Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 332 – Nine Bronze Plates

Chapter 332 – Nine Bronze Plates

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Chapter 332 – Nine Bronze Plates

The arrival of the men from the Martial Palace immediately attracted the attention of everyone. These mighty warriors would become the center of attention no matter where they went.

“Look, the men from the Martial Palace are here as well!”

“They are the real geniuses of the Martial Palace, so powerful! They’ve all reached the Combat Soul realm before reaching 30 years of age! Look at those two men, they’re both Mid Combat Soul warriors, this is crazy!”

“I’ve heard about these men, both of them are geniuses from the Martial Saint Dynasty, and are cultivating in the Martial Palace. The first person is the Nine Emperor’s son, and his name is Wu Lang. The other is the son of the Tenth Emperor, and his name is Wu Cong. Both of them are princes from the Martial Saint Dynasty. Regardless of background or statues, none of us can ever compare with them.”


None present were not startled. These geniuses from the Martial Palace truly stood out from the rest, especially the two outstanding men from the Martial Saint Dynasty. They were the majestic princes of the current dynasty, and more importantly, their cultivations had reached such a mighty level before reaching becoming 30 years old! They were unable to help but start feeling respect for these two.

“Ling Du is here to pay his respect to the princes.”

“Shangguan Yilong is here to pay his respect to the princes.”

Ling Du and Shangguan Yilong both led their men and arrived in front of the men from the Martial Palace, bowing toward Wu Lang and Wu Cong at the same time. They dared not show them any neglect. Both of these men were truly powerful existences, regardless of the Martial Palace of Martial Saint Dynasty.

“Ling Du, I never thought I’d see you here.”

Wu Cong who was dressed in white clothes turned to Ling Du and nodded his head with a smile on his face. Ling Du was a disciple of the Martial Palace, and he had a pretty good relations.h.i.+p with Wu Cong.

“Junior disciple Ling, have you found that Jiang Chen yet?”

A normal looking man from the Martial Palace took a step forward and came before Ling Du. His name was Yang Yun, and he used to be a disciple of the Myriad Sword Sect before he was accepted into the Martial Palace and started cultivating there. When he mentioned Jiang Chen’s name, hatred could be felt from his tone. Clearly, he knew what happened back in the desert.

“Senior disciple Yang, we haven’t found that Jiang Chen yet. But if we do find him, we will definitely tear him to pieces!”

Ling Du said in a vicious manner.

“Hmph! Those who dare kill the ones from the Myriad Sword Sect will have to face certain death!”

Yang Yun coldly harrumphed.

“Yilong, I heard Yilei was killed by that Jiang Chen? Is that true?”

Another formidable young man from the Martial Palace came before the ones from the Shangguan Clan, and questioned with a loud voice.

“Brother Yihong, Yilei was killed by that Jiang Chen. If I find him, I will definitely punish him by slaughtering him and tearing his body into pieces! But it’s too bad, Jiang Chen pretty much disappeared after entering the Island of Ice, we can’t find him anywhere. Those three b.a.s.t.a.r.ds who follow him are also nowhere to be found either.”

Shangguan Yilong said in a ferocious manner. The man in front of him was Shangguan Yihong, a genius from the Shangguan Clan who was currently furthering his cultivation in the Martial Palace. He was a.s.signed to follow both princes, and had come to the Island of Ice to train.

“He’s just a Divine Core warrior, but he’s strong enough to kill Combat Soul warriors. Looks like this guy isn’t as simple as we thought, he must have some powerful treasures with him.”

Wu Cong said with a grin.

“You’re right, prince. That Jiang Chen has taken the storage rings of dozens of Combat Soul warriors, and within those storage rings are nearly every single treasure that appeared in the Blissful Island’s auction. He also has quite a number of Perfect-Ranked Combat Weapons, and a lot of Heavenly Restoration Pills. Countless rare and precious treasures are in his possession as well, there’s no doubt he’s a moving treasure vault.”

Shangguan Yilong cupped his fist toward Wu Cong and said.

“A lot of Heavenly Restoration Pills?”

Wu Cong’s eyes instantly lit up. As a prince from the Martial Saint Dynasty, he had seen all kinds of treasures, but the Heavenly Restoration Pills could still attract his attention in an instant. This was because it was a pill that was only used by those in the Combat King realm and above!

“Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect, if you guys can’t deal with that Jiang Chen, I’ll provide you some help. I’ll kill him and get revenge for you. But of course, all his treasures will belong to me.”

Wu Cong started laughing, then an expression of greed emerged onto his face.

Hearing what Wu Cong said, Shangguan Yilong, Yang Yun and the rest of the people immediately furrowed their brows. All of them had planned to kill Jiang Chen themselves and take all his treasures, but it looked like Wu Cong had just made Jiang Chen his target. If Wu Cong really wanted his treasures, none of them would be able to put their hands on Jiang Chen, and at that point of him, everything Jiang Chen had gotten would go to Wu Cong, because none of them were daring enough to fight Wu Cong.

“Wu Cong, be careful what you say. You’re from the Martial Saint Dynasty, don’t simply interfere with the conflicts between these sects.”

Wu Lang who had been quiet all this time suddenly spoke with an unhappy expression on his face. His body had an average build and bronze colored skin which made him look very manly, and a sharp face which made him look very strong-willed. He didn’t have the same cunning and wicked aura as Wu Cong.

