Jiang Chen was the best guest room in the Yan family, a very quiet and cla.s.sy courtyard.From the setup alone, one could easily tell how important Jiang Chen was to them.

“Brother Jiang Chen, are you satisfied with the provided residence?If you’re not satisfied I can change it for you!”

Yan Meng said with a smile.

“No need to change, this place is good.”

Jiang Chen replied with smile as well.

“I never expected Brother Jiang Chen to actually be able to find the real cause behind the young lady’s disease.And you’re also a genius alchemist…Sorry for not being able to find out about this earlier.”

Yan Meng said with a smile.He was very polite to Jiang Chen because once Jiang Chen cured Yan Chen Yu, his position in the Yan family would skyrocket.

“There’s no need to be so polite, uncle Yan.”

Jiang Chen replied with a smile.

“Brother Jiang Chen, just now, the chief had told me that I should give this Pure-Yang fruit to you as well!”

Yan Meng said as he took out a red fist sized fruit that was filled with Pure-Yang energy.This little fruit contained unmeasurable amounts of energy.

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up.The Pure-Yang fruit was a rare item that was incredibly difficult to obtain.Although the fruit in front of him was still young, it was just nice enough for him to consume.The price of the Pure-Yang fruit wasn’t as high as the Soul Refining Pill, but it was still a very rare item.Jiang Chen never expected Yan Zhan Yun to just give it to him like this.

“Since that is the case, I’ll accept it.”

Jiang Chen didn’t reject the offer and took the Pure-Yang fruit for himself.He knew that Yan Zhan Yun wanted to buy his heart so that he could save Yan Chen Yu with maximum effort.For the wealthy Misty Rain Tower, a Pure-Yang fruit was nothing.They even gave Jiang Chen a Soul Refining Pill, so a Pure-Yang fruit that was worth significantly less was nothing for them to worry about.

However, this Pure-Yang fruit was very important for Jiang Chen.With the combination of the Soul Refining Pill and the Pure-Yang fruit, Jiang Chen would be able to break through to the mid stage of the Qi Hai realm without any issues.

“Brother Jiang Chen, just concentrate on recovering.If you need anything, just look for me at any time!”

Yan Meng said before he turned around and left.

Jiang Chen shut the door leading to the courtyard and walked into a room, shutting the door of that room as well.He never bothered taking a look at the room’s decorations.Instead, he took out the jade box straight away.

He opened the jade box impatiently.A milky white colored pill appeared in front of him, the healing fragrance permeating the surrounding air.The pill looked transparent, and it didn’t have any impurities.

“This is indeed a pill with 100%effectiveness.”

Jiang Chen praised the pill before sitting down with his legs crossed.He threw the Soul Refining Pill into his mouth and swallowed it.


The energy of the Soul Refining Pill started spreading in Jiang Chen’s body.The pure medication turned into many streams and entered Jiang Chen’s soul.


The moment the pleasant feeling entered Jiang Chen’s body, he couldn’t stop s.h.i.+vering.

Jiang Chen’s wounded soul was like a dried up pond, and the medication energy coming from the Soul Refining Pill was like a reservoir of crystal clear water.The dried up pond finally encountered some rain.This was the best thing that could had happened to Jiang Chen.


A buzzing sound could be heard from Jiang Chen’s body.Under the control of the Dragon Transformation skill, the energy was being dissolved and absorbed bit by bit.The severely wounded soul was recovering with great speed.

The Soul Refining Pill brought to Jiang Chen was not only good for healing his soul.It was an Earth rank pill that special energies as well.Those special energies flew into Jiang Chen’s Dantian and his Qi Sea under the control of the Dragon Transformation skill, making the third Dragon Mark in his Dantian more vivid.

Jiang Chen shut of all his sense and concentrated fully on the recovery of his soul.The process of healing a soul as simple, even with the help of the Soul Refining Pill, one wouldn’t be able to complete it in a short period of time.

It had been a day since Jiang Chen sat down and started focusing on healing his soul.The next day had arrived, and not long after came midnight.There were still no signs of Jiang Chen waking up.

Within the Yan family’s meeting hall, the Mortal Core warriors who held high positions had gathered.

“Chief, our man has sent news from Fragrant Sky city.This Jiang Chen is not an ordinary person.”

Yan Hong Tai said.

“Tell me about it.”

Yan Zhan Yun said.

