Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 346 – Fame Spreads throughout the Eastern Continent

Chapter 346 – Fame Spreads throughout the Eastern Continent

Chapter 346 – Fame Spreads throughout the Eastern Continent


Buzzing sounds could be heard from the two Perfect-Ranked Combat Weapons. The cold killing intent leaking out from the two caused s.h.i.+vers to run down the spectators’ spines. Jiang Chen and Wu Cong stood face to face, and as the crowd held their breaths in antic.i.p.ation, they knew; the final moment was here, the moment where only one man would remain standing.

“Can you guys guess who the winner will be?”

“I think Wu Cong will win. He is after all an elite Mid Combat Soul genius, as well as a prince from the Martial Saint Dynasty, and the son of the Tenth Emperor. All of these things make him an extraordinary warrior with amazing skills. Although Jiang Chen is a monstrous warrior with insane abilities, he is still only at the Divine Core realm; there is still a gap between their cultivation.”

“I don’t think so, I think Jiang Chen will win the fight. You guys clearly saw that they were both fighting a battle where none of them were able to get any advantages, but the sword Jiang Chen is using is clearly stronger than the halberd used by Wu Cong. At this final moment, I don’t see how Wu Cong is going to defeat Jiang Chen.”


Many people started whispering amongst each other. Some thought that the gap between the Divine Core realm and the Combat Soul realm was difficult to overlook, and although Jiang Chen’s combat strength was formidable, it didn’t mean he would be a match for Wu Cong.

But at the same time, another group of people thought Jiang Chen was stronger. Wu Cong was after all unable to defeat him in the battle before this, and the sword Jiang Chen was using was clearly stronger. In fact, the winner could be determined by who had the stronger Combat Weapon, and with this foundation, Jiang Chen actually had an advantage over Wu Cong.

“Tiangang Halberd, kill!”

His dark hair dancing in the wind, Wu Cong cried out loudly. He waves the silver white halberd in his hand with tremendous force, unleas.h.i.+ng numerous bright lights which formed into a gigantic energy web, completely shrouding Jiang Chen within. At the same time, the extremely sharp halberd came cras.h.i.+ng down toward Jiang Chen in an earth-shattering manner.

“Let me show you the Heavenly Saint Sword’s true power.”

Jiang Chen was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with energy. With the Heavenly Saint Sword in hand, he was filled with confidence. If he was fighting without the Heavenly Saint Sword, he would at most be equally matched with Wu Cong, and would require some unique skills, like the Great Illusion Realm, in order to defeat him. However, since he had the sword in his hand, he was confident he would be able to defeat Wu Cong in this one versus one fight.

Jiang Chen’s anger rose. He raised the longsword in his hand, then it immediately cried out loudly as it unleashed sword energy into the sky.


The sword energy was mighty as a dragon. Jiang Chen swung the sword in his hand in a simple manner. He never used any complicated sword techniques when dealing with his enemies; it was always the simplest strike. However, it did contain Jiang Chen’s sword intent; fast and brutal.


The Heavenly Saint Sword collided with Wu Cong’s Tiangang Halberd. It was amazingly sharp, and could tear through anything. In an instant, it violently tore the giant energy web unleashed by the Tiangang Halberd into half. After that, the two weapons collided with each other in the most brutal manner.


A huge amount of sparks exploded out from the center of the collision, and an astonis.h.i.+ng scene was revealed to the crowd. Just like all the previous Combat Weapons, the mighty silver halberd was sliced in half by the Heavenly Saint Sword.

Tap tap tap…

Wu Cong was knocked back a dozen steps before he could stabilize his body. His eyes were wide open as he stared at the broken halberd in his hand. The shock in his heart had reached new heights.

“No, this is impossible!”

It was like Wu Cong had just witnessed the most terrifying moment underneath the Heavens. In fact, the silver halberd in his hand had been given to him by his father when he broke through to the Combat Soul realm, and it was one of the best Perfect-Ranked Combat Weapons, a proven invincible weapon. However, never in his wildest dreams had he thought that it would be destroyed today, this was simply unbelievable.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, how dare you break my precious halberd?!”