“Hmph! Wu Lang, mind your own business, you have no right to tell me what to do!”

Wu Cong coldly harrumphed. He simply gave Wu Lang no face.

Wu Cong turned back toward the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect people after saying that and said, “Let’s go. Since we’ve all reached the center of the Island of Ice, it’s time for us to seek out our real opportunities. I, Wu Cong am a peerless genius destined for greatness! I’m sure I’ll be able to find a ma.s.sive opportunity in this place and become someone like the Majestic Emperor!”

After saying that, Wu Cong strode away. All of them had gone through the nine paths and the Gates of Life and Death before getting here, of course they would go explore further and obtain some good treasures.

Wu Lang’s eyes flickered with wonder. He gave up the idea of fighting with Wu Cong, and strode away as well.

“Doesn’t seem like the relations.h.i.+p between the two princes is good.”

“They are both from the Imperial Family, it’s perfectly normal to fight amongst themselves for power. The Ninth Emperor and Tenth Emperor don’t get along either, so you can imagine what the relations.h.i.+p between the two princes is like.”

“There is no kins.h.i.+p within the Imperial Family. Let’s go, we have to check out this place as well, I think I saw a building not far away from here.”


Many people discussed amongst each other. The struggle for power within the Imperial Family was not something they really could imagine.

Not long after the crowds dispersed, three figures came das.h.i.+ng out from the Gate of Death – Han Yan, Nangong Wentian, and Big Yellow.

The three of them were in messy states. Obviously, they had faced all kinds of trouble back in the Gate of Death. But luckily, they had finally come out from it without getting hurt.

“Little Chen hasn’t come out yet.”

Nangong Wentian said.

“Let’s not bother with him for now, we need to check out what’s in front of us.”

After saying that, Han Yan started walking away from the gates.


The crowds stood about 40 meters away from the ancient paG.o.da, staring at it.

“The treasures must be hidden within this ancient paG.o.da. It looks really mystical, with all the mysterious runes engraved onto it.”

Shangguan Yihong commented.

“Precisely, this place is the center of the Island of Ice, there is nothing else here except for this ancient paG.o.da! I’m certain the real treasure is hidden within!”

Ling Du added.

“Let’s enter the paG.o.da!”

Wu Cong shouted. He was the first person to march toward the ancient paG.o.da. Soon after, the crowds had all gathered in front of the ancient paG.o.da’s entrance. It was an aged stone door, and it looked really thick and solid.

“Yang Yun, break this stone door.”

Wu Cong ordered.

“Yes, prince.”

Yang Yun dared not neglect Wu Cong’s orders, he immediately walked up to the stone door. He circulated his Yuan and threw a punch containing tremendous force at the stone door.


The ground shook from the tremendous force. A dull banging sound came from the stone door, but it didn’t break like the crowd had expected it to. An Early Combat Soul warrior’s powerful punch could even shatter a small mountain, but this punch did nothing to do stone door!

More importantly, not only did Yang Yun’s not break the stone door, it didn’t even move its foundation!

“The stone door is too powerful, it looks like we can’t open it with force.”

Someone said.

“Hmph! Let me dry!”

Wu Cong harrumphed. He slowly raised his palm, suddenly unleas.h.i.+ng a bright beam, then he threw it at the stone door.


The ground shook even more violently than it did before. But too bad, nothing happened to the stone door this time either.


Wu Cong was shocked, “Even I can’t break this stone door? There must be some amazing treasures hiding in this ancient paG.o.da!”


Right after Wu Cong finished speaking, some pieces of stone began falling off from the stone door’s surface, and nine holes revealed themselves in front of the crowd. Each of them was about the same size as a human’s palm.

“Look, what’s that? They look like some sort of switches!”

Shangguan Yilong pointed his finger at the stone door.

At this moment, everyone threw their glance at the stone door. They immediately saw nine palm-sized holes had appeared on the stone door.

“Why does the shape of these holes look so familiar to me?”

Shangguan Yilong said with a frown on his face.

“The bronze plate!”

Wu Cong suddenly shouted out. He flipped his palm and retrieved a broken bronze plate, then he compared the shape of the bronze plate in his hand to the holes on the stone door. Indeed, they were a perfect fit!

“I finally know what this broken bronze plate is for; it’s the key to the ancient paG.o.da!”

Shangguan Yilong flipped his palm and retrieved another bronze plate.

“I have one too!”

Ling Du took out another one.

“Me too.”

Wu Lang had one bronze plate as well. All of them had gotten the plates in the Gates of Life and Death.

“I also have one!”

Another young genius from the Martial Palace had one bronze plate as well. Now, there were five bronze plates!

“Who else has a bronze plate? We need nine bronze plates in order to open the stone door, it won’t open without all nine of them. If anyone has one, please take it out, we can share the treasures found in the ancient paG.o.da!”

Wu Cong looked around the crowd as he spoke. None of them knew the exact purpose of these bronze plates, but now they did. In order to open the ancient paG.o.da, they needed all nine bronze plates. With just the five bronze plates they had now, they stone door wouldn’t open.

“Who still has one? Please take them out right now.”

Shangguan Yilong turned around and looked at the crowd. Then, he immediately saw a majestic big yellow dog not standing too far away from him! And there were also two men standing next to the dog!

“Big Yellow!”

Shangguan Yilong instantly shouted out. Without any doubts, this dog and two men were the three b.a.s.t.a.r.ds they had been searching for!