“Jiang Chen, the young master of Fragrant Sky city’s Mayor family.He was the number one good for nothing useless rich kid in the city, an extremely useless fool.However, not long ago he had a complete transformation, as if he had changed into a completely different person.A few days ago, Jiang Chen led a few men from the Jiang family and destroyed the other top family who was their rival in Fragrant Sky city overnight.Jiang Chen killed their family chief Mu Rong Zhan who was a late stage Qi Hai warrior himself.”

Yan Tai Hong said.Whatever information the Misty Rain Tower wanted, it would have to be very accurate.Furthermore, what happened in Fragrant Sky city was not a secret.

“The number one good for nothing rich kid, do you guys really think he is someone like that?He destroyed a rival family overnight;that requires some incredibly praiseworthy abilities.”

Even Yan Zhan Yun couldn’t help but praise Jiang Chen.

“His image of being a good for nothing rich kid must be a camouflage.I’m guessing he must be getting taught by some great master.If he wasn’t, it would be impossible for him to recognize the Nine Yin Meridians.”

A man said.

“There’s more.Not long before this, Lee Chang Hong, the son of Lee Shan Yue, was helping the Mu Rong family in Fragrant Sky city fight the Jiang family, but he was killed by Jiang Chen on a fighting stage.Lee Shan Yue rushed over to Fragrant Sky city in rage to seek revenge, but…”

Yan Hong Tai furrowed his brows.

“How dare he kill Lee Chang Hong?He sure has guts, but his actions have completely offended the Lee family.Oh yea, was there anything else you wanted to say?”

Yan Zhan Yun looked at Yan Hong Tai.

“Lee Shan Yue returned empty handed.The reason for this is because there’s a Heavenly Core warrior in the Jiang family.”

Immediately after Yan Hong Tai spoke, everyone was shocked.

“What?A Heavenly Core warrior?”

Yan Zhan Yun was shocked as well.Although he was a late stage Mortal Core warrior, reaching the Heavenly Core realm was incredibly difficult.There was not even a single Heavenly Core warrior in Red city, so who would have thought that there was a hidden Heavenly Core warrior in the Jiang family?This was just too unbelievable, but it did explain why Lee Shan Yue returned with empty hands.

“I guess Jiang Chen’s transformation must have something to do with that Heavenly Core warrior.”

Yan Hong Tai guessed.

“Listen up, stop investigating anything related to the Jiang family.As for Jiang Chen, an enemy of the Lee family is our friends.Besides that, is able to cure Yu’er.He is our savior!”

Yan Zhan Yun said with a serious expression.


Everyone nodded their heads.A Heavenly Core warrior was very powerful.What they needed to do now was try their best to secure a good relations.h.i.+p with Jiang Chen.

At the same time, Jiang Chen who had shut all his senses finally opened his eyes.


Soul power was unleashed from his body like endless waves, causing a strong invisible whirlpool in the room.Jiang Chen had completely absorbed the Soul Refining Pill, and not only was his soul fully healed, it was also more powerful than before!

“My soul power has reached the mid stage of the Mortal Core realm, three times more powerful than it was before.Besides this, the third Dragon Mark has been completely formed.”

Jiang Chen was very surprised.The greater his soul power was, the easier it would be for him to concoct pills.Of course, normal people wouldn’t use their soul power to fight their enemies, because once the soul was wounded, it would be very difficult to heal it.But, Jiang Chen’s soul power could be used to scare people during a critical moment.If he hadn’t used his soul power to scare off Lee Shan Yue, then the Jiang family would have been destroyed by now.

“My soul has recovered perfectly, and my abilities have been strengthened as well.Now is the right time to consume the Pure-Yang fruit and break through to the mid Qi Hai realm.

The metal needed to be struck while it was hot.Jiang Chen took out the Pure-Yang fruit and swallowed it immediately.

When dawn arrived, Jiang Chen had almost completely absorbed all the energy in the Pure-Yang fruit, and some of the energy that he hadn’t absorbed had been stored inside his body.At this point in time, the fourth Dragon Mark had been completely formed, and the fifth Dragon Mark could vaguely be seen.

Jiang Chen took out a few mortal rank restoration pills and swallowed them.A bang audibly reverberated from his body, almost as if there was a dragon swimming inside.By using the Pure-Yang fruit, Jiang Chen was now a Mid Qi Hai warrior.