Wu Cong’s eyes instantly became red, and he became extremely furious, like a lion who had just lost its child. This halberd was his most precious item, it was even considered a part of his body! Not only that, he was also cultivating the Tiangang Halberd Combat Skill, making the halberd the perfect weapon for him. And now, it was completely destroyed by Jiang Chen! This caused Wu Cong’s heart to start bleeding.

“Not only your precious halberd. Today, I’ll destroy you as well!”

With powerful energy, Jiang Chen thrust the sword in his hand toward Wu Cong like a shooting star. The Heavenly Saint Sword was too fast, and in the blink of an eye, it reached Wu Cong, pointing directly at the center of his brows.

The scene once again brought the crowd to a turmoil. Every single person watching was greatly frightened; it seemed like Jiang Chen really wanted to kill Wu Cong! This was an incredibly daring act! If he really killed the Martial Saint Dynasty’s prince, he would become the dynasty’s enemy!

Extremely fierce! This guy was simply a maniac! In the Eastern Continent, when a person offended both the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan at the same time, it signified that the person would be exterminated. And, if the person also offended the Martial Saint Dynasty… it was an act no different from courting death!

“Breezeless Waves!”

Wu Cong was greatly terrified. When facing Jiang Chen’s longsword, he could feel a great danger from the bottom of his heart, and that caused a question to pop up into his mind, ‘what kind of divine weapon is this? Why can its power match a King Weapon?’


That proven, Wu Cong’s counter attack was useless. No matter how powerful his combat skill was, nothing could stay unhurt in front of the Heavenly Saint Sword. Jiang Chen easily shattered Wu Cong’s Breezeless Waves with just a single strike, and with tremendous force, he continued thrusting the longsword in his hand forward, like a deadly poisonous dragon.


A ‘puchi’ sound was heard, and the sound almost represented death. However, Wu Cong was a man with great talent, so at the most critical moment, he avoided being hit on his vital point. Jiang Chen’s sword only managed to pierce Wu Cong’s shoulder.

“You dare hurt me?”

Wu Cong furiously gazed at Jiang Chen. He moved back about 40 meters, then a stream of blood shot out from his shoulder.

“Yes I hurt you, so what? I’m going to kill you eventually.”

Jiang Chen replied with a sneer on his face.

“I am a prince from the Martial Saint Dynasty, and my dad is the Tenth Emperor! You really have the guts to kill me? What a joke!”

Wu Cong sneered, showing absolutely no signs of being afraid. With his imperial background, no one in the Eastern Continent would dare kill him. However, he was still feeling extremely gloomy right now. What happened today brought him great shame, and Jiang Chen’s formidable strength truly shocked him.

“Too bad, you’ll never have the chance to laugh again.”

Jiang Chen had never showed his enemies any mercy. Once again, he struck with the Heavenly Saint Sword. Judging from the way he was attacking, it looked like he was going to kill Wu Cong.


Right at this moment, a loud shout was heard. A tremendous force came from the side, hitting the Heavenly Saint Sword and pus.h.i.+ng it away, causing it to miss its target.

A man appeared in front of Wu Cong, stopping Jiang Chen from attacking. The man was none other than Wu Lang!

“Brother Jiang, give me some face, don’t kill him.”

Wu Lang said.

Right now, Wu Cong’s face had turned extremely pale, and his arrogance was completely gone. Jiang Chen had just used action to tell him one thing; his status was useless in front of Jiang Chen! If Wu Lang hadn’t stepped in and pushed the attack away, Wu Cong would have been killed by that terrifying sword!

Jiang Chen held the sword in front of his chest, looking at Wu Lang with a frown on his face. Wu Cong had repeatedly tried to kill him, and if Jiang Chen didn’t eliminate him right here, this prince would definitely become a huge future threat.

“Brother Jiang, listen to me, you can’t kill Wu Cong! His status is not normal, and he represents the Martial Saint Dynasty here. If you kill him, you’ll become an enemy of the entire Martial Saint Dynasty, trust me! Don’t be impulsive, Brother Jiang.”

Wu Lang said to Jiang Chen through his Divine Sense.

Jiang Chen didn’t say a word, but the sword in his hand slowly lowered down. Wu Lang had made his point, it was a fact that Jiang Chen couldn’t kill Wu Cong right now. He was after all not alone; he had his friends and family, brothers and sect behind him. With Jiang Chen’s current strength, he was far from able to fight the Martial Saint Dynasty, and if he truly killed Wu Cong out of impulse, not only would he not be able to stay in the Eastern Continent any longer, he would also drag all his loved ones into trouble.

It wasn’t hard to tell that Wu Lang and Wu Cong’s relations.h.i.+p was bad. While it seemed like Wu Lang had stepped in to defend Wu Cong, he was in fact protecting Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen could easily see this.

“Haha, I knew it! You don’t have the guts to kill me!”

Seeing Jiang Chen’s hesitative look, Wu Cong once again started laughing.

“Shut your filthy mouth!”

Wu Lang responded with a loud shout. Even the people in the crowd thought Wu Cong was a dumba.s.s! Up until now, he still had no clue who Jiang Chen was? Jiang Chen was a maniac, and he was currently hesitating on whether or not he should kill Wu Cong. However, not only did Wu Cong not shut up, he added oil to the fire! If Jiang Chen was pushed too hard, he might just kill Wu Cong without considering the consequences.

“Wu Cong, Brother Jiang has spared your life, now hurry up and get the h.e.l.l out of here!”

After saying that, Wu Lang simply grabbed Wu Cong’s shoulder, then he leapt up into the air and started flying far into the distance.

“Brother Jiang, once you’ve settled your matters, come to the Martial Palace and look for me.”

Wu Lang said to Jiang Chen through his Divine Sense.

Jiang Chen sighed, then he gave up the thought of killing Wu Cong, and slowly put away the Heavenly Saint Sword. Putting aside everything else, he did have to give Wu Lang some face, and the reason why Wu Lang asked him to find him in the Martial Palace was for Jiang Chen’s own good.

He had completely offended the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan, so not long after this, he would have to face the devastating wrath of these two superpowers. Only entering the Martial Palace could ensure his safety.

This was also the reason why Wu Lang didn’t let him kill Wu Cong. By hurting Wu Cong, the Martial Saint Dynasty mighty become angry, but with Wu Jiu’s status, he was still able to defend Jiang Chen. However, if Wu Cong was killed by him, even Wu Jiu wouldn’t be able to help him anymore.

Therefore, although Jiang Chen was unwilling to let Wu Cong off the hook, he was forced to do so.


On the other side, the trio were still delaying Shangguan Yilong. With a leap, Jiang Chen arrived in front of Shangguan Yilong.

“Jiang Chen… you… please don’t kill me!”

Facing Jiang Chen, Shangguan Yilong could only feel his throat drying up, and his heart palpating like crazy. Not once in his life had he been so frightened before. He had seen the fight between Jiang Chen and Wu Cong; even Wu Cong was no match for him, and almost got killed, let alone Shangguan Yilong who was much weaker than Wu Cong.


Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed. Without saying anything, he raised his hand and unleashed the True Dragon Palm, capturing Shangguan Yilong with the huge blood red dragon claw.

“I have already killed so many from the Shangguan Clan, do you really think I’ll let you go?”

With an indifferent expression, Jiang Chen made the dragon claw squeeze with tremendous force. In an instant, Shangguan Yilong let out a miserable shriek and exploded into a blood mist, dying in a miserable way.

“Let’s go.”

Jiang Chen waved his hand at Han Yan and the group. After that, they just flew into the distance, disappearing from the crowd’s sight.

After today’s battle, Jiang Chen’s famous name would definitely s.h.i.+ne throughout the entire Eastern Continent.